If You Can’t Be with the One U Love


I’m Mark and I’m a 31 yr old IT manager for a large California based company with branch offices in almost half the states and a few in Canada. The good news is that I’ve got enough seniority that I don’t have to travel as much as I used to for the stupid little things that the local tech couldn’t fix. The bad news is that when I do travel, it’s usually longer and more work – which is why I was in Chicago in February. Thankfully Barb, the sexy lady I’m married to understands the occasional time away and is always horny as hell when I come home which makes for a great return!

I’m not sure who at the corporate level decided that February would be a great time to not only move to a new location but also do a major software upgrade. Either one on their own I might have been able to avoid but the two together meant I would be there to oversee everything. I’d been to that office a couple of times over the last few years and at least knew the manager there (Kate) was very good and would have everything she could done before I got there.

It was a 2 week long stay but other than the usual problems like a bad wire/connection or a workstation glitch, everything went pretty much on schedule so it wasn’t too stressful. I got to know Kate a bit better and not only was she very capable, she was also good looking and friendly but in a professional way. I’m not sure how old she is but I’d guess pretty close to my age.

It was about noon on the last day and the weather was shit – forecasting snow, wind and cold so with the systems down most of the staff had been sent home. Kate, a couple of techs and I were finishing the last testing before calling it a day when Kate came over and told me I’d better check my flight as she’d just gotten a call from her live-in boyfiend Dan to say his flight back to Chicago had been cancelled (I’d learned he was a sales rep for a medical company and had been gone almost the same two weeks for a conference and some sales calls). Sure enough, while I was on hold with the airline, my phone pinged with a text saying my flight had been cancelled and that they would update me once flights resumed.

Next call was to the hotel I’d been staying at (thankfully only a block and a bit away) to book a room for another night and then a call to my wife to let her know I wouldn’t be home. We were both disappointed – 2 weeks was the longest I’d been away in a while and she’d promised me one of her awesome blowjobs in turn for me licking her to at least 2 orgasms first. I told her how much I’d miss the taste of her pussy and the feel of her pussy as she straddled my face and she could choose whether she did it before or after we’d had sex. After telling her I loved her and hanging up, I turned around and Kate was only about 6′ behind me with a look of surprise on her face (and possibly a bit of arousal but maybe that was just me).

There were a few awkward seconds before either one of us said anything. I figured I’d break it with “sorry..was just talking to my wife” as I felt my face getting hotter and hotter.

She was clearly flustered and a bit red too as she stuttered out a “ya, I uh…got some other stuff I’ve got to do” and left me standing there wondering what just happened.

By 1pm we’d finished the last few things, the testing was complete, everything worked fine,the other techs were gone and Kate and I were getting ready to lock the office when she got a call on her cell and other than the first ‘hello’ all I got was a series of “oh no”, “shit” and “oh crap”.

When she hung up, she said that it was her neighbour telling her that the news had said everyone should stay where they were and a lot of the roads were being closed by police. I asked her what she was going to do and Kate said she lived in the suburbs about 40 minutes away and had been stuck at the office before so always had a sleeping bag/pad there and some snacks.

I thought about telling her I’d be willing to share my bed at the hotel but didn’t think that would sound right so instead I said, “well, it’s all going on the company card so why not at least come to the hotel and we can have a good supper and maybe a drink or two?”

She thought about it for a few seconds and said that a meal and a drink sounded a lot better than the snacks and a pop from the office so we headed to the hotel so I could check in and hit the restaurant. It wasn’t a long walk but by the time we got to the hotel we were both half frozen and covered in snow they storm had certainly hit and hit hard. When we got to the check in desk, it didn’t take long to realize there was a problem. The room they’d booked me into had to be closed because of a water leak and with the storm they were almost fully booked. Thankfully it was a corporate card for their chain nation wide so they knew we booked a lot of rooms through them and quickly upgraded me to an executive suite.

Rather than wait downstairs, Kate came up to see the room and use the bathroom before we ate. It was a hell of an Escort bayan upgrade, small kitchenette, a huge bedroom, separate living room with a big screen tv and when Kate went to the bathroom I heard “Wow, you’ve got a jacuzzi tub!”

Sure enough, the bathroom split into two rooms – one with a decent sized jacuzzi and the other the toilet, sink and shower.

“Wow” I said, “I know what I’ll be doing after supper!”

“Great, I’m staying at the office and you get to come back and soak in the tub” was her quick reply.

That immediately made me picture her in the tub with and as much as I tried I just couldn’t push the thought out of my mind before I said, “Well, I’m certainly willing to share!”

I tried to put enough of a smile on my face that if she was offended I could at least claim I was joking but all she said was “oh…that’s so nice of you!”

She kept a totally straight face when she said it so I couldn’t tell if she was serious or being funny but when I caught her eye there was a sparkle there that told me she’d just done the same thing I’d done, left it so she could always claim she meant it in a different way.

“Well, let’s go for some food before they shut the restaurant down and at least enjoy some of the evening.”

I hadn’t stayed at this hotel before but I’d stayed in a lot of their other hotels so knew the food should be good and I was right. Seeing it was a company card and I was with another employee it was an easy write-off so we each had a great steak dinner, a few drinks and dessert. We talked as we ate and I was soon quite enjoying her company – she was easy to talk with, had a great laugh and we were soon carrying on like old friends. As we were trying to decide if we wanted another drink, Kate said, “well, maybe one more then I guess it’s back to the office for the night.”

The way she said it I was pretty sure she wasn’t looking forward to going back to the office and I knew I was treading on dangerous ground but was enjoying her company so took the chance and said, “Well I wouldn’t want you to go back yet if you don’t want to. I’ve got some rum in my bag, I could always grab some mix and there’s always that jacuzzi tub.”

She thought about it a bit before saying, “Maybe just the drink, I don’t exactly have a suit with me.”

I wasn’t going to push the thought that a suit wouldn’t be required so I said I’d be glad to have her join me. I paid the bill, got the waiter to grab me a bottle of mix and we headed back to the room. A few minutes later we were relaxing on the couch, drinks in hand with the TV playing some cheesy movie.

A couple of drinks later, Kate looked at me and said, “Even if I had a suit for the jacuzzi, you likely don’t have one.”

I was kind of surprised she brought up the tub again – maybe she was interested. “Nope…but if you wanted to try it we could both just use our underwear – likely covers more of us than our bathings suits would. A nice hot tub…maybe some bubbles…another drink…would be much more relaxing than going back to the office this early…”

I let it hang there and looked at her. I could see that she was considering it but wasn’t sure if she should. She must have made up her mind because she started to smile and said, “What the hell, neither of us are with the person we were hoping to be with so let’s enjoy a drink and a soak.”

I wasn’t going to ask if she was sure so I got up and got the tub filling. Thankfully it filled quickly and Kate didn’t change her mind. I refilled both our drinks and reached out for her hand saying, “Your tub is ready, m’lady.”

That got a smile and laugh out of her as I led her toward the bathroom. When we got there neither of us seemed anxious to be the first to undress so I finally figured what the hell, stripped to my boxers and got into the tub. That left Kate standing there but she only hesitated a bit before turning her back on me and stripping to her bra and panties before turning back and getting quickly into the tub. Now I was glad I’d gotten into the tub first because watching her undress immediately got me firm and seeing her almost nude as she got into the tub got me even harder.

Obviously I’d looked at Kate before but never really looked at her. She’d always been dressed professionally and it was easy to tell she had a nice figure but it wasn’t until now I realized just now nice it was. She wasn’t large in the boob department – maybe a B-cup but she was wearing a very sexy bra that cupped rather than covered them, a slim waist that curved out quite nicely at her hips and while she wasn’t wearing a thong, her panties were very brief and I was pretty sure she was smooth as the slight bulge of her pussy was hugged by the fabric with no indication of hair.

As we enjoyed the tub, we talked some more – getting into more and more personal details. The hot water had obviously helped the alcohol kick in because pretty soon we weren’t being as careful as we originally were to not touch each other. Bayan Escort It wasn’t a huge tub and now her one leg was over mine and my other leg was bent across her lap with the other foot at her side, one of her hands on my leg and one of mine on hers. It turned out we were pretty similar as couples – neither of us had any kids and both her and Barb were on the pill until they were ready to start a family. Eventually Kate looked at me and said, “so, if you weren’t stuck here I’ll bet you’d be having sex right now.”

“Well right now I’d still be on the plane so I doubt it – although it could be fun, but there’s a good chance that when I got home Barb would be waiting for me with nothing but a wrap on and we might make it to the bedroom or maybe she’d end up bent over the living room couch. How about you?”

“Most likely – at least I’d be trying for it. The last time Dan was away I was really horny so I’d had a few glasses of wine and was waiting for him in bed with some sexy lingerie on and candles going. We started making out and I had to go pee – when I got back he was snoring. We had sex the next morning but it wasn’t the hot romantic sex that I’d been hoping for the night before.”

“Well looks like we’re both stuck here so as you said earlier, might just as well enjoy the tub and a few drinks. I’m kind of happy we got a chance to talk outside of work, if I’ve got to be stuck somewhere I’m glad to have someone fun to enjoy it with.”

With that Kate looked at me and said “Speaking of work, sorry about overhearing you talk to your wife earlier…I know I should have left but something you said kind of stopped me.”

I kind of cocked my head to the side and smiled at her, “don’t leave me hanging, what was it I said?”

“Well,” she stopped and I think was wondering if she should keep going, “it was about you giving her oral.”

“Oh, ok – why did that catch you, doesn’t Dan give you oral?”

“Well, yes but then you said something about before or after sex.”

That made me smile even more…partly thinking about what I’d been talking to Barb about and partly thinking of what Kate was thinking. I was pretty sure where Kate was heading with this but didn’t plan on making it easy on her saying, “I’m not sure what you mean, but I’d love to know.”

“Well… Oh my drink’s empty – would you mind getting me a refill?” she asked and I think glad that she didn’t have to answer me right away.

Now it was my turn to hesitate – to get a refil I’d have to get up and squeeze past her but thinking of both what I’d been talking about with Barb and having Kate right there in the tub with me I was about 80% hard. I was feeling the drinks too because instead of trying to hide it, I stood up so I was facing her, moved by as close as I could justify and got out. I was certain she’d seen the bulge in my boxers – hell my crotch was about 10″ from her face so pretty hard to miss and the look on her face certainly wasn’t a bad one. When I got back with a couple more drinks, she’d moved to the far side so I didn’t have to go past her. After I got settled again, her leg slid over mine again but this time it was slower and more deliberate – and slid right over my crotch on the way!

There must have been a look of surprise on my face because she smiled and asked if everything was ok.

“Everything is very good…now where were we, oh ya – you were telling me what about my phone call got your attention.”

Now it was her turn to look surprised, likely hoping I’d forgotten. “Oh, right but first I think I need to go pee.”

“Ok, and I promise I won’t be snoring when you get back!”

Kate laughed a bit at that and stood up. I don’t think she knew (or maybe she did) that her bra would get a lot more see through when it was wet. I could see her nipples through the bra and the areola were almost half the size of her boobs which has always been a turn on for me. As she stood the rest of the way up, her panties were almost see through. Now I was sure that she was bare by the way the fabric clung to her like a second skin and I could easily see it contoured to the crease between the lips of her pussy – etwo specially when she did the same thing I’d done and passed within a foot of my face getting out of the tub. I didn’t want to make it obvious that I was looking but from the look on her face when I looked up, I knew she’d done it intentionally and was enjoying my reaction.

After she was out, I scooted back to my original position and again, I’m glad I did. When she came back, the cooler air had caused her nipples to pucker beautifully and they were trying to break through her bra like two seedlings trying to push through fresh ground.

Once she sat back into the water I smiled at her and said, “Ok, you’ve got a drink and had a pee…now please tell me what about my phone call really got your attention. After all – you were the one that brought it up again.”

“I know and now I almost wish I hadn’t but…you said something along Escort the lines of she could straddle your face after you’d had sex. You’ve already mentioned she’s on the pill so you likely don’t wear a condom. Wouldn’t that mean that you’d be tasting your own cum?”

Now it was my turn to not be sure I wanted to continue but again the alcohol helped with my decision. “Well, yes. It shocks some people but when we first got together I quickly found she loved giving oral and was happy to swallow my cum. One time I kissed her right after she’d swallowed but she hadn’t swallowed it all and surprised me by tonguing some of it back into my mouth. At first I was a bit shocked but found I didn’t mind it..and it was actually pretty hot. We talked about it afterwards and she said I was the first guy that said they’d enjoyed swapping their cum with her – she’d always thought that if it was fair for a woman to swallow a guys cum then the guy should be willing to swallow some of it too. From then on, not every time but certainly a lot of the time, if I came in her mouth she’d save some or all of it and we’d kiss and share what was left. One night when I’d been gone for a week or so and we were having ‘back at home’ sex, I shot a huge load into her and just for the hell of it decided to go down on her right after. At first she was surprised. then she started to get into it and pretty quickly had a huge orgasm. When she was done cumming, I moved up and shared some of what was in my mouth with her and by the time were done kissing and swapping a mix of our cums I was hard enough to go again.”

When I finished I looked at Kate, half expecting to see a look of shock or disgust on her face so I was surprised to see her flushed, breathing heavy and obviously aroused.

“Wow, I’m glad I’m in a tub or there’d be a wet spot showing from your explanation.”

“Whew, I’m glad…I was afraid you’d be grossed out. Have you ever kissed Dan with some of his cum in your mouth?”

“Hell no, he shot all over my face once and some of it got on the pillow. He was totally grossed out when he rolled over and felt it on his face. When I suck him, it doesn’t even matter if he’s cum or not he still won’t kiss me after I give him oral unless I’ve brushed my teeth and while he does go down on me, it’s only if I’ve had a bath/shower first.”

“Have you ever thought about a guy going down on you after he’s cum in you?”

“No, not until I heard you on the phone and all of a sudden it felt like an electric shock went right through me and my pussy was almost instantly wet. Remember the ‘other stuff’ I said I had to do? Well that ‘other stuff’ was go to the bathroom and get myself off or I wouldn’t be able to concentrate for the rest of the day. I know this bra is pretty much see through – if you’re ok, it’d be a lot more comfortable if I took it off.”

I assured her I was fine with it and her wet bra quickly hit the floor and I got an amazing view of her firm tits with the huge areola. I must have stared a bit too long because when I looked back up she said, “I know…they’re not normal, Dan keeps saying I should look at getting them corrected.”

I think my next words shocked her a bit “He’s fucking nuts – the reason I was looking at them so long is that they’re awesome, totally kissable/suckable!”

“Ya right, he’s even asked me to wear a bra to bed or leaves the lights off so he can’t see them, says they’re a turn off.”

By now I’d had a few drinks and based on what I did next, possibly one too many but I stood up and pulled my boxers down and off – throwing them on the floor beside her bra and allowing my totally hard cock to spring free. “A turn off? Does this look like they turn me off?”

“Umm, no actually you’re really hard…and thick too. That’s just from looking at my tits?”

“Mostly, but also from thinking of you jilling off in the bathroom because you were turned on by the thought of someone eating their cum from your pussy.” Damn…yup too many drinks!

I’m not sure what I can blame other than being horny as hell and a bit drunk but I sat down on the edge of the tub and started slowly stroking myself. “How about you Kate? I know I’m hard, are you as worked up as I am right now?”

Kate didn’t say anything, still staring at my hand sliding up and down my hardon but she slowly stood up and peeled her panties off and sat on the other side of the tub. I’m not sure if she consciously did it but she reached down and started teasing her slit with her finger, bit by bit allowing her lips to part and the tip of her finger to slide inside.

With me married and her having a boyfriend, we’d already gone past where we should have stopped but as we watched each other touching ourselves, I think we we’d both came to the same conclusion – either stop here or keep going and really take things where they shouldn’t go.

I spoke first, “We were both planning on being with our partners tonight and having some good, hot sex.”

Kate added, “the only difference is that when we get home, you’ll be doing what you’ve told me about and I’ll only be wondering what it would be like.”

“Do you remember the song – ‘If you can’t be with the one you love”

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