Ian and Me

Foot Fetish

I remember the first day of college… I was so afraid… going away was never a problem for me, but not knowing anybody was. I walked through the halls to my room. There it was, Room 204, my room. My roommate had already arrived and it seemed that she had already set up shop. Dividing the room and taking the bed near the window.

“Great,” I thought, “First fucking day and I don’t even get the fucking bed I want. I just fucking love how this is starting out”

“well, don’t you look pissed,” said a familiar voice behind me. I quickly turned around and realized it was Ian! I hadn’t seen him since high school. oh, I had such a crush on him. He was a junior when I started high school and he made it a point to flirt with me. He had an amazing body which was a product of playing soccer for our high school. We had met while trying out for the team. He told me we should meet later that night in his room. That night I got ready and Escort bayan put on something a bit more sexier than what Ian used to see me in high school. I put on a tight red dress with red high heels. it complemented my curly, dirty blond hair and my nipple were visible through the thin layer of material that covered them. I started walking to his dorm and got hot and wet just thinking about what was going to happen.

When I got to his room he greeted me and introduced me to a couple of his friends. Then we went back into his room. We talked about what we did over the summer and stupid things that you talk about to catch up. When I got up to put some music on, he came behind and embraced me. He whispered in my ear, “I want to.”

It was what he used to do to me and it sent chills throughout my body. My nipples got hard and it suddenly felt hot, my knees going weak. His hands brushed across my tanned shoulder, letting Bayan Escort the dress slip off my body. He bit and licked my neck as he started rubbing my nipples. I reached behind me and put my hand on his stiff dick. I rubbed it slowly up and down, applying a bit more pressure with each stroke. Somehow we made it to his bed and he laid me down.

He gave me little kisses and when he finally licked my pussy, even though I had a thong on, I almost had an orgasm right there. He started slowly licking my clit, up and down, but he wouldn’t take off my underwear. I thought I was going to explode when he finally did. He put 2 fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I was breathing harder each second and he picked up his pace. He replaced his thumb with his tongue and moans escaped my mouth. Oh, he knew just what to do at exactly the right time and soon enough, his fingers and lips were drenched in my cum. Escort He kissed me and there was something erotic about tasting me on his tongue.

It was his turn now. I let his member spring free from his boxers and massaged his balls. I slowly started licking his penis as he moaned, “oh, baby, please… ”

I could feel blood pulsing through out his monstrous cock. I sucked him until he was at the point of coming and I abruptly stopped. Confused, he looked up as a devilish smirk appeared on my face. Before he could do anything I sat on him and placed his rock hard cock into my aching pussy. I sat there for a moment, not doing anything and trying to take in the feeling that I was complete. That the void in my soul was filled. I slowly rocked back and forth.

Slowly I started moving against his body as his one of his hands played with my clit and the other caressed my breast. Soon enough I had come and feel me tense up as my body shook from an orgasm was all it took for him to come. He exploded within me and I collapsed next to him, letting his member slide out of me. He held me and we slept joined until the sweet rays of the sun woke us the following morning.

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