Diary of a Small Town Doctor Ch. 01


Thanks to my editor, A_koozie, for lending me her time and expertise. All characters having sex are over 18.

Hello, I am Hunter King.

I am as they say getting up there in years. I no longer “do”, but I can still remember. I thought I would share with you some of the stories of my life. I hope you find them entertaining. I will begin with how I met and married my wife.

The story we have told anyone who asked how we met is a simple one: a handsome doctor meets a beautiful nurse on her first day at the hospital. Sparks fly. Love blooms. We marry and live happily ever after. Of course, the truth is never that simple.


Hunter opened the door. A sweaty, naked woman with hazel eyes angrily looked his way. She was grunting and grimacing probably because she had a big dick up her ass. She yelled at the intruder as she forced a stiff rod deeper into her rectum.

“If you’re coming in here, get busy eating my pussy. Otherwise get the hell out!”

She waved a hand at him in a menacing gesture. Hunter noticed a white symbol was painted on one of her blood red nails.

“Sorry to intrude,” Hunter said.

However, he did not immediately close the door. He paused to take a second look. Wavy auburn hair spilled off her shoulders. Hard brown nipples protruded from full, tanned breasts. The young woman was in a crouching position riding a seated man reverse cowgirl style. Her plentiful pubic hair was soaked by her juices. Her legs were spread and he could easily see her dark, ragged vaginal lips.

The woman grunted loudly every time she squatted on her partner’s rigid organ. Hunter was struck by the seriousness, the concentrated effort she brought to this activity.

Reluctantly, he shut that door. He opened the next one he came to. Inside this room, he found the flirtatious mother-daughter duo that had propositioned him a short while ago. They were both nude.

“Ah there you are,” the mother said. She was the one with the shapely legs and a fuller figure. She was sitting beside her daughter. The teenager smiled in greeting. She turned his way flashing her small pert breasts at him.

Virginia reached over and slid her index finger inside her daughter’s vagina. She looked at him to gauge his reaction. She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but we started without you.”

She pulled her offspring to her breast and the child sucked it greedily. Hunter entered the room and joined the sex-crazed pair for a delightful hour of erotic fun.


Hunter tossed on his robe and left his playmates slumbering on the messy bed. He joined the other party-goers out by the pool. Most were lounging in wraps resting and rehydrating. The exhibitionists in the crowd were proudly displaying their naked bodies. Some were done for the night while others were looking for their next partner.

The amiable hosts, Bob and Carol, mingled with their guests. Bob was a big burly guy and it was easy to see why his nickname was “Bear”. Carol walk about topless unashamedly displaying her tiny, barely-there boobs. She had a sheer scarf tied about her hips giving the illusion of modesty, but in no way did it obstruct anyone’s view of her cunt.

Hunter took time to view her slim hips and trimmed pussy before he glanced down at her ankle. He saw some swelling and discoloration. That was, after all, how they had met, the ankle injury, not her pretty pussy.

Carol had a bad fall and hurt her ankle. Hunter was the doctor on call in the emergency room. He treated her. The night was slow. They struck up a conversation. Carol liked him and invited him to this party. It was everything she said it would be and more. He had expected nudity and hot, anonymous sex. A mother-daughter threesome, well, that was beyond even his imagination.

Carol saw Hunter and waved to him indicating that he should join her. She was with the auburn haired woman Hunter had walked in on.

“I hope you are enjoying yourself,” Carol said. Ever the good hostess she asked, “Hunter, have you met Gia? Gia, this is Hunter. Tonight is his first time at one of my soirees.”

Gia wore a robe but didn’t bother to tie the belt. An impressive amount of cleavage was view-able as well as her thick pelt of pubic hair.

“I apologize for walking in on you. I opened the wrong door. My friends were in the next room,” Hunter said.

Gia looked him over. He was young and really good-looking. She held out her hand,

“Hello, nice to meet you. I owe you an apology for yelling at you. I’m extremely focused when I have sex. I don’t handle interruptions well,” She smiled showing her crooked lower teeth and added, “With your looks, you could have the pick of any man or woman here.”

She turned to Carol and kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks for a lovely evening. I have an early class tomorrow and I’m afraid I have to go.”

“I understand my dear, but I not sure the men will. They will be disappointed. They all so enjoy your enthusiastic approach Esenyurt Escort to sex,”

Gia turned to Hunter. “Nice to meet you. Enjoy the party.” She said before she exited the room.

Carol reached out and gently caressed his flaccid cock. “Can I have a taste?” she asked politely.

“Absolutely,” he said as he stepped closer to Carol and spread his legs. Her mouth engulfed his prick and slowly she nursed it to its full six inches.

She pulled off and said, “Mmmm. I taste sweat, semen and hints of Virginia. I’m guessing she was your last partner. Which means you must have also had sex with her daughter, Charlotte. The two are inseparable.”

“Yes. They seem particularly close.” He exhaled loudly enjoying how she cupped his balls as they spoke.

Carol stripped off her scarf. Nude she knelt and sucked his cock with gusto. She was a petite woman, thin all over. Where other woman had breasts, bottoms, and hips, she just had gentle curves, mere hints of femininity yet she was still appealing.

Hunter moaned. She was giving him an excellent blowjob. He studied her form and thought, “It always seems to be the case that small breasted woman have such large, long nipples,”

He grasped one and twisted it. She groaned in response so he did it again.

“Stand,” he requested. When she did, he lifted her in the air. She wrapped her slender legs around his waist. One of her hands encircled his neck and the other grasped his dick. She guided it into her soft sex and he slid fully inside her.

He groaned as she gasped, “Pound my pussy. I want it rough.”

He obliged. His powerful hips drove his cock inside her. Her bouncing motion increasing the depth and force of his penetration. She rode him hard and he cradled her lithe body as he pistoned in and out of her. She came first with a cry of exaltation. Then she bit his shoulder. He exploded forcefully inside her and came for what seemed like forever.


Hunter was making his rounds at the hospital. He stopped by the nurses’ station to pick up a patient’s chart. No one appeared to be around but from behind the counter, he heard a female say, “Damn it. What a mess!”

A manicured hand appeared. It dropped off some pens and disappeared. The hand with red fingernail polish returned with a fistful of paperclips. Finally the whole person, a brown hair female with red highlights appeared. She was holding a stapler and more office supplies. She looked familiar to Hunter, but he couldn’t recall her name.

She spoke first. “Oh sorry doctor, I didn’t see you there. My first day on the job and so far I have managed to spill just about everything, from a cup of coffee to a tray of office supplies. How can I help you?”

“The chart for room 234 please.”

“He must be new,” she thought. “He’s too polite. Most doctors are so full of themselves they never say please and thank you”

She handed over the book. Hunter noticed a white cross painted on top of her dark red fingernail polish. He looked up into her face, into her hazel eyes. She noticed him staring and gave him a second glance. Simultaneously, they both realized they had met at last month’s orgy. Hunter smiled and Gia blushed. She was mortified.

“Thanks,” he said and then he gave her a dazzling smile. “It’s nice to see you again. Since it’s your first day here, let me buy you lunch,”

Gia just stared at him like a deer looking into a headlight. A voice screamed inside her head, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I just got this job and now I have to quit because he knows my secret”.

“Noon. Main cafeteria?” Hunter proposed.

She was unable to respond because she was frozen with fear. Since she didn’t object, he took her silence as tacit agreement. He smiled as he glanced at her chest. He read her name tag “Gia Gallo”. She assumed the arrogant Son of a Bitch was staring at her tits and began to fume.

“Gia,” he said and turned to return to his patients. “See you at lunch,”


At lunch, Hunter sat in the main cafeteria and ate a tuna salad sandwich while he kept an eye out for Gia. Another nurse stopped by his table and handed him a note. It read “Meet me on the roof. G”.

He wolfed down his sandwich and then went up. Technically the roof was off-limits, but the employees used it when they needed a smoke or just to get some fresh air. There are times when one had to get away from the sickness and despair epidemic inside all hospitals. He opened the door and stepped out onto the gravel-covered, flat roof.

Gia sprang on him. She got in his face, poked him in the chest with a finger and shouted angrily,

“Listen up Dr. Dazzle! I have worked too fucking hard and come too fucking far to have some pretty boy ruin this job for me! We will not be having sex!”

Gia was animated. Her heart was beating rapidly. Her elevated blood pressure caused her face to flush. Her hazel eyes flashed with anger. Hunter was caught off-guard by her vitriolic attack. He sputtered,

“What?” Avcılar Escort

Gia continued in a spirited mode.

“I’m not joining your harem. There will not be any BJ’s in the supply closet or quick romps in empty operatories. This girl is not going to be blackmailed into servicing any man. I grew up poor in a down and out neighborhood in South Philly. I’ve had to claw my way out. I’ve got my degree and now I’ve got a good job. I’m no pushover. You mess with me and you’re asking for trouble!”

Hunter was surprised and shocked by her outburst. She had him backpedaling until he was pinned up against an air conditioning duct. He saw her hazel eyes glow. He loved that the fire there matched the passion in her voice. He waited until she finish her rant and then he grabbed her face and kissed her.

Gia was confused. She was expecting an argument. She was even ready for a fight, but not a kiss, especially not one this good. First she was surprised, then she got mad. She attempted to pull away, but he stepped into her as she stepped back. He maintained contact. She tried to pull her head away, but his hands prevented that.

She struggled a bit more and then surrendered. She returned the kiss. He dropped his hands and wrapped his arms around her. They lingered in the kiss. He finally pulled his lips away. He maintained the embrace and said,

“So you think I was planning on blackmailing you into becoming my personal sex slave?”

She nodded. Hunter stepped back from her. He brushed some dirt off his lab coat and continued,

“Due to the minimal time off and the pressure inherent in our jobs, there have been times when I’ve gotten intimate with a female co-worker. But force or blackmail is not my style. If you are worried that I might “out you” for participating in an orgy, let me put your mind at ease. The thought never crossed my mind.”

He gave her a reassuring smile and added, “Trust me. I can keep a secret. It’s my secret too. I’ll be heading off to my first job soon. I don’t plan on penciling in “Attends Orgies” under my list of hobbies.”

Gia was somewhat reassured. She was calming down. However, her breathing and heart rates were still elevated. It was part worry, but some of it was the effect of the kiss. As her fear abated, she noticed she was feeling warm and there was an increased dampness in her sex.

Hunter spoke calmly, “I’ve been told, people are bound by the secrets they share.”

Gia realized she had made a mistake. “Sorry. It’s seems I have jumped to the wrong conclusion,” she said contritely. In a quiet voice she asked, “What do you want?”

“I like you. You’re pretty. I love the way your eyes flash when you’re animated. I think we have a few things in common besides our above average sex drive. I too grew up poor and disadvantage. We’re both in medicine . . . I wanted to have lunch with you to get to know you better. But that option is no longer acceptable.”

Gia felt bad. She had let her temper and her fears ruin the chance to get to know this guy, this good-looking doctor. She sighed sadly.

Hunter was teasing her. He smiled and finished his thought. “Lunch is no longer enough. I have the evening off. I demand you let me take you to dinner tonight.”

“All right,” Gia said demurely with a shy smile.


After a sip of his gin and tonic, Hunter said, “You were able to put together a pretty good intel report on me earlier. Now that you’ve had more time what else have you learned about me?”

Gia downed half her drink. “Good-looking. Smart. From a small town. Scholarships recipient. Kind to staff. His patients love him. Good doctor.”

He laughed. “My life in 20 words of less.” He paused and added, “You know a little about me, please tell me about you.”

“Oh it’s a typical story. Only daughter raised by single mom in a rough Philly neighborhood, Kensington to be exact. I was smart and lucky. I caught a few breaks. Got an education and I got out.”

“But not unscathed,” he added.

She wondered, “How did he know?” She said, “Of course my life was tough. Whose isn’t? My biggest regret is Mom didn’t live long enough to see me achieve our goal – a college degree and a good job.”

“I heard you earned some scholarships.”

“Yes. I call them my marshmallow scholarships.”

“What?” he asked.

“When I was six, researchers from The University of Pennsylvania came into our neighborhood. They were doing a version of “The Marshmallow Test”. They were studying a subject’s willingness and ability to delay gratification. You know, where they put a marshmallow in front of you and tell you, you can eat it now or if you wait 15 minutes they will give you two marshmallows.”

Hunter nodded. He was familiar with the test. Studies had shown those who can resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for the larger or more enduring prize turn out to do better in school, jobs and life.

“I’ve read those studies. So that was you!”

“Yes,” she laughed. “Well, I was one of many in the study. Apparently, there were not many of us Kensington kids that did not immediately grab and gobble the marshmallow. I was in the study for years. The prizes changed and the methodology did too. I believe that the study was responsible for me getting an invite to a prestigious all-girls school in Chestnut Hill. Some of the Penn professors had children there. They got me in. Good behavior and good grades earned me a free ride. After graduating from high school, I got a scholarship to the Thomas Jefferson School of Nursing.”

Their dinner was served and the conversation was light as they ate. Gia declined desert. She had a figure to maintain. Afterwards, they strolled on a moonlit street near the art museum. Hunter took the conversation in a more serious direction.

“I, like you, had a troubled childhood. I never knew my father and my mother had drug issues. I was raised by my grandparents. I did well at school and was noticed by people in my town. They supported and encouraged me.

“As I got older they talked to me about becoming a doctor. They said I would be respected, financially secure and I could help everyone in town. I listened, but I had my heart set on playing shortstop for the Pirates. Baseball was going to be my ticket to fortune and fame . . . until I damaged my knee and I could no longer turn a double play.”

Hunter shook his head. His face grimaced as he re-lived the day his boyhood dream died. He finished his confession.

“After that I listened harder when the townsfolk talked to me. I became Doc Wilson’s apprentice. I worked there after school and during the summers. I liked it and they liked me. We struck a deal. They would give me a stipend and pay for my schooling if I would come home and be the town’s next doctor.”

Gia was listening intently. She realized this man had depth, even a soul. She grabbed his arm and pulled him in closer. Her soft boob pressed into his defined bicep. She said,

“So you’re going home soon?”


“What am I? One last conquest?”

“I guess that depends on you.”

Gia smiled and said, “And you.”

“True. As my Grandmother always said, “Our destiny is in our own hands.”

Gia agreed with that maxim. It had guided her life. She asked herself, “What do I want? A fling or something more substantial?” To someone who had mastered the “Marshmallow Tests” the answer was obvious. She asked,

“Hunter, tell me about your hometown.”

“Like a lot of rural Pennsylvania, logging and mining were the reasons for the town’s existence. The mine has played out and the big hardwoods are long gone. The town gets by on farming and light industry. It’s a pretty place. The town is set in a valley with a river running through it. The town’s small, 1500 people. The main street has some majestic old Victorian houses that were built by the mine owners and the logger barons. One of those houses is for the town doctor. It has an office and clinic on the first floor and living space above.”

“The people are great, real salt of the earth types. High School sports bring the whole town together. It’s not a cosmopolitan place just a nice place to live and raise a family.”

“Do you want kids?”

“Yes. Having grown up without brothers and sisters, I want a family.”

“How many?”

“A passel. I don’t know. More than two, less than a platoon.”

Gia laughed. “So between 3 and what 20? 40? Talk like that is scaring my womb!”

Now it was his turn to laugh. She continued, “Seriously I get you. I was an only child and I too wished I had brothers and sisters. I’d like my kids to have siblings, three to five children seems about right to me.”

She continued, “Seems to me, a man as good-looking as you and a doctor, no less, could have the pick of the litter in New Sweden. Why not marry a local girl?”

Hunter hesitated then said, “I have never been a good boyfriend and I know I will make a terrible husband.” He had her attention so he explained.

“When I was eighteen and a senior in high school, I dated the head cheerleader. Sally was the prettiest, most popular girl in school. We were quite the item. I liked her a lot, but I was frustrated with the limits she imposed on our relationship. We could kiss, but not in public. I could touch her breasts, but not under her bra. No activity what so ever was allowed down below. Every Friday and Saturday night I was required to squire her around. I got no time off to hang out with the guys.”

“Two months into our relationships, I had a severe case of blue-balls. I was ready to end the relationship. I had pretty much told her so. Before I broke up with her, I got a call from her mother. Her husband was out of town, she needed a hand, could I come over . . . Fine. Part of the responsibilities of being a boyfriend. I went on over.”

“Sally’s mother walked me through the house into her bedroom. Soon we were both naked and she took my virginity. We continued to sleep together and have every kind of sex imaginable. She had two conditions for our affair to continue. No one must know and I could not break up with her daughter.”

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