Apprehension and excitement for Paul.


Paul’s long journey was coming to an end. He knew he was looking forward to this meeting but there was still that feeling of apprehension, this was the first meeting for Paul with Fiona and Mark. Not having met them before, he had those familiar butterflies in his tummy as he drew up outside Fiona’s flat. He parked the car and made his way up the stairs to the door wondering if Mark was already there. Paul knocked and waited, he could hear someone moving toward the door and the lock being turned. The door opened and Fiona stood there wearing her short skirt, He could just glimpse her stocking top and felt that familiar twinge in his groin. Fiona moved toward him and held his head in her hands and kissed him, Paul could feel her warm lips on his and her tongue brushed his lips to part them and probe his mouth. Paul responded, his tongue reaching out to explore Fiona’s Side escort mouth, he dropped his overnight bag and his arms enfolded Fiona as they both explored their sensuous mouths. Fiona pulled away and said that Mark had arrived a few minutes earlier and was waiting in the lounge, she took hold of Paul’s hand and led him into the lounge, Mark stood up as they entered and they shook hands. Both Mark and Paul felt a bit awkward and embarrassed, Fiona sat them both on the settee and said she would fix some drinks, G she could feel Paul and Mark’s hands on her breasts, running down toward her secret pleasure spot. Now boys, said Fiona, I’m going to show you both how to suck a penis, and I’m going to use each of you in turn to demonstrate to the other. Now watch! Fiona took Paul’s erect penis into her mouth, starting at the head, she worked her way down manavgat escort bayan the shaft, nibbling and sucking. She pulled her head up drawing her lips over the bulbous head of Paul’s penis. She said, “While you are doing this, use your hands on the shaft” and proceeded to demonstrate, carrying on with the sucking. Fiona then moved to Mark’s shaft and repeated the whole process. She sat up with a big smile on her face, saying “Easy, isn’t it?” Fiona took the bull by the horns and said” which one of you will suck a penis first?” There was no answer, Fiona asked again and squeezed Paul’s penis, Ok, Ok said Paul, I’ll go first, is that alright for you Mark? Mark just smiled, giving Paul the go ahead. Paul knelt up and leaned over Fiona, Fiona let go of mark’s manhood but kept a hold on Paul’s penis. Mark’s penis reared up in front Escort alanya of Paul, he could see that Mark was uncircumcised and reached forward to pull Mark’s foreskin back, Mark’s bulbous helmet looked shiny and wet, it glistened in the dim light, Paul’s head bent forward till his lips touched mark’s manhood, it felt warm and tasted salty, although Paul had tasted his own cum on occasions, nothing prepared him for this. His lips sank down over mark’s shaft, feeling it stretch his mouth until the head touched the back of Paul’s throat, his tongue traced patterns over the head of Mark’s penis and he sucked. Paul’s head began to bob up and down on Mark’s manhood, he could taste the manliness of Mark but didn’t stop, Mark started to groan, Fiona’s lips covered Paul’s penis, also tasting the man juice, she loved the taste and couldn’t understand why some women didn’t like to swallow a man’s juice. Paul gripped mark’s balls and pulled them, Paul pulled his head back so that Mark’s bulbous tip was between his lips, he grasped mark’s penis and began a series of long strokes on Mark’s shaft. A low moan uttered from Mark’s lips, Mark knew he was close, and Paul did also.

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