Oh, Mr King! Pt. 04


Time seemed to be standing still as Mr King led me into his bedroom. As if in a dream I allowed myself to follow him. The clicking of the red heels on the tiles sounded like a faraway echo. We stopped at the bed and Mr King removed his robe and let it fall to the floor. There he was before me, naked and erect. He placed his hands on my shoulders and told me to sit down on the bed. I did so. He tugged at the baby doll nightdress and told me to remove it. I complied with his demand. His turgid cock was inches from my face. I could not take my eyes off it. It seemed so alive to me.

“Look at my fat, veiny cock, Julian,” he said to me. “It aches for you, for your gentle touch. It longs for your soft lips, your moist tongue, your warm, wet mouth. You have made me whole again. My cock wants to thank you for this renewal of desire.”

He placed both his hands on the back of my head and drew me towards him. His cock stabbed my throat and then rested under my chin, applying upward pressure. As if controlled by an invisible power, my arms wrapped themselves around his middle. My hands finally coming to rest on his fat, hairy, butt cheeks. Acting on their own, my hands squeezed his bum and I thought I was going to spurt all over the panties I was wearing.

We pulled each other gently together and I buried my face in his hairy midriff. I softly caressed the backs of his thighs and then his bum, amazed at the feel of his hairiness and lost in his manliness. We were both moaning with pleasure. He pulled my head from his midriff and his cock sprang up majestically before my face.

I pursed my lips and kissed the bottom of his shaft. He moved my head sideways on and rubbed himself against the side of my face. I could feel the big veins uneven against my cheek as he pleasured himself. He moved my head around to rub himself against the other side of my face. A string of precum began to leak on to my cheek. I longed to taste it.

“Touch it with your hand again, Julian,” said Mr King quietly. “Just take me in your soft, little hand and feel my desire for you. Be the good little sissy you were born to be. We both know you want to hold this fat cock.”

I brought my arms from around him and took his rigid cock in one hand. The protruding, vibrant veins were thick and hard and I traced the length of them with the fingertips of my other hand. Then I cupped his balls and for some unknown reason leaned forward and kissed each one, causing Mr King to sigh.

“Kiss him sweetly with your sissy lips. Make him wet with your sissy tongue and then kiss the tip for me. I know you long to taste and smell him. It is what you want isn’t it, my sweet, little, sissy boy?

My heart was beating loudly in my chest. I was so aroused, so filled with anticipation. I brought his fat, bulbous, purple, cock head to within an inch of my mouth. I could feel Mr King’s eyes staring down on me, urging me on.

I licked my lips in a slow and deliberate way for him and then leaning forward, planted a soft, gentle, wet kiss on the end of his mushroom shaped knob. I drew back slightly and a thread of precum bridged my lips to the slit from whence it had flowed. Of its own accord my tongue slowly exited my mouth to draw it in. It tasted so sweet, so sticky. I wanted more.

“Oh baby! My sweet baby girl! Kiss it again for your King!”

I pursed my lips and blew on his cock head and then laid another soppy kiss on his big knob. Holding my lips tight against the spongy head I let my tongue lick the slit of his pee hole, eager for more of his precious nectar. Having done that, I felt the pressure of Mr King’s hands press my head downwards, not forcefully but firmly. I resisted the pressure and ran my tongue under the ridge of his beautiful, purple, cock head. I could hear his sighs of pleasure and I was so pleased with myself.

With a confidence I had never had before in my life, I let my tongue make love to his purple knob. Greedy for the honey that was his precum, I lashed at it frantically with my tongue and lips and his mighty cock provided an abundance of his tasty fluid. Pursing my lips, I slurped it up with avarice. I could not get enough of this flowing stream of sweet delight. Groaning with pleasure, Mr King ran his fingers through my hair, stroked me like a little puppy as he called me his beautiful and best, little, sissy boi ever.

I wallowed in his lavish praises and continued to bless his cock head with licks and flicks of my hungry tongue. I savoured the taste of his fluids as I held his throbbing, veiny cock in one hand and bathed it ravenously with my tongue and lips. Then I moved my head back a little and looked up at him adoringly.

“King Cock,” I whispered and smiled. “I am kissing the King’s cock. Mr King’s big, fat, veiny cock.”

Our eyes locked together and we held each other’s lustful gaze.

“Form an “O” with your lips, sissy and stick out your tongue. Prepare to receive your King. It is time.”

Mr King moved my hand from his cock and took it in istanbul escort his own right hand. He brought the fingers of his left hand to my open mouth and rested two of them on my tongue.

“Suck, sissy. Suck on my fingers. Let them prepare the way for your master. Suck hard and lick my fingers with your loving tongue.”

Oh, how I sucked on his fingers hungrily as if they were little cocks! He rubbed first one cheek inside my mouth and then the other. I licked his fingers as he had requested and then gladly accepted a third finger into my mouth. I covered his fingers with my saliva not for one second taking my eyes of his. He withdrew his fingers from my mouth. I opened wide and stuck out my tongue to receive his spongy, cock head. Mr King delicately began to tap on my tongue with his big, purple, circumcised knob.

I waited patiently. My own cock was throbbing and leaking copious amounts of precum causing the little panties I was wearing to form an increasingly bigger, wet spot. My head was up in the clouds as Mr King pressed slowly forward. I could hear my heart beating louder than ever. It was going to happen. He was going to put his cock head in to my mouth. I was about to suck my first cock.

In what seemed to me like a slow-motion replay, Mr King allowed his beautiful cock to glide in to my mouth, millimetre by millimetre. I sat motionless on the edge of the bed as he delivered his gift with exquisite control and gentleness. The spongy head was all the way in and I felt full. Still, my heart’s desire crept forward and I could sense those wondrous, fat veins as they slipped slowly over my soft, wet lips.

His cock head reached out towards my throat. I did not think my mouth could take in anymore of him. Then, just when I thought it would hit the back of my throat, Mr King paused. He was so good. I looked up at him and our eyes met. He smiled down on me and in that moment, I believed his eyes were telling me that he loved me.

He brought his hands to my face and held my head steady. I tried my best to pleasure him with my tongue but could only move it slightly back and forth under him. He withdrew his cock from my mouth. Silvery threads of precum and saliva joined us as one.

“Don’t move,” he commanded me. “Just let this happen. Keep your mouth wide open and your tongue stuck out, where it is. Accept this cock as my gift to you and be a grateful, little sissy. This is where my cock belongs. You know this. You have been longing for this, haven’t you, my sweet sissy boy.”

He set his mushroom shaped cock head on my tongue. Oh, the taste of it! With imperceptible slowness he moved his cock head all the way in to my mouth and then withdrew it. In and out, in and out he moved for several moments. The thick, hard veins of his cock seemed to pulse on their own as they passed over my lips and along my tongue.

I wanted to lick his slit to savour the precum but did not. I followed Mr. King’s wishes to the letter and allowed him to pleasure himself in my mouth. My pleasure was in doing this for him and he was right. His cock did belong in my mouth. At that moment I realized that I would be doing this for him whenever he wanted to. I loved having him use my mouth this way. I truly was his sissy boy, lost in sissy submission.

As he eased his cock in and out of my mouth, sometimes I just looked up in to his eyes and other times, I looked down at his veiny cock, now covered in my saliva, which trickled downwards and dripped on to my stocking clad thighs.

Withdrawing his cock totally out of my mouth, Mr King smiled down on me.

“Oh, sissy. I think you like sucking my fat, veiny cock, don’t you? Kiss my cock head if you do?”

I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock.

“Stand up for me, like a good girl.”

I stood up for him and he took me in his arms. His mouth sought out mine and he kissed me with passion. My open mouth gladly accepted his probing tongue and I shared with him the taste of his cock which had permeated my mouth and tongue. His hands clasped my bum and pulled me tight to him. His ever erect, veiny cock, pressed hard against me. I was in heaven. I felt wanted, desired, loved even, foolishly believing that my seed was responsible for his rampant and vibrant sexual re-awakening. His hairy chest was warm and ticklish.

“I love your perfect, little, panty covered bum,” said Mr King, staring into my eyes, having broken off his kiss. “I want to feel it and kiss it. I want to rub my cock all over it and soak it in my precum. In fact, sissy, I want to kiss you all over your soft, girly body and then, rub my fat cock all over you. You will like that, won’t you? I want to mark you with my cock to make your body smell of me. Then you will know that you belong to me, that you are my property.”

Mr King went down on his knees and began to slip my little panties down slowly. As the panties were being lowered, he began to lick my hairless balls. He stopped to allow me to step out of the panties escort bayan and then continued licking me. It felt wonderful.

“Such pretty, little balls you have, Julian. I owe them so much. My two little saviours,” he said, placing one hand on my cock and pulling it to his mouth. Out came his tongue insisting its way under my foreskin. “Mmmm…” he moaned. “I love how you taste.” He then proceeded to lick up and down my shaft.

I was dizzy with pleasure and just when I thought I would ejaculate all over him, he stopped. I could not understand how he always seemed to know I was so close.

“Slip off your sexy red heels, sissy, and climb up on to my bed, like a good girl.”

I did as he bade me. I lay sideways on the bed and Mr King slithered down beside me. He put one arm under me and the other around me to pull me close to him. My arms went around his neck automatically. Our hard cocks touched and I let out a little moan.

Mr King gently squeezed one of my buttocks with one hand and caressed me from my knee to my shoulder with the other. His touch was electrifying. He was so delicate in his caresses. When he began to kiss my neck, it was all I could do to control my moaning. I whispered his name again and again as he told me that I was so soft and smooth and sexy.

He pushed me over on my back and his lips kissed my shoulder and then traced the length of my arm. He moved his head to my chest and began to kiss me there, paying particular attention to my nipples which he licked and sucked. I could only squirm and stroke his head. I would not be able to take much more of this and told him so.

His response was to move further down the bed and kiss my tummy. He inhaled deeply and let out a loving sigh. Lower he went until his flicking tongue lapped at my cock head. I gasped in pleasure. His tongue would not relent. He licked all the way down to my balls which he sucked into his mouth where his tongue bathed them. I cried out his name “Oh, Mr King! Mr King!”

I felt his hands go under my thighs and push them upwards towards my chest. His action left me totally and indecently exposed to him. He tickled my balls and ran his fingers along my perineum. He had me yelping. Never had I felt such pleasure. I just lay back and let him do what he wanted. I abandoned myself to his pleasure. What Mr King did to me next was so dirty, yet so wonderful.

His head disappeared downwards and then I felt his soft, wet tongue slide across my perineum. I expected him to come back when he reached my most sacred place but he did not cease. I cried out in joy as his tongue ambled across my rosebud and then on up the crack of my ass. Then his tongue came back down and rested at my entrance. Oh, how he licked all around the outside of my hairless rosebud!

Then his tongue traced a sticky wet path from my balls all the way along my crack and back. His action elicited another series of squeals from me. He then concentrated his attack on the area around my bum hole. He licked and sucked and licked and sucked and took me to heaven. I could feel his little moustache tickle me and the contrast between his slippery wet tongue and the roughness of his face brought me indescribable pleasure.

His insistent tongue slipped inside my entrance and I thought I would die from the pleasure as my sphincter gave way to him. Mr king was tongue-fucking me. It seemed as if he was trying to climb up inside me. I didn’t want him to stop. I had seen this behaviour on the computer but had never dreamed how wonderful rimming was for the recipient.

He twisted me on to my side and I parted my legs to give him better access to my most private parts. I reached my hand down to the back of his head to encourage the incessant action of his soft lips and tongue. I kept repeating his name between little, girlish yelps. I was reaching sensory overload. Then he stopped.

He told me to hold my legs in the air by my ankles which I did. He lifted me up on to my shoulders and unleashed a frenzied assault on my bum hole with his tongue. Oh God, how he licked me and sucked me! I was happily helpless as he took my throbbing cock in his hand and stroked it gently.

Like a man possessed, he lowered me back down on to the bed. His lips sought out my cock. He sucked all of it in to his mouth and I could feel his tongue wash the underside of my swollen knob. I had never been more excited in my life. When I cried out that I was going to cum, he forced a finger inside me. I lost control and felt my first pulse shoot out of me in to his throat, quickly followed by several more blasts. He took it all as I collapsed inwardly. I was yelping deliriously.

Next thing I knew his mouth was pressing on mine. I parted my lips and he emptied all my creamy cum in to my mouth. His soft, powerful tongue quickly followed. Our tongues danced together and we snowballed back and forth. He swallowed one half and I swallowed the other. He kissed me hard on the lips and then gave me several, sticky, Kartal escort soft kisses. He put his arms around me and held me tightly. I was breathless and trapped. I had never had so much fun in my life. All I could taste and smell was my own cum.

When I had fully come down from the heights of ecstasy to which he had taken me, I became aware of the warmth of his body and how soft he was all over apart from his beautiful cock. I lowered my hand to his waist and then his hairy thigh. I wanted to explore him, to caress lightly with my hand, his hairy thigh. It was in stark contrast to mine and while it was ticklish I found it so sexy. I traced his upper thigh with my hand and then daringly allowed my hand to slide over on to his bum cheek. Even his bum was quite hairy. I squeezed it gently and was delighted at its softness.

Mr King dropped his left hand on to my bottom and squeezed me back. He moved his hand round to the valley between my bum cheeks and softly traced the length of the crack in my bum. This had the effect of bringing my cock back to life. He played with my opening and I began to moan. I imitated his actions and reached round to his bum hole. I was amazed at the heat that was emanating from this area. He took my hand in his hand and drew it from his bum to his mouth. He began to kiss then suck my fingers. He thanked me for allowing him the pleasure of sucking my cock.

We looked in to each other’s eyes and then we were kissing again. Little soft wet kisses at first and then he sucked on my lower lip. His breath smelled of my cock cream and excited me. His kissing became more insistent and passionate and our cocks kissed against each other too. I felt his desire for me. I wanted him to want me. I wanted to feel his hard, veiny cock, erect with desire for me. I wanted to give him the same pleasures he had bestowed upon me. I wanted to be his perfect, sissy lover.

He rolled on to his back and pulled me on top of him. This position allowed him to caress my back, to knead my bum and to glide his hands up and down the back of my thighs. It felt beautiful. He pulled my body upwards and I opened my legs for him. His erection went between my legs and I closed them, trapping his cock there. He throbbed between my legs then, he bit lightly on my shoulder. I yelped loudly.

He rolled us back over on our sides. His fat cock was still between my legs. His precum was soaking the soft, hairless area of my inner thighs above the top of the stockings I wore. He moved back to release it. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it across my upper thighs. He pushed me over on to my back and straddled me. I knew he was going to mark me with his big, veiny cock. Precum was dripping from his magnificent appendage.

He leaned over and used his cock head to spread the precum across my chest. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under my head so as to see what he was doing to me. He moved up until his knees were practically under my armpits. He squeezed his cock and a long thread of precum fell towards my face. It hit me just below my nose.

He drew cautious, little circles all over my face with his precum and then, let go of his cock. It sprang back and slapped against his tummy. My eyes worshiped its beauty and power. His hands pulled my head towards him and he rubbed my sticky face back and forth over his veiny cock. I submitted to his forcefulness. I had no choice. He was humping my face and marking me as his.

Kneeling over me, trapping me between his chubby thighs, squeezing me with them at the same time, he was my master.

“Open, sissy,” he commanded.

I opened my mouth wide to receive him as I had so often imagined while alone in my bed.

“Is this your fantasy, princess? Is this how you have been imagining it?

He reached back with his hand and felt my hardness. I cried out. When I looked up at him, he was leering at me.

“I thought so,” he said. “Take my cock in your hand, sissy and wank me until I am rock hard.”

I gladly took his cock and stroked it slowly. I longed to kiss it, to lick it, to lap up the seemingly, never-ending supply of precum. He took my hand from his cock and took it in his own. With his left hand he stroked my face. He leaned slightly forward and his throbbing cock began another slow journey over my lips, along my tongue and down to the back of my throat. He began to fuck my mouth.

He was not so gentle this time. His movements were urgent and demanding. He clasped the back of my head with both hands the better to use my mouth. He began to grunt and curse and call me his “little cocksucker.” I had to keep swallowing as my own saliva and his leaking precum flowed generously. He hit the back of my throat several times. It hurt. He did not seem to care. His need was urgent, paramount and unstoppable.

Each forceful thrust was accompanied by loud grunting, which soon reached a crescendo. He pulled himself all the way out of my mouth and jerked his cock twice. His knob engorged itself even more. He groaned loudly. The first jet of cock cream splattered across my face. I could not draw my eyes away from his cock head. A second jet erupted from his wide open slit and landed across my nose and forehead. I nearly had an orgasm at the sight of this.

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