Distractions Ch. 01


Liz shut the front door behind her and started undressing, removing her suit jacket before kicking off her high heel shoes. They bounced across the wooden floor as she quickly unbuttoned her silk blouse, slipping it over her shoulders and disposing of it on the back of the sofa as she made her way to the kitchen.

Grabbing a bottle of red wine and a glass, she headed for the bedroom, peeling off her short black skirt and underwear and leaving them in a heap by her feet. Switching on the stereo, Norah Jones’ dulcet tones filled the empty flat as Liz grabbed her pink terry-towelling robe and made her way to the bathroom.

This was her usual Friday night ritual and she knew that she didn’t have much time before her fiancé Mark and his older brother Ryan got back from rugby training so she was determined to make the most of this rare time alone.

She sat on the edge of the bath and turned on the taps, testing the temperature of the water before pouring a generous amount of her favourite bubble bath into the tub. As it filled up, she lit some scented candles and turned off the bathroom light as the room was enveloped in a soft saffron glow.

The candlelight danced over the white tiles and Liz closed her eyes, inhaling the comforting smell of roses that filled the room. She made her way back to the bedroom and poured herself a glass of red wine, drinking it slowly as she returned to the bathroom and waited for the tub to fill up.

Setting the wine glass down by the sink, Liz opened the bathroom cabinet and pulled out an innocent looking make-up bag. She unzipped it slowly and took out a bright pink vibrator, leaning over and putting it on the edge of the bath for later.

Turning off the taps, she untied her bathrobe and pulled it off, admiring her body in the mirror with a smile, before tentatively stepping into the bath, one foot at a time.

Liz sighed as the warm soapy water washed over her tired body, slipping under the surface and immersing herself completely before coming back up for air.

Resting the back of her head on the edge of the bath, Liz grabbed a bar of soap and began running it all over her coffee coloured skin. She paid close attention to her pert breasts, cupping them in her hands and rolling her dark brown nipples between her index finger and thumb.

With one hand still on her tits, she ran the bar of soap over her flat stomach and between her legs, rubbing it over the sensitive lips of her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned, as her fingers found her swollen clit.

Since Ryan had moved in, she and Mark had stopped making love regularly because the flat was so small and you could hear everything. Apart from the odd quickie when Ryan was out, masturbating in the bath on a Friday night was Liz’s only source of satisfaction these days and she looked forward to it all week.

Not that it was the only time Liz masturbated, she often fingered herself in the shower in the morning or when Mark had fallen asleep. And although it did relieve some of her sexual tension, it was over too quickly. So Friday nights were a real indulgence because she had three hours to herself.

Liz enjoyed playing with her tits as much as her pussy and she would lie in the bath for ages squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She loved to cover her breasts with soap and then squeeze a wet sponge over them so that the water washed the bubbles away. Every time the warm water hit her, she imagined it was a stranger cumming all over her tits and it drove her wild. After doing it a couple of times, all she needed to do was brush the sponge against her clit and she would cum instantly.

But for Liz, the ritual involved more than just playing with herself. And while her fingers and the vibrator were guaranteed to bring her off, what really aroused her were the fantasises she had when she closed her eyes.

She never thought about her fiancé Mark, but would fantasise about being raped Arnavutköy escort by a stranger in a bar or fucking two or even three men at once. Sometimes there would be women, especially when she played with her tits because she would pretend that she was touching a sexy brunette while a cute blonde fingered her.

Ironically, Liz was very inexperienced; Mark was her first everything and he was very conservative in bed. They had only ever done it in the missionary position and he never went down on her so in the five years they had been together he had never made her cum either during sex or foreplay.

So over the years, Liz learned to satisfy herself. She loved her fiancé very much and he treated her like a queen so she was willing to put up with the bad sex as long as she had her stash of videos and toys.

About a year ago, Liz discovered the Internet and became a real cyber slut. She would sit in the spare room for hours, telling Mark that she was working on a presentation for work so that he wouldn’t disturb her, and masturbate to pictures and stories on adult sites.

She soon discovered chat rooms and would stay up until the early hours of the morning having cyber sex with strangers around the world. It gave her the chance to explore and indulge in her fantasises with other people who had them too and she quickly learnt the art of typing with one hand.

Not that Liz ever took it further than cyber sex, despite the numerous offers from the people she chatted with. She often masturbated to pictures of other women and men but she never sent a picture of herself and when she was done having fun on the Internet, she always went to bed with Mike.

But then Ryan moved in and took over the spare room; Liz was forced to “work” in the kitchen, which put an end to her online fun. She was devastated and no matter what time of day or night, either Ryan or Mark would be in the flat to spoil her fun.

In desperation, she even woke up at 3am one morning assuming that she wouldn’t be disturbed at that hour. But sure enough, Ryan came into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Liz managed to close her laptop and pull her hand away from her pussy in time, but he still gave her a look that told her that he knew what she was up to and she didn’t have the guts to do it again.

So now all Liz had left was Friday nights and she would take full advantage of them, masturbating in the bath or watching herself in the bedroom mirror. She was proud of her body and she loved gazing at her breasts as her fingers teased her clit.

Liz closed her eyes and thought about all the nasty things she needed to get off. It wasn’t long until she was cumming and water spilt over the edge of the bath as her hips bucked violently. As she recovered, Liz caught her breath before reaching for her vibrator, hungry for another orgasm.

Suddenly she heard a noise and realised that it was a key in the front door. Liz rolled her eyes and sighed as she heard someone walk through the door and into the hallway, realising that her fun was over for the night.

“Who’s there?” Liz called out, instinctively covering her bare breasts with her hands as she heard the footsteps approach the open bathroom door.

“It’s me…” Ryan replied. He was about to walk past the bathroom but when he glanced in and spotted Liz sitting in the bath, he stopped in his tracks.

“What are you doing here?”

“I forgot my kit and came back to get it,” he replied lingering in the doorway.

They didn’t say anything and just stared at each other for a moment. Liz blushed as she felt his green eyes run over her body as she sat in the bath, the warm water caressing her slim waist.

Ryan waited for her to tell him to leave but when she didn’t, he stepped into the bathroom. Liz watched him carefully, knowing that she should tell him to get out but enjoying the attention, it had been so long since Mark had Avcılar escort bayan looked at her like that.

“Where’s Mark?”

“He’s at the rugby club,” Ryan said without taking his eyes off her.

She was breathing heavily as he stared at her, not sure what he was going to do next. Tiny drops of water from her wet black hair ran down her narrow back, making her shiver as Ryan studied every inch of her naked body.

Neither of them said a word and he walked towards her, a bulge beginning to appear in his jeans. Liz suddenly felt very vulnerable as he stood at the edge of the bath looking down at her, his green eyes alive with lust.

“What do you want?” she asked naively.

“I wanna see those pretty little titties my brother keeps telling me about…”

Her heart skipped a beat as he said it. It was something that one of the men in her fantasises would say to her but now someone was actually saying it to her face, she didn’t know what to do.

“Come on baby take your hands down, let me see them. Mark’s been bragging for so long about how perfect they are. Now I wanna see for myself…”

Liz froze. She always thought Mark was such a gentleman so she was shocked that he had been discussing her breasts with his older brother.

But it turned her on too.

She knew it was wrong and that if she did it, she would be encouraging something that would break her fiancé’s heart. But Mark was the only man she had ever been with and her whole body ached to taste another man’s cock, just to see what it would be like. She wanted to know how it would feel to have another’s man’s mouth on her breasts. Would it feel different? Would she enjoy it more? Would he touch her like Mark did? Could he make her cum?

So curiosity got the better her and she moved my hands away.

Ryan’s jaw literally dropped as he saw Liz’s breasts for the first time; they were perfect. Small and pert and centred with two tiny nipples that stuck out like coffee beans. It was a look that every woman fantasises about: a look that told Liz that she was beautiful and sexy and like no other woman Ryan had seen before. His green eyes glazed over and he breathed heavily as he gawked at her.

Liz wanted him to reach down and touch her, to feel his rough hands on her skin but he just stood there and ogled, her nipples tingling as his eyes lingered on them. Mike was the only person to ever see her naked and as Ryan stared at her, she basked in the glow of his attention. Mike had never looked at her like that before and she didn’t feel vulnerable any more, realising that she was now the one in control.

“Don’t you want to touch them?” she heard herself say, not quite believing the words that had just fallen out of her mouth.

Ryan’s eyes widened as she said it and he hesitated for a moment before reaching down. Liz gasped as she felt his hands on her for the first time and it was as if they burned into her coffee coloured skin as the tips of his fingers pressed into her.

Her breasts fitted perfectly into the palms of his hands and she closed her eyes as he began squeezing them, softly at first but them more firmly when she didn’t object. Her sensitive nipples pressed into his hands and she moaned loudly as he began pulling at them roughly.

Without saying a word, Ryan began pinching her dark brown nipples, rolling them between his thick fingers as Liz bit her bottom lip.

“Mike told me you love having your tits played with,” he said breathlessly.

“Suck them,” Liz said firmly, leaning back in the bath.

She couldn’t believe what she was saying. Liz was never that forward with Mike but as Ryan touched her; she reverted to her online persona and began to tell him exactly what she wanted him to do to her.

Kneeling on the floor next to the bath, Mike moved his face down to Liz’s breasts and he eagerly accepted her right nipple between his lips.

“Oh Escort Bağcılar yeah…just there…” she cried out as he began nibbling on her nipple, flicking his tongue over it as he pawed at her left breast with his hand.

He sucked on her tits like a baby, trying to force as much of them in his mouth as he could as Liz buried her hands in his short blond hair.

“That’s it…suck them,” Liz moaned, losing her inhibitions and forgetting that he was her fiancé’s brother, acting more like one of the sluts in her porn movies.

“Your tits taste so good,” he breathed as he swirled his tongue around her nipples.

“Do they? Keep sucking them then…”

Mike had never sucked them this hungrily, he liked playing with them and licking her nipples, but Ryan was like a man possessed, biting and running his tongue over every inch of them, as Liz splashed about in the bath.

Consumed with lust, she reached over and grabbed her vibrator. Ryan stopped and looked round at her as she turned it on, wondering what the noise was. The bathroom soon filled with the loud buzzing of the toy as she dipped the head beneath the surface and began rubbing it against her swollen clit.

“Fuck yeah!” Ryan said as he watched her, his eyes locked on the pink vibrator.

“Get back to sucking my tits!” she demanded.

Ryan did as he was told and Liz could feel the beginning of her orgasm as his tongue continued to lap at her swollen nipples.

Suddenly he stood up and Liz opened her eyes to see him undoing his jeans.

“That’s enough of that. Open your mouth,” he said firmly as he freed his hard cock.

Resting her head on the edge of the bath, Liz opened her mouth and groaned as he guided his cock between her lips. She accepted it gratefully and shivered as she felt the head glide over her tongue and down her throat.

His cock was a lot bigger than Mike’s and it throbbed in her mouth as she sucked on it hungrily. Ryan leaned over her, resting his left hand on the tiled wall as he continued to play with her tits with his right hand. He began slowly rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth as Liz worked the vibrator over her aching clit.

“Oh that’s it. Mike told me what a good little cocksucker you were,” he breathed as he fucked her mouth, his balls slapping against her chin.

His words gave Liz renewed enthusiasm and she willingly accepted more of his hard cock in her mouth as he continued to rock his hips back and forth. She knew that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer and he began to groan loudly as her throat spasmed around the head of his cock.

“I wanna cum all over your tits,” he breathed, reading her mind.

Withdrawing his cock from her eager mouth, Ryan began stroking it with his hand and Liz began cumming as he ran the head of his cock all over her small breasts, pressing it against her hard nipples.

“Come on. Cum all over me,” Liz cried out as she came, closing her eyes and losing herself in her orgasm.

Ryan obliged and she sighed with satisfaction as his cock erupted and he came all over her tiny tits. He sprayed wad after wad of hot cum all over them with a grunt and she shivered as she felt it running over her hard nipples. Mike had never done that to her before and it was even more satisfying than she had ever imagined.

“Rub it in,” he said firmly, grabbing the vibrator from her hands, switching it off and throwing it in the sink.

Liz did as he asked, and began rubbing his sticky orgasm into her small breasts, his eyes glazing over as he watched her.

“That’s it…” he sighed as her tiny tits glistened with his cum.

They both jumped as Ryan’s mobile phone rang, bringing them abruptly back to reality. He did up his jeans and reached into his pocket to retrieve the phone.

“Hi Mike.”

Liz blushed as she realised what they had done and she suddenly felt very guilty.

“Yeah bro I got held up in traffic. I’m on my way.”

Ryan turned off the phone and put it back in his pocket as he looked down at Liz who was sitting in the bath and looking very sheepish.

“I’m not done with you,” he said with no hint of remorse before leaving the bathroom, grabbing his rugby kit and heading out of the front door.

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