My Landlady


My divorce really put me off ever having a permanent relationship with another woman. The courts were so obviously biased in favour of the woman even although she was the guilty party that I swore I would never go through this again.

I had to sell the home that was given to me by my parents as that was the only way I could pay the lump sum the courts demanded I pay my wife. It did her no good either, for two weeks later she was killed in a car crash, in the sports car she had bought herself with the money. From that day I knew someone was working in my corner.

After the house was sold I took rooms in an old friend’s wife’s home. He had died only a short time before when he was in his seventies and was a lot older than his wife, but she was no spring chicken. She was afraid to live in the big house all on her own and offered me the rooms. Maria was Spanish and had that lovely Latin look about her, her long hair was tied up in two buns either side of her head. But she dressed in the traditional country Spanish dress which looked odd in this modern age.

Five years, I have lodged with Mrs Gomez; I have my own suite consisting of a bedroom, lounge and bathroom, it is all I need. In the evenings I usually go and sit with her and watch TV for an hour or so but other than that and Tuesdays when I take her to the shops we don’t socialise. Her English isn’t the best even although she has been in this country for over thirty years.

I’ve had a few departmental trysts with other female members, but only for sex, there were no long or suggested partnerships. At the age of 34 I was getting less sex than my age group but enough to stop me abusing myself.

Anyway enough of the background; about six months aydınlı escort ago Maria started calling me Juan and talking to me about things I knew nothing about. I just sat and agreed with her, maybe I shouldn’t have, but it was the easiest way out of the problem. Also she started to forget things that happened in the short term and become confused with dates etc.

I was that worried that I took her to see her doctor, who told me she was in the early stages of dementia, physically she was almost 100% it was just the mental thing. As she had no children or relatives that I knew of, it was left to me to take care of her.

So now instead of an hour I was spending all the time I was off in her company. The only thing wrong with this was that she no longer called me by my name, but the name of her dead husband, the strangest thing, only in the afternoons. In the mornings she was her old self and as she got tired, the memory seemed to go and she slipped back to a time span in the past.

The whole thing came to a head one warm summer’s night as I lay naked asleep on my bed, stretched out lying on my back. I was suddenly woken by a weight on my hips and when I opened my eyes Maria who was in her early sixties was impaled on my rigid cock smiling down at me with her hair flowing down over her naked breasts.

The feeling I had was sensational buried in a moist and warm pussy and being woken in this situation was something I had never experienced before.

“Do you like this Juan, do you still love your Maria?” she asked whilst sliding up and down my shaft, gripping it in her velvety passage.

“Yes that is lovely Maria, but I’m not Juan,” I said, but bağdat caddesi escort I must admit the last bit was said rather quietly for I was loving this unexpected pleasure.

“Why don’t we do this more often, what have I done to offend you Juan?” she asked looking straight at me.

“As often as you want Maria, God I think you are fantastic,” I said playing along with her.

“You always said I was the best fuck you ever had Juan, do you still think so?”

I reached up and parted the hair hanging down her chest to take a look at her breasts and what I saw would have made any woman younger than her envious at the lovely firm breasts she had on her body. The aureoles were easily 3 inches in diameter with her nipples standing out about half an inch and as thick as a pencil, dark brown against her olive skin.

I had never seen her body because of the baggy dresses she usually wore, but now I took her hands in mine and opened them out and really took a good look. She was still moving her body up and down my shaft and I was admiring her at the same time. How could a body like this be impaled on my cock I wondered, she looked delectable.

The inevitable happened I just spurted my load into her and she lay down on top of me pressing her hair covered breasts onto my chest as I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.

Man she felt great as I held her, to think all this time I had been living here and here was this delectable piece of womanhood hidden by the dresses she wore. I thought I would have felt a heel taking advantage of her mental state but I had no such feelings.

Gradually I felt myself getting hard again for bahçelievler escort she was gripping and releasing her muscles and it was just like being massaged. Maria sat up and started pumping herself on my now erect cock once more. After about a couple of minutes she stopped and just looked at me.

“You’re not my Juan! Oh Peter what am I doing, I thought you were Juan,” she said with her hand to her mouth and the other across her breasts.

“Maria, I don’t know who you think I am but you’re sure one good looking woman and I have no objection at all for what you are doing.”

God I was putting the blame on her, but after all she was the one who came and impaled herself on my cock, I just lay back and enjoyed it. Even although she knew it wasn’t her Juan she still sat there with my cock firmly held in her warm womanhood

“You don’t mind Peter, want me to continue?”

“Maria I don’t want you ever to stop,” I shot back. I rolled her over and now I was between her legs and looking down at her spread-eagled beneath me. Her hair no longer covered her breasts and I lowered my lips to the proud nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Her hand came up and she held me to her by pressing on the back of my head.

I disengaged my mouth reluctantly from her breast and slid both hands under her soft bottom and raised her hips up making my entry easier as I slid my cock into her eagerly waiting body. Now I am no small built man but God she took me so easily as I pounded my meat into her willing flesh.

“I think you are really fantastic Maria,” I said meaning every word.

“We do this every night now. I really like you Peter and you make me feel so happy,” she said whilst thrusting her body into mine.

“Anytime Maria, wow anytime you want,” I said in return, loving the feel of this silky passage clasping my cock as I sink in to her depths.

Now I had no need to go hunting for relief, I now had a willing sex partner without any of the attached hassles and no fear of pregnancies or competition.

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