White Bitch For Black Girls


The first time I laid eyes on Catherine Brown, I knew I just had to have her. The five-foot-ten, lean and athletic, absolutely gorgeous young Black woman who joined the Saint William University Varsity Cheerleading Squad simply took my breath away. We’ve got Asian, Hispanic and Arabic girls on the Cheerleading Squad but Catherine is the very first Black woman to join us. This is a historical occasion. My name is Karen Anderson. A six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irish lesbian who simply can’t get enough of sexy young Black women.

Saint William University is the most diverse private school in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Thirty eight percent of all students are of African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Middle-Eastern descent. We fully support our students diversity and uniqueness. That’s why we have the Black Student Union, the Hispanic Heritage Society, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, the Persian Students Club, the Irish Students Club and the Italian-American Club.

We have about eleven thousand five hundred and eighty six students in total. And we take care of all of them. Located in the heart of Boston, we’re a 100-year-old institution. We have fascinating guest speakers, among them the first African-American Governor of the state of Massachusetts. I am a firm supporter of the Governor of Massachusetts. Mr. Patrick is a fine man. We’re a very progressive people here in the state of Massachusetts. Look at the flourishing African-American politicians and openly gay civil servants we have here in our fair city.

Saint William University is the place I’ve called home for decades. I was a student here in 1989, when I was only twenty years old. I majored in business administration. It’s where I met my future ex-husband James O’Shea. Back then he was the football Escort bayan team captain and I was the overly tall and awkward Cheerleader. Fast forward twenty one years and I’m divorced. I teach business administration at the same school where I earned my MBA. And I’m also the faculty advisor to the Varsity Cheerleading Squad of Saint William University. I just love Cheerleading. When I learned that a sexy young Black woman had joined the squad, I decided to make her feel welcome. I honestly hadn’t counted on falling in love with her.

Saint William University has many sports teams. We have Women’s Intercollegiate softball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, wrestling, tennis, golf, field hockey, lacrosse, rowing, sailing, alpine skiing along with Men’s Intercollegiate football, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, wrestling, golf, tennis, lacrosse, rowing, sailing and alpine skiing. We compete in the NCAA Division One. And the Cheerleading squad is present at almost all the sporting events. How about that? These young ladies are so busy it’s not even funny. It’s my job to make sure their coaches don’t push them too far. Student-athletes have special advisors that look after their well-being. Academia can’t be a distant second to sports in a college athlete’s mind. The two have to go together. We make sure we don’t exhaust our students mentally or physically here at SWU.

I took a particular interest in Catherine Brown because her mother Deirdre Brown was a good friend of mine. I met Deirdre Brown while visiting Howard University in 1991. Saint William University’s football team had its butt kicked by Howard University in Washington D.C. I recalled a stunning Black Cheerleader from Saint William University’s Cheerleading squad who was Bayan escort simply hotter than the rest. Her name was Deirdre and we became fast friends. You see, Deirdre and I had a lot in common. We were both Cheerleaders and we both had secret lives. I was trying to hide my attraction to women and she was going through the same thing. Deirdre was a budding bisexual. Her boyfriend at the time, Howard University basketball superstar Jerome Blackstone, had no idea.

Well, long story short, Deirdre Brown and I had a passionate affair. She had family in the South End of Boston and we hung out a lot during the summer. The tall, sexy Black gal simply amazed me. I still shudder when I remember how she made my toes curl when she licked my pussy. Deirdre Brown rocked my world. She would finger and lick my pussy until I squealed in delight. Then she would wear a thick strap-on dildo and fuck me with it. I loved getting on all fours and getting fucked by her. It drove Deirdre wild when I knelt before her and sucked her strap-on dildo before spreading my legs to let her fuck my pussy. Deirdre could get really bossy in the bedroom, but I liked that about her.

Other times, Deirdre wanted me to dominate her. Well, I was quite okay with that. I loved to bend her over and spank her big brown butt. I also loved fingering her asshole while sliding my strap-on dildo into her pussy. The lovely Deirdre Brown is a real screamer when she’s got a dildo in her cunt. I simply love Black women. I think they’re amazing. And Deirdre is the first Black woman I ever loved. I would have done anything for her. Yep, I knew how to keep my woman happy. I fell in love with Deirdre and I wanted to be with her forever. Unfortunately, she wasn’t interested in living with a woman for the rest of her life. We both Escort got married and moved on with our lives.

Twenty one years later, I’m lonely and divorced, but openly gay. Deirdre is a corporate accountant, supposedly happily married to a successful African-American attorney named Dwight Henderson whom she met at Howard University. And their daughter Catherine Brown is now a freshman at Saint William University. Wow. I tried to stay away from Catherine Brown but I couldn’t. The twenty-year-old Black Cheerleader was too hot. I ended up seducing her just like I seduced her mother more than twenty years ago. And I absolutely rocked her world.

Catherine Brown was even wilder and kinkier than her mother Deirdre Brown had been. We got it on in my townhouse near Boston Common one night and she blew me away. I laid the very naked and sexy Catherine Brown on my bed and licked her from her head to her toes. Then I fingered her pussy while sucking her tits, driving her absolutely nuts. She couldn’t get enough of my expert lovemaking. When I took out my strap-on dildo, she eagerly knelt before me and sucked it. I rubbed her head while she sucked my dildo. Then I put her on all fours and spanked her big butt while thrusting my dildo into her pussy. Catherine squealed as I fucked her and begged me to fuck her harder. I did exactly that.

Man, I can’t get enough of Catherine Brown. She’s even wilder than her sweet mother Deirdre. Catherine is into anal sex and loves it when I fuck her in the ass. I love putting her on all fours, spreading her big butt cheeks wide open and working my dildo into her asshole. I grip her hips tightly as I fuck her in the ass. Oh, man. I love the sound of her screams as she’s getting her ass fucked. She sounds so much like Deirdre did, once upon a time. Oh, yeah. I’m having all kinds of fun with my former female lover’s decidedly lesbian collegiate daughter. And I’m not giving her up. Catherine loves what I do. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We’re having too much fun, you see.

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