Weekend Getaway Ch. 02


By the time we have made it back to our room, it is nearly 4:00. We still have plenty of time before our 7:00 dinner reservations, so we decide to lie down for a nap. Stripping off our sweaty hiking clothes, I slip into the bottoms of the orange pajamas you bought me as a gag gift for my birthday, and you pull on the top. We climb into bed and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I wake before you, only to discover that while we slept you have turn around so that your back is towards me and my left arm is resting beneath you. Sliding my right hand up over your PJ top, I cup your breast as I kiss you behind the ear. I continue to fondle your breasts and kiss and nuzzle your neck and ear until you wake. You turn in my arms and kiss me as I begin to unbutton your top.

Sliding the orange fabric off your shoulders, I lean down and take one nipple between my lips, flicking it with my tongue. I climb off the bed and slip off the bottoms, and retrieve the easy chair from across the room. Setting it at the end of the bed, I drop into it, and raise my heels to rest on the footboard. You take my hint and scootch up to the far end of the bed, spreading your legs wide.

Smiling at each other across the length of the bed, we begin what has become one of our favorite activities, mutual masturbation. This usually lasts until one of us just can’t take it any more and has to join in and take the other completely over the edge. The challenge is to see which of us can hold out long enough to enjoy the sensations of not just one, but two sets of hands working the pleasure points.

As I watch your hands roam your body, one alternating between your breasts, the other dipping between your thighs, I reach down and begin stroking myself to full erection. The sight of you pleasuring yourself never fails to turn me on, hell even just the thought of it usually works. I’m not sure if it is because of our escapades at the pond earlier, or the simple fact of being alone, together, for the first time without having to worry about ‘that phonecall’, but you seem more into it than usual.

You throw your head back as your right hand pinches hard at a nipple and your left slides up and down your slick lips, spreading your ample pussy juice around. One finger slips between your lips, then a second, slowly rocking in and out as your thumb presses against your erect little clit. Watching you, I reach down with my second hand and begin fondling my balls as I continue to stroke my firm 6 and ½ inches of man meat.

As you pull your feet in towards your ass, raising your knees in the air, spreading even wider, I can take no more. The sight of your right hand joining your left between Ümraniye Escort your thighs pulls me up out of the chair. Climbing onto the bed, I crawl up until my face is inches from your hands and breathe deeply. The heady scent of your excitement is the last straw and I lean down and run my tongue up your thigh until it meets your busy digits.

I gently guide both your hands back to your breasts and lean into run my flattened tongue slowly up the complete length of your now dripping pussy. Finding your ‘little bud’ at the top, I suck it between my lips, flicking the tip of my tongue rapidly over it before releasing it and blowing soft warm air across it. Licking back down, I slide my tongue as far inside you as I can, causing you to writhe in pleasure.

Your feet leave the mattress and come to rest on my back, one hand reaching down to grasp at my hair and keep me in place. Little do you know, I have no plan on leaving until the job is done. Realizing that my tongue is not the right choice for this job, I pull it out of your pussy and lick back up to focus it on your clit. Quickly however, I have replaced it inside you with first 1, then 2, and finally 3 fingers. As I slowly thrust them in and out, I am watching your reaction. A sudden clenching of your stomach muscles tells me I have found the right spot.

Moving the tips of two fingers inside you in small circles, I take the third out and reach back to tease your tight back door. Your breathing has become shallower and quicker over the last several minutes as I continue to massage your G-spot, and I can tell you are close. The new thrill of having your asshole tickled takes you over the edge and your hips begin to involuntarily thrust up off the mattress. Not to let you off easy, I continue to flick my tongue over your clit while my fingers work their magic deep inside you.

As the strength of the waves of your orgasm become greater and greater, your second hand reaches down and joins its twin in burying my face in your sopping wet crotch. You are whimpering and moaning my name, begging me one second to never stop and with your next breath barely panting out that you’ve had enough. As I feel your orgasm crest, I pull my fingers out and kiss/lick my way up from your pussy to your breasts and finally your lips. Kissing you tenderly, I whisper in your ear, “And that, my Dear, is payback for earlier this afternoon.”

Holding you close, I wait until you have fully recovered from the intensity of your pleasure. Then, as you continue to relax, I get up and walk into the bath, turn the shower on nice and hot and wait for you to join me. With several minutes to kill, Ümraniye Escort I quickly lather up and wash my hair. Just as I am rinsing off, I hear you enter the room and seconds later I am joined in the stall by the most beautiful woman in the world.

Explaining that I have already washed, I switch places to allow you under the hot pulsing jets of water. You lean back in to douse your hair, thus causing your ripe full breasts to thrust out towards me. Being merely mortal, I cannot resist the temptation and lean in and take one hard nipple between my lips, nibbling softly as my hands caress the small of your back. “Mmmmmmm, that feels so good, how about the rest of my back,” you half moan.

In response, I merely turn you to face into the shower spray, and begin kneading the flesh of your neck. I work my way down your back, sticking to the middle, right around your spine, kneading away any sign of tension. Reaching the base of your spine, I begin to caress your nearly perfect ass cheeks, taking one in each hand. You playfully reach back and slap my hands away. “This is about getting clean, not sweaty again. We have reservations at 7, remember?” you ask as I renew my work on the tension in your back.

Oddly enough, as I continue to work on your back, first working my way up one side then the other, always returning to the neck and shoulder area, your resolve weakens. By the time I finish the massage and take the shampoo in hand to wash your hair, I can tell that you are about one good minute of manual stimulation from another powerful orgasm.

Instead of taking you there, I reach up and apply the shampoo to you flowing, red locks, massaging your scalp as I clean your hair. When I have finished, you turn again so you can lean back and rinse the lather from your hair. As you do so, you reach out and grab my cock. “So, I’m not the only one ready to go, huh?” you ask as you pull your head back up and kiss me again.

“Darling, with your around, I’m always ready to go,” I chuckle.

Pulling you close, I kiss you deeply, our tongues dancing between your mouth and mine. I stick my head out the curtain and check the time. We still have an hour and a half until our reservations so I decide to throw caution to the wind. Pulling my head back into the shower, I kiss you once again, this time trailing my lips down your neck until I reach your amazing tits. Sucking as much of one as I can into my mouth, I attack the other with my hand. Pinching, pulling, kneading, twisting. Sucking, licking, biting, nibbling.

As I am assaulting your breasts, I have also maneuvered us so that you are now against the back wall and the water Escort Ümraniye is pouring over my back. You are so caught off guard by the ferocity of my lovemaking that you can do nothing but run your fingers through my hair, holding my mouth tight to your breast.

With my free hand I reach down between us, and slip a finger deep in your pussy, confirming that you are just as wet as when I left you lying in bed an hour ago. I run my hand down to your knee and raise your foot to rest on the side on the tub. This opens you more to my fingers, and I renew their work on your pussy, until you are begging me to make you cum again.

Your hands leave my hair and grope and grasp for my rigid cock. Finding it you begin to stroke it in time with my fingers in your pussy. Then before I realize what is happening, you have guided me to your entrance and slid me inside. I look deep into your eyes, as if to question you about protection. You merely place your fingers on my lips to silence me.

“Relax, I’ve already taken care of it for the weekend. I know this was going to be a special time for us and didn’t want to have to be constantly interrupting the moment to find and apply condoms, so a little over a month ago I went back on the pill. Was saving it for a surprise.” And what a surprise it is.

Kissing you with a renewed sense of passion, I begin thrusting into your tight wet pussy. You raise your foot from the side of the tub and wrap it around my back allowing me even deeper access. Harder and faster we rock together, my fingers pressing against the wall behind you, your nails digging into my shoulders. I throw my head back and scream in passion, just as you lean forward and fasten your lips/teeth to my shoulder blade.

As we come down from our mutual orgasm, we both slump to the bottom of the tub and just lay there in each other’s arms. The water is still plenty warm so after several minutes, we climb back to our feet and once again take turns cleaning each other off. This time however, neither has the strength for anything more so we quickly exit the shower and try our selves off with large fluffy towels.

Realizing that we now have less than 45 minutes to make our reservations, we decide that I should shave first, while you get dressed. Then you can do your hair and make up while I dress. By the time I have finished, you have changed from a large fluffy towel into a little black dress, complete with hose and heels. The cut of the dress perfectly accentuates your curves, and I am stopped in my tracks.

“Pick up your tongue and get dressed already, will you,” you say. I wasn’t even aware I had been staring. I mumble something and get out of your way so you can have the bathroom. By the time I have slipped into my black slacks and shirt, and green three-button sports coat, you have finished applying the little makeup you use and put some mousse into your hair. Taking one last look in the mirror, we head downstairs for dinner.

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