An In Depth Interview


The interview is scheduled in a few minutes as I step out of the elevator on the twenty third floor of the newest office building in the city.

An ambitious and demanding executive is seeking an assistant, making me aware that I’m about to face a perfectionist, deadline driven workaholic. At precisely 10-00 am, a slim, well-groomed secretary ushers me into a plush and opulent office and closes the door behind her.

You rise to shake my hand.

“Hello Janet, I’m Richard.”

Your hand grips mine firmly and I smile, trying to be subtle as my eyes move over your hard lean body, immaculately clad in dark suit pants, a crisp blue shirt and silk tie. It is impossible to ignore the steeliness of your piercing blue eyes and your direct stare. You offer me a seat in a large chair opposite your desk. As I sit and cross my legs, the skirt of my close fitting tailored business suit, rides up slightly. Your eyes flicker over my resume.

“So, tell me about your qualifications and experience,” you say.

“Well, my experience covers a wide range of areas,” I reply, noticing that your eyes have strayed to my legs, clad in sheer black stockings and heels. Unbeknownst to me you have caught a glimpse of my creamy white thighs under my skirt, above the lace of the stockings. Your eyes lock with mine as I begin elaborating on my job experience, but you are not listening.

“Honesty and integrity is of the utmost importance to us,” you tell me. “I like direct and frank answers to my questions.”

You pause, your eyes scanning me closely.

“The position as my assistant is a demanding and stressful one and my management style is neither orthodox nor conventional. How do you feel about that?”

“Well Sir,” I say quietly, “I am very adaptable and handle pressure situations well. Of course, I am also most willing to do whatever it takes to make a success of my job.”

“That’s encouraging to hear Janet, and I intend to test those qualities here today.” A small knowing smile plays across your lips as you lean backwards in your chair to appraise me.

“Now, tell me are you wearing anything under that skirt?”

I am momentarily taken aback by the bluntness of your query.

“ No Sir,” I murmur, blushing slightly.

Your movements are quick and fluid as you stride to the door and instruct your secretary that you do not want to be disturbed. After locking the door and closing the blinds you sit down opposite me again. My heart thuds inside my chest as I wait for you to speak.

“Uncross your legs and spread them apart,” you demand.

I hesitate for a moment. However, the authority in your voice starts my juices flowing and my legs part slowly, my skirt rises up allowing you a full view of my smooth pussy lips. The unmistakable feeling of my wetness beginning to ooze, makes me aware of how very arousing I find you.

“Hmm, so actually, what we have here, is a wanton slut lurking under a professional façade,” you say, kneeling in front of me.

“Am I correct Janet?” you ask coldly.

“Yes sir,” I whisper, the heat rising from my cheeks.

You roughly push my legs apart further, opening my hot wet pussy for your inspection. You slip your hands around my hips and pull me towards you using your fingers to part my pussy lips. I feel so exposed, caught off guard like this, and yet, so excited. My clit is hard, swollen, throbbing. You see this and bend forward, grazing the tip of your tongue over my clit as your fingers explore the moist folds of my scorchingly aroused pussy. My legs tremble as your mouth begins toying with my clit, sucking, nibbling and rolling it around between your lips as you slide two long fingers inside me. The suction of my eager pussy wanting to grip them and suck them in deep.

You work your fingers inside to the first knuckle, teasingly slipping them in and out. A small gasp escapes my lips as your probing tongue continues to work my throbbing clit. I begin to moan deeply as my juice floods onto your hand and we hear the Çankaya Escort sucking noises as my pussy grips your fingers. Suddenly you dart your stiffened tongue into me next to your fingers then change back to licking my clit fast and in circular motions before plunging your tongue back inside me again. You lap away hungrily at my pussy with your eager tongue while your thumb strokes my clit. My moans become louder as I press my pussy against your eager tongue, your stiff probing fingers. You can tell that I am very close to cumming.

“Not yet Janet,” you say quietly and firmly.

You rise pulling me to my feet. My legs feel weak and I am barely able to stand. My juices drip down my thighs, my swollen clit aches for release, throbbing and alive with sensation. I move my hand down between my thighs, to stroke myself, wanting to cum, needing to cum, but your hand stops mine.

“ No! Not until I say so,” you command, a note of harshness in your voice as you lead me towards your desk. “Sit on the edge of this desk and listen to me very closely Janet, if you want to be a contender for this job.”

The authority in your voice causes me to shiver. I place my self at the very edge of your desk, feeling the smooth hardness of the well-polished oak against my bare ass. You hike my skirt up and push me back so I am spread eagled and exposed to your burning stare, vulnerable. Your eyes rake over my semi nude body, the wetness dripping from my pussy.

“I want participation and innovation in this job, so now I want to see you make yourself cum, I want to watch you”.

As you watch, you unzip your pants, and slip them off. Your cock is rock hard, with a glistening pearl of precum oozing from the tip. My fingers flick over my pussy lips as I see you slowly beginning to fist your cock stroking it in long slow movements. My hand moves faster, plunging in and out of my pussy, finger fucking myself and strumming my clit. My body squirms as I feel the pressure building, my breath coming in hard fast rasps as I feel my climax approaching.

“Don’t you dare cum yet” you tell me, still stroking your thick cock. “ I want to see you rub your clit some more, but very slowly, DO it!”

“Oh God, please let me cum please!” I moan, but the look in your eyes makes me slow the tempo, massaging slowly, rubbing my juices all over myself. I am aching so badly. More than anything now I want to be fucked hard. You move closer to me, so close that I know you can smell the hot scent of desire rising from my pulsing cunt.

“Push two fingers deep inside that hot cunt,” you insist. My fingers slide in easily, my pussy eagerly sucking them in. You bring the thick swollen tip of your cock to my mouth.

“Suck it now, and take it deep!”

I eagerly lick the tip as you slowly press the head into my hot, wet, hungry mouth. My fingers pleasure myself as I wrap my lips around your engorged head and you force more of your cock into my mouth, feeding it to me. My lips stretch as each rock hard inch is forced deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I clench your rigid thickness between my lips, my tongue laps at the smooth bulbous cockhead while your shaft probes my mouth and digs deeper into the hot wet depths of my throat. You begin to fuck my mouth and my throat, slowly at first and then harder, gorging my mouth, my throat with your savage thrusts. I feel the head of your cock pressing against the back of my throat, your hand holding my head firmly in place as I struggle to endure the relentless oral assault.

“You like this, don’t you slut?” you hiss, as you thrust mercilessly.

I nod, my mouth crammed with your throbbing cock as I move one hand to caress your balls. They fill and begin to tense, and your cock begins to throb and pulse in my mouth. My hands and mouth are moving rapidly now, wanting to cum just as you cum in my mouth. But maddeningly you pull your glistening cock away from my mouth and move my fingers away from my pussy.

“Oh Keçiören Escort God!” I plead, “Please don’t make me stop, please! I need to cum!”

You ignore my pleas, locking your elbows under my knees, bracing my legs across your shoulders and you again bring your cock up against my wet pussy. Holding your cock with one hand, you rub the head along my wet slit up to my clit, teasing me. Then you bring it lower, rubbing my juices over my tight puckered asshole. I gasp, almost out of my mind with lust, helpless and vulnerable as you slowly and deliberately slide it back up again, teasingly slipping the head between my swollen cunt lips. I try to thrust my hips upwards, wanting every inch of you inside me but you have my legs pinned and I can’t. You feel my pussy trying to suck you in, grasping at you greedily but you don’t move.

“Please take me! Bury it inside me again please!” I moan, almost begging, “I want to cum soo badly”.

“No, not just yet,” you say. “A bitch like you needs to beg me to fuck you.”

You push in a little further then pull out so that the head of your cock is just nestling between my lips.

“Oh God,” I moan “Please! Please do it!”

You smile a little.

“Beg for it or I’ll stop and we’ll end this interview right now!”

My heart pounds, my cunt aches. The idea of you stopping now is inconceivable. My eyes lock with yours and I arch my body upward towards you.

“Please give me your cock, please! My cunt wants it, my cunt needs it pleease!”

You slam it all the way in with one hard thrust. I scream, not having expected the force with which you have penetrated me, but then you pull it almost all the way out again.

“ Oh God, don’t do this to me, please… please… please fuck me now. I want to feel you I want all of you inside me. Fuck me, please fuck me!” I moan loudly.

“Be quiet, don’t scream,” you warn menacingly.

Your mouth covers mine, drowning out my moans, as you shove your cock all the way back inside me driving into me hard. Your tongue probes my mouth, exploring it, insistently almost raping it as I feel your powerful merciless thrusts. My cunt grips your cock even tighter as it plunges in and out and I feel the crashing waves of pleasure tripping over each other as I start to cum, my groans and sighs filling your mouth. You feel me spasm and pulsate around your cock my pussy dripping, throbbing and convulsing. My breath is fast. You start to withdraw your rigid cock.

“ No not yet please, you didn’t cum”.

“ Oh I will… you’ll see, trust me,” you say with a sly smile. “Janet, can you handle new challenges, learn new things quickly?”

I nod, wondering what else this interview holds for me. Your cock is slick with my cum and it throbs as you remove some silk ties from a drawer and tell tell me to roll over onto my stomach and place my feet on the floor. I do as instructed, my belly flat against the smooth wood of the desk and my arms stretched out on the desktop. Your strong hands move swiftly to push my legs open wide, exposing me as you tie my ankles to the desk legs. I can feel my wetness oozing, my pussy still slick with my own cum as you push a finger inside me

“ Good the slut is still wet,” you say smearing some of the slick juice onto my tightly puckered butt hole. Your index finger massages my clit while another works my ass.

I tense as I realize that the head of your very hard cock has replaced your finger rimming my asshole. My head spins, I have fantasized about getting assfucked, I’ve even inserted small toys into my tight little rosebud while masturbating. But, fuck, I have never had anything as large or as thick as your cock anywhere near my asshole.

Thoughts of being anally ravaged race through my mind as I breathe faster, deeper, fear gripping me. But despite the fear, the sensations inside my cunt intensify. I feel wet slick juice gushing out of me and I know, I just know that no matter the consequences, Etimesgut Escort I want this, I need this so much, more than anything I have ever wanted. I need you inside!

My heart skips a beat as I feel you slowly rub yourself against my tight asshole, then feel a finger moving inside my ass. I let out a small moan, a whimper as I feel a second finger join the first to continue the probing, stretching me and reaming me open.

“You’ve got a nice, tight ass, Janet. A nice tight ass that needs a stiff, thick cock inside it,” you say, as you press your cockhead against the raised ridge of my hole then force the head through my tight anal ring.

“Please go slowly,” I beg.

“Ah, so this is an area where you lack experience and require training,” you say, stopping for a moment to let my ass adjust to your girth. Then you ease it in further. I groan and grit my teeth as I feel the invasion, the initial pain of having something so large and so stiff and so foreign pushed inside me.

“Relax your ass and push out” you grunt, your voice thick with lust and longing. I relax my ass muscles and bear down as I feel a few more thick inches of your rock hard cock slide into me. My tightness clamps over your cock swallowing it, and almost strangling it as you push into the dark hot humid depths where no one has been before. I feel you thrust into me relentlessly, forcing your thickness all the way into my tight tunnel. My hands grip the desk as I endure your savage thrusts, your brutal invasion. A scream erupts out of me as I feel you driving into me mercilessly. You slap my ass hard.

“Shut up,” you hiss. “I told you, bitch, not to scream, didn’t I?”

I bite down on my lip, trying to relax my muscles, to endure your vicious rectal assault as a deep guttural sound escapes my lips. I still feel the pain of your awesome intrusion into my bottom, but now also the pleasure, the thrill of utterly new and profoundly exquisite sensations in this secret and forbidden place. Your cock deep inside my ass, massaging and probing me is awakening every nerve in my body. Suddenly,you withdraw and I feel an emptiness, an unwelcome emptiness, but it is for a mere moment as, again you spread my cheeks wide open and push your cock up to the hilt again. I groan, my body trembling as I feel the searing heat of your cock penetrating me deeply once more. Your balls slap against my pussy as you force your rigid shaft into my ass once more. I push back eagerly against your thrusts, greedy for every inch as, together, we build a steady rhythm.

”Mmmmm definitely a quick learner, I like that.”

“ Oh yes, I love to learn new things,” I gasp as your cock plunges forcefully into my bottom, almost ripping me in two with it’s raw power.

“Good and you take instructions well. Now rub your clit and cum with me,” you instruct. My finger obediently digs between my drenched, engorged pussy lips. I finger fuck myself as I feel your cock through the thin wall separating my ass and my pussy. My thumb rubs my clit in time with your rapid thrusts as your hands grip my hips, your body pushing hard into mine. Your cock swells inside me, stretching me monstrously as I start to cum. The volcanic power of my massive orgasm cascading through my cunt and ass.

This pushes you over the edge, and you begin to spray a massive load of hot thick cum into the deepest recesses of my ass. Suddenly you pull out of my bottom and quickly bring your throbbing cock to my face, shooting the last few spurts of your cum over my cheeks and into my open mouth. Finally I lick you clean, tasting the mixture of us on your cock, the last drops of cum dripping over my lips onto my chin. I am spent; shaking and trembling as you untie me. When I turn to face you, you are dressed again.

“Yes Janet,” you say smilingly as you smooth my skirt over my legs, ”I do believe we can work together, I think you are competent and show potential. Congratulations, you’re hired. You can begin in the morning. As you see, we dress formally here, so please maintain your dress code. Be prepared to work long hard hours with lots of on-the-job training. I assure you the rewards will be very satisfying.”

“Thank you,” I murmur softly.

“Oh yes Janet, and one other thing, there will be lots of confidential “Dicktation…”

“Dictation is my specialty, Sir…” I say with a coy smile.

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