Vinessa’s Plan


Vinessa and I had been going back and forth for some time. We passed our long and arduous workdays by diverting each other’s attention. Our texts started out with flirtatious banter until they got a bit hotter, a lot heavier, and eventually made it hard to stand up from my desk without revealing how much she could turn me on. Then, the texts escalated to an invitation.

She arrived at my house fairly late in the evening. We made small talk, sat on the sofa, laid on the sofa to watch a movie. We were somewhat unsure of where to take the evening, so I stood up from the couch. I extended my hand to her and she sat up. “Where are we going?” she asked with a knowing grin. I simply replied, “To the bedroom.”

I took her hand and guided her to the stairs. I gave her a swift slap on the ass and watched as she walked up the stairs. Her ass swayed to and fro with each step. Each step led me closer to what I wanted.

We reached the bedroom door and she turned around. Before she could say anything, I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss. She pressed her body tight to mine and I could feel her heartbeat pounding inside her chest. I knew that she was as turned on as I was, so I reached down and grabbed the backs of her legs. I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist.

I walked to the edge of the bed and laid her down. I wasted no time in peeling her out of her clothes. Her beautiful breasts and flat stomach were a vision. I kissed my way from her neck, to her nipples, and down to her belly button as I undid her jeans.

The fabric of her jeans slid down her smooth thighs, down her shins, and off of her feet. Then I watched as she spread her legs wide. She didn’t pretend to resist. She wanted me as much as I wanted her, but that wasn’t going to make me speed up the process. I wanted to enjoy her.

I kissed my way up her legs and to her warm center. The lace of her thong did nothing to hide the heat coming from her as I kissed just enough to tease. She was soaked through her panties and I couldn’t wait to wriggle my tongue into her. I forced her panties to follow the same trail as her jeans before I slid my fingers into her.

My fingers found her sweet spot as she squirmed and I felt her wetness pour over my digits. “Please…” she moaned, and I complied.

I moved my body between her legs and pressed my lips to hers. I lightly pushed my tongue into her mouth as I simultaneously pushed my cock into her soaked pussy.

Vinessa whimpered as she adjusted to my size then moaned as she wrapped her legs around me once again. The heels of her feet pulled at my ass to guide my every thrust until I felt her pussy clench and flood. She came until she was breathless and I knew that she was mine for the taking.

I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her stomach. “What are you doing?” she huffed as I grabbed her hips from behind and hoisted her onto her knees. She seemed to automatically lift herself onto all fours and I wasted no time burying myself back into her. I pressed forward until I was in to the hilt. She twitched again and again as I grabbed her ass cheeks and thrust into her. I watched her body move in light shock waves as I moved in and out of her. My hips slapped hard against her ass until I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Nearly out of breath, sweating, and aching, I exploded inside her. I kept pumping in and out until I gave her everything I had to give. Then I collapsed onto her and we laid there together with our wet bodies sticking together, her legs still spread, and me still inside her until I was no longer hard.

“That was fun… and so needed,” she admitted. “Yeah, it really was,” I agreed. Then we seemed to settle into each other. We cuddled into a naked pile in the middle of my bed. The small talk and wondering if we were into each other had passed. There was no need to continue the banter. However, our stream of dirty messages let the other know that we were both kinky and willing to do a lot more than most.

“So, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” I asked in a horny curiosity. Then Vinessa admitted that he had not tried many kinky things.

She told me how she had been in a long relationship with a man who seemed to have lost interest in sex altogether, let alone anything out of the ordinary.

“Well, were you just dirty talking or did you actually want to experience the stuff we talked about,” I asked with genuine intrigue and partial concern. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable with anything. I know, as well as anyone else, that some fantasies are left best in the fantasy world. Others are worth pursuing. None of them are worth a damn if those involved don’t discuss them first.

Vinessa explained that she wanted to experience so much more than she had before. She was so tired of the neglect and the want left in her. She wanted excitement and new experiences. She wanted to determine what she liked and didn’t like based on having actually done bonus veren siteler them rather than trying to figure out what if. I simply told her that I was all too happy to help her out. She couldn’t help but smile.

“The only thing is,” she started and then paused, “I really don’t know how to get anything started. It’s not that I’m shy or reserved. I just need you to show me a starting point and I can take it from there.” I understood what she meant. She wanted a sexual adventure, but wanted a guide that she could trust along the way.

Then Vinessa asked me a question that surprised me a bit. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” I laughed and gave her a few stories of things I had tried, those I enjoyed, and some that I did not. She seemed to be getting turned on again, but she said, “I want to go out.”

It wasn’t that late, and we didn’t have any other plans so I agreed. We got ready and headed downtown. I was never one for night clubs, so we went to a bar that Vinessa liked to hang around from time to time.

We stepped in and I was immediately the odd man. Boots, hat, jeans. My regular look was the irregular piece in the club. I had been to swingers clubs, gay clubs, straight clubs, dive bars, huge dance spots all over the world. I was not bothered by whatever people were into because I always figured “to each his own”. However, this bar was different. It wasn’t a swingers club, a gay bar, a straight bar. The place seemed to be an eclectic gathering of every walk of life. Gay couples danced. Straight couples made out. Loners made friends and shot pool. Every bar hopper type one could imagine seemed to land in this place, and I just brought one more piece to the oddly fit puzzle. I was the out-of-place cowboy and that suddenly made me very comfortable.

Vinessa grabbed my hand and led me to the bar. She hopped up on a stool and leaned over the bar. It looked like she was going to give the bartender a kiss on the cheek, but ended up whispering something in his ear. He smiled while she talked, looked at me with a devilish grin then pointed Vinessa’s attention to a fiery redhead on the dance floor. I looked as well.

The redhead was easily six feet tall on her stiletto heels. Her long, tone legs led up to a micro miniskirt that hugged her swaying hips. Her top was just as tight and showed off her pert tits. Her tight abs seemed to be the center of her every motion as she swayed.

Vinessa and I watched her for a moment. The redhead shooed random guys away as she danced in her own little world. Then Vinessa leaned into me and said, “I have a particular taste tonight.” All I could do was smile. Vinessa was out of her shell and I was along for the ride.

I watched as Vinessa moved across the bar crowd and made way to the dance floor. She wasted no time in moving up to the redhead. Their knees interlocked immediately and the intertwined as they danced. Their bodies rubbed lightly against the other, but the music seemed to overcome them. They were suddenly caressing each other until Vinessa leaned into the girl’s ear. There was no way I could have heard them over the crowd and the music, but I assumed what was being said and smiled when I saw the redhead nod. Then Vinessa pointed at me. The redhead smiled and nodded again.

Vinessa grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her off the dance floor. They walked up to me, hand-in-hand, and Vinessa introduced her new friend. “This is Nickie,” Vinessa said as the redhead held out her hand to me. I shook her hand, but before I could say anything Vinessa blurted out, “And we are out of here.”

I was impressed, to say the least. We were in the club for less than ten minutes and Vinessa had found us a very nice treat for the night. I had no objections to leaving, so I wrapped my arms around their waists and led them to the door.

“Where are we going?” Nickie asked in the sudden realization that we really didn’t have a plan about what was to come next. Vinessa answered without a second thought, “Your place,” and Nickie had no issue with that. It all seemed too easy and I began to wonder if Vinessa had set it all up; not that I would have cared.

We walked along the sidewalk for a moment and approached a nice convertible sports car. It was a nice, warm night so Nickie pushed a button on the clicker to lower the top before we got in.

I had ever intention of taking the back seat, but Vinessa told me, “Go ahead and sit in the front. I’ll take the back.” She was so mater-of-fact about it that I didn’t argue.

Vinessa got into the back seat and I sat in the passenger seat, separated from Nickie only be a small console. Nickie fired up the engine and launched from the curb. We were all so excited to get our night going.

We traveled down the road for a few minutes before I looked back to Vinessa. “Wow,” I let out when I saw that Vinessa had undone her pants. She was sitting in the center seat with her legs open wide. Both of her hands were bahis crammed down her panties and she was vigorously working her clit. She smiled and told me to turn back around. “Nothing to see here,” she said playfully.

I turned my attention to Nickie who was catching glimpses of Vinessa in the rearview and I had no doubt that they were up to something previously set up.

I looked back to Vinessa and asked, “Do you two know each other?” Vinessa just pulled her right hand out of her panties, sucked her fingers clean, and pointed for me to face front. I played along, and tried to be compliant. However, my attention was drawn to Nickie.

She had one hand on the steering wheel and one up her skirt. I was going nuts with excitement. I couldn’t help but stare as I watched Nickie’s hand move. Her long legs were smooth and muscular. Her hips were round, but tight and led to a wonderfully shaped ass. I could not wait to get my hands on both of them at the same time.

I looked back to Vinessa to see that she was still rubbing her pussy as she squirmed. Then I turned back to Nickie and paused with surprise. My eyes went wide. Nickie had hoisted her tiny skirt and pulled her panties aside to reveal her raging hard on. Nickie had a cock and I couldn’t believe it. I looked back to Vinessa and she grinned at the surprise in my face. Then I stared.

Vinessa leaned forward in her seat and moaned into me ear, “Mmmm. Touch it.”

I chuckled, but played along. I reached across the console and grabbed the base of Nickie’s rock hard cock. I paused in the disbelief of what I was doing, but the flow of the moment guided my hand. I wrapped my fingers around her member and slowly moved my light touch to her tip and back again.

Vinessa continued to lean forward and watched as my hand glided up and down on Nickie. I could hear her breathing grow intense and I was lost in the moment.

Suddenly, I felt Vinessa’s hand applying pressure on the back of my head as she ordered, “I want to watch you suck it.” I laughed at myself lightly before I decided, “What the hell?”

I leaned over as Vinessa guided my head to Nickie’s lap. She pressed down one more time and the tip of Nickie’s cock parted my lips. I had never given a blow job before, but I knew what I liked so I applied the same method.

I wrapped my hand around her base and pressed my mouth down as far as it would go before I gagged. Her flesh against my tongue was warmer than I thought it would be. Her size filled my mouth and I did my best to avoid scraping her with my teeth. I let my spit slobber out of my lips and coat her cock so that I could rub her while I sucked. I moved my mouth and my hand up and down simultaneously. I sucked slowly at first, the way that I liked, then picked up the pace in the same fashion. I involuntarily slurped and every once in a while Vinessa would push my mouth too far down and I would gag a little as Nickie reached the back of my throat.

Nickie’s ass and hips flexed as she began to fuck my face. Vinessa continued to guide my head up and down. Then I got used to the feel of Nickie’s hard on in my mouth and I sucked harder and sloppier until Nickie said, “If you aren’t careful, I’m going to cum.”

I started to pull off not knowing if I was willing to let her cum in my mouth, but Vinessa stopped me. She held my head in place and said, “Give it to him. He wants it.”

I was strangely aroused by Vinessa taking charge of the situation and I continued to suck faster and faster. Then I felt Nickie swell against the inside of my mouth before her cock gave a hard twitch against my tongue. A hot squirt hit the back of my throat and I knew I had the option to either choke or swallow hard. So, I swallowed. Squirt after hot, salty squirt I swallowed until I couldn’t. Then my mouth was full of Nickie’s cum as Vinessa finally let me come up for air.

I sat up, shocked but impressed with myself, and wiped a dribble of cum off of my bottom lip. I was totally unaware of my surroundings until Nickie said, “We’re here.”

We arrived back at her place, a lavish apartment just outside of the downtown area. We all got out of the car and walked to the front door. Vinessa wrapped her arm around my waist and said, “Good job.” I asked her, “Did you enjoy that?” She smiled and answered, “I sure did. Did you?” I nodded.

“Here it is,” Nickie said as she opened the door, “Do you guys want a drink?” She was polite and friendly, but Vinessa had no interest in refreshments.

“Take us to the bedroom,” Vinessa requested through an order. Nickie smiled and took each of us by the hand. She led us down the hallway and took us to her bed.

The ladies sat on the edge of the bed and started kissing each other as I stood and watched. Then Nickie reached out to me and undid my belt. Then my pants. I peeled out of my shirt as Nickie lowered my jeans down my legs. I quickly kicked out of my boots and socks, shed my pants, and stood in front of her.

I deneme bonusu watched Vinessa go back to playing with her pussy as Nickie took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue danced around my tip, smearing precum as she moved. Then she opened her mouth and slid the length of my shaft into her mouth. I felt the back of her throat open as she swallowed further.

I began to pant and Vinessa said, “Don’t cum yet. I still want you.” Then Nickie pulled her mouth off of me and said, “That’s a wonderful idea, V. Why don’t you get your clothes off while I suck this beautiful cock a little more. Then I can watch him fuck you.” Nickie sounded very excited by the idea as did Vinessa.

Vinessa shed her clothing and moved up to the head of the bed. She spread her legs wide, showing me every bit of her soaking pussy, and motioned for me to join her. I looked down at Nickie’s mouth working my cock and had to stop her before I came. I said, “Excuse me for a moment,” as I pulled out of Nickie’s mouth and joined Vinessa.

I crawled on top of Vinessa and entered her in a single motion. I immediately began to thrust into her. The fronts of my hips pressed hard against the insides of her thighs. I pushed into her as deep as I could go. I forced my pelvic bone to grind against her clit and suddenly her flood gates opened. She gushed with cum and screamed with excitement. It was all too much.

“I need to cum so bad,” I moaned into her. “Not yet. Please not yet,” Vinessa answered as she pushed my hips away from her. I was confused a bit by her wanting me to slide my cock out of her, but she answered my confusion when she said, “I want you to lick me.”

I smiled and slid down her body with my tongue until I found her clit. I flicked and teased her just before I plunged my tongue into her. Her cum was sweet and her flesh was incredibly warm. I got lost in the moment once again as I focused all of my attention on Vinessa’s pussy.

Then there was the unmistakable sound of a cock being rubbed and coated with lube. I felt the pressure of the bed around my legs shift as Nickie straddled my legs. I could hear her rubbing her cock and was waiting for her to cum on my back, but she had other plans.

Nickie pressed one of her knees between mine and opened my legs. I didn’t resist. I was all in. Then her other leg went between my knees. She reached down under the fronts of my hips and pulled up lightly until I was propped up on my knees. My face was down in Vinessa’s pussy and my ass was in the air waiting for Nickie.

I felt a warm moist pressure at my hole as Nickie pushed her tongue into me. She licked in tight circles before stiffening her tongue to force it in. She fucked me with her tongue for a moment before the warmth was replaced by drops of cold lube. She was getting my ass nice and wet before I finally felt it.

The tip of Nickie’s cock rested tightly against the center of my ass. Her fist was wrapped tightly around her cock and kept my ass open for her as she slowly pushed into me. I let out a moan as the tip plopped into my ass. Nickie was gentle and nice enough to allow me to take a deep breath and adjust to her size. It felt so much wider than it had before. “Just relax,” she cooed as I took another deep breath. Then she pressed forward and I felt inch after inch slide into me.

Nickie’s hips pressed hard on my ass and she waited once again for me to stop clenching. “I can’t,” I started to protest, but Vinessa grabbed my head once again and pulled my mouth to her pussy. She buried my complaints as I buried my tongue. Then Nickie no longer hesitated.

Nickie pulled back until her head nearly came out. Then she pushed forward again. Her long thrusts repeated until I no longer quivered. My ass relaxed and received her without resistance. Then Nickie began to push and pull harder. She jerked back on my hips as she pushed her hips into me. Her cock ran its full length and girth in and out of my ass. The fronts of her hips slapped at my ass giving a distinct pop every time she buried into me. Her nails dug into my ass cheeks and clawed at my back as she fucked me.

I tried to maintain balance between giving Vinessa pleasure and enjoying the pleasure of being fucked from behind by Nickie.

Nickie’s thrusts increased in speed and intensity before I felt her swell again. She grabbed my hips and pushed forward hard as she yelled out, “Oh God! I need to cum.” Then Vinessa said, “Do it. Cum in his ass.” That was more than I could handle. I reached down between my legs and rubbed my cock. I began to spasm and my ass twitched with Nickie fucking me. The twitch pushed her over the edge and I felt her twitch against my insides as her cock unloaded into my ass. A warm, wet sensation filled my insides as Nickie gave me every drop. I felt myself pushing back harder, wanting more, and my asshole clenching and releasing as if to milk Nickie’s cock dry.

Finally, Vinessa let herself explode into a violent orgasm. Her legs wrapped around my head, her pussy pressing hard on my willing mouth, and her hands grasping at her breasts; she came harder than any woman I had ever seen have an orgasm. She screamed herself breathless until her orgasm subsided and she was able to open her legs once again.

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