Angel my Mistress


“Please no Jack!” I squealed, as I was dragged along by my ponytail.

I had both my hands round Jacks thick wrist and my knees scrambled along the floor, up the hallway to the bedroom, as he moved to fast for me to keep up.

“I’m going to teach you to fuck with me you little pipsqueak!” yelled Jack, “You won’t ever bother us again when I’m finished with you.”

I glanced back over my shoulder as I twisted in Jacks powerful and painful grip. There was my wife, Angela, grinning at me and rubbing herself through her panties, as we reached the bedroom.

Jack threw me down at the foot of the bed as he warned me to not move. He left the room momentarily. Angela knelt down beside me “Your for it now you little shit, Jack’s going to thrash your ass, and when he’s finished, you are going to thank him nicely whilst on your fucking knees.”

As she knelt, I could see her panties were absolutely saturated with her juice. “You won’t be able to thank him before he finishes though.” Leered Angela. “You will be gagged by my panties so your screams don’t wake up the whole neighbourhood.”

Jack returned carrying a length of rope in one hand, and a vicious looking black, leather riding crop, about three feet long, and a thick two inch wide leather strap, split at one end like a school taws, just slightly shorter than the crop, in his other.

He threw the rope onto the bed and asked Angela to take her pick. “I’ll have the crop.” she said. “Good choice.” replied Jack, and handed it to her. “You really want this bitch to suffer, don’t you?”

“You know me Jack. How many times have I begged you to sort out this little fuck good and proper for me?” said Angela, looking at me in a way that made my balls shrink and my body shiver in fear.

“Ok” said Jack “lets go to work.” Both of them laughed, as if it was some hidden joke between them. I was to find out later that it was no joking matter.

“Get up on the bed on your hands and knees.” said Jack. I found I could not move. He was pointing with his right hand which held the strap. It was completely horizontal for about two feet of its length, with only the last nine inches slowly curving downwards. I gulped and a half moan half cry left my lips as I surveyed the mighty strap.


I screamed as the crop bit into my naked butt flesh. “Get your pussy up on that bed!” screamed Angela, warming to the task and savouring the situation.


Another bite of the crop exploded on my ass as I scrambled up onto the bed, positioning myself with my ass totally exposed, my tormentors behind me grinning at each other. Jack was becoming visibly aroused, as was Angela, letting a stream of pussy fluid leak into her already saturated panties.

I was by now shaking. Both from the two lashes I had received from the crop, making a mental note to do whatever it took not to feel that crop again, and from the realisation that there was more … lots more … to come.

Along with my shivering body I was starting to beg, plead with them “Please don’t do this, I’ll be good, I promise.”

They both laughed some more at my feeble begging. Jack informed me that soon I would know how to beg properly, “Shit, I might even let you be one off my bitches.

“My little slut,” informed Angela, laughing, “take down my panties and get them in your slutty, whining mouth so I don’t have to hear you wail like a baby. Bad enough that I will have to watch you jerk and flail.” I reached out for Angela’s panties.


My head exploded as the strap caught me full on the ass, unawares. “Don’t touch her!” screamed Jack “She’s mine, use your fucking cocksucking mouth.” I sucked in air, again moaning, starting to sob openly.

Angela goaded me, “Look Jack, you’ve made our little bitch slut cry.” She cupped me under the chin, and raised my head till I looked into her unforgiving eyes. “Baby has to learn to do as she’s told or mommy will get cross and she and Uncle Jack will have to spank you hard” she said as if talking to a little baby. Her voice then hardened “Suck those panties off me, and make them disappear into your mouth, slut.”

I managed to hook my tongue around the cleft of her panties after several attempts, all the time Angela was excitedly and slowly dribbling piss, my mouth being open and upside down under her, slowly filled with her juices. I gulped the tangy liquid down as I tugged her panties down her long legs. I had to lean headfirst over the side of the bed to reach down to her calves, my ass sticking further and further upwards while feeling even more and more exposed and vulnerable.

“Would slut baby like a hand?” said Angela. I could only nod and mumble. Angela leaned forward, resting both hands on my back. She lifted first one foot, and then the other, through the legs of the panties till I was left hanging over the edge of the bed, sucking and Kartal Fetiş Escort munching her panties into my mouth, staring at her sharply spiked shoes, as she continued to hold me down.

She moved forwards a little till my head was between her legs, just below the knees. Then she closed her legs and held me in position. She took her hands off my back. I could feel her running the crop over the welts on my tender ass flesh. She moved the crop to the crease of my ass and began rubbing at my puckered ass hole.

She was cooing to her lover Jack. Her voice was thick with fervour, however, with my head clamped between her legs, I only caught occasional words as she moved over and above me. A hand, or hands, started to run over my ass and between my buttocks … “smooth … tight … first … screams … hot slut … sell … regular”

The hands were getting progressively rougher as the conversation continued above me. A finger had entered my back passage, the panties stifling my moans. However I did start to struggle. Angela suddenly released her grip on my head, leaned down swiftly and grabbing my ponytail yanked me up onto hands and knees facing the headboard of the bed.

Both her and Jack seemed incensed “How dare you struggle and try to stop us!” said Angela. “You are ours to with as we think fit, struggling will only result in punishment. You don’t ever, and I impress on you greatly, you don’t ever want to find out what refusing can bring.”

Jack leaned in close to my face, “Now I’m going to thrash your pansy ass.” Angela goaded him on,

“Yes! Spank the little bitch, skin the little sluts ass!”

“I’m not going to use the rope unless I have to,” said Jack “If you stay still and don’t flail around, it may be over sooner than you think … otherwise.” He left the rest not needing to be said.

“Look at the wanker trembling!” said Angela. She was right, I couldn’t help myself. If it wasn’t for the gag, I would have been begging, whining, pleading, promising, sucking, fucking and licking any cock, pussy or ass presented to me. As well as eating and drinking whatever came from them, only to avoid being hit with that strap.

Angela came round to my side and commanded me to look at her. I raised my head, my face streaked with tears, puffy eyed and puffy cheeked from her sodden panties filling my mouth. “These are the rules.” she smiled, “Jack is going to give you twenty…” My horrified eyes must have spoke volumes, …” you will keep your head down and your ass up at all times, nod if you understand.” Understand? I tried to plead with my eyes, my breathing was nearly out of control as I sucked in air through my nose. I couldn’t take twenty. They must know that! “Nod your fucking head slut.” Angela screamed. I nodded, and she said, “Good, now where was I … oh yes… Jack is going to give you twenty with the strap. If during the twenty you move from the position, or try to dodge any of the blows, you will be bound by the rope and be forced to take double. Do you understand?” I nodded. Sweat ran from me, colder than an arctic sea, as Angela pushed my head down onto the mattress with one hand, while raising my ass into position with the crop. “Stay!” was all she said. “Ok lover, the slut’s all yours” Angela said, as she moved aside.

“Now then slut, before I begin, I’m going to tell you why you are being punished.” explained Jack, “Your wife is in love with my cock. In fact, she will do, and has done, whatever I’ve asked of her just so she can get a little taste. Now, she tells me that you have been pestering her for sex. How can a pussy like you ever think that he could fuck a broad as highly sexed as Angela? Didn’t you realise that all those nights out, when she was supposed to be working late, that she was being fucked senseless while loving every minute of it? You thought she was actually promoting free gifts to punters, you sad wanker. Well, after I’m finished with you, you can watch her get a real fucking, from a real man.” he said leaning forward. ‘Brace yourself bitch, here comes daddy.”

At last it began to sink in. She had always been putting him of for ages now, ‘too tired’ she would say. ‘Later honey’, kissing me so tenderly. What a fool I had been, and now here I was with her powerful boss about to thrash my bare ass while turning me into their ‘bitch slut’.

I turned my head slightly to see Angela slumped in a chair with her legs open, teasing herself with her large black vibrating dildo, sliding it slowly into her slick, wet pussy while staring, with contempt, at me. She was happy that the truth was now out, while licking her lips in anticipation of the future. SPLATTTT! The first of twenty hit me without warning. My legs shook, but I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, and resolved to take the twenty without moving. SPLATTT! Number two, a little bit harder, and low down on my upper thighs.

Jack Kartal Gecelik Escort continued methodically, spacing out the blows to cover as much of my ass and thighs as possible. The time between strokes being a constant matter of about several seconds. It was just allowing me enough time to silently scream around the panty gag and ready myself for the next.

I had taken fifteen, and still I did not lower my ass or raise my head. I was sweating profusely, as my whole body seemed to be a mass of trembles. I must have resembled a racehorse, steaming and shaking after a long hard gallop. My ass was throbbing, and my rectum had started to spasm. When Jack had reached ten, I thought I was going to literally shit myself and had to clench hard on my sphincter. Now it flexed uncontrollably, a fact not missed by Jack. “Angela, come and see this!” He said.

Angela pulled the dildo from her pussy as I stared at her as if hypnotised. It glistened, with her copious juices, so thick that they hung down off the end for several inches. She whooped with delight as she saw my inflamed ass and clenching hole. “Oh Jack,” she said, “you are clever! The little pussy is winking at you. I think the slut wants you to fuck her ass, but, remember lover, I’m first. This is making me so horny! Hurry up and finish the bitch off and then fuck me good in front of the wanker’s nose.”

“You are such a bad girl Angela. I knew when you came to work for me that you lusted for big cock. That first night, when I fucked you, I knew I had to put you to work.” leered Jack as he leaned closer to my ear. “I’ve got lots of it on film slut. You can catch up with Angela’s exploits later, but first …” he paused long enough for it to sink in. Angela had been working as a hooker for him, had been filmed getting fucked, and God only knew what else. It had been going on since the first night she went to work for him six weeks ago. “We have unfinished business.”

The shock of it all hit me like a sledgehammer blow at the same time as the lashing continued. This time Jack had changed his method, no longer was there an interval between blows but…sixteen … scream. Seventeen … nnnoooooo! Give me time pleasseeee! Eighteen … aaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!! My head shot up involuntarily. Nineteen…A burst of pain shot through my right nipple and across my ribs. Twenty … This time, my back received the full force as I tried to dodge the stinging blows. I had moved. Jack was livid, red with rage. He loomed over me as I lay there, curled into a ball whimpering and pleading with my eyes … ‘no more Jack please’ … Angela was delighted. She was already gathering up the rope that had fallen to the floor as I had jumped around trying to dodge the last two lashes. The last two… Why didn’t I stay still?

Jack leaned in close, ‘now you are going to find out what a real ass whipping is. When I am finished you will beg to be my bitch and learn to do what I tell you, when I tell you and with whom I tell you’. He turned to Angela ‘give me the rope and help me prepare our naughty slut’

Jack quickly bound my arms behind my back, then started to lash my upper body down to the bed. It was at this time that my body started to give me away. My cock started to become erect as the ropes snaked around me. I ground myself into the mattress to hide my excitement. How would they react if they knew I was being sexually aroused? Would it mean more punishment? I tried to will myself to soften. But the more I tried, and the firmer the ropes held me, the harder I became. At least with the tightness of the ropes I could not raise my ass of the bed even though it and my legs were free.

Jack stepped back, as he was pulling the ropes on my upper body to test their tightness. “Ok,” he said to Angela, apparently happy with his handiwork, “lets get the bitch’s ass into the air.”

‘Nooooo….. pleaseeee! Don’t let this happen!’ I screamed inside, ” I love a good target to aim at.” Jack finished. Angela told me to raise my ass, ‘Quickly slut. Don’t keep us waiting!”

I knew I was beat, and strained to lift my ass in the air as I brought my knees under my body. Jack saw it first. He whistled, “What is it?” said Angela, moving round behind me. Then she saw my hard cock, “Naughty little slut!” she said. “Lose that hard-on now!” She spat. She moved forward, crop in hand, when suddenly Jack stopped her. “Let’s finish tying the bitch up first, and if the slut’s still hard, we can deal with it then.”

The binding continued. My legs were spread wide, forcing my ass into the air, as my upper body was held down tightly. Still my hard-on raged. They were finally finished when Jack came around in front of me and pried the panties out of my mouth. “This is the deal slut,” he said, “Angela can whip your slutty cock till it goes soft, or she can use her hand to assist you. But, you have to make love to Kartal Genç Escort my cock at the same time. What’s it to be bitch?” I knew I could not take a cropping on my swollen cock, they of course knew this and were only teasing me for their own perverse pleasure. The position I was in made it impossible for me to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to, however they wanted me to ask to suck his cock. I shamefully asked.

“Whoa there!” said Jack. “You ain’t getting off that easily. No sir, I want to hear you beg to suck my cock, and Angela wants you to plead with her to not whip your slut cock raw.” I gulped once more. “Please jack, can I suck your cock? Angela I beg you not to whip my cock please!”

“Pathetic!” Jack spat.

“That just won’t do slut.” Angela retorted, “You have one more chance, and I want to feel you pleading and begging with every fiber in your slutty body.”

“Please Master Jack, allow this slutty bitch to suck, kiss, lick and tongue your beautiful cock. Let me suck you deep into my slutty little cum sucking mouth and suck the seed from your body so I may swallow your manliness.” I looked up at Jack imploring. He didn’t look impressed.

“Please Master Jack, let your dirty little slut make love to your manly cock. I promise to be the best little cocksucker you ever had, I will be your bitch and whore for you, slave for you always and never resist your will.”

“That’s better.” said Jack, “Now, your mistress.”

“Please Mistress Angela?”


The full force of Angela’s crop caught me across my left ass cheek and I screamed loudly. “Angel Mistress from now on slut.” She informed me, when I regained my composure.

“Angel Mistress, please I beg you, don’t whip this slutty bitch’s hard cock!”

CRACKKK!!! The crop fell again. “You don’t have a cock slut. You have a sissy pussy, and don’t you forget it!”

“Nnnoooo, Angel Mistress.” I stammered starting again, “Please Angel Mistress, don’t whip my sissy pussy. I’ll be a good little ‘bitch slut’ for you. I will always be at your beck and call, lovingly tending to you. I will cleanse you with my unworthy tongue, ensure you will not be embarrassed by me, as I slave for your friends, lovers and customers. I will be your perfect maid, slut, bitch, toy and slave forever and always, but please don’t whip my sissy pussy, please Angel Mistress!”

She seemed satisfied and said, “Very well, you’ve made your bed, or should I say bonds? Suffer well slut, this life of servitude, and always be grateful for the chastisements and humiliations that I and others will heap upon you.”

Master Jack got on the bed, and leaning against the headboard in front of my face, started to pull his semi-erect cock from the confines of his leather jeans. With no underwear to impede its passage, it was soon free and brushing against my face. Master Jack lifted my head forcibly, using my ponytail, and slipped his fat eight inches of partly erect cock into my waiting mouth.

Angel Mistress had positioned herself to my side. “I want to see the bitch suck, and make sure he does it properly” she had commented, with a curled hand, which she had encased in the softest leather gloves, around my throbbing and aching ‘sissy pussy’. Her touch was so light, and the leather so soft, I thought I would cum straight away. But as she leaned forward, the full horror of my situation sunk in. “You’ve still got forty coming from Master Jack after were finished with your pleasure. However, if you come first, I will be adding forty of my own with the crop.”

My mind raced. I must not cum first. The touch that was so light and soft, became so still. Why wasn’t she moving her hand? Then I felt it. A slim finger was entering my virgin ass hole. I clenched my sphincter around it as it moved in and out. I had to concentrate on the cock hardening in my mouth. I must not cum first, but then I felt it, rising from the very depths of my soul. I plunged Master Jack’s cock to the back of my throat, forcing it past the gagging sensation, as I moaned and whimpered. Half in lust, and half in fear, I rocked myself backwards and forwards between Master Jack’s hardened twelve inches with my mouth, and onto Angel Mistress’ ass-fucking finger, trying to drive it in deeper. As I was fucking her gloved hand with my sissy pussy, the cum flew out of me, and I surrendered defeated and spent.

Angel Mistress removed her hand and her finger, whispered in my ear to keep sucking, “I’ve decided to give you my forty while your sucking Master Jack. You will make sure he has cum before I finish.” Feverishly, I worked on Master Jack’s cock with my mouth, tongue and lips. My technique was crude, but soon I would be taught properly. Right now, I must concentrate. Because, out of the corner of my eye, I see that Angel Mistress has retrieved her crop. I can hear her swishing it through the air, testing it before giving me my allotted forty, and all this before Master Jack releases his hot load in my mouth and takes his turn with his lash.

I close my eyes and moan, mewl and whimper, my thoughts drifting to imagine Jack fucking in the ass with his black cock. I am becoming such a slut.

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