Every Man’s Fantasy

Big Tits

I’d been watching her all night. First at the restaurant, now standing in line at the movie theater. Mini-skirt hiking up sometimes, showing a flash of black lace underneath, before she pulls back down into place. The last time a truck passing too fast blew it farther up, showing the garters at the top of her stockings.

Feeling a stirring with in , holding back from approaching her. Just watching for the moment. The line moving forward she slips inside and I loose her in the crowd. Smiling I buys my ticket, heading off to see the latest in some new series of horror.

Waiting as the theater darkens I hear the late arrivals coming in, ignoring them as usual until, one sits next to me. It’s her. Smiling nervously, “Is this seat taken?” barely audible whisper above the previews and commercials, I shake my head no, moving my coat. As she sits down I get a better look at her, dark skinned, eyes almost black, Hair the color of jet. Looking back to screen before she catches me looking.

Movie starting with a young woman running through the woods at night, recap of the end of the last movie. Except the monster catches Bahçeşehir escort her ripping her into bloody pieces on the screen. Usual beginning, if a bit more graphic than most, it is at this point I notice she has grabbed my arm. Looking down she smiles and blushes, mouthing sorry to me. I just smile nodding its ok.

Several more killings later and the main actors are hold up in an abandon warehouse. Here it comes the sex scene every one of these horror movies has, shaking my head I pull out some gum. Opening a piece, then offering some to the young lady next to me. As she is pulling out a piece the pack drops on the seat, sliding back on the leather seat under her mini-skirt.

Without even thinking I reach for the wayward pack of gum, my hand brushing right up against her underwear. Locking eyes in a fraction of second, seeing the smile form across her lips, feeling her warmth through the material. All of it in that fraction of a second, before she is pressing against my hand a little harder.

Grabbing the pack of gum, withdrawing my hand quickly, she catches my wrist. Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan Looking down at herself, she spreads her legs wider. Her soft grip I could break in second, but I let my hand be guided back to her. Caressing the edge of her underwear I can feel her growing wet, pressing with finger and knuckle she starts to soak through the lace as her moaning grows louder. Sliding a side the lace he feels just how wet she has become at his touch. Taking a chance he slides a finger inside her, parting her lips sliding his finger in deep, just as scream lets loose on the screen she cries out it pleasure.

Sliding my hand back out of her, scanning the theater for a secluded place, I notice the exit halls to either side of the screen are dark. Teens sitting way to close to the left one, I grab her by the wrist half dragging her from the seat. Waiting for a dark scene in the movie I push her behind the curtain blocking the view of other movie goers. Realizing I still have her by the wrist, I wait for my eyes to adjust the darkness in the hall. Light from the screen leaks through Escort Bahçeşehir to illuminate the first two feet but as if a line as been drawn on the floor beyond is pitch black.

Feeling my way long the wall with the palm of my free hand, I find it. A small access door leading under the stage and screen. Searching a bit further I find the handle, opening it a force her ahead of me. Down another smaller hall it opens in to a dimly lit storeroom. Smiling, releasing her wrist for first time since I dragged her the seats, I look into her eyes. Excitement, fear, wanting, all mixing together there, placing my index finger against her lips in the universal sign of quite she obeys with out question.

I point to the out line of an old theater chair; she understands and sits quickly. Returning to the door we entered through I thumb the lock as I close it. Checking my watch I see we have at least 3 hours, the finish of this showing and the next. Plenty of time then for what we want.

Still sitting right where I had pointed, eyes a bit wilder then when I had left, she smiles when she sees me come back. Scanning the entire room, I am sure we are safe here and will not be disturbed. Walking slowly to her a smile playing on my lips, more predatory than she can imagine, does she know what is in store for her in this dark little room? The next line of the movie framed it best as we both heard and smiled at “How sweet – Fresh Meat”.

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