Emily was really tired after a long day of work, and here she was sitting with this ‘boy’ wearing a man bun for pete’s sake. Why in the world does she keep falling for these blind date ideas from her friends. This guy was so boring, all he could talk about was his computer, his video games, and his mom’s cooking. OMG she was so ready for this date to end. Worse, he ‘forgot his wallet’, so of course not only was the dinner on her, but she had to give him a ride home. She wriggled out of his invite to ‘come see his basement room’, and figured it was so worth it to pay for a cab to send him home instead of taking him herself; using the fact that she was really tired from work as an excuse.

It was really late, almost midnight, so after seeing man bun guy into his cab and enduring a slopping peck on the cheek, Emily got in her car and pulled from the parking space. She was weary, and as she pulled from the parking lot onto the main road, her thoughts were on another disappointment, and certainly she would not have sex tonight, but thank God for vibrators! She saw a flash of light, heard squalling tires, a loud bang, and someone screaming. Was that her??

Emily woke, startled, feeling uneasy about the dream she just had. She was not happy since she was finally getting some good rest and had been sleeping soundly. She looked at the alarm clock and it was midnight. As her eyes adjusted, she looked around her bedroom but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She wondered what could have roused her out of such a deep sleep. She got up, and stumbled to the bathroom to pee. Afterward she walked room by room through her small apartment. Everything was as it should be. Shaking her head, she walked back to the bedroom.

She caught herself in the full length mirror on her bedroom door. Emily was not happy with the weight she was gaining, but she still had a nice figure. She thought of a recent meme she saw online “It’s not the size you wear, it’s how you wear the size.” She had the kind of full figure a real man would love to get his rough calloused hands on. So why can’t she find a decent boyfriend? Seems like every guy she goes out with isn’t really much of a man! Damn…what she needs is a mountain man! A lumberjack! A real man that would pick her up, carry her off and ravish her! She sighed heavily and knew that they just don’t make men like that anymore.

She climbed back into bed, but she knew her frustration would not allow her any sleep. She tossed and turned, and finally decided it was useless. “Fuck it,” she said, and got up to go to the kitchen to start some coffee. Not that latte, cappuccino coffee wannabe shit. Just good old dark roast black coffee made on the stove top with a percolator.

She poured the coffee beans into her grinder and started turning, she liked her coffee fresh. Much like they used to do in the old days; like her dad used to make. She called it Mississippi Mud when she was growing up. She smiled as she made it, knowing most of the guy friends she knew at the office couldn’t handle real coffee! She always brought a thermos of her coffee with her to work. One time one of the guys asked if he could try some, so she gave him a little, knowing he would probably spit it out. Sure enough, he took one sip and spit it back in the cup! She thought he was gonna start crying, which made her giggle inside.

She sat and waited for the coffee to begin its perk. Once it started, she turned the heat down so it would perk slowly and she walked back into the bedroom. Time for a shower and get dressed while the coffee perks. She liked her coffee like she liked her men; hot and strong!

Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and threw her on the bed. She gasped, reached up, turned on the bedside lamp, and looked around the room. Nobody was there. Her heart was pounding; she knew somebody had to have been in the room, she felt his hands, but her eyes said there was no one there.

“That’s so weird”, she thought, “I know I’m not going crazy”. The light flickered and went out and she saw a shadow move in front of her. She started to get up, but was forced back onto the bed and held down, her arms above her head. It felt like someone was on top of her, pinning her down. But there was no one there! She could feel his hot breath on her neck and smelled a faint musky odor. Not cologne or fake smelly stuff, but the essence of a real man. Then she felt his lips and beard kissing her neck as he held her down. She squirmed and could feel his body on her, could feel his manhood pushing into her lower abdomen. She was somewhat frightened, somewhat confused, as she could see nothing, yet excited and sexually aroused all at once. The next thing she knew she was waking up and sitting up in bed.

Emily felt rattled and unsure of what was going on. She could still feel the sting and rawness of his rough kiss on her lips, so it must have been real. Yet she didn’t see anything. Nothing seemed out of place. She didn’t even feel scared. Did she dream it? Had she even been up yet this morning? She was curious as to whether she truly experienced something, if it was a dream, or worse, she was going insane. She could smell coffee brewing, so she knew she had been up already this morning and that was not a dream. She rubbed holy family izle her lips again, and then noted she was aroused. She felt stimulated, and in fact was feeling a bit moist between her legs.

That night Emily was back in her little apartment, alone again. She had floated through her work day as if she had been in a dream. She had turned down yet another offer for a blind date she knew would most likely be disappointing. All she could think about all day and evening was her ‘visitor’. She was a bit anxious to see if it was her wild imagination due to her sexual frustration last night, if her dreams were that vivid, or if she actually had some strange visitor. She hoped he would make a return tonight so she would know.

“That’s it!” she thought, “No more blind dates with friends of friends”. She stripped off the dress she had so carefully selected to wear to work today in case she wanted to accept the offer for a date, and plopped into her recliner dressed in just a thong and a tank top. She cuddled up with a pillow and watched some old black and white movie on the TV.

The old movies were always so romantic and stimulating for her. She could feel a bit of wetness between her legs, and slowly started rubbing her nipples, making them erect and taut. She leaned her head back, fantasizing that her visitor returned, that she was being touched by a strong, masculine man who wanted to ravish her. She moaned aloud and worked one of her hands down her stomach and between her legs, teasingly brushed her inner thighs, and then lightly touched her clit before massaging it. She could feel herself getting moist. Slowly she rubbed from her clit through the folds of her labia down to her wet opening, spreading the wet so her fingers could glide more easily, causing more sensation and stimulation. She circled the opening, imagining it was a rock hard penis teasing and taunting her. She squeezed one of her ample breasts tight, sliding to the nipple to pinch it as she began to masturbate feverishly.

She threw her head back and cried, “YESSSSSSS!!,” and pictured herself in the arms of a strong virile man as she climaxed, squirting down the front of the recliner and all over the floor. She went limp, as she fell asleep in the recliner.

Emily woke suddenly. Something had roused her again. She glanced at the clock above the TV and oddly it was midnight again. What is it with this midnight stuff, and what was it that woke her? The apartment was dark. She looked up and was sure she saw a figure standing by the window. She could smell that faint musky odor again. “Who are you?” she asked. He moved toward her, beckoning with his hand, and reached out to her. She reached up, took his hand and he pulled her to her feet. She could feel the rough calloused hand like the other night. He drew her close and held her in his arms. She gasped as his strong arms surrounded her and pulled her close to his hard chest. It took her breath away, she felt weak, light headed. She melted into his embrace and groaned. She still wasn’t sure if this was a dream, but she wanted and needed this so badly, she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to fight it.

The figure lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it; again she melted, she was putty in his hands. Then wrapping an arm around her he pulled her in tighter and kissed her; gently at first, then hungrily, and hard. She could feel his tongue dominating her mouth as he grabbed her hair tightly, pulling her face to his. She responded back in kind and reached up entwining her fingers in his hair. His hair was so thick, wavy, rather unruly, and so sexy. His other arm wrapped around her waist almost lifting her off the floor. She breathed heavily, her breasts heaving against his muscular chest. She could feel his heart beating against her bosom. Their lips separated and she threw her head back as he let go of her hair and trailed kisses down her neck. He pulled her tank top down exposing one of her large supple breasts. Lifting her off her feet he brought her luscious breast to his mouth and he sucked hard on her taut nipple. She felt a bit anxious, excited. She chastised herself a bit, feeling so wanton, but thinking that this must be a dream, she relished in it without fear. She was feeling so aroused, and wanted badly to be taken. She wanted to feel a man’s desire, his strong energy, a bit of forcefulness. She wanted to be someone’s woman, to be dominated. Then he pushed her back into the recliner.

Emily woke up in the recliner, the TV was humming as the movie had gone off. “NOOO…” Emily cried out, “I need this…I need you!!” Was it a dream? Was it real? She didn’t know anymore, but It felt so real! Her tank top was pulled down and one of her breasts was exposed. The nipple was erect and taut…and felt moist. She could still smell him…feel his grip. This had to be real. She searched the entire apartment but to no avail. No one was there and there was no sign of a break in. She headed into her room and lay on her bed and cried. It just wasn’t fair. She needed a real man so bad…even if he was imaginary.

Emily suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. A rough, strong calloused hand that was also gentle. She looked up and there he was. She could see some of his features hotel portofino izle in the dimly lit bedroom. His full beard on his chiseled jaw line, his steel blue eyes, his disheveled, thick, long hair, and all the physical qualities she looked for in a man. He actually looked like a Viking! There was something about him that made her comfortable, at ease, yet with a high degree of sexual arousal. She turned and reached up, placing her hand on his muscular chest and kissed his sweaty skin. She wanted to feel, to know he was real. Her heart melted, it felt so real, but her head still said this couldn’t be real. It had to be a dream. But she could feel his muscles. Feel the sweat, tasted the salt when she placed her lips on him.

Timidly she asked, “Are you real or just a dream?”

“All in good time,” he said in a deep determined voice. “I’ve been looking for you for a very long time now,” he said. “We soon will be together” He easily lifted her up off the bed. He wiped away her tears and said, “Please don’t cry. Now that I have found you, we can soon be together forever.”

Emily went limp as she allowed him to take control, to dominate her. Everything felt like this is how it should be. He laid her back on the bed and was on top of her, holding her hands above her head with one hand. He kissed her deeply, then moved away. She gasped as he pulled her tank top up exposing her voluptuous 38DD breasts. She moaned loudly as his mouth latched onto one of her large taut nipples. He clamped his free hand over her mouth which caused her more excitement. She wiggled and squirmed and her loud moan was muffled. She never felt so alive or ecstatic.

He used his knees to spread her legs as he maneuvered himself between them. He released her mouth, reached down and ripped her thong off, and toyed with her already wet pussy. He smiled and said “You want me, too”, then used both of his rough strong hands to grip her shoulders tight, pinning her down on the bed.

His grip caused her some pain, but the pain was stimulating. He looked deeply into her eyes with his steel blues as he slowly penetrated her wet pussy. She groaned loudly and closed her eyes as he slowly slid his thick eight inch rigid staff all the way inside her. When he completely buried himself, he held it there and kissed her full sensuous lips. She could feel him throbbing inside her. Slowly he slid his hard pulsing cock in and out while still staring deep into her eyes. He began pumping harder, faster and deeper. She wrapped her dancer like legs around his waist and squeezed hard. Then clamped her hands on his back and dug her fingernails into his flesh. He didn’t even seem to notice except for a low deep grunt of pleasure. He pounded her so hard her whole body bounced up and down on the bed like a rag doll. She climaxed many times as he relentlessly violated her body over and over and over.

Emily woke up to a buzzing sound, her alarm? She blinked her eyes several times. Where did he go? What the fuck just happened? It all felt so real! This couldn’t have been a dream! She could feel the creamy fluids flowing down her leg and pooling beneath her. She could still smell his essence. Her thong lay in pieces on the floor. She walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. There were handprints on her shoulders where he gripped her tight while fucking the shit out of her! She had never been fucked like that before…ever! He couldn’t be a dream! It was way too real! She shook her head in disbelief as she walked into the kitchen and got some coffee started. Was she crazy? Did she finally snap? She sat in a chair in the living room smelling the coffee brewing and wondered if she was losing her sanity.

Emily showered and dressed. She floated through her work day not really paying attention to anything around her; co-workers, phones, comments from others. No one talked to her, which she felt was odd. She moved and completed several tasks robotically, watching the clock, waiting to go home. She felt like being at work was the dream, and being with her ghost lover was the reality. She wondered if her visitor would be there again tonight, and yet somehow, just knew he would be. Thank goodness it was Friday. Not that she had any plans, but a night in with her newfound lover was better than any night out! Real or not, Emily couldn’t wait to get home.

Emily didn’t remember driving home, her mind must have been on him. She found herself at the apartment. It was dark and quiet. She wasn’t hungry and didn’t feel like making anything so decided to watch TV. She headed for her recliner, but it was gone. Instead, there was a nice little sitting chair and she wondered if her new lover had brought it. She walked through the apartment to see if anything else was new. She noted her full length mirror was gone, but since she was now OK with her figure, it wasn’t going to be missed. She walked into her room and it was all rearranged. The décor was different and there was a nice entertainment center with TV and stereo set up in the bedroom. There were some lovely candles here and there, and the room smelled of fresh flowers

Emily was feeling anxious about being able to see him, and decided to dress sexy for him. She went to the closet to house of hammer izle find her best silky nighty, but the clothes looked different. There were women’s clothes pushed to one side, and a man’s clothes on the other. She quickly went to her dresser and again found clothes she did not recognize. She wondered if he had decided to move in and got her all these new things. She was confused, but also excited, thinking he must have done all this for her. She chose a sexy black lace teddy, she lit some candles, put on some soft music and went to set on her bed to wait, but nothing happened, no one appeared. It was getting late, she looked at the clock and it was nearly midnight. Heartbroken, she drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly Emily awoke with a start. She didn’t feel she had been asleep very long. Looking at the clock, it was just midnight. That must be him, she thought. The candles were still lit and there was a soft glow to the bedroom. She rose and looked around the room. There he was. He moved slowly toward her. He was tall and solidly built.

He sat down on the bed next to her, took her hand in his and said, “I’ve been looking for you for so long, my love, and now we are really together.”

Emily looked deep into his eyes and said, “I know…I’ve been waiting for you to find me.” He gripped her shoulders tightly and pulled her to him, kissing her hard. She ripped the buttons off his shirt, flinging his shirt open, exposing his sweaty dark masculine chest. He stood up and lifted her to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he held her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they embraced. Their lips locked together and their tongues danced.

Emily pulled back, looked into his eyes and moaned, “Take me, please…I want you!” He peeled her off and flung her on the bed. He pulled the straps of her teddy down to her waist, then quickly grabbed her ankles and flipped her over on her belly. He pulled her legs over the edge of the bed, then ripped her lace teddy open at the crotch and pulled it aside. Unbuttoning his pants, he put one hand on her upper back to hold her down and ran the fingers on his other hand up the inside of her thigh to her sweet spot in between her legs. Emily let out a low groan as his fingers gently rubbed against her clit, making it stand out erect. Then he slowly traced her labia with his fingers and rubbed them along the canal around her clit to her moist vulva. He penetrated her wet pussy with two fingers and her body shuddered as she let out a very loud groan. He started pumping her with his fingers, slapping her buttocks with the palm of his hand as he furiously pounded her. He continued to hold her in place with his other hand on her back as she wiggled and squirmed underneath it. She cried out as she squirted like a fountain across the bedroom floor from one orgasm after another.

He pulled his fingers out, and roughly grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her onto his thick eight inch rigid shaft. He slammed into her and pounded her so hard her whole body bounced uncontrollably back and forth. Her nipples rubbed across the bed, and that, coupled with the onslaught to her pussy, was creating more pleasurable sensations than she had ever known. She felt dizzy and cried out in sexual intoxication. She grunted with every thrust forward as he violated her over and over. Sweat dripped from his face and rained on her back, mixing with her own saltiness. She climaxed several times, her creamy fluids running down her leg. She tried to regain herself after each orgasm, but he wouldn’t let her. He wouldn’t allow her to come down, and kept her peaked.

He suddenly pulled his dick out of her and flipped her over. She was breathing heavily, her breasts heaving up and down. The hair around her face soaking wet with sweat. She felt she needed to regain yet felt bereft without the pounding, and she anxiously waited to see what more he would do. Her body tensed in ready on the bed as her supple breast rose and fell in rhythm to her rapid breathing.

Emily gasped as he grabbed her legs and hooked them over his shoulders. Holding the buttocks of her beautiful ass apart, he pressed against her anus with his thumbs while using his fingers to rub from her clit, down her vulva, across her dripping wet opening. He applied gentle pressure across her taint spot to the rim of her ass, then back again to her clit. He rubbed and spread her wetness all around her rim and then bent down, and using his tongue he began a slow dance with her clit. She squirmed and reached down grabbing his hair with both hands pulling his face deeper between her legs. She thrust her hips forward causing his tongue to penetrate deeper, his lips to push hard against her clit and his thumbs to penetrate her ass. Emily had never experienced anal penetration before. She cried out in fear at the initial thrust but soon the fear subsided as the penetration proved to be agonizing ecstasy. He moved his hands to use his fingers, pumping into her derriere as he continued the oral onslaught on her clit and pussy. Her eyes grew wide. She had never felt this much stimulation her whole life. He pumped her ass with his fingers harder and harder as he dominated her clit with his tongue. She was beside herself with boundless sensations, and she craved it. He pulled his fingers out after she came half a dozen times. Then he shoved his cock deep into her wet pussy as she cried out for more. He pumped her harder and harder burying himself, sinking deep inside her. Her mouth watering breasts bounced wildly in rhythm to his powerful lunges.

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