Closing Time


It had been a busy day at the restaurant but now it was almost eleven and we had been closed for just about an hour. Everyone was finishing up the last of their duties and heading out for the night. I was still in the office doing the bookwork; I had the radio on low and had changed into a pair of white cloth shorts and a black tank top since I was done dealing with customers for the night. Besides, it was hotter than hell in the back where my office was.

The last two waitresses popped their heads in to let me know they were leaving. That left just me and one of the guys there. We had a rule that the guys took turns staying late to wait for me to walk to me to my car, for safety reasons. They didn’t mind too much since they got paid for it and it didn’t usually take me too long to finish up after everyone else was gone.

I heard the back door close and knew that Bret had come back in from walking the girls to their cars. I continued working on my paperwork for a few more minutes, then decided I wanted some water to drink while I finished everything else up. I had taken off my shoes and socks earlier – health codes be damned – and the cold tile felt good against my bare feet as I made my way to the front where the pop machines were. God it was so hot in there.

I hadn’t seen Bret when I made my way to the front, but knew he was around in the building somewhere; probably out in the lobby sitting down at one of the booths watching TV.

“Bret, are those fryers off? It’s hotter than hell in here” I yelled, filling a glass with ice and water from the machine.

“Yeah, they’re off.” Came his soft reply right behind me.

I about dropped my glass when I spun around and managed to spill about half of it all over my shorts and down my legs.

“Shit.” Embarrassed and flustered I started back toward my office, only to take about 2 steps, have my bare feet slip in some of the water on the floor and almost end up flat on my ass. Bret managed to grab me just in time; he steadied me and turned me around so I was facing him.

“Shit.” I say again, really embarrassed now. I look up at him, shyly, waiting for him to start laughing at me. Instead he is looking down at me with a strange expression on his face and a half-smile playing around his lips.

“Who ever knew you were such a klutz.” He teased softly with that half smile still on his lips.

That got my attention. “I am not!” My shy look turned to ümraniye escort a glare as I looked up at him. Damn he was tall. And cute. Dark brown hair and eyes, full lips, broad shoulders covered by a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans that showed off his ass when he walked. Not that I was ever looking mind you, I always kept things strictly business while at work.

“You can let go now” I reminded him firmly and tried to take step back. He let his hands drop and I watched his eyes travel down my body, lingering on the front of my shorts. Crap, the water had soaked through the thin white material and I had forgot I wasn’t wearing panties. I blushed scarlet and practically fled back to my office where I grabbed some paper towels and was trying to soak up some of the water from my shorts so I could at least walk out of there without anyone being able to see that my pussy lips were shaved and my pubs were trimmed very short on top.

I was so embarrassed to think that Bret might have seen anything; god there goes my professional image. Even while all this was going through my mind, I realized that besides being embarrassed that one of my co-workers had seem me like that, the fact that it was Bret was really turning me on. I had known him for over a year and ok, I admit it, had had a few fantasies about him while laying in bed masturbating. I wasn’t sure if I was more embarrassed that he saw me like that, or that I was that turned on by him seeing me like that.

I didn’t have too long to think about it because a few seconds later I heard him say, “Here, let me help you.”

“No, I can get it.” I protested weekly as his strong hand took the wad of paper towels from me and started dabbing at my shorts with them.

“I didn’t mean to startle you back there.” He said softly.

“I know.” I replied, watching his large hands trying to blot up the water on the leg of my shorts. I was half sitting on my desk, he had one hand resting on my right leg and his other hand was using the paper towel on my left leg. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting from this simple act. He was absentmindedly caressing my leg with his thumb while he worked with his other hand, pressing firmly in a circular motion with the paper towels. I was sitting there trying to get a hold of myself and trying not to squirm into his hand, his voice brought me back to my senses for a moment.

“You realize üsküdar escort that white material is see through when it’s wet?” There was that smile on his lips again, and in his voice this time. Our gazes were locked as I tried to stammer out a reply, god what was wrong with me, I never get like this! I dropped my gaze and gave up trying to reply. I heard him take a deep breath, his hand stopping its movement. “I liked what I saw, sweetheart. I’ve had my eye on you for a long time and I think you’ve been watching me too.”

I didn’t know what to say, what are you supposed to say when a guy just tells you he liked getting to see your pussy?

My gaze was fixed fast on the floor, his left hand came up and grasped me under my chin to force my face up to look at him. “I’m going to touch you, sweetheart.” He said softly. My eyes widened and I tried to shake my head no, but his hand held my face firmly. I felt his other hand move my shorts to the side and slide up my thigh then over to my already wet pussy. I didn’t want him to know how hot I was.

“No. Please don’t, Bret.” I managed to get out. “Shhhh. I’m not going to hurt you. You know that” he replied, and then he was there. One finger slid up my wet slit. He knew. I closed my eyes against his gaze just after I saw the triumphant look in his eyes and he knew he had won. He began stroking my mound, softly, dancing his fingers over me and letting one slid up my opening every now and then, teasing me.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” He said, firmly. I did. He slid one of his thick fingers deep inside me and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes back and moan. “I’m going to taste you.” He wasn’t asking, he was telling. He stood me up and pushed my shorts down then sat me on the edge of my chair and knelt in front of me, spreading my legs with his hands, holding them apart. Oh my god I had never had my pussy licked like that. He was everywhere, he was slow and teasing, he was unmercifully slapping my clit with his tongue while he moved one hand from my leg to begin slipping his fingers in and out of my wetness. First one, then two, I was leaning back in the chair enjoying him working on me and I was so close to cumming at that point I didn’t care what he did to me.

He must have been able to tell because he stopped what he was doing and pushed the stuff on my desk over to the other side to get it out of the way, he stood me up and kadıköy escort pulled my tank top off over my head, then told me to take off my bra, which I did. Then he removed his cloths, holy crap he was hot and I couldn’t help but drop my gaze down to his cock. It wasn’t a monster cock, I would say around 5 ½ inches or so, but Jesus it was thick. He smiled when he saw me looking at him and I reached out to take it in my hand, but he caught my hand in his and said, “Next time.” I nodded.

He put me up on the desk and pushed me back so I was laying on it, legs spread open for him. He stood between my thighs and lined up his cock to my dripping pussy. I expected him to just ram it in but instead he started teasing me, rubbing that huge head against my clit, then down my slit to poke at my hole, then repeating the process, each time pressing in a little deeper.

I was squirming by that time, wanting his dick in me and I tell him that. He must have been waiting for me to say something because he plunged in obligingly as soon as I said ‘please.’ Long slow strokes all the way in and almost all the way out, still teasing me. I was moaning and squirming against him trying to get him in me deeper and harder, but he kept his hands on my hips, pinning me down so I couldn’t move around too much. He moved one hand over and started teasing my clit as he fucked me slowly in and out, in and out.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop teasing and fuck me!” That must have been what he was waiting for, he pulled out of me and pulled me off the desk, pushing me down on the floor, it was cold against my back but I didn’t care at that point. He wasted no time in burying himself back in me, but this time it was not slow and teasing, this time he was really fucking me. His thick cock stretching me with each thrust, faster and faster. I was moaning and trying to match my thrusts with his but I couldn’t keep up. I finally just spread my legs as wide as I could and moaned while he fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before. He reached down with one hand and began twisting my nipple; then bent over and took the other one in his mouth. This sent me over the edge and I started to cum, my hands grabbing his ass and trying to pull him in deeper. Before I was done with my orgasm he changed his rhythm and I don’t know how he was doing it but he was doing something to the inside of my cunt that made it keep convulsing long after I would have normally been done cumming. It didn’t take long after that and I felt him start to cum in me. After he finished he just laid there for a minute while we both caught our breath, then he kissed me long and deep. I smiled at him and asked if he would mind closing with me every night from now on. He grinned his answer back at me.

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