Best of Friends


Best of Friends   Jay and I have been together for quite a long time now and we’ve always, almost from the very start, spoke about our fantasies. This always got us very turned on in bed and gradually we realised that we would love to take a step further and actually do more than just fantasise. Especially as Jay expressed a deep desire to finding out what it would be like to be with another woman. I was definitely all for going along with that one. It’s been a few years now since we took that first step and have since met with some really lovely couples where the female partner has the same inclinations. Anyway, as it happened, Jay recently changed her job and was quite excited about getting settled in and meeting the rest of the staff. She’d been there a few weeks and had become particularly friendly with the woman who was tasked with showing her the ropes and ensuring she understood her responsibilities and where she fitted into the team. Jay said that they hit it off well from the start and seemed to have quite a few common interests. Her name is, Vicki and during their many conversations at work Jay discovered that she was a divorcee and had moved into a flat on the other side of town. She was now in the process of rebuilding her life and trying to make a new circle of friends but living as a single woman and spending a lot of time at work didn’t make it easy. Anyway, a few weeks went by and Jay said that she was going to invite Vicki over for tea after work and give me a chance to meet her and say hi. I found her to be an attractive woman in her early forties, very pleasant, easy going and chatty. She has since become a frequent visitor, sometimes just popping in with Jay for a coffee or chat just after work. One day in particular however, I had just finished doing some clearing up in the garden and needed to take a shower and clean up. Whilst I was in the shower I didn’t hear Jay come home and put her car in the garage. Nor was I aware that Vicki had come back to ours with her. At this point I have to describe a little of our home. We live in a bungalow which means our bedroom is level with the garden but as it is quite secluded and no one can see in we hardly ever draw our curtains whilst getting dressed or undressed. No one can see in that is, unless you are coming from the garage. Having come from the shower, I had just dried off and, stark naked, walked across the bedroom to get some fresh underwear and socks from the drawer. Still butt naked I went to my wardrobe to get a clean shirt and jeans. After laying them out on the bed I went to the dresser and sprayed on some deodorant. It wasn’t until I turned around again to start getting dressed that I realised I was being watched from outside the bedroom window. It took me a moment or two to realise who it was and then another moment to remember the fact that I was still completely naked and in full view of Vicki. She had come down the path to meet Jay coming from the garage and was caught probably as much by surprise as I was. I instinctively grabbed for something to cover up but in my haste it got caught on the foot of the bed, leaving me still completely nude and Vicki still staring in through the window. And then Jay caught up with Vicki and turned to see what she was staring in at. When she saw me standing there with nothing on she was also a little surprised, although Jay did recover quicker than Vicki and I. As I looked out at them both I could see a big grin on Jay’s face as she stepped up behind Vicki and said something to her. I couldn’t hear what she said but Vicki looked quickly at her and then also started to smile. So there the scene was. Me in the bedroom looking out at Jay and her friend staring in through the window at my complete nudity. After a few moments I picked up my jeans with the thought of getting into them as quickly as possible but as they continued to stand there watching I thought, if Vicki wants to look, and Jay so far hasn’t objected, then I’ll let her look. Jay was stood behind Vicki now and I could see her lips move as she spoke over Vicki’s shoulder closely into her ear. I could only imagine what she was saying and my imagination was now getting me aroused at being watched so openly by both of them. With my cock now fully erect I continued to just stand there waiting for their next move. This didn’t take long as Jay once again leaned over Vicki’s shoulder and said something to which Vicki smiled and nodded. I could only watch as Jay led Vicki towards the house and then looking over her shoulder mouth the words, ‘Stay there.’ So, staying put as I was told, I waited to see what was going to happen next and within less than a minute, but what felt like forever, I heard both women coming down the hallway. I turned to face the door, my cock standing upright and now aching in anticipation. Jay entered our bedroom leading Vicki by the hand. She then walked around me still holding Vicki’s hand until they were in front of me again. Letting go of Vicki, Jay walked towards me and took my throbbing cock in the hand she was holding Vicki’s hand in just a moment ago. Her other hand went around me and slid down my back to my buttocks whilst at the same time she kissed me deeply. Jay teasingly moved her hand slowly up and down my cock as she looked over at Vicki still standing there watching us. Both women smiled at each other as Jay reached out and gently pulled Vicki towards us. Vicki’s hand replaced Jay’s as she joined us and all three of us were now kissing together. The feel of kissing two women at the same time as their hands explored my naked body was ecstatic. Jay moved behind me and after lifting her skirt, ground her pussy against my backside through her panties. Vicki’s tongue was probing mine as she kissed me passionately before moving down onto my neck then my chest. Her tongue licking at my naked body as she moved lower with each kiss. I gasped in sheer pleasure as Vicki ran her tongue around the head of my cock and then took me deep into her mouth. Jay had moved around next to Vicki and watched as my hard cock sank all the way into Vicki’s mouth and slowly back out. Just as my cock left Vicki’s mouth, Jay kissed her intensely, tasting me on Vicki’s lips. She then took me into her mouth, sliding her lips very slowly and sensuously down the length of my shaft. As she came back up and my cock left her mouth she once again kissed Vicki very deeply. Both women savouring the taste of my cock from each others lips and tongue before Vicki once again slipped her wet lips over the head of my cock and began slowly moving up and down. Jay moved back from us and sat on the bed, content for now to watch the scene unfold in front of her. Vicki was now moving her mouth faster up and down my cock and I could feel myself moving my hips back and forth in time with her head. The feeling was so intense and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to reach orgasm if I let her continue. I also thought, there I was, totally naked whilst both women were still fully dressed so I reluctantly pulled away from Vicki and helped her to her feet. Jay was lying back on the bed with her skirt pulled up and one hand down her panties whilst her other hand was inside her top. I could see her fingers through the translucent material gently teasing her pussy whilst massaging and squeezing her tits with her other hand. I turned Vicki to face her and from behind I undone her top and whilst kissing her neck and shoulders, pulled it down over her arms until it dropped onto the floor. Her bra was next and after undoing the clasp that fell next to her top on the bedroom carpet. I reached around Vicki and slid my hands up her body and in full view of Jay I took both Vicki’s breasts in my hands and gently caressed them, my fingers pinching and teasing the nipples. Jay was still lying back on the bed with her top undone and her hands kneading and squeezing her tits. Her legs were wide apart and her panties were now pulled to one side clearly exposing her hot, wet pussy. Vicki and I watched with increasing anticipation as Jay closed and raised her legs to remove her panties completely, slipping them along her long legs and up over her high heels. She then threw them in our direction for them to land on the floor beside Vicki and I. She then removed her top and bra and also threw them off the bed so that she was now as naked as I was. Vicki and I stood at the end of the bed and watched as Jay ran her hands all over her own body. She seemed to take real delight in teasing herself for our visual pleasure. As Vicki and I watched Jay explore her own body I undone Vicki’s skirt and let it fall to the floor. I helped steady her as she stepped out of it and pushed it aside with her foot. Moving down her back with kisses I reached her backside and slowly pulled her panties down over her beautifully rounded buttocks, kissing each one in turn. I slid her panties down her thighs, past her knees and letting them rest at her ankles as she raised one foot, then the other, allowing me to remove them from her completely. All three of us were now completely naked.

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