Walk in the Woods


It’s 7:45 am. The kids are in school. The husband is gone to work. And I am headed out for my walk. Now I live in a very secluded place at the very end of a road. But past my house the road continues as a logging access road in the summer and a snow machine trail in the winter. It’s on top of a mountain, very woodsy, and not very much traffic. I’m lucky if I meet one car in the hour and a half walk I take.

I’m wearing a pair of baggy blue sweatpants and a white tank top – no bra or underwear. They are to restricting. I start out wearing a light jacket, as the fall mornings get pretty cool here. And I always wear my Walkman and crank the tunes.

When I start out there is a big hill to climb, and then it flattens out and is a very nice walk. As I reach the top of the hill, I am already starting to get warm so I remove my jacket and tie it around my waist. The cool air on my breasts instantly makes my nipples erect. They can be seen through the soft material of the white top I’m wearing.

I walk at a very fast pace and am starting to build up a sweat. Even my pussy is getting wet from the sweat pants rubbing on my shaven labia. A very good song comes on and I start to sway my hips in a little dance as I walk. As I do this, the material of my pants is rubbing even more giving me a very soft tingle between my legs.

I suddenly get a peculiar feeling of being watched. I stop bahis siteleri to look around. There is no one there. I resume my little dance/ walk. I am getting very warm now. I decide to take a side-logging road that is not used anymore. More seclusion so I can take my top off. I love to walk topless and let my 38Ds sway and bounce in the open air. It makes me feel so free. My nipples are very hard little pink buds.

All of a sudden I feel a hand grab mine. I spin around. It is my lover. I’m completely taken by surprise and try to cover up, but he pulls the shirt back down and begins to lead me further into the woods. We arrive at a little shack. It looks like an old deer camp. There are all kinds of antlers hanging on the front wall. He opens the door and pulls me inside. As my eyes adjust, I see a table and two chairs in the center of the one room cabin. There are two cots of in a corner.

“Take of your pants.” He demands. So I do bending at the waist with my back to him so he can see my already wet pink pussy. He tells me to sit sown in one of the chairs. Again I obey with my legs slightly spread to give him a view of my precious love nest.

He just stares at me for a minute not saying anything. Then he steps in front of me spreading my legs with his. “Unzip my pants.”

My fingers are trembling with the anticipation of releasing his large hard member. canlı bahis siteleri As I unbutton and unzip his jeans, I notice he’s not wearing underwear either. Mmmm I like that. “Now suck my cock.”

I then grab the shaft of his penis and begin to softly kiss and lick its head. “No! I said suck it.” He commands as he grabs both sides of my head and impales my mouth with his cock. He pushes his cock hard and fast into my throat. I’m sucking as hard and fast as I can, but still he’s aching for more, so I begin to massage and play with his balls. He starts to moan. I can feel the pressure building within him. He’s going to cum.

All of a sudden he stops, “I want your pussy, get up and bend over the table.” Then with one very quick, hard thrust he slams his whole cock into me as deep as it will go. It feels as though he’s going to come out the other side. I gasp as he is shoving into me. He’s fucking me so hard that the table is creaking and threatening to break. Ian feel every aspect of his cock, the throbbing vain, the mushroom head. Ooooh – the hot cum exploding inside of me. All of my nerves become extremely raw as I tremble and shake with the orgasm he has given me.

As we slow down and begin to come back to reality, we hear whistling and applauding. There are three hunters standing in the doorway watching. We have no idea how long they have güvenilir bahis been there but it appears as though they enjoyed the show.

I’m still trembling and lying on my belly on the table. I can’t move. I’m so weak.

“Do you want a shot at her?” he asks them. I turn my head and look at him mortified. “You just stay right there Baby. I wont let them hurt you.” He tells me.

“Are you kidding? Hell yeah!” They say as they walk over already unzipping their pants.

One guy sits in the chair and pulls me over so that I’m sitting on his hard cock facing him. He pinches and roughly grabs my breasts. One of the other guys is standing beside us and shoves his cock into my mouth. Now the third guy comes over behind me and starts pressing his cock against my virgin asshole. I look up at my lover with very scared eyes. “Just relax Baby. It’ll be ok.” He whispers trying to comfort me. With a fast thrust he shoves his cock into my ass, luckily he’s not that large. The sensation instantly puts me into another orgasm. One like no other I’ve ever felt before. I can’t move, I can’t see. My mind is spiraling to a place I’m unfamiliar with. The guys all cum in sequence, first the one in my mouth, then the one in my pussy and finally the one in my ass. I’m dripping from every orifice.

As they all start to pull out of me, my lover comes over to catch me from falling on the floor. He helps me to get dressed. And we walk out into the woods to head back to my house. I am so stretched and sore everywhere that he has to help hold me up. “I think you made those hunters very happy Baby.” He tells me. He smiles and kisses my forehead, “And you made me happiest of all.”

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