Canoe Trip Ch. 03

Big Tits

The next morning white fog laid thick over the lake. It did weird things to sound, muffling some sounds from the forest and sharpening others. It was difficult to figure out where some sounds were coming from. When Tiffany poked her tousled head out of the tent, she couldn’t tell where the sun was in the sky, although there was enough light to easily see by.

She’d slept hard, no dreams, no disturbances. She shivered, threw on a long thick sweatshirt that came down and molded around the lower curves of her bottom. She shuffled off to the area they’d designated as a latrine to relieve herself.

On the way back Tiffany diverted to the shore where their canoe was resting, securely tied by its painter to a small sapling. She stopped suddenly in her tracks and stared at the ground. It took her a minute to figure out what was different. It was the mark of a narrow keel that shouldn’t have been there.

“Susan,” she called. No answer.

“Susan!” More sharply. Louder.


Tiffany took a slow careful look around. She couldn’t see very far due to the fog, but everything looked the same. Nothing was disturbed. Susan crawled out of the tent and ran off to the latrine, not bothering to cover up. When she returned shivering she said, “Jeeze, Tiff. I was just getting to the good part of my dream.”

“Put some clothes on and come look at this, will you,” Tiffany hadn’t moved away from the edge of the lake. When Susan re-emerged from the tent in tiny shorts, her own heavy sweatshirt and sandals, she went to Tiffany and said, “What’s up, girl?”

“Look at the sand. I think someone’s been here.”

“Here? When? You mean last night while we were asleep? Oh, God.”

“See the mark? That’s from a different kind of keel than our boat makes. I guess it coulda been here first, but I don’t think so.” She shook her head.

“So what should we do?.” Susan frowned and started toward the tent. Her growling stomach was demanding to be fed. She bent down to the cooler beside the tent and flipped it open. “Oh, God!” she said putting one hand to her mouth.

Tiffany turned and looked at her. “What?”

“Look at this boot track beside the cooler. It’s too big for either of ours. And the tread is a different pattern.”

Tiffany came closer and peered at the ground. “Well. A midnight prowler. We’ll just see about that.” She smiled her wicked smile, the one Susan knew from experience could lead to all sorts of tricks and calamities. She pulled out the sack of ground coffee and then fed wood to the fire.

Breakfast came and went and the two izmir escort women talked about their options and watched the sun gradually begin to burn off the fog cover. Soon, although there were still fog banks on the lake, overhead was blue sky and sunlight began to raise the temperature.

Midmorning came and Tiffany, having explained how she intended to protect their camp from future intruders, agreed with Susan that they didn’t feel threatened so they’d stay where they were, as planned. Susan wandered to the far end of the island seeking more downed wood for their fires. They had decided not to bring a camp stove, so it was important to have enough wood or they’d be eating cold beans for many meals. She found a place where several young trees had died and worked for several minutes to cut and trim branches. Then she stacked some so they’d be easier to find, even in the dark. It became hot sweaty work and she soon decided a dip in the lake was called for.

She laid the hatchet down and noticed that a tiny breeze had sprung up. The scent of the pine forest around her was strong. Unseen critters stirred in the brush around her. Susan pushed aside a bush so she’d have access to the lake and a large rock that interrupted the shale and rocky beach line. Quickly naked, she stood poised on the rock, strong sun outlining her curves. The dark color of the water suggested it was deep at the rock so without thinking, she dove neatly into the water. The water was cold and seemed mysterious. It felt good streaming over her naked body.

When her head rose above the surface, she heard Tiffany calling. “Susan? You okay?” Susan called back and swam a few strokes out into the lake and then back. Cautiously exploring the lake bottom with her bare toes, she discovered a narrow patch of sand and pebbles to one side of the big rock. It shelved to the shore so she could stand knee-deep in the lake and then hoist herself to the rock itself. Growing chilled in the water, she did just that. To her delight, she found after some experimentation that there were shallow indentations on the boulder that almost perfectly fit her hip and shoulder. She lay down in the warmth, splaying out on the rock, parting her thighs and innocently offering her nakedness to the Sun God, and to anyone else who might be looking. Then she fell asleep.

When she regained consciousness, she heard voices nearby. Several of them. Male voices. She pulled her legs together, instinctively protecting her most private and vulnerable parts and cautiously turned her head until she mersin escort could see out onto the lake. Sure enough, a long silver canoe was sliding by, not thirty feet away. It carried four young men who looked to be in their late teens. Susan could tell from their antics another canoe had already passed. It was obvious neither these men, nor those in the earlier craft and noticed the naked sleeping beauty on the rock.

“Senior scout troop, I betcha,” she mused. The canoe slid by out of Susan’s sight and she rose to a sitting position. Just about to stand, she froze at the sound of a paddle splash and a male whoop.

“Zowie! Will you look at that?” Another canoe, this one low in the water with three young men and a mountain of gear came into view. The bow paddler had sighted Susan and was pointing his paddle at her. He half-rose from his seat and the canoe rocked dangerously.

“Mind your manners, Ted,” snapped the stern paddler.

The older man seated in the bottom of the craft turned a small pair of binocs toward Susan. She grinned, sank back on her haunches and raised one hand to wave at the passing men. The action uncovered her breasts and she knew her hard nipples were clearly exposed.

“Maybe we should camp here tonight,” said the bow man. All three had stopped paddling and were staring her way from the drifting canoe. “Wouldja look at those boobies,” one muttered. “Gonna give me a hard-on,” said the older man in the center. “Wish we could get her to stand up.” Their comments of appreciation for the bosomy female displayed before them were low in volume, but as is often the case, carried clearly over the water to Susan. She smiled and unconsciously arched her back a little. Then the stern paddler tipped his hat to Susan and dug in.

“Tough luck, Teddy. We’ve three more hours of paddling and portages before dark. Let’s move out.”

The canoe passed out of sight and Susan rose to retrieve her clothes. A subtle shadowy shift in the foliage across the lake caught her attention and she stopped, then twisted slightly so she was standing fully exposed to the lake, and what or who might be there watching. For a long moment she stood rigid, scanning the shore and the dark forest. At last, deep in the shadow sun pinged off the polished lens of a pair of binoculars. Susan lowered her gaze, turned away and melted into the underbrush. Somebody else had been watching. Like Tiffany had the night before, she felt an almost physical presence.

Back in camp Tiffany prepared lunch and the two women decided to do sakarya escort a little exploration of the lake. They launched their canoe and paddled directly across the lake to the shore near the portage where they had entered. Then they crept slowly down the lake shore, commenting to each other on the scenery. Tiffany had her small camera and occasionally took a few pictures.

The day grew warmer and soon Susan was topless. As they passed their island and drew closer to the other portage, Tiffany said, “You better use the sunscreen. Those titties need some protection.

Susan took the tube of sunscreen and began to smooth the cream onto her belly. The action soon became more caress than straightforward smearing on the screen. Carefully she raised off her seat at the bow and slid into the wider center section between the rails. “You wanna help?” she husked, holding out the sunscreen.

Tiffany licked her lips. She stared at Susan’s pink nipples. They were hard pink points standing out from the soft tan curves of Susan’s breasts. “Yes, she said. She shipped her paddle and slid toward Susan. She sat down in the bottom of the canoe and leaned back against the rail, spreading her knees as wide as she could. “Come sit here,” she said.

Susan smiled and turned around. Then she sat in Tiffany’s lap, letting her bare back rest against the soft twin cushions of Tiffany’s bosom. Tiffany had larger breasts and they were just beginning to show signs of the inevitable pull of gravity. Her brown nipples were starting to point slightly downward. Susan settled and put her hands on Tiffany’s bare legs. With a generous dollop of sunscreen, Tiffany began to tenderly lave the ointment onto Susan’s bosom. She drew her fingers along the crease below Susan’s breasts, gently working the cream into the skin. She cupped Susan’s curves and gradually brought her fingers in ever widening arcs up and then across her breasts, just grazing the sensitive nipples, now fully erect. Around and around in and over the nipples.

Susan’s breath came more urgently, her lips parted and she moaned softly. Tiffany’s fingers moved ever more intimately across her belly, reaching lower and lower. Tiffany could tell from Susan’s breathing and the way her fingers clutched Tiffany’s calves that the unique situation in a rocking canoe afloat in the wilderness added to her arousal and then she climaxed.

“Oh…Oh….Oh..Oh.Oh. She cried out and her voice spattered through the nearby forest and echoed back. The sound reached a dark figure deeper in the woods. He raised his ever-present field glasses and focused on the nearly naked women in the canoe drifting a few yards off the shore. He saw a lovely sight of two women totally involved in one of the most sensuous experiences of their lives. He watched for long moments until Susan raised her face and kissed Tiffany lingeringly. Then Tiffany sat back and picked up her paddle.

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