Royal Flush Ch. 03


****** Please Read This First *******

I know, I know, I usually don’t bother with the disclaimer bits either. Blah, blah, blah, over 18, blah, blah, blah, don’t read if easily offended, blah, blah, blah. But, just this once, please bear with me and read this one.

Firstly, this is chapter three of ten and the story will only make sense if you read it from the start. If you haven’t already done so then I sincerely urge you stop and go to chapter one. It will be better that way, honest.

Secondly, this is a work of fiction and all the characters are completely fictional. In particular, one of the main characters is Princess Charlotte who is, according to chapter one, “about tenth in line for the throne”. Now, in real life, there can only be one person who holds that position but this story is not real life and it’s definitely not about her.

Princess Charlotte is not a real person and any resemblance is purely coincidental. Before I get carted off to live out what is left of the rest of my life in the Tower Of London, I want to stress that this story is set in a parallel universe where Britain has a very different Royal family with a very different line of succession.

Thirdly, briefly but importantly, my heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped so much. Especial mention must go to, in no particular order, Wizard98, OneWhoAdores, ‘V’ and MartiniMan for help and advice.

Fourthly, once again, I fall neatly between the BDSM and Lesbian Love categories. This story centres on a BDSM club and much of the action has a BDSM theme. However, it’s a bit short on the whips and chains to really be a BDSM story. On the other hand those looking for a lesbian themed story may well end up complaining, as a critic once did, that my stories always seem to feature a D/s relationship. This one is no exception; its a lesbian love story with BDSM overtones. If this is not what you’re looking for stop reading now. That’s kinder than voting one star because it wasn’t what you were after.

Lastly, this is a story of deception and subterfuge. Most of the characters have at least two names, many three or even four. To help the reader keep track each chapter will start with a dramatis personae. The list for this chapter is:-

*Andrea, a journalist, masquerading as Emma Pearson from Paarl.
*Tamsin, another journalist, masquerading as Emma Pearson’s sub, Susan Ward.
*Angus, Editor of the Daily Sleaze, a London based tabloid newspaper.



“It looks like you had plenty of fun and games with Lady Mary last night,” Angus said as he flicked through the report Andrea and Tamsin had put together. “At least you’ve made some progress. So, everyone wears a mask and they all use these Greek names. And are you absolutely sure none of them was the princess?”

“Mask or no mask, I’m sure we’re both genned up enough to recognise her when we meet her,” Andrea replied. “As to who was there, we’re busy trawling through the library cross referencing Debretts with the year books of schools like Cheltenham where Lady Mary went. It looks like we might have identified Artemis but it’s hard to be sure. These people value their privacy and it’s not easy to break in.”

“And that’s exactly why I’ve sent you in undercover. Have you hacked Lady Mary’s phone yet?” Angus said with some impatience.

“Yes, but she’s not entirely stupid. The phone number we’ve got is not her normal mobile. She must have got one especially for us.”

“And what about cameras? What have you done about that? Written reports aren’t enough. We must have photos.”

“I’ve been down to nuts and bolts and they’ve supplied me with a number of options. They’ve even built a camera into the handle of a riding crop. Taking pictures shouldn’t present too many problems.”

“What about you, Tamsin,” Angus asked. “You’ve been pretty quiet through all this. Andrea seems to be coming up with all the ideas. What’s your contribution to all this?”

“I… I…,” Tamsin spluttered, “My contribution! I’m the one who still can’t sit down comfortably! My contribution is to be the fall guy in all this. My contribution is to be physically and sexually assaulted for the amusement and gratification of a bunch of witches! Furthermore, thanks to my contribution we’re going to be invited to join a puppy show with yours truly as the main exhibit.”

“OK, OK, keep your hair on. I thought you might enjoy a bit of kinky sex, what with being a lezzie and all,” Angus said airily.

“And what the fuck has that got to do with it?” Tamsin snapped back.

“Well, alternative lifestyle and all that….”

Using all of her self control Tamsin bit back the rising gall within her. Angus was being so unfair on so many levels. Above all the suggestion that being lesbian meant that she would welcome kinky sex was preposterous in the extreme. However, she had pushed her luck far enough. It didn’t do to argue with Angus, however much you felt you were in the right.

“So, a puppy show,” Ankara escort Angus continued reading from their report. “That’s with young Tamsin here dressed up as dog, is it?”

“Make that undressed as a dog and you’ve just about got it,” Tamsin replied.

“Sounds good, very kinky,” Angus continued, ignoring Tamsin. “When is it going to happen?”

“I phoned Lady Mary this morning to thank her for the meal and she was most effusive and very keen that we should all meet up again sometime soon. This puppy play thing seems to have caught their imagination and she was banging on about having a show sometime soon,” Andrea answered for them both. “However she didn’t commit herself as to when so, once again, we’re waiting on her to get back to me. Actually this is a good thing. We’re not set up for puppy play. I made us out to be keen aficionados whereas neither of us have ever done anything like it. We’ve got to look like we know what we’re doing so we need to buy a few more bits and pieces and have a practice session or two. We can go back to the same shop as last time. They had all the relevant kit.”

“At all the relevant prices,” Angus said sourly.

“Yeah, this stuff doesn’t come cheap but if we’re supposed to be keen exponents of this puppy play then we have to have all the gear. What’s more Lady Mary hinted strongly that, next time, we’d be expected, like the others, to turn up in masks.”

“Yeah, those masks are going to be a problem. Still, once the orgy starts, you shoot some nice piccies and I’ll get the Photoshop boys to make sure they look like they need to.”

“It’s not quite that straightforward,” Andrea commented. “I mean, if it’s anything like last night then it’s not exactly an orgy. Oh, I’m sure there will be plenty of spanking and such like but, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, the actual sex, that always seemed to happen in private.”

“Yeah, that’s the impression I got,” Tamsin confirmed. “When Lady Mary wanted to have her turn with me there was nothing to stop her doing it right there in front of everyone but she took me through to the lounge which had obviously been prepared for exactly that purpose. The pile of towels next to the chaise longue weren’t there by accident; it was all laid out ready. It was the same in the dining room with Euthenia. It was all pretty innocent until the other Dommes left. Mind you, she didn’t seem to mind Calliope being there. It’s as if we ‘slaves’ don’t count as people. My guess is that it will be the same thing for the puppy show. Lots of communal action while the ‘puppies’ are put through their paces and then privacy when it comes to the hot stuff.”

“Well, however it works, don’t forget that I want photos and lots of them. Without photos the story is just gossip and we’ll get sued to kingdom come. With photos we’ll sell papers like there’s no tomorrow. OK then, off you go.”

Andrea and Tamsin got to their feet and headed for the door of Angus’s office.

“Just one thing,” Angus said almost too casually just as they reached the door. “You’re off now to buy this puppy girl gear and then off to the flat to practice. Have I got that right?”

“That’s it,” Andrea replied.

“I might pop down this afternoon and have a butcher’s, check up on how you’re getting on; see how my money is being spent.”

“No way!” the two women chorused. “No way at all.”

“Just checking,” Angus said with a chuckle. “A man can dream, can’t he?”

The shop, just as Andrea had remembered, was fully equipped with animal role play accessories and, as Angus had commented, the prices were on the steep side. Almost as soon as they entered they were spotted by the assistant that had served them last time and, remembering how much they had spent, she hurried on over.

“Hello! How did you get on with the maid’s outfit?” she asked. “I’m sure you had lots of fun. Now, how can I help you today?”

“We’re looking to get into puppy play,” Andrea said as if it were the most normal thing in the world. “We’re not sure where to start.”

With the pound signs lighting up her eyes the assistant took them over to the area set aside for animal role play and, in particular, directed them towards the masks. As she explained, the choice of mask was fundamental. It set the tone and pretty much determined the rest of the accessories. She then left them to it, although she was always hovering in the background, ready to step in if need be.

The selection on offer could be split down into two basic flavours. On the one hand there were those that were effectively gimp masks with added protrusions resembling ears. On the other hand there were those which tried for some semblance of reality, those that might, at a pinch, be worn to a fancy dress party. After some discussion they went for the realistic end of things. As Tamsin pointed out, in a rather forceful whisper, whilst the gimp masks were kinkier, the realistic type went with the ‘playful puppy’ persona that Euthenia seemed to expect. Once Ankara escort bayan they had selected a mask choosing a matching collar, leash and bone shaped name tag to go with it was easy. However, Tamsin was somewhat disconcerted when Andrea picked out some ‘paws’. These were tightly fitting leather pouches that fitted over her hands and fastened around her wrists. It was easy to see that her hands would only fit once they had been balled into fists and, when the paws were on, her hands would be useless. Last, and by no means least, there was the tail. Here the range was as wide as the range of masks and, although most were simple and straightforward, there were many that weren’t. The assistant, sensing their difficulties came back over and asked if they needed help.

“I’m not sure what to do about a tail,” Andrea explained. “We seem to be spoilt for choice.”

“Tell me, what sort of tail are you looking for?” The assistant looked at their selection so far. “The longer, furry tails are normally used with the sort of mask you have chosen.”

“Oh, yes, long and furry,” Andrea agreed.

“Well, what about this tail,” the assistant indicated one hanging on the wall behind the display. This one is nice and foxy and a pretty good match for the mask. Let me get it down for you so you can have a good feel.

She fetched it down and laid it across Andrea’s hands allowing her to stroke it, appreciating the luxurious fur.

“It does feel gorgeous but I don’t quite understand how it fits? These others have their own butt plug. How does this one work?” Andrea asked.

“If we remove the blanking plate here,” the assistant unscrewed the end of the tail, “you can see that it’s got a screw hole which, using this gizmo here, allows it to be attached to any one of this range of butt plugs.” The saleswoman indicated a display of plugs of various shapes and sizes. “Exactly which one you choose depends on now experienced your puppy is and how intense you want to make the experience. We have these smaller ones which are for beginners right the way up to these monsters. Unfortunately, for reasons of hygiene, I can’t let you try them out and, as they are strictly non refundable, I’d suggest erring on the side of caution. Having said that, of course, if you go for the smaller ones the experience is lessened and you don’t want puppy to be able to push out her tail unaided.”

Tamsin looked in horror at the range of butt plugs. She had never tried anal play; she had never felt that way inclined, and the range on offer seemed completely impractical. Even the smaller ones seemed far too fat to fit inside a normal human being.

“Of course, those of our customers who prefer the realistic look find that having the tail directly attached to the plug somewhat spoils the effect. After all, it’s not where a real tail is located. They prefer to use something like this,” the sales assistant fetched down off the display a leather harness which, at first glance, appeared to be just a jumble of straps. She laid it out on the counter and it began to make sense. “As you can see, this strap acts as a belt, these two come down either side at the front and this one runs up the crease between the buttocks. The reason for all the holes is so that you can fit a butt plug in one of these,” she indicated the holes at the lower end of the strapping, “so as to anchor the harness and ensure that puppy knows she is wearing it. Meanwhile the tail can be attached to one of these holes,” she indicated the holes nearer to the belt part of the harness, “so that it appears to project from the base of the spine. This means that the tail is far more naturally positioned and puppy looks so much more realistic. The two straps at the front ensure that puppy remains fully accessible and free to do her business when you take her for walkies. The strapping also ensures that the plug stays firmly in place and even the naughtiest of puppies can’t shift it however hard she tries. What’s more, with the tail removed, the harness can be worn on its own under street clothes. How does that sound?”

“I think we’ve just found our tail,” Andrea replied. “However, I’m still not sure which size plug to choose.” Andrea looked through the range of plugs that went with the harness. “Maybe it would be best if we were to take a range of sizes.”

“Very wise,” the sales assistant gushed sufficiently to make Tamsin assume she was on some sort of commission. “Would you prefer stainless steel or silicone? Of course the stainless steel ones are more expensive but, if it’s quality you’re after then you can’t beat it. We have these here…”

Tamsin watched on bemused as the sales assistant described the pros and cons of the various shapes and sizes. Apparently the screw fitting at the base of the butt plug allowed for a number of different attachments: a tail, various coloured ‘jewels’, or a plain blanking screw which could also be used to attach the plug to the harness. The assistant also discussed the differences between the Escort Ankara various shapes. There were those that looked like an egg on a stick, those that looked like a small penis or possibly a finger and those that looked like Christmas trees. Apparently the Christmas tree shape was the best suited for holding tails. Tamsin was slightly put out by the way that the saleswoman addressed herself entirely to Andrea. It was quite clear that, as far as she was concerned, puppy Tamsin’s thoughts and wishes were immaterial.

“Hmm… that’s enough to get you started,” the assistant commented as she looked through the collection they had chosen. “However, if you’ll take my advice, you’ll give puppy some rear paws.” She pointed at what were effectively knee pads with the outlines of ‘paws’ etched onto the leather where the knee would meet the ground. If you’re considering outside play then I think you’ll find them essential and, even indoors, they can save a lot or wear and tear.”

These too were added to the shopping basket.

“And last but not least,” the assistant added, “we do a free engraving service. What would you like on the name tag?”

“Oh, the name tag…,” Andrea hadn’t thought that one through. “Snookums, put Snookums, if you would be so kind.”

“Snookums. What a lovely name. I’ll just go over to the counter and get that organised. Do feel free to continue browsing in the meanwhile.”

“Snookums! What the fuck is that all about?” Tamsin asked as soon as the assistant had left.

“It was the name of my puppy when I was young,” Andrea replied. “It was all I could think of on the spur of the moment.”

“Oh, well, I suppose it could be worse.”

While the assistant was getting the name tag engraved they decided that, while they were there, they should purchase the masks that Lady Mary had asked them to wear. As with Euthenia and Calliope and Artemis and Hipperia they wanted a matching pair and, after some discussion, they ended up choosing a set in leather stained dark purple. They took these over to the cash desk where the sales assistant was waiting to run it all through the till. Andrea paid the eye watering total and carefully kept the receipt. The sales assistant then wrapped it all up, threw in a tube of lube and a doggie bone gag as free gifts, and passed the two heavy shopping bags to Tamsin who tried to pass one of them on to Andrea but, somehow she didn’t seem to notice.

“And, if there’s anything else you need, just hurry back and see us,” the sales assistant gushed.

Tamsin was exhausted by the time they returned to the flat. The tube across town had been packed with tourists and, when they changed at Piccadilly, they had had to push their way through throngs of people, none of whom seemed to have a clue about where they were going. Even when they emerged at Marble Arch it was still a fair trek to the Grosvenor Square mews where the flat was located.

The bags of shopping seemed to Tamsin to be getting heavier and heavier. When they had emerged from the underground Tamsin had suggested to Andrea that she should carry one of them but Andrea had, once again, become selectively deaf and had marched on ahead leaving Tamsin trailing in her wake. By the time they reached the front door of the flat Tamsin was looking forward to nothing more than putting her feet up with a nice cup of tea. None of that fancy Earl Grey stuff either; she needed a nice strong cup of proper tea, builder’s tea. She dumped the bags on the kitchen table, filled the kettle and organised two mugs, not cups, of PG Tips.

“This stuff is too new,” Andrea commented as she pulled the bits and pieces out of the bags and unwrapped them.

“What do you mean?” Tamsin asked putting the mugs of tea down on the table and picking up the puppy mask.

“We’re supposed to be keen exponents of puppy play, yeah? So why, then, is all our gear brand new and unused. That’s going to look a bit suspicious.”

“Because… because… because all our old stuff is still in storage in Southampton. That’s why it’s all new. We’re so keen on puppy play that we couldn’t even wait for our stuff to be unpacked but had to buy new. How long are we supposed to have been in the UK – a couple of months? Certainly not much more than that. Even if we went out shopping the moment we landed it wouldn’t have had that much use.” Tamsin suggested.

“Yeah, that works but, even so, it mustn’t seem completely unused. I mean we have to remove the price tags at the very least,” Andrea objected.

“You’re just looking for excuses to start shoving things up my arse. You can’t wait, can you? We’ve barely got back from the shops and already it’s ‘get your kit off and spread ’em’.”

Andrea was just about to respond in her typical sarcastic manner when she realised just how worked up Tamsin had got. And, to be fair, Tamsin did have a point.

“Look, I know it’s unfair,” Andrea said calmly, “and yes, I’m not the one having butt plugs stuffed up my jacksie but…”

“There’s always a ‘but’, my butt,” Tamsin snapped. “The only butt I’m concerned about here is the one that joins my body to my legs. Last time out it got severely whipped and now you want to shove things up it. Enough, I’ve had enough!”

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