Willing Student, Willing Teachers


Author’s Note: This is my first submission, and writing it has been a very interesting project. It turns out it’s really hard to be objective about one’s own work, so I have no idea if it’s actually good or not. It starts with a promise of what’s to come, then goes back and spends some time on developing the characters. But the sex is delivered at the end, with a promise of much more to come.

I genuinely welcome your feedback, pro or con. I really want to know if this is worth reading, and honest input of any sort is welcome.

Thanks in advance…


Troy settled into the chair, his breath slightly fast and shallow—he wasn’t sure if he’d ever been more turned on in his life. He watched Stephanie, a few feet away, settle on her knees in front of Kyle. Kyle was nude, and his massive erection hovered just inches from her face. Troy could not draw his attention away from that visage, and ached for what was going to happen next. Morgan, the last and least experienced member of the foursome (and yes, by now this really was a “foursome” in the most erotic sense) settled onto the floor next to Troy’s chair. Wanting to reassure her, Troy slid from his chair and after pausing a beat to sense her approval, wrapped his arms around her small frame. He was careful not to get too intimate and for the moment he was glad their round of strip poker had left her mostly clothed: she wore lace panties and Kyle’s white button-down shirt. Troy shifted and carefully positioned his legs to make sure he wasn’t pressing his aching erection against her while he held her gently. He felt her relax into his embrace and noticed that her breath was coming even faster than his. Her beautiful face radiated a mix of excitement and anticipation, with an alluring hint of nervousness. After all, the show they were about to watch was primarily for her benefit…although there didn’t seem to be anyone that was not benefitting in one way or another.

Stephanie ran her hands up the outside of Kyle’s legs, and with no hesitation trailed her fingers across his flat stomach, through his thin blonde pubic hair, and ever so lightly over his rock-hard erection.

In a soft, sultry tone she almost purred “One last chance to back out, if you need.”

Kyle shook his head, to no one’s surprise. The substantial drop of precum that glistened at the tip of his cock left no doubt how he felt about this.

Stephanie leaned back for a moment and let her long auburn hair cascade down her back, savoring what she was about to do. She was still dressed, more or less, in bikini panties and a white cotton tank top. But with no bra, she may as well have been topless and her firm c-cup breasts strained against the fabric with her hard nipples showing through clearly. Knowing her every move was being watched—and admired—by her audience was every bit as thrilling and arousing as she’d hoped it would be. She took her time with every move and savored the anticipation of the events to come.

She let her gaze wander over Kyle’s long frame and drank in the sight of his naked body: swimmer’s build, firm muscles from toes to head, topped off by an unruly swath of blonde hair above deep blue eyes.

Her gaze drifted to his erection—it was beautiful! And so hard. The precum at the tip had turned into a shiny wet trail down the frenulum. Stephanie raised her eyes to Kyle’s and when she caught his gaze she held it steadily as she leaned in and used the tip of her tongue to carefully lick the glistening liquid from the underside of his erection back to the tip. Kyle shuddered with pleasure and anticipation, and Stephanie recognized Morgan’s sharp intake of breath. Still holding Kyle’s gaze with her own, she heard Troy whispering to Morgan. Listening closely she could only make out fragments, “….the most sensitive part of his cock… showed him that she wants to taste him…so erotic…” Knowing that Troy was helping Morgan through this not only warmed her heart, but further stoked her already overwhelming lust for what was happening. Still holding Kyle’s gaze, Stephanie breathed in his clean scent as she inched forward steadily until Kyle’s throbbing cock met her lips and slid smoothly into her willing mouth. They moaned in unison as she lightly gripped his hips and lost herself in the feeling of his hard body in her touch and his stiff manhood filling her mouth.

She slowly, wetly, slid her mouth up and down his shaft, feeling the rough head slide over her tongue as she languished in the erotic feeling of power this gave her. She loved the sensations and the wonderful contrast of his smooth wet skin over his amazingly hard member.

Pulling back slowly, she paused just long enough to shoot a glance towards Morgan, and felt a warm rush of affection for Troy when she noted that he’d managed to carefully cradle Morgan in his arms without being too forward. No small feat, given that Troy, like Kyle, was completely naked. They were both intently watching Escort bayan the show that Stephanie and Kyle were providing. Reassured that the personal dynamics were still working out, Stephanie let herself focus on Kyle again, and slid his huge erection wetly in and out of her mouth several times.

“Morgan, is this what you wanted to see?” she paused to ask, and immediately resumed sucking Kyle while she waited for the answer.

“Yes. Yes, thank you!” Morgan said, her voice husky, filled with lust and tinged with a nervous edge.

“Where do you want me to make him cum?” Stephanie offered, as she licked and stroked Kyle steadily, making sure to squeeze just enough as her hand slipped over the rough ridge of his cockhead. “I am going to make him come,” she says, “We’ve established that. But where? In my mouth? Or on my face? I’ll do it any way you want.”

Morgan’s head spun with the realization that she really was about to watch a man cum, for the first time in her life. She was so turned on by the idea that she was literally a little dizzy and took a slow, steadying breath while she formed her words. “I want to see him cum,” she managed to say, “but I also want you to take some in your mouth. You told me you usually like that. Can you do some of both? Can it work that way?” She blushed, thrilled to be able to ask these questions, and watch all of this happen.

“No problem, baby–I know just what you mean. And yes , I can do that and I want to do that—exactly that.” She interrupted herself to slide Kyle’s cock back in her mouth, sucking and pulling with her lips as Kyle moaned in pleasure. “I’m pretty sure there’ll be plenty to go around when we get him there.”

Kyle managed to grin through his ecstasy and gasped out “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem!”

“Good,” says Stephanie evenly, “Then here’s how it’s going to be…”

Chapter 1

Kyle walked toward the entrance of the Hilton and glanced at his watch. He was a few minutes early, which would give him time to drop into the hotel bar for a quick drink. He was a little surprised to find that he wasn’t really nervous, but given the fact that he was on his way to his first threesome it might not be a bad idea to knock down one drink anyway.

He noticed a really cute blonde walking towards him and realized she was also headed into the hotel. Reaching the door just ahead of her, he pulled it back to let her through. In addition to being smarter than his surfer-boy looks might suggest, his heart was in the right place and his father had taught him well. The blonde seemed a little lost in thought and pulled up for just a second before passing through, but brightened and cast a smile and a “Thanks!” his way. In Kyle’s estimation, she went from “cute” to “pretty much stunning” in that instant.

“Sure thing,” he replied, as he further admired her lithe frame and cute butt as she passed in front of him. If he weren’t on his way to what promised to be a very interesting evening, he’d have looked for a way to start a conversation. His exceptional looks and swimmer’s physique didn’t hurt when paired up with his more-than-adequate conversational skills, so he didn’t generally have much trouble in that department. Instead, he let the moment pass and veered into the bar.

The blonde was named Morgan, and she was also on her way to a rendezvous. She was far more nervous than Kyle—and at the age of nineteen, she didn’t have the option of casually dropping into the bar for a drink. She didn’t notice the admiring looks that followed her through the well-appointed lobby as she headed for the restroom to clear her head and steel her nerve before heading up to the room. Truth was, she was very nervous and more than a little excited. She trusted Stephanie completely and knew she could have a great deal of say in how things went–and in any case she was bound and determined to go through with their plan–but she was still nervous.

Stephanie and Morgan had been sharing a house for the last few months, and they’d become very close. At 32, Stephanie was quite experienced and totally fearless about intimacy, while Morgan was by her own admission “incredibly curious, more than ready…but scared, and almost completely inexperienced.” She and Stephanie had had many late night girl-talks over wine, and Morgan had done her share of research into sex—she was adorably a sort of slightly nerdy mega-brain trapped in a dancer’s body with glowing good looks. Ironically, her combination of looks and brains had actually scared away most guys, and she found herself at the end of her teenage years with more willingness than she’d had opportunity. Now with Stephanie as her mentor, she was bound and determined to start exploring for real. And Stephanie loved the idea of helping Morgan learn, so when the opportunity to spend time with Troy came along she knew the stars had aligned.

Stephanie convinced Morgan to join her and her sometimes-lover Bayan escort Troy, for an evening of…well, what? Whatever Morgan was up for, most likely. Stephanie had made it clear that Morgan could draw the line any time, true. Still this was way beyond what Morgan would have had the nerve to do on her own and she was wonderfully out of her league on this.

The catch was, Troy didn’t know about the plan. Stephanie assured her that he would be thrilled with it and that he would be totally okay with letting the girls control the pace and set the boundaries. She trusted Stephanie enormously and with a deep breath and a strong resolve to see this through she strode out of the ladies room and headed for the elevator.


Stephanie and Troy where both unattached and had dated off and on in college. After graduation they’d gone their separate ways, but crossed paths again a couple of years ago. Their relationship rekindled, but with no strings attached. Troy was a former swimmer, and currently coached the US Men’s Swim Team. When the team’s travels brought them to town–which they had this weekend–Troy and Stephanie always met for a night out…and in. They’d become friends with benefits in a very satisfactory way.

From their time together and the pillow-talk it included, Stephanie wasn’t at all sure that Troy’s fantasies involved group sex. Truth be told, Stephanie had some group-sex fantasies of her own that she’d probably alluded to with Troy, but over time she realized that Troy’s ideas didn’t involve him “having” two women at once in some dominant manly-man sort of fantasy world. Still, she thought, he would be the perfect partner in helping Stephanie guide Morgan, if only helping to demonstrate things for Morgan to watch. And truth be told the whole arrangement appealed to an exhibitionist side that she’d never really had a chance to set free.

On this special evening, Troy and Stephanie had spent their time together in the usual way. They had a drink in the hotel bar to get past the mild jitters that sometimes crept in, initially. Troy was genuinely taken by Stephanie’s beauty: long, stunning red hair and a pale complexion, with lean legs that stretched on forever. She ran regularly and loved yoga (it was at a yoga class that she and Morgan had met), and it very much paid off. If she was the model for “Gingers” then the term would be anything but derogatory! Her emerald green eyes reflected her daring personality and quick wit, and only her free spirit had kept her from being tied down to her many willing suitors long ago.

Stephanie found Troy incredibly attractive, as well. Tall, with a body molded by years of swimming, he kept in shape now by running and workouts along with the members of the swim team. Stephanie’s wildest fantasies included multiple members of the swimmers on Troy’s team, although she found the scenarios that played out in her head drifting towards instructing the college-aged “boys” in ways that younger girls could not.

With a drink in hand and the familiar comfortable feeling having settled over them both, a long walk down the beach was in order. They’d started early and left plenty of time for a light dinner before heading up to Troy’s room. There was no pretense on this visit, or any of their visits. They knew that an evening of intimacy was in both of their minds, and they had a perfectly agreeable pace at which to let it grow.

However, the fact that they had both–unbeknownst to the other–invited friends to join them was going to make for more adventures than either of them anticipated.


As always, Troy had popped for a suite when meeting with Stephanie, and they were curled up on the sofa nursing their third drink of the long evening when the gentle knock sounded on the door. Troy’s feeble efforts at looking surprised and confused matched Stephanie’s confusion–she could tell Troy was faking his bewilderment, until he opened the door and his confusion became real. Instead of greeting Kyle, who appeared to be a few minutes early, here stood a waifish young blonde grinning nervously–very pretty, but definitely not Kyle!

Steph had followed Troy to the door, and the blonde quickly looked past Troy as Stephanie rushed past and embraced her young friend. Spinning her around so that she could look at Troy over Morgan’s shoulder, Stephanie’s mischievous grin gave Troy the first clue of what may be happening.

As if to punctuate the arrival of that thought, the elevator down the hall emitted a bing! and out stepped Kyle.

By this point, confusion abounded. Kyle was taken aback by the sight of Troy standing in the hall with a red haired beauty that must be Stephanie, along with the cute blonde Kyle had seen on the way in. New thoughts and implications poured steadily into sharp Troy’s mind: Did Stephanie invite a friend to hang out with them? If so, how was Troy going to explain that Escort he’d invited Kyle to join them for more than just a drink? If Stephanie had more than that in mind in inviting her cute blonde friend, was everyone still going to be okay with this when Troy brought Kyle into the mix??

Fortunately, Stephanie was quickly piecing all of this together herself and had no intention of letting the boys off the hook. She’d bargained for a unique and exciting evening, and the curveball of a second cute guy was not something she’d let derail them. And Troy’s friend coming sheepishly down the hall was cute–no doubt of that: tall, blonde, and more heavily muscled than Troy.

“Morgan, this is Troy!” she stated brightly. “And Troy, I get the feeling you know this hunk of man coming down the hall?”

“Um, yes–of course.” Troy was quickly regaining his composure, and his manners. “Morgan, it’s great to meet you,” he said warmly but carefully, “And ladies, this is Kyle.”

“Why don’t we move this out of the hall,” offered Stephanie, “And we can play a little Who’s-Who and Why-Are-We-Here in…private.”

With that, the array of baffled looks and awkward tension started to dissipate, and they filed back into the suite.

As the door swung toward a close, a pale and delicate hand halted it just long enough to dart out and put the “Do Not Disturb” sign firmly into place.


Troy and Stephanie went straight to work fixing drinks since it was pretty clear to both of them that this was very much an occasion where social drinking might help everyone relax while they sorted through what would happen next. Troy mixed gin-and-tonics for himself and Kyle, while Stephanie made a White Russian for herself and a glass of merlot for Morgan—Stephanie had brought along a bottle of Morgan’s favorite.

Kyle and Morgan poked around the substantial suite that Troy had reserved, with its spacious sitting area complete with a bar and a massive HDTV on the wall. They even managed to shoot each other amused glances when they poked their heads into the separate bedroom and noted that it had two king-sized beds.

Stephanie kept an eye on Morgan and Kyle while she fixed drinks. It was clear that they were checking each other out as they roamed around the suite. Morgan appeared a little nervous, but Stephanie was pretty sure she’d be okay. Kyle seemed mostly at ease, and she noticed with approval that he was well-mannered toward Morgan. He held the door for her, and was conscious of walking behind her—and not just to check her out, but out of a sense of politeness that seemed genuine. “What a good choice,” she thought to herself, “an Adonis, with manners.”

As they all settled into seats in the living room, Stephanie caught Troy’s eye and took the lead. “So Troy,” she said playfully as she settled into a love seat next to him, “I suppose Kyle’s presence means you thought I’d be up for a little ménage a trois action? Hmm?” Her tone made it pretty clear that she didn’t find the prospect the least disturbing.

Troy laughed comfortably. “Lover, you’ve been dropping hints for years that you thought it would be fun to take on two men at once—so yes, I did think you’d be up for it. And as much as I enjoy having you to myself,” at which point he paused long enough to land a quick kiss on her forehead, “I thought maybe the time was right. Kyle joined the swim team this year, and I’ve seen him in the shower…so you’re going to have to take my word for it that he is equipped to handle his part in this.”

“Oh really,” Stephanie interrupted, “I hope I don’t have to take your word for it at all.” She hoped the look she cast Kyle’s way was properly lecherous in a playful way.

“But I admit I didn’t realize I’d been dropping hints about a FFM situation…” he trailed off, effectively passing the ball to Stephanie.

“It’s not that, so much” Stephanie picked up, “so maybe I should explain.”

After a quick glance to Morgan for approval, Stephanie said “Morgan and I have gotten really close in the last few months.” Both Troy and Kyle’s expressions gave away their interpretation of “really close,” and Stephanie quickly said “Now now, don’t go jumping to conclusions…I mostly meant that she’s become my best friend, and in many ways like a little sister to me.” The qualifiers in her sentence were not lost on either of the men, but they opted to leave the ambiguity in the air and let Stephanie continue.

“Morgan is ready to expand her boundaries, if you know what I mean, and I feel strongly that that’s an area that should not be left to chance,” Stephanie explained.

Morgan stepped in with “What she’s saying is, I’m incredibly inexperienced when it comes to sex, but more than a little curious, and,” with a deep breath and another sip of wine, “I’m very ready to start exploring things for myself.”

Stephanie said “And you know what? Learning about sex is difficult! It really is, especially for a woman who doesn’t want to get a reputation—or a disease. I worked hard at learning about it, but it took a long time.”

Troy, with real sincerity, said “Steph, you’re great at sex—so whatever you did worked for you.”

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