My Sexy Cousin

Big Tits

Some times I feel that I was born just for the sake of fantasizing about sex . There is no such place where I never dream about sex. Let it be in the class room or at home even while watching movies or when I am driving every single second of my free time I spend on fantasizing about sex sex and only sex. To be honest I am such a fucker that I did not even spare fantasizing in the Church.

Last week I had to go to the outskirts of Hyderabad due to some urgent work. So early in the morning I got ready suddenly when I opened my cupboard I remember that I had a mini pack of condoms intentionally I put them in my pocket hoping that I would get some chicks in my way or else I decided to trap a village girl by giving her some money. So I was desperate to have sex on that day. I got into my car and started my journey so around 8:30 am I reached that place I had to meet some people over there. I finished my work by 12: 30 , I could not find any sexy girl so I decided to go back home when suddenly Alanya Anal Escort I thought of going to my uncles house who stay nearby.

I was a hot after noon and when I reached my uncles place I discovered that my uncle and aunt had gone to work and only my cousin Rita was at home. I went in had my lunch and decided to take a short nap. I went into the bedroom and lied. So let me tell you about my cousin she is around 24 years (elder than me) and 5’4 tall, but she is very thin and has very small boobs but they are cute looking tits which perfectly suit her figure. But she talks a lot and asks many questions that’s why I try to avoid her a lot. When I was sleeping she came in and tried to wake me up but intentionally I avoided her acting as if I was in deep in sleep else she would kill me by going on talking to me. Not getting any response from me she switched on the T.V and came and lied down besides me watching the T.V.

After some time I felt a Alanya Çıtır Escort hand moving on my body , I did not make a move and acted as if I was fast asleep. Rita slowly slipped her hand into my shirt and started to rotate her fingers around my nipples I was getting exited and for the first time I realized that this girl is fuckable. She started to pinch my nipples which were hard by now and my lund started to get up to salute her. Then she rubbed her hand on my body for some time and now proceeded down. Actually this was her test to find out weather I was in deep sleep or not . Now she slowly came down and put her hand on my lund and did not move it then after some time she slowly caressed my lund and was enjoying my hard on. Now she slowly opened my zip and took out my cock and she was surprised, this was the first time she was seeing a lund in reality. I could feel her kissing it and rubbing her nose to it. Really guys she was enjoying it. Now she took it Alanya Elit Escort in her hands and started shagging it I was really so exited that I could not control for a long time so I busted out and my cum fell on her face.

I opened my eyes and saw that she was not surprised she was expecting me to be awake and enjoying the show. Then I kissed her and all over her body and started pressing her boobs. Her nipples were completely different (I never saw such nipples any where even in any photo or XXX film) there were light brown in color and were nice and big , they were standing stiff. I took her nipples in between my fingers and started pressing them. Oh God she was very much exited. Then I started fingering her pussy and she was really enjoying it a lot she was shouting like hell and was pressing my lund as hard as she could. After fingering her for about 10 minutes I ramped my cock into her pussy and started fucking her like hell both of us were really enjoying a lot . then after fucking her for about 30 min both of us cummed together and were tired. We enjoyed as much as we can on that day till my uncle and my aunt came back. Then I decided to go home and after dinner she asked me to stay there at night to have one more session but I told her that I will come later and I left.

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