Body Politic 2


Barbara had come to me after my night with Libby and Delphine.  She’d come out of the shower and there she was with her strappy poking out of her silk sleep shorts. “Get over here then, Babs has something for you.” She stroked her dildo lasciviously. “Lift that gorgeous nighty and let me see you.” I lifted it and she urged me closer with a wiggle of her finger. When I was in reach she put her finger between my legs and started gently to stroke my cunt. She indicated I should bend and kiss her which I did and as her tongue slithered into my mouth so her finger slithered into me too. It wasn’t long before I was wet, very wet. “Sit on it, Sam, hold your nighty out the way so I can see.” * I pulled the nighty up and slowly sat down onto her. She watched as her dildo disappeared inside me. I let the nightdress fall and, placing my hands on her shoulders, leant forward until our mouths touched. I began to rock my hips slowly, knowing the effect it would have on both of us. With her hands on my back, Babs’ tongue entered my mouth. I turned my head a little so we made better contact and felt her hands run down my back as she pulled me to her. Her hips began to move and the combination of my rocking and her thrusts, gentle at first, slowly built the arousal and tension. With her hands now gripping my buttocks, Babs began to thrust even quicker and I leant back a little and watched her eyes. She seemed close to orgasm but she clearly didn’t want that yet because she lifted me so her dildo was no longer in me. “Stand up.” Her voice was breathless, barely a whisper but I stood and so did she. She took my hand and led me quickly to the bedroom. Pushing me in front of her she bent me down, hands on the bed and lifted my nighty. “God, Sam, I am so going to fuck you now.” Good to her word she pushed into me, her hands on my hips and then began relentlessly to drive in and out. Her words became, as so often, lewder, coarser. I was groaning as she pumped her hips and would have collapsed onto the bed had she not held me up. There was no way I could resist the onslaught and I heard myself, almost as if I were listening from another place and perhaps I was. I threw my head back as her hand reached under me, to my clit and rubbed it hard as the dildo slithered in and out. I screamed as my orgasm overwhelmed its defences and spewed out of me. That was when, finally, she let me fall and she lay on me, deep inside me and began to rock slowly and I knew what she was doing. “It’s rubbing me, Sam, stay still. I’m close, I just want to cum while I am still in you.” I could feel her rising and falling until her mouth came to my ear, her nipples hard against my back and a sort of ‘whoosh’ came from her and I felt her stiffen and then relax as she came. We lay like that, conjoined by her strappy, for what Çukurambar escort seemed an age. Slowly she recovered and eased out of me and off me, rolling to lie beside me. * Sylvia Tenant came into the office near the House that we had rented for the duration of her leadership campaign. It was easier to prevent unwanted intrusion and keep our campaign secret from her rivals. “How are we doing, Sam?” ‘Good. You’ll definitely make it through to the second round and maybe win outright but we have a way to go and I’ve still got a few undecideds and backsliders. I’ll handle it.” “You’re all doing a great job, thank you.” “The gloves are coming off though.” “Oh? What is the word?” “Children.” Sylvia Tenant had none. She’d tried and had spent a fortune on IVF that didn’t work. Tough she might be but, like so many, this was an emotional Achilles Heel for her. “That bitch, Crowland.” Crowland was the only other woman in the race. “She’s going to say that you objected to the Health Service providing IVF and that shows you don’t give a fuck about the public who, unlike you, cannot afford to pay for it. She’s also going to say that without kids how can you possibly understand the needs of, for example, working mothers.” If she was hurt by this she did not show it. “How do you know all this?” I ignored the question. “I have prepared two statements. I don’t think you should respond directly but I do think you should slip one of them into your speech to the Institute of Directors this afternoon.” She read the two statements quickly. “The second. Thank you, Sam.” I watched the news in the office. Babs and I were the only ones there and she sat beside me, nursing a cup of coffee as we listened to Crowland stabbing her ‘friend’ firmly in the back. “I am a mother. I know what it is like to have to manage a professional life while providing the love and support children need and can only have from their mother. Understanding that is essential to knowing how to help working mothers throughout the country. Working mothers, single parents, these are my priority and I will ensure they are given the support from my government that they deserve. “I also understand the pain and emotional suffering of those who cannot have children and how the system is skewed to those who can afford private treatment. I will ensure that fertility treatment is available to all who need it, not just a privileged few.” I asked Babs, “What do you think?” “She’s got great tits.” “Babs!” “I think you have given Tenant the perfect bullet.” The two statements were quite different. The one Tenant had rejected was basically a ‘what a cow to raise that issue’ and I had hoped she would reject it. The second was part of her speech to the Institute and we watched that too. “Healthy businesses demetevler escort bayan employ people who pay tax. The employees are fulfilled and they help to fill the country’s finances. Healthy finances mean a government can meet the needs of its people, all its people. “I am fortunate enough to be in good health but I understand the needs of those who are not and I know that only with a robust government and financial strength can the health service be supported and sustained for them. “I am, sadly, not a mother but I understand the pressures upon mothers who work. “A sensible leader appoints people to positions for which they are most suited, positions to which they will bring expertise and experience. That is why, for example, my shadow minister for business will be someone who has demonstrated success in business themselves. “The leader’s job is to lead and, more importantly, lead with compassion and understanding for everyone.” A pause, “Everyone.” Later she was asked about Crowland remarks. I’d wanted her to say, ‘Beneath contempt,’ but she smiled and said that everyone had their own way of running a campaign. I wished I’d told her to say that. Sylvia Tenant was proved right. She won the contest at the first ballot. Babs and I celebrated with a glass of champagne in the campaign office. My phone rang. It was Tenant. “I’m having a small party at my house this evening. I don’t want a lot of riotous celebration, we need to maintain the dignity but I think we are allowed a small celebration.” The ‘small’ party was about forty people. Babs had decided to go in what she called ‘soft leather’ mode which comprised a pair of deliciously tight blue trousers with short boots, a white shirt with a soft red leather jacket. “I’m fucking Britannia!” she exclaimed as she looked at herself in the mirror. For me it was a long grey skirt with a slit up to the knee on the left hand side and a cream blouse. “If you don’t wear stockings I will leave you.” Fair enough. Sylvia looked fantastic and hugged us both when we arrived. She was generous with her praise and made us both promise to stay on as her staff no matter where things were to lead. Libby Manning was there with Delphine. They came over to us, arms linked unselfconsciously and Libby kissed me as did Delphine. “You must be Barbara?” Delphine was dressed in a pair of grey leather trousers with a pale yellow silk shirt that showed off the darkness of her skin to perfection. The way she looked at Babs was almost predatory. Babs was not remotely cowed by the tall woman’s lingering handshake. She gave her at least two inches but held her gaze and I knew, without any jealousy, that the attraction was mutual. Libby led me away from them to a quiet corner. As usual she was wearing trousers Escort dikmen but these were blue, high-waisted and beautifully tailored around that gorgeous arse. Her top was a simple button down white linen shirt and she looked stunning. Short cut silver hair somehow made her look younger than her fifty years. “Let’s leave them to get to know each other? I want you to myself for a few moments.” She touched my hand. “I want a job.” “You’ve never wanted a job.” I knew she meant a shadow ministry. “Sylvia Tenant is the best there is. I want to work with her. I want a job, Sam and I want you to get it for me.” “What do you want?” “Her old job.” “Environment? I think she has Tommy Lennon down for that.” “Lennon’s a twat and she knows it. I’ll do it better and make her look better. Now, no more shop talk. We want you to come home with us.” “I’m with Babs.” “We know.” We spoke as we were walking back to join them. They were sitting by then at a table. They sat at the corner of the table, facing each other. Babs looked up and smiled as I sat beside her. “Delphine’s asked us back to their place for a drink when we can get away.” “So’s Libby.” “I said, yes.” “So did I.” Delphine unwound herself from the chair and stood, taking Libby’s hand. “You know where we are. If you can’t make it we’ll understand but we hope you can.” She and Libby wandered off, greeting a few other guests as they disappeared into the night. Babs and I stayed a while longer then grabbed our coats and left. “Well?” “Let’s go and see them.” Babs licked my ear once we were settled in the cab. “You OK with this?” “You know I am.” The door opened almost as soon as I rang the bell. Libby stood there, still dressed and kissed us both as we passed her into the hallway. As I passed her she slipped her arm around my shoulders and led me to the sitting room. “Why don’t you go upstairs, Babs? Delphine is so looking forward to seeing you.” Babs didn’t hesitate. She made her way upstairs and I watched her arse which had assumed a jaunty demeanour if an arse can do that. “She has a fabulous arse, doesn’t she?” Libby asked. I nodded but didn’t have time to reply because her mouth was suddenly on mine and her hands were removing my coat. It fell unceremoniously to the floor and she slid her hand over my blouse, front and back, as her tongue pressed into me. I was feeling horny now which is no surprise and I let my hands roam freely over her white blouse. She had gorgeous, firm breasts and the nipples were hard under my palm. We stayed standing, her leg pushed between mine as she pulled my blouse out of my waistband and slipped her hand under it to caress my braless tits. Abruptly she stopped and stepped away from me. “Take of your blouse skirt and knickers.” As I did as she asked (or was it ordered?) I watched her. She went to a drawer and pulled out a strapless dildo. Her trousers and panties off, she sat facing me and slowly, lasciviously rubbed the bulbous end between her cunt lips and slowly eased it into herself. When it settled she let out a small sigh of pleasure. Standing in stockings and heels but otherwise naked I was mesmerised.

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