The Crystal Days Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Once Julie had shut the door Paul looked across at Elf. “I think they are lesbians” he whispered to Elf. “I hope they are” replied Elf. “I applied to be slave to a lesbian couple”. Paul’s suspicions were now proved. Why had Madame Crystal chosen him? If she was lesbian, she would not want sex with him. She would not be sexually arroused by his slavery……or would she? Maybe that was it. His train of thought was interupted by Elf. “Why are you here?” “I put an advert looking for a mistress. I didn’t know she was lesbian. If I had, I probably wouldn’t have agreed”. The door opened and Julie came in, followed by Madame Crystal. This was the first time Paul had really had the oportunity to look at them both. Madame Crystal was in her mid thirties, tall, lean but muscly woman, built like a sportswoman. Her breasts were medium sized and carried high, and she had a well-defined waist and hips. She had long black hair tied up behind her head. She was wearing a white skin-tight body suit from her toes to her neck and black ankle boots with 3 inch stiletto heels. She walked briskly between them and told Julie to remove the dildos. Julie was younger, maybe late twenties, softer and more voluptuous with rounded hips and strong thighs. She was blonde with shoulder length hair in a pony-tail. She was wearing a black pencil skirt to just below the knee and a mauve silk blouse. He could see that she was not wearing a bra and her full breasts jiggled against the silk. Elf sighed as the dildo was unclipped and slid out. It was moist and shiny with her excitement. Her hole remained partly open and Paul could see her red lips pouting. Julie unclamped Paul’s dildo and it slipped out. He sighed with relief as his anus contracted. He wondered if his hole also remained partly open. Crystal addressed both slaves. “You have both signed contracts and are now my property. You have seen how I can do what I want with you. You have both been exposed to each other and will now remain naked. This will be your usual state; I may order you to wear certain garments if it suits me. Jules, throw away the clothes they arrived in.” Julie collected up their cut tee-shirts and their shorts and put them in a bin-liner. “Elf, you are to be my sexual plaything and will sleep with me and Jules. You will be available to each of us 24 hours a day and will please us, and be pleased by us, as we see fit. During the day you will wear these high-heeled shoes”. She took a pair of 6″ black stiletto shoes. “You will have to walk with your pert bottom sticking out, showing off your cute slit.” She turned to Paul. “Dog. You are a worthless male. I will not tolerate your pathetic erection when you have not been ordered to present it. You will be our maid, butler and servant. You will wear nothing at all. Each week you will be assigned Üsküdar Escort an evening duty. You will be told what it is, and how to behave, when it is assigned. Your sexual activity will obviously be limited. If you perform your duties well you MIGHT be wanked off once per week – never more frequently. You will sleep at the foot of our bed in case we need you. You are forbidden to masturbate – we will all be keeping an eye on you. Elf, you will be rewarded for informing on any such behaviour. You will be punished for transgressions. Your cock, balls and anus will be the targets. If you are caught playing with yourself three times, I will take permanent steps to prevent you.” She stepped forward and stroked Paul’s groin, rubbing the palm of her hand over his cock and balls like she was rubbing cream in. “Nice job Jules. I prefer it redder. I’ll make a mental note to redden it frequently”. Paul quivered. His cock swelled under Madame’s touch. She smiled at Jules and took hold of his rising penis, pulling and rubbing it until it was fully erect. She pulled the foreskin tightly down and studied the head. “Look Jules, this is where we will concentrate our punishments.” Both women studied his glans, their faces a few inches away. Jules pinched the tip to opened the hole. “I’m sure we can find something to shove in there if he displeases us” she said.  The two women smiled and turned away. Paul looked down at his erection throbbing up and down. He looked across at Elf who was also looking at it. “OK. We will release them now and set them to work.” said Madame Crystal. The two slaves were unhooked and set down on the floor. When they had recovered the feeling in their arms and legs Julie told Elf to put the high heeled shoes on. While she was doing that, Julie placed a dog collar around Paul’s neck. It had a length of chain leading to a loop of leather. “Get on all fours Dog” snapped Julie. “We are going to take a tour of the property.” Paul did as he was told. “Not like that. You must not put your knees on the floor. Dogs don’t. Up on your toes!” Paul Lifted his rear end and raised himself as explained. He found it difficult at first. His weight was on his hands, and his bottom in the air. They left the room with Paul and Julie in the lead and Crystal and Elf behind. “Have you noticed Elf?” asked Crystal. “Dogs always walk with their testicles on view. This one doesn’t even have a tail to hide them.” Elf agreed with a simple “Yes madame”. She was clearly concentrating on walking in the high heels. Paul could hear the tip-tap as she followed them out of the door. They toured the downstairs rooms; the lounge, dining room, conservatory and entrance hall. Paul remarked that the rooms were large and had quite a lot of seating considering there were only two people living Üsküdar Escort Bayan there. Madame Crystal explained that they were to clean and polish each room thoroughly every day. They then climbed the stairs and toured the four bedrooms, each with its own en-suit bathroom. They were also to clean and tidy these. Paul slowly realised that this was a guest house! What would the guests think of two naked workers!! Finally they climbed to the top floor where the private bedroom was. It had a large round bed in the centre of the room with deep burgundy bed linen. There was a mirror on the ceiling above it. The bed had several fixing points around its circumference which he assumed were for tying up Madame Crystal’s bedmates. At the foot of the bed (opposite the pillows), was a rug surrounded by metal rings attached to the floor. Paul realised that this was his sleeping area. Crystal repeated the cleaning tasks required. “You now know your cleaning duties. You will also be called upon to for other duties and will be required to perform them to the best of your abilities. Failures will be punished immediately and harshly. The cleaning will be completed by midday. During the afternoons you will perform other maintenance tasks around the house. You are forbidden to talk unless addressed by us. Now we will go to the kitchen to assign this afternoon’s duties.” Paul had difficulty going downstairs in the “dog” position so Julie allowed him to reverse down. As he climbed down the stairs he had a “worm’s-eye” view of Elf as she stepped awkwardly down the stairs in the heels. She was forced to open her legs for each step and Paul had a clear view of her cute slit opening and closing, pouting her red and swollen lips. His cock expanded to a semi erection but he managed to control it from stiffening up completely by looking away and concentrating on his descent. At the foot of the stairs Paul turned around and they crossed the entrance hall to the kitchen door. As it opened Paul smelled cooking and upon entering the room saw another woman busily at work. “Oh, you surprised me” she said as she turned to look at the group. “I wasn’t expecting you so soon.” She was perhaps sixty years old, well groomed and attractive. She wore a blouse and skirt under a pinny. “OK Maud” responded Julie. “This is Dog and Elf. I will leave Dog for you to do as you wish. Work him hard, but NO accidents!” She tapped Paul’s testicles with her foot by way of explanation. “Understood Julie. Thank you Madame” she said to Crystal. Clearly she was the same status as Julie but below Crystal. Julie and Crystal led Elf out of the kitchen and closed the door. “You had better stand up. You will be more useful upright” said cook. Paul stood up and cook unclipped the chain from his dog collar. “Let’s have Escort Üsküdar a look at you then” she said and walked slowly around him looking him up and down. Paul felt like an animal for sale. “What do you call this?” Cook took hold of Paul’s cock. “Not very big is it?” She pulled and rubbed it until it grew and stiffened. “That’s a bit better. I know the others don’t like to see a stiff cock but I am not a lesbian and do like to see one. While you work for me I will keep it stiff.” She pulled the foreskin right back and the head was revealed, red and shiny.  “OK. Let’s get to work.” Paul was given tasks to do; washing up, peeling vegetables, filling saucepans with water…. Every so often cook would stiffen Paul’s cock up again if it had wilted. Paul worked hard to please cook as she had been nice to him so far and he wanted it to continue. Despite her age she scurried around nimbly, and showed a keen interest in Paul’s organ, often standing staring at it as Paul performed his tasks. Paul reflected on his lot. During the few hours since his arrival at the house he had been exposed to four different, unknown, women, had his penis closely examined, and rubbed, by three of them, seen a young woman spread wide open and plugged, and had himself been impaled on a huge dildo! He was now naked in the kitchen with a sixty-something woman ogling him and playing with him whenever she wanted. If this was his future as a slave, he was exstatic!!! He had a few concerns about the frequency of his orgasms but hoped he would at least appreciate them when they came. Cook kept him busy for some time and Paul began to wonder why they were preparing so much food. As they began to come to an end of the work cook asked him why he was so quiet. Paul explained that he was not allowed to talk but cook over-ruled this in her kitchen. Paul took the opportunity to ask why they were preparing so much. To his horror she explained that the house was in fact a BDSM guest house and they had reservations for the weekend. Was he to be available to the guests? Cook said that often the slaves were “on duty” but she was usually not allowed into the public rooms when visitors were there. When Paul asked about her role she explained that she was a member of staff who was “well paid” to be discreet. Unlike the others she didn’t live in. She had been working there for a few years and enjoyed it very much. As a widow she had the opportunity of “enjoying” male company like today without any comittment. As the males were all submissive, she could please herself what she did with them, except “spilling their seed” as this was the sole responsibility of Madame Crystal. When the work was complete and everything tidied up cook rang a bell. A few minutes later Julie came in to collect Paul. She took one look at his stiff cock and said “What do you think of the new slave Maud?” “Very good” said cook. “He obeys commands very well. His cock’s a bit small but it stiffens up quickly. I may try him out later this week.” “No spilling though” laughed Julie. “I will see how long he can keep it up me without making a mess” replied cook.

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