Beautiful Discovery


Beautiful Discovery

I was awakened with a jump to the phone ringing in my ear “Don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeling. Street light people ooooaaaoo. Don’t stop believing.” as I reached over picking it up and rolling to my side, “Mmm, hello?” I spoke still in my sleep.

“Wake up and get dressed. Meet me at Waffle House in twenty minutes. Wear no panties, a short skirt, and a tank top,” his voice was strong and alive but I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly and assumed I was merely dreaming.

“Huh?” I said turning to squint at my alarm clock, “D-do you realize it is 4:30 in the morning?”

I could almost hear his grin through the phone, “Yes, twenty minutes and do not be late.” And with that he hung up. I laid my head on the pillow and sighed. I knew he was serious as I sat up and noted the time. I ran to the shower and jumped in quickly letting the hot water drip down my body as I had only gotten in long enough to wake myself up. I turned the shower water off reaching over to grab my light blue towel and dried off. It was chilly, and just after a good rain. My nipples stiffened, a cool breeze drifting over damp skin. I ran into my closet and grabbed my light green skirt slipping it on as I skimmed through my shirts pulling out a solid white tank top. It was the kind with a built in bra but my cold nipples still poked out and I had to bite back a moan from the sensations. I slid into my flip flops running into the bathroom and combing my hair as I brushed my teeth with my other hand multi-tasking as quickly as possible. I then spayed his favorite body spray on my neck and wrist and turned to look in the mirror. I was his slut already. I huffed heavily, nervous as to what he had in store for me and licked my lips deciding my skirt was still too long and ran to throw on my light blue cotton one instead. He loved when I wore it to the fair, and I thought it would please him to see me in it once again. It was short, above my knees, and very flowing.

I turned to note the time as it was now 4:42 and I grabbed my purse, phone, and keys locking the door behind me. I quickly hopped in my car, skidding out of the driveway hoping I could make the ten minuet drive in eight minutes. Turning on some techno music to wake myself I pressed my foot to the gas and rode the floorboard. I pulled into the Waffle House at exactly 4:51 and got out walking to the back of my car. The air was cool and crisp as it was still very dark outside and the dew was beginning to form. I leaned against my car, getting my skin damp as I grew nervous waiting. I beat him; he would never know I was a mere one minute late. I sighed in relief. My hands fumbled as I grew anxious, his car was still not in sight. I waited for what seemed like an eternity. I jumped hearing my phone ringing in my car. I went to the front and opened the door leaning in and picking it up seeing it was him. My stomach tightened while my heart beat fast, only he had power like that over me. I was trembling at just the sound of Journey singing to me.

“You were a minuet late,” he said sternly as I turn my head and began to look for him.

“I’m sorry,” I smirked as my eyes diverted in the darkness. Shit! How did he know? Where was he? I couldn’t get the smirk off my face; he had been there, watching like a predator hunting his prey.

“Not good enough. Go back to the back of your car and face the road,” he commanded so strong yet so lovingly. I wish I knew where he was, what he was doing, thinking. But I knew I dare not ask. Still, my eyes searched for him or his jeep, yet I saw nothing and leaned back against the trunk of my car. “Good girl, now pull your skirt up.”

I raised my brows looking in the window of the restaurant at the drifters and travelers inside merrily eating and laughing and occasionally looking out, “B-but there are people!”

“Well, this is what you get for being a minuet late and disobeying your Master.”

I tried to make a plea, “But it was only one little minuet Master. It was 4:30am … I was sleeping!”

I could hear his smirk on the phone, “I know – good thing it was only one minuet. Now, pull your skirt up before I extend your punishment.”

I nodded knowing I wasn’t getting out of this no matter how much I begged. I was his pet and he wanted to toy with me. I knew it was more about putting me in my place and making me feel his power than one flimsy minuet. It excited me and it made me want him more. I inched my blue cotton skirt up just before showing him my bare shaved sex, wherever he was hiding. “Good girl,” he said in that warm proud tone, sending chills down my body, “now rub your fingers over your silky lips slowly for me, pet.”

“But-” I started. I had underestimated him as I thought he’d only want a peek from a distance.

“Shut up and do as I say slut.” he growled and I jolted and began to almost pant from the excitement. My fingers brushed along my sex as I turned to look back at the window. “Good girl, urfa escort don’t look behind you. Trust me to tell you when to stop. Just think of getting caught, you know it makes you wet my pet.” His voice gave me comfort, and my courage grew. My fingers continued to tease my lips as he was right, I was extremely aroused. “Now close your eyes and slip a finger over your wet clit for me hmm?” I looked worried hearing a car still far off as I grew anxious.

“Yes, Master.” I closed my eyes as a finger slid inside my slit pressing against my wet nub of flesh. I bit my lip worried someone would see me; he seemed to know my fear and eased my mind.

“No one is looking, everyone is inside. Now stop being shy and show me what a slut you can be for your Master. What do you want?” I knew he wanted a fantasy and I thought I could tell him one, however my mind raced off to other things.

“Not to get caught.” I squirmed under the moon light my finger rubbing slowly along my lips and working my clit in small circles.

He sighed, “That isn’t what I want to hear,” my heart skipped at his next words, “push a finger inside your pussy hard, don’t be gentle with yourself.” I whimpered as my eyes were still closed and I let out a breath full of arousal.

“Yes Master.” I pushed my middle finger inside myself hard and rough as I moaned out softly, my pussy slick and wet around my finger, clenching down on myself. My mind was freed, my back arching against the trunk of the car.

“Good girl, now what does my kitten want? Hmm?” He reeled me into his voice as I bit my lip and worked my finger against the walls of my hole.

“Your cock.”

“Mmm, where?”

“In my mouth.”

“Very good kitten. Thumb your clit, you look so sexy from here. I’d love to bend you over that trunk and take you hard from behind right now.” I moaned again and smiled knowing I pleased him as his eyes were on me. His voice remained steady, cool and smooth. I kept my finger inside myself and brushed my clit with my thumb as my sex tingled and I moaned out again. “You have me hard.” I almost fell over as my whole body shivered and words failed me. “Faster,” he moaned out softly, “push another finger inside yourself.” I huffed spreading my legs open as I heard another car in the distance, moving two fingers into my dripping sex I huffed and moaned out again moving faster and harder against myself. I felt my body growing close to exploding as I worked my fingers in and out of myself; my lips were swollen with want as my clit throbbed.

“Stop,” he said suddenly, “pull your skirt down. Good girl.” I did as he said just as the bell on the restaurant rang and people walked out laughing and mingling to themselves. “Right now, lick your fingers off for me, in front of them.” I gasped too speechless to mutter a word as I moved my wet fingers to my mouth and licked my sweet juices off. My eyes now stared into the darkness as I wanted to know where he was. My clit throbbed between my legs and I wanted to orgasm and huffed into the phone. “Mmm, that was nice. A very nice punishment.” I knew that was it, I knew he wasn’t going to let me finish. He wanted me to squirm; he wanted me to really crave, to really want it. “I’ll be right there to pick you up, my kitten.”

With that he hung the phone up and in a short time he appeared coming down the street in his yellow jeep. He pulled next to me and smiled patting the seat beside him. “Come here my love.” I smiled like a school girl hopping into the jeep with him as he leaned over and kissed my neck as his hand twisted my left nipple hard, tugging until I groaned. I huffed out, feeling his hand suddenly up my skirt and pressing between my slit sliding his finger up and down. He smiled, “Very wet.” I watched him lick his finger as he grinned, “And sweet like honey too.” My cheeks burned a deep crimson at his words and he pulled the jeep in reverse and turned left onto the road.

The breeze felt wonderful against my face as he sat next to me with an aura of power all around him. I squirmed in my seat as I wondered where we were going, what he had planned. I wished to know, I wanted him to say something. Yet, I stayed quiet, I stayed still. We drove towards the sun rise as it began to peek over the mountains. I couldn’t help but think of the beauty and related it to the beauty of our relationship. Master had a small smile on his face and I so wished to know what he was thinking. He seemed to be able to read my thoughts as he moves hand to my thigh, “My kitten.” I smiled, shiver climbing up my body, and oh it only took that one word to get to me. He pulled me into the middle seat and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“All yours, Master.” I squirmed nuzzling into him. I felt like the luckiest pet in the world at that moment. My Master wrapped around me, pulling me into his warmth. His thumb brushed against my shoulder softly as I leaned my head against him. “Where are balıkesir escort we going, Master?” I finally asked him.

“Aw, I was wondering when you’d ask me that. It’s a surprise, you will just have to wait and see.” I nodded softly moving my hands in my lap and telling myself it will be worth the wait. Master had never let me down, and I knew he wasn’t going to now. We stopped at a red light in a small town as he leaned over and nibbled along my neck line. My body became hot and fiery as the light turned green and he started to drive once more through the small city. He had that power over me; the power to make me feel nervous like it was my first time all over again. He held the power to make me melt at his words, his actions or simply tremble in fear. I loved how he controlled me, the way he made me shiver in my own skin. How he knew how to push me and where the line stood. A line I myself could never define, but he somehow knew every time. “What are you thinking? I see it on your face,” he said knowingly. He could always read me like a book. My heart pounded unsure of how to answer him.

“I was thinking of you, and how you know my limits. How thankful I am to be your pet. How much I love this life we’ve created.” He squeezed my neck with his hand and smiled.

“I’m your Master, I’m supposed to know these things.”

“Still it amazes me.”

As we continued to drive out in the country he turned down a dirt road as we bumped along, my breasts bobbing up and down. I gasped as his hand wrapped around grabbing one roughly and squeezing tightly. He gave a small laugh as we drove about two miles until he turned the jeep off and he looked at me. I gazed downwards, girlish blush on my pale cheeks. He moved my curly red hair back brushing his lips across my neck, sending shivers down my spine. He nipped gently pulling the strap of my shirt down and slowly moving his lips down my shoulder to my breast. I gasped arching upwards; my fingers digging into the leather edge of the bench seat, his lips surrounded my nipple as he began to suck slowly, gently, lovingly as he pressed his fingers into my lower back. Suddenly he broke away and stepped back into the sunlight as if nothing had just happened.

My cunt ached, and throbbed, furiously frustrated and wonderfully aroused. He glowed in the sun, as if the rays we’re coming from him, his being. He stuck his hand out as I touched it lightly, slowly wrapping my fingers around his and he pulled me down out of the jeep. Closing the door with a thud he pressed my hips against the door and squeezed my beasts again. I jumped unexpectedly, instinctively turning my neck to the side. He grinned with amusement, leaning over me as he used my breast for leverage, and pulled something out of the back, a black duffle bag.

Carefully he wrapped it around me and my mind raced to what was inside. What the contents held, were they for me? Was this his plan? I gasped as his fingers grabbed my jaw forcefully to make my eyes meet his. It hurt, I wanted to scream out, however I found myself staring deeply into his hazel eyes, “No peeking in that bag, slut,” he let go of my jaw pushing my face to one side before he grabbed my hand and we headed into the forest. The area he picked was extremely shady, only small slithers of sunlight pushed their way through to the floor. It seemed like he managed to walk under every one of them as he held my hand in his, tenderly like a lover.

We stopped suddenly as he turned me around and reached into the bag pulling something out. I looked out to the beautiful view, wishing I had brought my camera, if only I had known we’d be at such a beautiful location. He wrapped something quickly around my eyes as everything became dark, and he turned me back around and took me by the hand once more. I was never afraid, not with him. As we both continued to walk he told me of each step, stone, and stick in my way. I had no clue how far we walked or to where, but he soon stopped me and let go of my hand. He took the bag off of my shoulders and ran his hand over my cheek with a tender caress. I could hear him digging into the bag, and then he shifted and I felt the cool leather my collar slide around my neck as he locked it from the back and smiled. I heard him slipping away as the leaves crunched under his feet. Then there was silence. I heard only birds, wind, and what seemed like water. “Take off your clothes, and leave them where they fall.”

“Yes, Master.” I replied reaching down grab the hem of my white tank top and lifting it over my head, exposing my c-cup breasts and soft pink tender nipples. I tossed it to the right side of me on the ground. Next I moved my fingers to the top of my skirt and began pulling it down only by touch as I felt it end and loosely fall to the ground which I stepped out of kicking it lightly to the side where my shirt was supposed to be.

“Let your hair down,” he commanded of me. It sounded trabzon escort like he was so far away from me at that moment as I reached up to my head and pulled the band that was holding my hair loose. My hair fell down below my shoulders, and a light breeze blew shiny red locks. I took a hand and reached up, loosening my strands, shaking free from the ponytail. Shivers went down my spine as I waited and stood silent and still wondering if his eyes were on me. I heard him laugh softly to himself as the leaves crunched once more and I could hear him getting closer to me. “What a slut you are.” He began to walk in circles around me slowly. I huffed softly as the world seemed to spin. “What a sight my little slut standing here naked for her Master to do with as he wishes.” His hands wrapped around my neck from behind as he blew onto my ear making me whimper out, “What are you?” I bit my lip inhaling deeply as I began to speak, before he squeezed my neck tighter, “I said, what are you?”

I gasped barely able to breathe forcing the words out of me, “Your … slut.”

“Yes you are. And what am I?” he squeezed tighter as I felt my mind slipping and spinning.

“My Master,” I answered huffing out once more and he released me. Before I knew what had happened I had been pushed to the floor of the forest. I sat on my knees and bended my whole body down to the floor. I could smell the leaves, taste the dirt.

“Put your hands in front of you until you find the tree, then wrap your arms around it, my little tree hugger,” he smirked with a chuckle. I reached my hands out feeling around only to find dirt and leaves. Finally my fingers brushed along a trunk, roaming my hands up the rough bark, and I wrapped my arms around it. I felt the rope wrap around my wrists as he made it tight, I flexed my hands, it was useless. I bit my lip kneeling down as his little slut, tied to a base of a tree kneeling down, just like an obeying dog. I heard the bag unzip again and he walked back over to me. “Count them and thank me for each one.”

I nodded my fingers pressing into the trunk of the tree relaxing my body instead of tightening up. I knew it’d only hurt worse if I tightened up. My eyes squint and I held my breath not even sure what he was holding in his hand. What was I too expect? Flogger? Riding crop? Paddle? Hand?

The first slap stung and burned across my ass cheek sending shivers down my entire body, my nipples instantly hardening. “One, thank you Master.” I still couldn’t tell what he was spanking me with. With each slap I tried to focus more on the sound, the feel, “Four, thank you Master.” I screamed out into the empty desolate forest as hit slapped my rear with multiple wacks one right after another in an assault on my tender pale ass.

“How many is that slut?” he asked stopping a moment.

My rear stung, tears were forming in my eyes. I had lost count. I decided to give it a good guess, “Eight?”

“My slut stopped counting. Start over. And the correct answer was nine.” He said sternly, but I could hear, feel the smile on his breath. Before I could apologize he began wacking and smacking my rear harder and faster. I cried out and screamed digging my nails into the tree of the trunk, the bark teased against my shoulders and breasts, each spank sending the front of my body into the bark. I counted each one in my head as I began to sob and shake. “How many now?”

“T-t-twelve Master. T-th-thank you.” I sobbed. My body was shaking and I felt my whole body grow weak. The pain burned deep into my skin, my soul. I wanted to beg him to stop. But he didn’t. This time he switched from cheek to cheek with each slap. “Thirteen Master, thank you. Ow .. F-fourteen, sixteen Master thank you.” My speech became slurred, I could no longer speak from my sobs, my screams, my tears. He stopped suddenly, “How many?”

“T-twenty Master, t-th-th-tha-nk. .. y-y-you.” I had decided that he was using the riding crop, but I still wasn’t completely sure. I felt him beside me. The pain filled me, tears streaming from under the blindfold, and down soft pink cheeks, falling to my breasts. I loved the pain, and it sent me reeling into another realm all together. I sniffled, my pale ass now a firey red, to match my hair and my temper.

“Very good.” His fingers brushed against my pussy as he thrust what felt like two fingers into my tight cunt. “So wet for a slut that was just punished. Maybe I need to give you more, hmm?”

I was still crying, “No Master, please no. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lost count, please, please no more!” I didn’t think I could handle another one across my rear as his fingers worked inside me pressing against my spot. My cries became moans as he pressed my whole body forward with each thrust of his fingers. He grunted with each thrust, hard, powerful, and my walls clamped down around him. My needs began rising, moaning, biting my bottom lip. My clit throbbed and begged to be touched. He knew that, as his thumb brushed against my clit sending waves of pleasure through my body. A flick of his digit, and then he was pressing down against my nub with fierce lustful circles.

My body became closer and closer to that point of no return. I was lost in my own thoughts as I was quickly pulled back by his words, “Don’t forget to ask.”

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