Encore on Barnes Common


ENCORE ON BARNES COMMON The desk job continues…outdoors

Previously (A Desk Job in London). . . My childhood best friend and now married co-worker had caught me masturbating in my office. As a consequence, our platonic relationship had moved smartly up a level. We were both climbing down after some passionate stand-up sex against my desk.

Friday November 10th 2006, 6.45 pm

My cock had finally slithered out of its delightful host and Rachel grinned when a long stream after after-cum dribbled down on to her bare foot.

“Lucky landing!” she grinned, “I know how easily this carpet marks.” She reached down with a tissue.

“My mess, I will clear it up.”

Her eyes widened with surprise when I lifted her foot to my mouth and, my own eyes glued to hers, deliberately lifted the creamy liquid off her skin with my tongue. She knew my intention when my lips approached hers and she poked out her tongue to receive mine. We kissed hungrily and I felt her hand fumbling between us to fondle my sticky cock.

“You are a man of many surprises Tom, we really should have started this much sooner.”

I glanced at my watch, “What do mean? At five instead of six?”

“No silly, I mean when we kissed at your seventeenth, and you were hard. I remember wondering later that night what it would feel like to have this monster inside me, but you were busy fucking Carol.” She gave my cock a squeeze. In return my fingers were exploring the wet folds of her pussy and she squirmed when I encountered a very swollen clitoris.

‘Careful Tom, she is very sensitive.”

“Did you masturbate that night?”

“What do you think? You will have to use your imagination on that one.”

I grinned, “Well, I can assure you that I had many a wet dream over you. I often used to pretend it was you underneath me when I was screwing another girlfriend!”

She giggled, “That’s lovely Tom, not very nice for the girl though.”

“Yes it was, the sex lasted longer if I pretended I was fucking you.”

“You have an answer for everything.”

“I hope so.” I took her head between my hands and kissed her nose. “You okay with all of this, Rach? The sex I mean?”

She nodded firmly, “Yes Tom, no regrets. Now we’ve gone and done it, I’m so glad I decided to let you seduce me.”

She peered at the luminous hands of office clock, “But now I better get cleaned up.”

I held her down, “Not so fast young lady, I haven’t finished just yet.”

She looked down at my cock which had started to thicken again in her hand, “Surely you don’t want to do it again, we hardly have time Tom.” But the possibility of a follow-up fuck clearly excited her.

“No Rach, I want to save some for the weekend, assuming this was not a one-night-stand?”

I lowered my head towards her steaming crotch. “Tom, I’m not so sure about… whatever are you doing?”

I lifted her legs over my shoulders. My tongue was already sliding up her wet thigh as I looked up at her lovingly, “My mum taught me to always leave things how I found them when I had finished. So enjoy.”

A long groan was her reply as I tongued my way to the entrance of her pussy where our combined love liquids were still oozing out. The odour of our sexual union was almost overpowering and a total aphrodisiac, I felt myself reach total erection once again. I knew she would easily allow me to fuck her again but for the moment I wanted this even more.

With my fingers I opened her lips releasing more fluid from her delicious cunt, my opaque semen mixed with her own clear liquid, I swear she was creaming more as fast as I could consume it. I licked, I tasted and I swallowed until there was no more left and she orgasmed gently when my tongue finally centred on her sensitive clit. As she came I wondered how she would react to my finger in her ass, knowing how it accentuated Lisa’s climaxes, but decided I would save it for another time, as my ego assured me there would be.

Her eyes were closed in ecstasy when my lips once again sought hers. She tasted my sperm on her tongue.

“Mmm, that tastes nice Tom,” She grabbed my cock, once again it was raging hard. “I think I would like a mouthful of that sometime, but I really should be going.”

I sighed, “I agree, another time Rach.” I wanted an excuse for seeing her again.

She looked down at her clean pussy, then at my rampant cock. “Thank you Tom. I haven’t even sucked you yet. You really are different from every man I have ever known. They have always wanted a blow job before sex.”

I moved towards her, “How about afterwards?”

She shook her head. “There isn’t time darling. When I suck a cock I like to make it last for ages, you will have to wait for that one.”

I stroked her bare arm, “Rachel, I really don’t mind. For me, oral sex and fucking don’t have to be combined. I learned with Lisa that its fun just having oral sex together all evening and nothing else.”

“That does sound fun. We must try that, maybe watching some porn?”

“Tomorrow night then? I have a reasonable selection.”

“Oh Tom, I don’t know. house of the dragon izle I’m not sure how I will feel when I get home. I know it’s the most wonderful sex I’ve had in ages, but there is still Kevin, and our dads. If they find out about tonight they will go berserk.”

“Rachel, I am not going to push it, but I am here for you whenever you want, and as you know I do have Lisa’s permission to go with someone else. I think she will be delighted when she finds out what we have done. Do you mind if I tell her?”

“Not at all, I was going to suggest it anyway, I would love to see her face though.”

I too looked at the clock, “I think at this moment that face is probably entertaining one large black endowment!”

She bent down and kissed the tip of my cock, still dribbling in anticipation of more action.

“Thank you Tom, this fellow is going to be hard to refuse from now on.”

Teasingly, she placed her lips fully over the head, probed her tongue into my slit and then pulled away, my cock leaving her mouth with a faint plop. I knew an urgent wank would be the order of the day as soon as I got home!

We returned to her father’s office to gather our clothes and I steadied her has she pulled up her panties. “This is nice,” she grinned, “Never had a man help me put my pants on before, it’s always been the other way around.”

“There’s lots of things you don’t know about me,” I kissed her nose.

“Let me do the same then.” She picked up my boxers from the floor and, before inserting them over my raised leg she erotically kissed the moist patch on the front.

“I’m glad it’s not only us women who get wet!”

I shivered as she slid the pants up my legs and tried without success to stuff my erection inside them. “You do this, you are obviously better at it than me!”

When safely inside but bulging ludicrously she pressed her mouth to my erection, “He’s lovely, I want him again.”

“And he wants you, look how he cries for you.” Impossibly I had reached into the depths and leaked some more pre-cum through the material. She kissed that too, crudely licking her lips.

Rachel pulled up her skirt, her eyes still thoughtfully on my pants, I was in no hurry to dress further while my cock held her attention, I was very proud of my erection!

“Tom, have you ever worn a woman’s panties?”

I gave her a surprised look, “Yes, with Lisa. Why do you ask?”

“I would like to see you in mine.” Another drop of pre-cum!

I grinned and reached under her skirt pretending to remove hers, she pushed my hand away.

“Not now silly, I just wondered.”

“Have you not seen that before?” knowing well the answer.

“No, but my girlfriend Julie does it with her husband. I once asked Mike but he thought it was too pervy. Obviously you don’t think that?’

“Not at all darling, just give me your pants when you are ready for a show! I’ll let you into a secret and then you can tell me what the definition of pervy is.”

Rachel was now fully dressed and in turn I was buttoning my shirt, my erection still in view between the tails.

“Go on, with you I don’t think anything would surprise me anymore.”

“Lisa once sucked me off through her red thong, the underwear she bought that time you went to Soho together, remember?”

“Yes, and that woman thought we were gay and was trying to sell us a dildo.”

Then she realised the impact of what I had said. “She actually sucked your cum through the material?”

“Yep. It wouldn’t have worked if they hadn’t been cotton though. Want to try it sometime?”

“You are a perv Tom, and fuck yes, I do want to try that. But… not yet.”

I knew her thoughts had returned to her family problem.

“All in good time Rach, I just know we are destined to be more than just good friends.”

She grinned, “I think we have just proved that!”

Both of us now fully dressed, we moved in for a hug, my erection pressed into her belly, I could feel the moisture oozing through my pants.

“I have known ages Tom, that one day we would become lovers, but the timing always seemed to be wrong. Sometimes I did wonder if it was not meant when I saw you with other women, and then you went and got married. I was so sad then. I just knew she was not right for you.”

My ex-wife was very religious and, after our principal randy cavortings, concluded that sex should only be for procreation. Since I was not keen on breeding one child per year, I stopped exercising my conjugal rights and we soon parted our ways.

“That as you know was a disaster. You know what? I felt the same when you dated other guys, especially your current waster.”

“He’s okay Tom, his heart is in the right place, we are just victims of circumstances, and in a way it’s a good thing we don’t love each other.”

“You have to do something about it, and soon.”

“As soon as the agreement is signed Tom, then I might just consider entertaining this fellow again.” She reached down and lightly caressed my crotch.

I how i caught my killer izle kissed her nose, “Of course, just say the word and it will be at the ready. Two words actually.”

“I can guess what those are,” she laughed squeezing me firmly through my pants, “And your tongue again too?”

“Definitely,” I laughed.

“Talking of tongues, what you did just now was so fucking beautiful Tom, no one’s ever licked me like that.”

I pushed her head back and looked at her in amazement.

“I don’t mean just licking me, I mean licking me with cum in my pussy.”

“No one’s ever done that with you before?”

“No Tom, it was always left to me to clean myself up. I know Julie’s hubby does it with her, but I thought he was being pervy.”

I laughed, “I started at an early age because when I used to masturbate I often wondered what it tasted like so one day I put a bit on my tongue. I couldn’t see what the fuss was all about, it tasted okay. So next time I came in a girls pussy, I think it was Maxine…”

She interrupted, “I remember her, the bitch, she slept with my boyfriend at a party.”

“… I licked it all out of her. She was so turned on by my doing that, I made it a routine. We often used to kiss after a blowjob. I seem to remember she was better at sucking than fucking!” I laughed.

Rachel picked up the empty cups, “You really don’t mind the taste?”

“Not at all, if a woman can stand a mouthful why shouldn’t I with a few dribbles? You have had a mouthful I assume?”

“Of course! You seem to forget I once dated your brother?”

“Of course, let me know when you want a sample from the older version of the family!”

“I will. Tom, before we leave, I have to go pee.”

We were walking together towards the kitchen when my mobile rang. I darted back to the desk and punched a key.

“Tom Graham.”

“Tom. It’s me.” My Boston fuck-buddy’s voice sounded breathless.

“Hi Lisa, which airport are you at now?”

“Brisbane, on our way to Singapore. Look, I can’t stop. Did you get my emails?”

Before I could reply the line went dead. Rachel tapped me on the shoulder, “She’ll be ringing back, I better go for that pee.” She looked at me expectantly, without really wanting to move away.

“No, please stay, there are no secrets here.” I had a sudden flash of a previous girlfriend with very kinky tastes, usually reserved for the bathroom, “Or would you prefer me to come with you?”

Her eyes flashed. “Don’t push it Tom.”

She darted off and the phone rang again.

“Well Tom, did I make your evening?”

I laughed, “More than I can tell you in a few seconds, Lisa. Rachel watched it too, I will leave the rest to your imagination.”

“You horny bastard! I never thought you would take me up on my offer that quickly!”

I started to reply but she interrupted, “That’s very handy as it happens, because there is this gorge new black pilot on my run, and you know how lonely men get when they are thousands of miles away from their wives?”

I heard a voice in the background calling her name. “Gotta go hon, chat later, enjoy Rachel.”

“I already did,” I laughed, “By the way, who was the girl?”

She was being called again. “What girl?”

“The one in the photo, between your legs!”

“Oh her! Tell you later, have fun babe. Love to Rach.” The line went dead.

Rachel was back beside my shoulder, adjusting her skirt, obviously not wanting to miss the conversation.

“You told her?”

“Not in so many words, but she put two and two together.”

“Ooh Tom, what did she say?”

“She called me a dirty filthy unfaithful bastard and never wants to see me again.”

She could see that I wasn’t serious, and laughed, “You’re lying!”

I nodded. “Actually, she sounded very pleased, especially as she has the hots for someone herself. She sent her love by the way.”

She hugged my arm and nuzzled into my neck, “Aren’t you the lucky guy, two girls who want to sleep with you.”

I laughed, “Not forgetting the randy Mrs. Ferrer.”

“Don’t you dare Tom! I mean, shag who you like, it doesn’t matter to me. But not her, she really is bad news.”

“Don’t worry, I have no intention of going anywhere near her, not now I have you.”

How wrong that prediction turned out to be!

“Now I have to go pee, myself.”

“Okay, I’ll check the place out while you’re in there.”

I grinned, “I can just imagine someone finding a pair of knickers under your dad’s desk.”

“Huh! It wouldn’t be the first time.” Her father’s romantic leanings were well documented among us architectural folk. And Rachel’s misgivings about our randy Turkish client were not unfounded, the boss had once been the victim of another equally horny client’s claws. He had succumbed to the ultimate temptation and narrowly missed exposure.

Still semi hard, I released a jet of urine from my sticky cock, the heady smell of our recent copulation rising to meet my nostrils. When I returned, how we roll izle Rachel had doused all the lights and locked her father’s door.


I laughed, grabbing her hand and pressing it into my groin, “I am always ready, Rach.”

She grinned, squeezing my cock, “God, don’t you ever stop?”

I put my arm around her shoulders and lifted her chin, “My darling best friend…”

She interrupted, “Don’t you mean your darling best lover?”

“All right, my darling best lover. If you came to live with me, life would be one continuous fuck.”

She licked her lips, “Hmm, is that an offer, Tom?”

I kissed her nose, she was still holding on to my cock, making it stiffen further. “You know bloody well it is. Come home with me now and I will prove it. I will make love to you all weekend and still want more, lots more. We have many lost years to make up for.”

She pulled away, shaking her head, “No Tom, you know I can’t, not yet. And anyway, what about Lisa?”

“She would have to wait her turn,” I hesitated, “Or even maybe join in!”

I studied her face for any sign of interest, how I would love to be sandwiched in my big bed between those two delectable horny females. She looked away, I sensed a little shyness.

We had reached the bottom of the stairs, Rachel fumbling for her keys. I spotted a flash of excitement in her eyes, “Have you and Lisa done that before?”

“What? Three in a bed?”

She nodded, clearly interested. I wondered where this was leading.

“No, but we have often talked about it,” I stared at her with a meaningful glance, “We are just waiting for the right girl to come along. As I told you, it nearly happened in Paris.” Again no comment.

We were now on the street heading for my car, it was raining harder than ever and we had agreed I would drop her at the end of her street.

“I know what you are suggesting Tom, I like Lisa a lot and I think she is very sexy, but I am not sure about… you know… that. A lot of my friends are bisexual and it seems to be the trendy thing these days, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it myself just yet. Especially now I have discovered your nice cock.”

We stopped at the kerb, waiting for a bus to pass, and she looked at me strangely, “But I do know that I don’t want to go through life without trying it.”

The thought of my best friend merely kissing Lisa, let alone anything more sexual, was driving my hormones into overtime.

“Lisa said the same, if it happens it happens, and from that photo it obviously just did with her, whoever she was. I am sure there is the right girl out there waiting for you when you are ready.”

Little did I know at the time that the waiting would be very short indeed. And her lover would be an ex-lover of my own!

Rachel let me help her into my Boxster with a flash of her thighs. “I know that Tom, just don’t push me that’s all.”

“I wont, I promise, but I cannot speak for Lisa, she has already told me she has the hots for you.”

“Don’t worry, I can handle her.”

“Cool, can I watch?”

She punched me lightly on the ribs, “Shut up and drive Tom. I’m late as it is.”

We drove for a while in silence, each with our own thoughts and, at a long red she turned to me, “Tom, thank you so much for tonight, I always dreamed about having sex with you, but I never believed it would feel so special. You are either very good or the other men were total crap.”

“That sounds like a mixed compliment.”

“It wasn’t meant to be, Tom, my other girlfriends talk about their sex lives and from what they say, their men wouldn’t hold a candle to you And anyway, Lisa has already confided with me that you were pretty good in bed.”

“Not only the bed, if you care to come home with me and discover!”

“You really don’t stop trying do you?”

“When I find a good thing I don’t want to lose it. And there are so many things we can discover about each other in a new relationship.”

She laughed as we started to move off through the damp amber-lit streets of the city, towards busy Victoria.

“The mind boggles, Tom.”

In silence we crossed the wide Vauxhall Bridge.

I turned to look at her. Her expression was thoughtful and studied.

“You’re quiet Rach, penny for them?”

“I was just trying to think of a way we could have some time together and not be found out by my dad and Kevin’s.”

“What about Kevin himself?”

“Fuck him. I don’t care what he thinks, he’s screwing around himself, so he can’t criticise.”

We were silent for a while before we turned into the busy Wandsworth gyratory and came to a halt in the ever-present jam.

“Well, your dad seems to get away with it alright, I’ve lost count of the number of women I have seen him with.”

“That’s different, Tom. Since she had that op. my mum isn’t interested in sex any more, so I don’t blame him. I just don’t want to balls up the merger, that’s all. It will break him if it goes wrong.”

“If only Mr. Allen wasn’t such a bloody purist,” I replied as we inched forward in the four lanes of traffic.

“Kev’s dad comes from the old school, Tom, where marriage is sacrosanct.”

“Stupid old fart. Double standards, I have seen him eyeing you up when he comes in the office. Ah! There’s a gap!” I downed two gears, slammed on the 3.5 and cut across two lanes. Out of the traffic, we turned off the High Street, and followed the river towards Putney.

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