A week away


A week awayTHIS HAPPENED IN 1996Donna and I had taken a week away and was visiting a seaside resort on the south coast of England. We’d been there three days of our seven days stay and had been fucking every night. After being out in the town we’d bought some stuff and was struggling to get them back to the hotel. As we sat down on a bench for a rest Donna said “I’d really like a good session if we can” as I smiled.Carrying on up to the hotel with our bags as we approached the lobby two guys were loading up a van when Donna winked at me, as we got level with them she stumbled and one of the lads grabbed her and said “You alright love” she smiled at him and replied “You couldn’t help us upstairs could you” as his mate said “Of course” all four of us went up to our room, Donna winked again.As she opened the door the two men put the parcels down on the floor as I went into the bathroom, as I sat on the toilet I could see the bed through the mirror. Donna said “You two don’t have to rush off do you?” as she sat on the bed. They looked at each other and said “No” as they sat either side of her. They were both wearing shirts and pants and looked around 25ish.They sat next Beşevler Rus Escort to her and was making small talk when Donna put her arm around the guy to her left, he looked surprised as she pulled him closer to her, then she leaned in and kissed him, once and as they pulled apart he looked at her and then they started kissing more passionately as his hand moved onto her breast.The other guy read the situation very well, he moved his hand onto her other breast and she let out a little moan. They stayed in this position for a few minutes when she pulled apart and the other guy lifted up her top over her head, then unclipped her bra as her tits tumbled out each lad grabbed one, she started to snog the first lad again as her hand ran up his thigh.She was sat on the bed rubbing the first lads cock as he rolled her nipple as they kissed, the other guy was licking her other nipple as his hand was moving up her thigh, when it reached the front of her knickers she let out another gasp. As he got on the floor she parted her thighs easily as he crouched in front of her his tongue was soon on her crotch Cebeci Rus Escort as she gasped again.The first lad stood up as Donna unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down he took them off his cock was standing up poking through his undies. Donna ran her hand up and down him and he moaned, a couple of minutes later and his pants were down as Donna dipped his 5” into her mouth. The other guy was pulling her knickers to one side as his tongue licked her clitoris.She was moaning and knowing my wife like I do I knew she was very close to climaxing. Then suddenly she let go of the lads cock laid back and moaned out her orgasm. As she panted she half sat up and smiling the other guy stood up she said “You lay on the bed”, he was undressed in seconds, as he laid down Donna straddled him, taking his 6” in her hand she guided it into her pussy.As she sat on him he and her groaned at the same time, as she bounced up and down on his cock he licked her nipples, then she grabbed the other lad and fed him into her mouth. After watching all this from the bathroom I was already naked and feeling my rock hard 6” I Kolej Rus Escort needed to get in on the action, I lubed up my cock and walked over to the bed.Kneeling on I teased Donna’s ass with my tool, she groaned, then inched my way in, she groaned real loud as I fucked her ass as the other guy fucked her cunt as the other guy fucked her mouth, we were all rocking and rolling together. This went on for a good ten minutes until the lad who was shagging my wife announced he was coming, Donna screamed out “So am I”.As he groaned it was obvious he was spurting inside my wife as she bucked harder she groaned out again, I pulled out and looked down, his cock going limp had fallen out of her gash, I immediately replaced him and shagged her harder again from behind. The lad who she was sucking said “Oh my God” as Donna wanked him faster, then watching all this I was coming too. I pulled out and went to where she was sucking the guy, she grabbed my cock and tugged me, as soon as she touched me the other lad was ejaculating, all his seed shot over my wife’s face.That was too much for me as I spunked also, streams and streams of gloopy spunk landed on Donna’s face. We all sat down breathing heavier, the two lads quickly got dressed and said a polite “Thankyou” as they made their way out of the door. Donna and I cuddled she said “That was awesome” I said “Yes it was”.As I went outside for a cigarette the two lads were still there, one was on the phone, the one who’d shagged my wife, the other one said “We’ve been clamped” “Oh Dear” I said smiling.

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