What Happens in Vegas


My son, Austin, and his wife, Kati, were fighting again. Austin was seeking refuge at our house and catching up on Mom’s cooking. I adore Kati, she’s perfect for him, but they are both so volatile that the slightest word sets the other off. Austin tries to keep private things between him and Kati, but sometimes he needs to confide in someone else that he trusts, so he usually turns to me. A lot of the time, the things that seem to bug him the most are largely in his own head. When I passed fifty I began to think of everyone I met as a child and not strictly because they were my own children’s ages, but also because the world seems to have gotten a whole damned lot faster than when I had my own first loves and marriage. I know that both Kati’s and Austin’s experiences before marriage were a lot more varied and experimental than my own were. They seem to have a scoring system between them about whom is the ‘worst one’ based on the number of one-night-stands or under what circumstances they had sex with other partners. I’ve tried to get them to realize that none of this matters, they were both free agents at the time. Also, past behavior is no indication of future behavior, at least not from the perspective of one or the other of them being unfaithful. They both suspect the other of that. They’d both had previous marriages, but no children, and between fights were trying to get pregnant.

This put me right in the middle. I could listen, but I could not advise beyond saying, “what’s past is past” – not that either of them heard me. Every time Austin went off, he’d flee back home and expose more details of what he should never have mentioned. Kati had had a rough time of things, I will grant you, but she wasn’t the only person in the world to lose someone to a drunk driver. However, Danny’s ghost seemed to inhabit her life at times, and this never failed to set Austin off. I can’t really blame him on that count, no one can compete with the dead. Kati had her share of issues, sometimes describing herself as a widow, sometimes saying it was her boyfriend or fiancé that had died. I guess we could make a case for her having had a common-law marriage, but the point is she’d never actually gone down the aisle in her six years with Danny. As I later learned, there was damned little else she hadn’t done with Danny, and my “past is past” sentiments even sounded hollow to me. Danny’s psychological hold on Kati was something that none of us could understand.

Kati had been off on a trip to Denver planning a media event for Coors and Austin had been cleaning out the storage shed. When he came across Kati’s diary, he shouldn’t have read it, but he did. Worse, he then confronted Kati about the incident involving another couple and she’d told him some of the details, principally she’d only gone along with it so the woman could eat her pussy while the man fucked her from behind and fondled Kati’s tits. I’d already heard from Kati about Austin’s prying without any specifics and I agreed with her that he’d been wrong. It’s not like he could do anything about it, so why stir it up. I didn’t dare ask what the incident was. When Austin told me his side, it was merely to seek my take on whether Kati might be cheating while she was out of town on business and if she might do something even more outrageous. I assured him I didn’t think so, while privately thinking Kati was putting a good face on this already. So, the following is my idea of what might have happened.

* * * * *

Kati had had a series of jobs after giving up her stint in the gentleman’s club in Dallas. She worked as a financial officer in a car dealership, had run a boutique, and even had done a year as a flight attendant with Compass Point airlines. Her friend Suzie had coached her through the training with the idea that they’d fly together, but that never seemed to work out. Suzie had much more seniority and Kati could never get the good flights with her. In many ways, working for the airline was as bad as working at Knockers, except you didn’t even get tips. The only good thing that had come out of the experience was the lead that got her the “events planner” gig. Kati’s gregarious personality and her good looks had been perfect for the position, so she’d been doing that for a couple of years and made about ten trips annually to various functions she was coordinating.

On this particular evening the gig was in Reno and she’d had an exhausting day of minor snafus. She switched into some jeans and a cami top and had decided to have a sandwich and a couple of beers at the hotel bar. It was just past eight when the Escort bayan attractive couple walked in. The guy was 6-2″ and hunky, with startling blue eyes and dark curly hair. His girlfriend was about 5-8″, a slender dirty-blonde who seemed to be all leg. They took a booth in the shadows of the bar and began to party boisterously. There was something about them that seemed familiar.

First off, the hotel where Kati was staying was frequently used by air crews on overnights. It wasn’t the best place in town, but it was very convenient to the convention center. Most airlines have a policy that once you leave the terminal, as soon as possible, you get out of uniform. One stewardess had been fired for posting pictures of herself in uniform on the Internet, not risqué shots, just in uniform and smiling. These two somehow had the look of a pilot and a flight attendant, or maybe a first officer, but somehow Kati doubted it. She turned back to her beer and contemplated it, what was it that made the girl so familiar?

Kati was thinking about the girl being with the pilot. Pilots were pretty much the lowest form of life in the air, they were pigs of the first order. One of the jokes that circulated while she was crewing concerned a doctor, an attorney and a pilot seeking entrance at the gates of heaven. The doctor had small sins, but was rejected, the attorney, bigger ones, also rejected. The pilot had a long string of affairs while away from his wife and family, but was accepted. Saint Peter had explained “what happens on an overnight, stays on an overnight”. That was typical pilot attitude.

The vast majority of male flight attendants were gay men, who were fun to pal around with, but that was it. The females were either married or bi/les or both, so Kati had found it a lonely existence.


Kati snapped out of her musings to realize that the tall blonde was standing beside her. Even seated on the high stool, the other girl had about four inches on her. In her mind she fumbled for the name, Stephanie perhaps?

“I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name ” she began.

“It’s Chase. I thought that was you, Kat! It’s been ages since Flight Attendant School. What did you come in on?”

“Chase, of course. Actually I came in yesterday on US Air. I’m not crewing any more.”

Chase had slid onto the next bar stool and made herself at home. She seemed to want to catch up, but perhaps there was more to it. Another beer appeared in front of Kati, apparently on the pilot’s tab.

“I almost didn’t recognize you, ” Chase began, fondling a lock of Kati’s amber hair, “You were blonde back then. Also, you seem to have grown (her eyes falling to Kati’s chest).”

“Well, this is more my natural color. As far as the boobs, well, I just decided to come out a little now that the airline can’t criticize.”

“Out, huh? I always wanted to ask you about that.”

Kati blushed down to the freckles crossing her cleavage, “I didn’t mean that kind of ‘out’. I’m completely straight.” She took a big swig of her beer and tried to calm herself.

“It’s OK. You can’t blame a girl for trying with someone as attractive as you, now can you?”

Kati licked her lips and tried to get a grip on this rapidly deteriorating conversation. Later she would write in her diary that it was one thing for a man to tell you that you were beautiful; they only wanted to get in your pants. However, when a woman said it, if she wasn’t trying to protect your feelings, it carried real weight. If a woman was prettier than her, it was her nature to criticize or cut her in some way, not admit to it.

“What brand lipstick is that, Kat? It looks so luscious and kissable.”

“I’m just wearing a little gloss, I had my liner tattooed on and filled in with something natural” Kati replied as Chase leaned in and put her words to actions, brushing Kati’s lips with promise and overt hunger.

Kati found herself responding, but then summoned courage to break the kiss. “Aren’t you with that pilot? Isn’t he going to be upset that you’re making a pass at me?” This wasn’t the best she could have said, but she was off balance from the kiss and that’s the first thing that occurred to her.

“That’s, Roger”, Chase giggled. “We’re engaged. We were wondering if you would care to join us tonight?”

Kati glanced at Roger and he raised his glass and smiled a sloppy grin.

“That’s really very sweet of you”, Kati began, “but that’s not exactly my kind of thing.”

Chase looked crestfallen. She lowered her voice, conspiratorially. “Look Kati, this is Bayan escort my idea, not his. You can pretend he isn’t even there. If you want he’ll just sit in the chair and watch. Roger’s a perfect gentleman, he’d never … uh … impose on your good nature. He won’t press you. But if you wanted to, he lasts forever!”

Before Kati could answer, Roger slid in beside Chase and put his arm around her tummy, just under her breasts. When Chase patted his arm, Kati noticed the rock set in platinum, it must have been three carats.

“I’m sorry if we’ve intruded, miss, Chase was sure she knew you from Flight Attendant school.”

“Well, she did … or does… I’m Katherine, or Kati to my friends” she said as she offered her hand.

“Have you eaten yet? I’m on an expense account and I’d be happy to buy dinner for Chase’s old friend.”

Roger might have been a pig, but he was a classy pig.

“Excuse me a moment” Kati said, getting shakily to her feet, “I need to use the ladies.”

Of course, Chase had gone with her, and when Kati had leaned against the sink, Chase had mopped her brow with a damp paper towel. Chase had then leaned over and applied her lips to the side of Kati’s neck and slid her hand under the cami to tweak a rapidly hardening nipple. Kati, caught up in the moment, cupped Chase’s pantiless ass through her skirt. “Please, come back to the room with us. I promise we’ll have fun.” Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was a way of feeling closer to Danny, maybe she just wanted to; whatever the reason, Kati at least tacitly accepted.

Supporting one another the threesome had made it to the elevator. Roger had kissed Kati on the forehead, as one would kiss a little sister, establishing the boundaries for the evening.

Once in their room, Roger excused himself to take a shower.

Kati was probably torn, wanting to just go back to her room and sleep, recollecting times with Danny when she hadn’t let go enough to enjoy herself, recalling times when she’d done things with Suzie that left her gasping and glowing. Chase had pulled her dress over her head revealing a lithe body with small firm breasts and tiny hard nipples. Her belly button was pierced and there was a flash of silver at her small, smooth slit. Still in her high heels she helped Kati out of her jeans and her plain beige thong. Kati sat on the edge of the bed with her back to the bathroom, still in her camisole and holding her thighs together to somehow shield her trimmed thatch of reddish brown hair. Chase could kneel and still kiss her firmly on the mouth, her hands working up and down Kati’s spine. Kati opened her lips to the soft sweet dance of tongues and drew her right hand up Chase’s flat tummy to cup her right breast and roll the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Chase seemed to be everywhere at once, sucking her nipples, kissing her neck and tummy, holding her heavy breasts as if to weigh them. “The first time I saw you in class, I knew I wanted to do this. You’re absolutely beautiful, Kat, and you have no idea how much you excite me.”

When Chase went lower, Kati laid back across the bed and her sex opened before Chase like a banquet. Chase nibbled her delicately, making small circles around her clit, seeking the rhythm her partner preferred. She drank her honey and gently lifted her legs, drawing them back against Kati’s chest so that she had complete access to her most sensitive parts. Kati was panting and swollen, a pink flush surrounding her nether lips and her clitoris hardening into a ridge between her parted inner labia. She brushed her mouth across it, faster and faster. She pressed back with her fingers to expose more of the button and suckled it between her lips, grazing it with her teeth.

Kati was rocking and thrusting, it had been too long since she’d cum so hard, so much for the sheer pleasure of it. She tossed her head from side to side and clutched handfuls of the spread, shrieking, “Oh god oh god ohgooododoododododododooo……”

Her orgasm struck like a bowling ball dropped from a skyscraper. She went so berserk she nearly threw Chase off and lay there after quivering like protoplasm. “Oh, fuck that was good!” she said to no one in particular. She felt Chase repositioning in the nearly dark room, and soon a very wet and pungent snatch was being lowered over her face. It was difficult considering the difference in the length of their torsos, but Kati was trying valiantly to give as good as she had gotten.

She stretched her neck upwards and thrust her tongue into the tight pink hole while using her fingers Escort below to stroke the engorged sex button of the tall woman above her. She tugged gently on the small white gold ring and ball, eliciting moans of joy from the mouth pressed to her cunt. Chase, for her part hadn’t relented a bit. She had two fingers buried in Kati and was licking between the web of the two and causing Kati to nearly climb the walls. “Make me cum, please, baby, make me cum!” Chase begged.

Kati answered, “I’m trying, sweetie, but it’s almost impossible to concentrate with you doing that. Why don’t you take a break and let me work on you?”

Chase, switched around to kiss her in the darkness and whisper “I need Roger inside me to get off.”

Kati offered to leave, but that wasn’t what Chase had in mind. “Please, I need both of you. Just let him fuck me while you lick my clit, please, just for a little while?”

Against her better judgment, Kati agreed and they slipped back into a sixty-nine. Roger, as if on cue, stepped from the bathroom, leaving the light on and casting a narrow vertical beam of light right up Chase’s spread legs and glinting off her cunt jewelry. Apparently Roger knew his role and had been listening, his cock was huge and curled up slightly. He rubbed it against Chase’s pink hole and began to slide it in. With each stroke more of it disappeared, and then reappeared, coated with glistening juices. His balls lapped gently against Kati’s forehead. Chase was buried in Kati’s pussy and sending her electric shocks with every stroke, every flick of her pinky across Kati’s star.

Kati was looking up at this pink horizon, all curves and glittering juice that dripped on her. She was bathed in the heady scent of an aroused woman. She heard every sigh and moan from both of them, and the steady wet squish of the organ stretching Chase’s now throbbing pussy. She sucked down on Chase’s clit and was rewarded with the distant sound of her groaning.

“Oh fuckjesus… I’m gonna cum… I’m so fucking.. oh god ogod ogodod… jesus christfuck”

Chase’s orgasm seemed to take an age, she rocked and thrust and moaned. Kati must have admitted to herself that Chase was very honest with herself about what made her cum and what didn’t, and she went after it. So what if the formula wasn’t for everyone? Who was it hurting?

Chase came out of her orgasm and began to thrust her tongue harder into Kati. Kati was responding, but somehow she was missing something. She adored the taste of a woman’s pussy in her mouth, but she was still lacking. “Oh what the hell?” she thought, “Who am I holding back for?” She repositioned her tongue, sliding it along the underside of Roger’s veiny cock as it slid home in Chase. She turned slightly sideways, nipping the underside of his shaft with sharp, piquant nips and cupped his balls, working them like sponges.

Roger slipped back and popped out of Chase and hesitated for confirmation. Kati pulled the purplish knob toward her lips and sucked him deep. He was a mouthful, that’s for sure, and a couple of times she had to back off to keep from gagging. Roger fed her what she wanted and could accommodate and with the taste of Chase’s juices in her mouth and Chases tongue on her ass, she came for the second time that evening.

After a bit they disentangled and Kati began to reach for her clothes. Chase took one hand and Roger took the other, “There’s no pressure,” he said, “We just want you to enjoy yourself.

Roger rolled onto his back with his prick toward the ceiling and Chase straddled him slowly rocking her hips. Chase and Roger drew Kati close and with a faint sigh of acceptance she swung her leg over Roger’s head and faced Chase. The girls began to kiss each other, deeply, taking it slowly. Their breasts touched and truth be told, another hand rose between them to touch the soft orbs, to mark their individuality and their commonality. At times he stroked Kati’s ass, at others he drew Chase down tightly. Finally, Roger, having what he needed, exploded in Chase’s honeypot.

* * * * *

When Kati woke the next morning, severely hung over, and not in her own room, she began to have regrets. These she would later pour out to her diary. Roger and Chase had departed early for a 6 AM push. Kati shook her head at that lifestyle of early mornings and late erotic nights.

She put it behind her, and according to her, she’s never been with a woman since. Austin would not realize why she kept the wedding invitation that arrived at home some weeks later to attend Chase and Roger’s nuptials. The handwritten note inside expressed only happiness at her being a friend to both of them. “Thanks for everything,” they wrote. “We love having you for a friend, and if you want to come to Hawaii with us on the honeymoon, there’s always room for three.”

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