Weekend Plaything Wanted Ch. 02


I was beginning to wonder if I was going down the rabbit hole too fast. In less than 24 hours, I had eaten a woman, a first, had been eaten by two, a double first and been fucked by a man I had just met, another first.

Now, I was sitting in a car with a strange woman, wearing a borrowed dress with a box full of sex toys on the back seat, about to get a plug inserted into my virgin ass.

Were fantasies supposed to be made into real life?


“You are very quiet.” Cat’s voice broke through my reverie.

“Just thinking.”

“Everything ok?”

I had a decision to make, be honest with Cat and tell her or hope my concerns went away. There was no point in lying, if my concerns didn’t go away it would be obvious and if they were going to, she was the best person to talk to about it.

“I was thinking about our conversation this morning.”

“Oh this is not good.” Cat pulled into the side of the road. “Okay, talk.”

“I meant what I said this morning. This, you, Doug, what happened this morning, are my fantasy come true. I didn’t think it would ever happen. But should fantasies come true?”

“Do you want them to?”

“Oh yes, I already feel more alive in just the past day, than I have ever felt before.”

“So what is the problem, cause it’s obvious there is one.”

I thought hard, trying to find a way to sort out my own thoughts so I could express them. And suddenly it came to me what the core issue was.

“Cat, look at you, you are beautiful, sophisticated, unafraid. You see what you want and you go and get it. You are intelligent, worldly, experienced. How could I possibly hope to hold your attention let alone hold yours and Doug’s. I don’t want to get used to this and then have the rug pulled out from underneath when you get bored. So maybe it’s better not to start.”

Cat laughed. I had just poured out my thoughts and she laughed.

“Come here you silly girl.” She pulled me to her, and hugged me.

“I am going to drive home, we are going to sit down and talk about this, but for now, please believe me you are far from boring.”

Twenty minutes later sitting in the living room she asked me to tell her one of my fantasies.

“I don’t see the point in that!” was my tart reply.

“Just humour me.”

I told her the one about the sex swing. I had seen one on a porn site and it had really got to me. I had gone to sleep many nights, perfecting the fantasy, changing it around. I closed my eyes and began to describe.

“I am tied and suspended in a swing, it is a large room. I am blindfolded and surrounded by people, I have a cock in each hand, I have to jerk them until they cum, til I can feel them spurt over my arms and tits. I have another in my pussy and yet another in my mouth balls hitting my eyes, each of them fucking me hard. They don’t know me and I don’t know them, they are using me just for their pleasure.”

“A bell sounds and they move around, new cocks stretching and pounding me, new cocks in my hands and now a pussy on my face, if I stop the rhythm of my licking, my tits are slapped.” My voice was a whisper, recounting the images from my imagination was making them so vivid. My clit was throbbing.

“The bell sounds again and they move, now I am being eaten I think by a woman, my hands are sliding in and out of warm cunts, their juices running down my arms, while I feast on another. I can feel hands on my tits, hands on my clit, splashes of cum hitting my stomach. I am used over and over again, anonymously, hard, til I am caked in cum, it is dripping from my stomach and cunt. My stomach is full from all I have swallowed.”

My breathing was ragged, the fantasy so real to me, I could feel the ridges on the cocks and the churning in my stomach from the mix of so many loads.

“Do you want that?” her voice was a whisper next to me.


“We can make it happen. A few phone calls and we can have all those cocks and pussy’s here, ready and eager to fuck you just like that.”

“Oh god.”

“And that my little fuck slut is why we want you and are not getting bored anytime soon. We want to live out your fantasies with you, give you all that you want, down to the last drop.” Her hand was on my stomach.

“Oh god!”

Taking my hand, she put it on her pussy. “See what you have done.” She was soaking wet. “Just imagining using you like that is such a fucking turn on. I think you should take care of it don’t you?” Her hand on the back of my head pushed me to her glorious pussy. The smell was intoxicating and the taste divine.

“I have something she caused too.”

I only heard Doug, her hand was not letting me move from her pussy.

“You were listening?”

“Yes, I came in when she was having her tits slapped.” I could hear the rasp of his zip and then my knees were swung up onto the couch and his cock was pushing into my dripping pussy. There was no pause to let me get used to his size, no pleasantries, he slammed in, balls deep. As yesterday, he was bedava bahis pushing me further into her heavenly folds. The combination was too much and I came, no slow build up, just kerpow, I gripped his cock tightly and sucked her pussy.

“I bet his cock feels better than any fantasy one, doesn’t it slut?” I nodded pulling her clit up and down with my mouth.

She came in a rush, showering my face. I licked like my life depended on it, her taste was addictive. But she pushed my face away and got off the couch. I collapsed under the onslaught in my pussy and then it happened. He slapped my ass. Not a playful slap, not one just to get my attention, it was hard and stinging. “Stay up you nasty slut.”

Oh god, I had barely finished one orgasm when another was rolling in. He could feel it on his cock. “Nasty fucking slut does like it rough.” He slapped me again, the sting of the slap radiated out, heating my ass. My back was arched, head flung back, my tits swinging, trying to escape the dress as he continued to ram his cock into me. I had to brace myself against the arm of the couch to stay in place.

“Turn around and suck my cock slut. Come on, move it.” Another stinging slap.

I started to get off the couch so I could kneel in from of him, but he grabbed my hair and kept me on the couch telling me keep my ass high, if I didn’t suck him right he would need to slap it again. His cock was sticking straight up, hard and fat, I bent over to ease it into my mouth, when he pushed me down onto it. I gagged and tears formed. He took a handful hair and used it to pull me on and off his cock. His other hand found my tits and began to squeeze and pull them like he was milking a cow. He pushed the halter straps apart so my tits were hanging down freely but pushed together. I was overloaded with sensations, my mouth full of fat cock, I could still feel the sting on my ass and it was joining the pain radiating from my nipples as he pinched them.

“Cat, get this fucking dress off her, sluts should not be dressed in the house.”

The straps were undone and my tits swung freely, he grabbed one and squeezed tightly, his other hand in my hair still forcing me up and down on his cock. Cat lifted my legs to get the dress off me, pushing me further down onto his cock, her fingers explored my wetness before she moved off again.

“Open your throat.” He emphasised his order by holding me down. I fought past the gag reflex and let him enter my throat. I was rewarded by his hand pinching my clit. “You are so fucking wet slut, I can barely get a grip on your clit.”

Another orgasm ploughed through me. I was still riding it when I felt something cold on my ass, I didn’t have time to resist and a plug was inserted slowly but definitely. I had never felt anything like it. There was a sting, followed by a strange full feeling. She worked it in and out several times. Once the stinging subsided it was the most amazing feeling.

“Cat, I am going to cum straight into her stomach.” He pulled me up to look at me. “And if you spill a drop, slut, you will pay for it.”

I was pushed back onto his cock and was doing my best to keep my throat open, breath and to lick his rod, when I felt something being pushed into my cunt. He had stretched me but god it felt huge. She was screwing it into me, turning and twisting. She started to fuck me with it. Wave after wave of orgasms were hitting, I could no longer tell where one finished and another began. My ass was full, my cunt was full, my mouth was full, my tits were being mauled and then he came. I tightened my lips not wanting any to escape and swallowed and swallowed, it was hitting the back of my throat with force.

“Good little cum bucket, drink it all down.” He kept pumping his cock with my mouth until he was spent.

“Roll over onto your back.” She had taken over the orders now. “Hold your knees up. I’m thirsty slut, come for me.” She held a vibe against my clit combined with pumping the large dildo in and out of my cunt, I was gushing, she passed control of the vibe to Doug, who held it tight to my clit while she drank from me.

“More, I want more.”

Doug adjusted the vibe onto a higher setting , I was bucking crazily, her mouth, the vibe, the plugs. One particularly heavy orgasm caused me to bear down too hard and the anal plug fired out from my ass. It was quickly re-inserted.

“Behave slut.” She slapped my spread pussy. The mother, father and grandparents of all orgasms hit, a tsunami of an orgasm. It felt like it went on for hours, I thrashed and bucked, pushing my cunt deeper into her mouth anything to keep the sensations coming, or to stop my body didn’t know which it wanted more. I was a rag doll in its wake. I guess it was sensation overload as I was hovering somewhere outside myself. Aware of what was happening, but somehow not aware it was happening to me.

Cat noticed the change: “She’s gone to her happy place.” She lay against my thigh trailing a nail slowly down through my cunt. “So pretty, casino siteleri I could stay in here exploring for days.” But she contented herself with a few finishing licks before switching off the vibe and taking out the plugs.

“Doug, hold her, make sure she is ok.” I felt myself scooped up and held in a close hug on his lap. A blanket appeared and was wrapped around me.

“I’ll run her a bath, give me 10 minutes and then bring her upstairs.”

He rocked me and talked to me, I have no idea what he said, but I could feel the rumble in his chest against my cheek, it was very comforting. I must have dozed off as the next I knew, I was told to step into the bath, Cat was there, holding my head and washing me with a soft sponge. I was dried and put into a bed of crisp sheets, I recall thinking how fresh they smelt. I was on the cusp of sleep but I could hear them talking.

“You sure we are not pushing her too hard?”

“No, you heard that fantasy, she wants to be humiliated, she wants to be tied up and fucked anonymously. She is a complete slut and she is offering herself to us. Look at what she has taken after being nigh on celibate for 5 years, imagine when her libido actually wakes up.”

“Baby, you should have felt her cunt react when I slapped her, I thought a dam had burst and I was going to be pushed out on a tidal wave. The same when you put the plug in her ass. Amazing!”

“And she is still fighting it, imagine what she will be like when she accepts it? We are going to need a mountain of little blue pills to keep up with her.” Cat paused, “I’ll stay with her a while, could you bring me some coffee?”

Sleep overtook me.


“Come on sleepy head, it is time to wake up.”

I was disorientated and wondered why my alarm clock was speaking to me. Opening my eyes Doug was sitting beside the bed.


“Hi you. How are you feeling?”

I started to say I was fine, but then I stretched and felt soreness. “My tits hurt a little.”

“Sorry about that, I may have gotten carried away. Anywhere else hurt?”

“No, don’t think so.”

“Good, good. Now I have been sent to fetch you. We are going to have drinks in the garden and then an early dinner. Cat is worried you may fade away, missing dinner last night and lunch to-day.”

“Oh I had lunch – didn’t I?” I couldn’t resist teasing him.

“What?” I could see him trying to work it out. He laughed: “Oh I guess you did. And I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Very tasty! “

He laughed harder. “Well I suggest unless you want the same for dinner, and nothing else, you get up. Cat has left out some clothes for you. And when you are ready come down.”

“And if I do want the same for dinner?”

“Then I would have to take you over my knee and give you a proper spanking, teach you some manners. A little fuck slut should wait til it is offered.” He kissed me lightly on the forehead and whispered: “Maybe dessert could be arranged.” Stepping away he continued, “Now get dressed or it will be my ass that gets spanked. Move it.”

He left as I giggled at the idea of both dessert and him getting his ass spanked. The laughing stopped when I thought about being over his knee. I had read a lot about spankings, they were part of another well visited, well developed fantasy.

I freshened up and found the clothes left for me. Another dress, Cat obviously liked her girls to be feminine. It was quite demure, long, with a not too revealing neckline, but the material was so clingy that I may as well have been naked, it clung to every curve, my nipples were obvious and my ass looked like it was being hugged by the dress.

“Ah there you are, wow you look wonderful, doesn’t she Doug?”

Turning from the drinks cabinet Doug smiled and agreed. “You know what? I think we should call her Siren, not Sarah; a beautiful but dangerous woman.”

“Ha, me dangerous? How am I dangerous?”

“Cause every time I see you, I want to rip off your clothes and bury my cock in you.”

I slipped one of the thin straps off my shoulder: “No need to rip, this is too beautiful to rip.”

I was beginning to slip the other strap off when Cat shrieked at me to stop. “No, we are not having you miss another meal, we are going to feed you at least once this weekend.”

“According to Siren, she had a very tasty and filling lunch.”

“Oh my god, stop it you two or I will be the one ripping clothes and fucking you both. Doug to the kitchen with you and you Siren, temptress, sit your gorgeous ass down in that chair and have a drink.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Doug and I chorused.

Doug handed me a drink and whispered, “She can be very bossy, can’t she?” as he went to the kitchen.

“You ok?” She asked.

“Yes fine thanks, a few aches but nothing serious.”

“Good to hear but I was asking about your worries earlier. I was trying to help you deal with them and ended up fucking your brains out again.”

I laughed, “Yes, you did!” I thought for a moment bahis siteleri or two. “As for the fears, I have decided to grab onto this chance and just go for it, see what happens.” I shrugged. “Even if it only lasts this weekend, at least I have achieved my fantasy.”

“Oh sweetheart, I am so pleased to hear that. I have such plans for you. I want to hear every one of your delicious fantasies and make each and every one of them come true.”

“That could take a while, they were all I had for quite some time.”

“You never thought of taking a lover while Joe was sick?”

“I thought about it but it was just another fantasy. Meeting someone in the supermarket aisle and going to a hotel. But I liked my local shop and didn’t want to have to find a new one.”

Cat laughed, “So practical.”

“Cat, in that situation, it is just about putting one foot in front of the other and surviving through each day. Joe was a good man and he deserved to be taken care of.”

“And who took care of you?”

The question hung in the air. I was saved from having to answer by an announcement from Doug that dinner was served. It was delicious, a rich pumpkin soup followed by a beef roast with baby vegetables and a tiramisu for dessert. As Doug served me dessert, he commented that there were other options available if I preferred. Cat growled at him. He did his best to look innocent: “What? I just meant ice-cream, she might prefer ice-cream!”

We sat chatting after dinner, they were fun to talk to, they had strong opinions, opposites on most things and it was interesting to listen to them argue back and forth. When asked for my opinion, I declined to comment, saying I didn’t want to get between them. To which Cat replied that she thought that was exactly why I was there. Doug again volunteered to put me over his knee and spank me til I answered.

“Now I’m definitely not answering.”

“Cat, is it just me or does that sound like a challenge?”

“A definite challenge. Oh would you look at her, I think she is starting to drool. I take it spanking is something that interests you?”

My blush reflex had not caught up with my experiences over the past two days and I felt the heat rising in my face and well as my pussy.

I had to clear my throat before I could speak. “I read a story once where an older gentleman had taken a young twenty something as a fuck toy. He had set rules for her to obey. And when she disobeyed them, he spanked her. The first time I read it I wasn’t sure that it was sexy, but the second time it was.”

“What was it about it that turned you on?”

I thought for a moment: “I’m not sure. The story went into great detail about how he placed her over his knee, how her ass was stuck up in the air, how he played with her pussy between spanks. The detail was good, but I think what got to me was the way she was held down, not allowed to get up, not able to get up.”

“Show me.”


“You said it went into detail about how she was placed over his knee, show me.” He patted his lap.


Walking over to where he was sitting on the couch, I lay across his legs bracing my weight with my arms. My tits were being squashed against his thigh so I wriggled a bit until they were free to hang down beside his leg.

“And how was his arm?”

“It said he had his arm going down her back with his elbow at the base of her neck, pressing and keeping her down.” Doug mimicked what I had described. Oh god, my pussy began to flow as I felt what the girl in the story must have felt.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

When I did, he held my wrists together. Although my toes were on the floor, it gave a completely different feeling: helplessness. I felt his other hand run over my ass. “It would be better with the dress off.” He straightened his legs and I rolled to the floor, it intensified the feeling of helplessness. “Take it off.”

I clambered to my feet and although I wanted to have the bravado of earlier, I couldn’t keep eye contact and stared at the ground sliding one strap off my shoulder and letting it fall. I slid the other strap off, the dress caught on my tits, so putting my hands on my hips I shimmied so the whole thing fell to the floor. Part of me still wanted to try and cover myself from their eyes, but I took a deep breath, lifted my chin and held my arms by my sides.

“Nice, now get back into position.”

Cat was sitting at her end of the sofa, cradling a brandy balloon and smiling, watching. This time I made sure my tits were not squashed, but it meant I was further across his lap and I could barely reach the floor with my toes.

“Arms behind your back!”

Instead of holding them with his hands, he loosened his tie and wrapped it around my wrists. Part of me knew that I could work my hands free, but I didn’t want to, it was a delicious feeling, a mix of fear and excitement with the same helplessness. His elbow went to the base of my neck and his other hand was rubbing my ass again, kneading and separating the cheeks, I could feel the pull on my pussy.

“So what were these rules that the girl in the story broke.” His tone was conversational.

It was hard to concentrate and remember. “She was not allowed to masturbate unless he was watching.”

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