All in the Family Pt. 02


This is a continuation of the story “All in the family part 1”. It will make more sense if you start from the beginning.


“Hey mom,” Jodi said as we entered Mrs. B’s kitchen. “What’s for dinner?”

Mrs. B was Jodi’s mother. She was in her late fifties and had recently lost her husband to cancer. She was having a hard time adjusting to living alone after nearly forty years of marriage so we stopped by for dinner once a week. After dinner I took care of her yard work while she and Jodi chatted.

When I first met Mrs. B. she was about forty. She was a MILF. She had a trim body with tits that a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader would envy. They were large and firm and still defied gravity. She was a looker; that was for sure. If you looked ‘cougar’ up on the internet, her picture would be there. Now, her hair had a hint of gray to it, her face was slightly more rounded and she wore glasses. Her large tits required a support bra to defy gravity and the forty or so pounds she had gained had gone straight to her hips.

I still considered her an attractive woman, but nothing compared to how she looked when I first met her.

“I thought we’d do some burgers on the grill and eat on the patio.” Amy Baxter said. “Meghan and Brenda are stopping by too. Jim, would you mind being our grill master?”

“Absolutely.” I replied cheerfully.

Meghan and Brenda were Jodi’s younger sisters. Meghan was thirty. She was cute but plump. She was one of those women who always seemed to be trying a new diet. She did go to the gym regularly, but probably spent more time checking out the guys than actually exercising. She wasn’t obese, but she did have to check out the plus section in the stores when shopping for clothes.

Brenda was the youngest at 28. She was hot and knew it. A natural blonde with long straight hair, she had that California look. She had a beautiful tan that she kept year round and had a tall, slender body that were adorned by larger than average boobs and a bubble butt that would give a priest an erection. She worked as a lingerie model and made good money doing so.

The girls showed up a few minutes later. Meghan looked like she had just come from work. She wore a business suit with a button up shirt and knee length skirt. One thing Meghan inherited from her mom were her breasts. They were gigantic and today she had partially unbuttoned her blouse to allow them to breathe.

Brenda was the tease in the family. She wore a halter top that just covered her nipples and a pair of spandex shorts that were shorter than short. I had a hard time taking my eyes off her crotch, and the camel-toe that she made no effort to hide. If she was wearing anything under those shorts, you couldn’t prove it by me.

When she walked past to put something in the cooler, I noticed the spandex helped to lift and separate her butt cheeks, not that they really needed any. When she bent over, she spread her legs slightly and bent at the waist, giving me a view that made Mr. Happy jump to attention.

Dinner was pleasant. After eating I started on the yardwork while Mrs. B and the girls cleaned up. When I finally came inside, the girls were sitting with their mother at the dining room table drinking some wine. I heard a lot of giggling and noticed that Jodi had her cellphone out. When I entered the room everyone got quiet.

“Jim, grab a beer and join us.” Mrs. B said. “Jodi was just telling us about the latest thing she read in Femme. The article was about spanking and how it improves sexual performance. She says you’ve been letting her try it on you. Is that right?”

Femme was one of the woman’s magazines that Jodi read. A lot of the articles discussed ways that women could assert themselves, both in the business world and at home. It was one of the magazines she read that we often had discussions about.

“Well… ah…” I stuttered. “Yeah, we’ve been playing with it a little.”

“Well, after seeing the pictures that Jodi just showed us, I think it’s working.” Mrs. B said. “You look pretty aroused in a couple of them.

“And your butt is awfully red.” Meghan added.

“Yeah, I really liked the facial… you know the one where you must of just finished pleasing Jodi.” Brenda said.

“You know I used to spank your father,” Mother Baxter said. “Whenever he was bad he got a spanking just like you girls did. Only it was more severe than anything you received.”

“Mom, you didn’t.” Jodi said. “We never heard anything…”

“There’s a lot I never told you.” Mrs. B announced. “We attended a lot of sex parties before you girls were born. Sex was uninhibited back then. There was a group of us that got together pretty regular. I guess what we did was tame compared to some of the stuff I read about now. Back then we used the word ‘radical’ to describe it. We’d swap partners and have orgies and experiment with …”

“Mom!” Jodi yelled. “You… and Dad? Wow… Tell us about it…Please.”

“There was one couple that we really Kartal Ukraynalı Escort liked to play with.” Mrs. B continued. “Maureen and Jack were their names. Jack liked to be tied up and spanked, and Maureen was happy to oblige him. She taught me how to do it too. I’d practice on Jack while Maureen taught your dad a thing or two. Jack had a massive cock and a talented tongue. I enjoyed using him, but what I really liked was watching Maureen work on your dad. She really knew how to make him submit, and she taught me all of her tricks.”

“You tied Dad up and spanked him?” Meghan asked. “…and swapped partners?”

“We didn’t do it all of the time.” Mrs. B replied. “It was mostly role playing. My favorite was pretending I was your father’s secretary. He’d tell me to suck his cock or he’d fire me. While I was sucking him, Maureen would catch us. She pretended to be his boss and threaten to fire him instead if he didn’t submit to both of us. We’d tie him up and pretend to punish him while using him to satisfy our carnal urges. There were other scenarios too, but that was my favorite.”

“Occasionally, if your dad did something to really piss me off, I’d really punish him.” Mrs. B continued. “I guess he submitted to them just like children submit to their mother’s spankings; but he didn’t enjoy them. In fact, he was always crying and begging for me to stop before I was done and he always promised to be a better husband after it was over.”

“Why didn’t we hear you?” Brenda asked. “Whenever you took the strap to us, everyone in the house could hear it.”

“Remember when you visited my mother? That’s when we had our discipline sessions.” Mrs. B replied.

“I remember one time when she kept all of you for the entire weekend. That’s when your dad received his most severe punishment.” She continued. “I had planned his punishment for a couple of weeks. He had done several things that needed correction. I just kept track of them until I could make arrangements with my mom to watch all of you.”

“…and.” Meghan prompted. “Did his ass look like Jim’s does in the pictures?”

“Yes, much more so.” Mrs. B replied. “I had several implements I often used, and that weekend I used all of them. I’d usually spank him with the hairbrush to start. No warm up, just take him over my knee and begin. Then he’d stand in the corner while I scolded him. The strap or wooden paddle usually was next but he had bought a new paddle for me off the internet. I hadn’t administered more than ten strokes when it broke.”

“I was really mad.” she continued. “It was a piece of junk. I told him he would pay for wasting money on such a piece of trash. I got out my trusty wooden paddle and soon he was crying. After spending some time in the corner, I continued the punishment with my leather strap. Back he went for some more corner time. I left him to watch TV while he cried like a baby.”

“I made him do housework for a couple of hours after that.” She added. “I’m sure he thought the punishment was over. After dinner I bent him over a chair and let him feel my Spenser paddle. It was made from oak and was about two foot long and an inch thick. He hated it. It had holes drilled in the business end to reduce air resistance and it really made a ‘thud’ every time it landed. He got three rounds that night, and I guarantee you each round made him cry.”

“I always finished his punishments with a caning. Usually he got six strokes, but that night I gave him an addition four dozen; one for each dollar he spent on that blasted paddle. The next day I was still mad. I saw the broken paddle lying on the table and thought about the money he’d wasted. I repeated everything I had done the day before and made him do all of the housework naked so I could admire my work.”

“Ouch!” Jodi exclaimed. “I bet he never bought anything else of the internet.”

“No he didn’t.” her mother replied. “…but the sex that night was fantastic. I don’t know if the spanking aroused me more than usual or he just felt guilty for what he did, but we spent a wonderful night together while you girls were at my mom’s.”

“We didn’t tell her about the play parties, but she knew all about the discipline sessions.” Mrs. B said.” She wanted to hear all of the details so I made your father keep a journal and let my mom read it. I even took some pictures. The pictures are gone but I still get the journal out every so often and read it. It helps me remember what a wonderful man your father was.”

“Mom, tell us more.” Brenda said as the women sat around the table drinking their wine.

“Okay.” Mrs. B said. “We didn’t go to many parties after Jodi was born, and stopped altogether after Meghan. We kept in touch with our friends for a while, but eventually lost track as the years passed. The responsibilities of raising a family became the most important thing in our lives. Your father and I continued to role play at home every now and then, and I occasionally administered a punishment session when Kartal Üniversiteli Escort he did something to make me mad; just like I did when you girls were naughty.”

“Things started to change when Brenda left for college and the nest was empty.” Mrs. B continued. “There was a woman’s group that I belonged to that met a couple times a month. Sometimes we’d meet for coffee or lunch and other times we’d play cards. Mostly it was a gossip session.”

“We were at Rhonda Henry’s house drinking coffee. We could see that she had been crying and asked what was wrong. She told us she thought her husband was having an affair. We tried to console her but wasn’t having much success. Anyway, the subject soon turned to husbands and their shortcomings. After hearing all of the women complain, I told them I didn’t have any of those problems and explained how I spanked your father. We decided that’s how we would deal with Rhonda’s husband.”

“Long story short,” she continued. “We got together and confronted Rhonda’s husband about the affair. She took her husband over her knee and paddled him until he confessed. When she got tired, one of the other women in the group took over. We all spanked him that night, and took pictures of him red assed and crying with his wife taking a cane to his butt. We sent the pictures to his girlfriend with a note stating she’d be next if she didn’t leave him alone. That was the end of the affair and the beginning of the life of a well spanked husband.”

“Wow,” Jodi said. “You better be careful Jim, I can think of a couple of women who would be glad to help me spank you like that if I ever found you cheating on me.”

“Well, that got my juices flowing again.” Mrs. B said. “Your father and I continued where we left off years ago. We started role playing again and turned to the internet for ideas. There was a lot of information on the web by that time and we wanted to experiment.”

“We purchased a lot of sex toys to enhance our lovemaking, and I even found a few items I could use when your dad needed to be punished. I was already proficient administering a paddling or strapping, and he spent many nights over my knee or the back of a chair. When I purchased my first strapon, it seemed like my life changed completely. I took his ass and pounded it until I had an orgasm.”

“Oh… my… God!” Jodi exclaimed. “Mom, you didn’t…”

“I loved the feeling of power.” She continued. “I had a double ended one that was my favorite. One end went in me while the other impaled him. I’d ram it in him until I had multiple orgasms. He didn’t like it at first, but after a nightly dose with my collection of toys, he learned to cum whenever I penetrated him. In fact, after six months or so, it was the only way I’d let him cum.”

“Mom!” Jodi exclaimed. “I just can’t believe…”

“After that it was Katie bar the door.” Mrs. B said. “Your dad submitted to me completely. We ended up with a large collection of toys and the group visited us often to play. The women would bring their husbands and we would practice our skills on them together.”

“Well, that’s enough about me.” Mr. B said. “I want to hear more about what you’ve been doing. Jim, do you enjoy being spanked? How about being tied up? … Or humiliation? I just loved to put your father in humiliating positions, especially when I had an audience.

“What made you bring up spanking in the first place?” Meghan asked. “I just can’t believe that you just asked Jodi to spank you for no reason. Maybe your submissive and want to submit to her. If you need a little encouragement, I’m sure we could help…”

“We could always beat the truth out of him, just like mom and her friends did with Rhonda’s husband.” Brenda added

“So, how about it Jim, do you enjoy being spanked by your wife?” Mrs. B asked. “It sure looked like it from Jodi’s pictures.”

“The hand spanking was kind of erotic.” I replied. “… and lying over Jodi’s Lap actually felt good. She warmed me up slowly and kept playing with me to keep me aroused.”

“That was pretty obvious from your pictures.” Meghan replied. “How about the hairbrush? I remember a few hairbrush sessions while I was growing up and know how much they can hurt.”

“That was a little more intense.” I replied. “It hurt more but Jodi kept me distracted.”

“… And the oral sex? Did you enjoy that as well?” Jodi asked. “I never could get you to worship my kitty before spanking you. But I must say, you’re getting better at it. One day I might not even care about your cock, your tongue might be all I need. Hehe.”

Jodi said we needed to be going. She said I had some unfinished business I needed to take care of. We said our goodbyes and headed for the car. Jodi told me to expect another cunnilingus session when we got home. I knew that meant a spanking as well.

We continued the discussion as she took me over her knee in the bedroom. She asked me what I liked most about being spanked and I told her.

“I Kartal Vip Escort really liked how you take charge.” I said. “It relieves a lot of my stress.”

“So, if you like the way I take charge, how do you feel about submitting to me all of the time?” Jodi asked. “I mean, is this something you want 24/7 or just when you feel like it?”

“I’m not sure what I want.” I replied. “I’d be lying if I told you your mom’s stories didn’t excite me. I’ve got some fantasies and I’m sure you do as well. I’m not sure I’m comfortable talking about all of them now, but there are some that I think I’d be willing to try. I guess I’m confused at this point.”

“So you’re saying you want to pretend to submit to me, but you don’t want to commit to it all of the time.” Jodi replied. “And you want to be able to choose what type of activities we explore; is that about right?

“Yeah.” I replied. “I guess that pretty much sums it up.”

“Hmmm.” Jodi said. “I don’t know. I think some role playing would be good for our marriage; but to be honest, spanking you is a real turn on for me and it’s a regular part of our relationship now. As for the punishment spankings, you can count on them continuing whenever you make me mad.”

“As for our other fantasies,” She continued. “We can discuss them, but it’ll be up to me if we actually do any of them. There are a lot of articles in Femme about FLR. Some of them really excite me. But for now, I’m ok with just dominating you in the bedroom. That is of course, except when you need to be punished.”

“So, why spanking?” Jodi asked. “Why did you literally beg me to spank you? I know you told me it’s something you read about and wanted to try, but I think there is more. Let’s hear it. Why the spanking?”

“Well,” I started. “You know how much you wanted me to perform oral sex for you…”

“Yes… so.” Jodi interrupted.

“Well, I spent a lot of time searching the internet for tips on how to perform orally for a woman.” I continued. “I found tons of information but also became fascinated by some of the other stuff I found. Spanking was one of them. I started reading more about it and how some men let their wives take charge in the bedroom. Since I hadn’t… well… been performing well, I thought we could experiment with you taking charge for a night. I came up with the idea of letting you spank me and hoped things would progress from there.”

“So, it was your idea and was based on something you read about on the internet and wanted to try?” Jodi asked. “Well, I just have a hard time believing that. Are you sure there’s nothing you want to add?”

“Ah… no, nothing I can think of.” I replied.

“Just so you know,” Jodi continued. “I found the folder you tried to hide on the computer that contains all of the articles and stories you found on the web. It’s quite impressive. I think it contains over 300 files now. I appreciate you taking the initiative to improve your oral talents, and you’ve really improved your technique over the last couple of weeks.”

“What I didn’t appreciate was all the explicit pictures you downloaded. I also found the links to all the chat sites you’ve been on. One in particular was especially interesting. Do you remember chatting with Mistress Amy?”

“Ah…yes dear.” I replied; starting to get a little nervous.

“Well I got on that site and got to chat with her for a while after you begged me to spank you.” Jodi continued. “Our chat was quite informative. She said she directed you to beg me to spank you and to send her pictures afterwards. Do you remember agreeing to do that?”

“Ah… Yes Ma’am.” I replied.

“I know you didn’t take any pictures, but I took plenty.” Jodi said. “So I sent them to her. She texted me this morning and wanted to know how everything is going. She said she hadn’t heard from you lately and wanted to know if everything was all right. We discussed your behavior in detail and agreed you need to be punished.”

“Punished?” I asked. What did I do that was so bad?”

“First,” Jodi began. “You haven’t been concerned about my sexual happiness for I don’t know how long. You just poked away until you were satisfied and then pretended to go to sleep. You never bring me flowers anymore or tell me that I’m pretty. You just do what you want and expect me to be happy about it.”

“Your right.” I said. “I’m sorry and I’ve been trying to make it up to you. That’s why I went on the internet to…”

“Enough,” she interrupted. “The internet! You went on-line and downloaded a bunch of stories and explicit pictures, most of which were degrading to women. That’s the second thing you need to be punished for. Then you have the nerve to talk about our sex lives on some chatroom with a total stranger. You have no idea how embarrassing it was for me to read about our sex lives on some website. I was totally humiliated.”

“Ah, I wasn’t thinking…” I answered.

“Yes you were,” she said. “You were thinking with your cock; probably masturbating too.”

“Finally,” She concluded. You tried to hide what you did from me. I consider that the same as lying and you know how I feel about that. I asked you specifically if there was anything else you wanted to share about being spanked; and you said no. If that’s not lying then I don’t know what is.”

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