My Latest Visit to My Sister


It had been 2 years since me and my big sister had sex. I’m 50 years old and she’s 65 years old. This is the least on our sex, with each other.

On Monday November 3, 2014 I went to visit my big sister Carol.

When I arrived she let me in her house and we had coffee in her living room.

I seat on the sofa and Carol seat across from me on a wooden stool.

We started out with some small talk, as we enjoyed our coffee.

Then out of the blue I said, “Carol when the last time you masturbate alone?”

She came back and said, “Oh gosh about a month ago, I believe!”

I’m sure she knew what was coming next!

I said to her, “why don’t you masturbate in front of me sis?”

She put her coffee down, got up and when she returned she had a large towel.

She placed the towel on the carpet and set the stool on the towel.

She said, “I don’t want to make a miss on the carpet!”

Before she sits down, she unbutton her jeans and pulled them and her panties down to her ankles.

She sits down on the stool and opens her legs slightly. She proceeded to run her fingers over her pussy.

I had a great view of her fingering the outside of her mature pussy!

I watched her for a while as she started to spread open her pussy.

I finally got up and walk over, getting a full view of her pussy!

Then I kneel down beside her and started giving her pussy a few licks.

Just enough to help her out. With me licking some and her getting wetter.

She was really getting into it!

Besides rubbing her clit at times she would insert her finger into her pussy hole!

I asked her how she was doing. And she said, “Oh god it feels so good!”

By now she had her legs spread Beylikdüzü Grup Escort wide, as I had pulled off her jeans and panties.

I continue to lick her pussy from time to time.

I didn’t keep track of the time, but it must been going on 15 minutes.

Carol was starting to get pretty close to an orgasm.

I said to her, “come on Carol, keep playing with yourself! I want to see you have an orgasm!”

It wasn’t long after that, she said, “Oh fuck that felt so good!”

She started to slow down in playing with her pussy.

And a few moments later totally stopped!

She was breathing pretty heavily!

I couldn’t wait any longer! I was pretty hard from what I had witness!

I pulled my pants and underwear down, and said “give me a bj sis!”

She pulled her hair back and proceeds in licking my little cock!

I’m sure she got some taste of my pre cum!

Carol licked and sucked the tip of my cock!

Then she slowly put inch by inch by inch into her willing mouth!

She sucked my cock and played with my balls.

As she was doing that I place both of my hands on her head!

I started running my hands through her hair!

In a few moments I started to say out loud “OMG, OMG, OMG!”

Then I shot my load into her mouth and all over her face!

As I took over my cock and was jerking it off, in front of her!

She had cum running down her chin and onto her sweater!

I helped her take her sweater off and unhook her bra!

Releasing her breasts from her bra!

I took both of my hands and started playing with my sister breasts!

Feeling them and stroking them!

Then I lean over and sucked on her Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort left nipple. Sucked it until it was fully erect!

I then move to her other nipple and done the same!

She said, “Let’s go the bedroom and play in there!”

I stepped out of my pants and we held hands as we went to her bedroom!

She pulled the covers to the bed back.

We both finished getting naked and got into the bed.

I had her get really close to me as I wrapped my arms around her!

Several minutes past and I took one of my hands and placed it near my sister pussy.

While leaving my other hand around her holding her!

My fingers started touching and feeling her wet, her very wet pussy.

I stroke my fingers all over the outside of her pussy and finally inside her pussy as well!

I worked on her clit, as well her pussy hole inserting my finger.

When I felt she was ready, I rolled on top of her. Trying to insert my cock into her pussy!

With the help of Carol, I inserted my cock into her pussy!

Then I started banging her and kissing my neck.

I felt good having my little cock in her pussy, once again!

It wasn’t long until I knew I was going to cum!

After I did, I rolled over of her and laid there on my back next to her!

My sister then licked some of the cum off my cock.

OMG her licking my cock, made me wiggle as it tickled!

By now it was afternoon and my sister asked if I like some lunch?

I did and we got out of bed, and went to the kitchen.

She fixed us a couple tuna fish sandwiches for lunch.

We seat at the dinning room table, naked as we ate our lunch.

Looking at my sister sitting Beylikdüzü Manken Escort there naked, kept my cock erected the whole time!

After lunch she stood at the kitchen sink, washing up a few dishes.

I walked up to her, wrapped my arm around her.

My cock started poking her butt cheeks!

I whisper in her ear, “Let me fuck you one more time here in the kitchen?”

She said, “Go for it!”

My cock enters her willing pussy! This time I was like a wild animal!

I bang her as fast as I dare! My arms were around her holding her from escaping!

I wasn’t sure how much more time we had with each other!

I wanted our last moments together, to be great sex!

As I continue banging her hard and fast, I also started kissing her neck again!

Only words was coming out of my mouth was, “I love you Carol, I love you!”

And the only words coming out of her mouth was soft moans!

When I finally was able to cum, I didn’t stop banging her! I kept going! I wanted to push my cum deep inside my sister pussy!

As I kept going her moans turned in to very load moans.

Several minutes past and all at once she screamed out, “OMG I’m about to cum!”

I didn’t know how much long I could keep this up!

A few moments later both our legs got really weak and we fell to the kitchen floor!

When I had recover I asked her if she cum?

She said, “Yes I did! That was the best orgasm I’ve had for a while!”

We cuddle up as we laid there on the kitchen floor.

Not sure how long we lay there, but shortly before 3pm the phone rang.

I was my sister husband, he was finished at the courthouse, and so was we!

She clean up quickly as I got my clothes on. She also got dressed and we both went out to the garage.

Just before she got into her car. I grab her and give her a long deep french kiss.

After the kiss I said to her, “It was the best sex we’ve had for a while sis!”

With that she got into her car, to go and pick up her husband.

And I headed back home.

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