The restaurant at the hotel was full of happiness and joy. The startup that my wife helped fund finally went public. Everyone in the room was worth more on paper than they had ever imagined. The fact that they hadn’t turned a profit yet would be tomorrow’s concern.

As I mingled with the new millionaires and their backers I watched my wife work the room like the shark she was. Folks that were there for the payout would be on a fast track out the front door while the dedicated would get the opportunity to magnify their roles within the company. She’d done this before and she knew how to sort the players from the workers.

I was no different than in her masterplan because she chose me. I have no doubt that she loves me now, but understanding her manipulative skills and emotional wrangling, I know that I started as merely a useful asset in her life.

Don’t get me wrong. I jumped in with both feet. Not wearing the pants in the family was never a problem for me. Plus, she always went out of her way to show her affection, trust and friendship. I was a pawn, but the perks were beyond generous.

These affairs were the culmination of my wife’s hard work and business acumen. The monetary success was dizzying for most people in the room. The high made them let down their guards in ways they didn’t notice. That’s when she found your true passion. That’s when she was able to see what you really wanted in life.

My wife’s ventures were known for going public but relished for their ascent shortly after. These parties were the reason. No matter what angle they played at the office, their commitment to the next stage became clear at this restaurant.

I loved watching her body language as she swam through the sea of celebration. The nervous few were obvious keepers because they understood the work was just getting started. The overjoyed were trying to figure how to spend their money. They had 3 months tops.


“Who do you think will be first?” asked a familiar voice. “I’m guessing that entire table with sunglasses and no shirts won’t make it to next Friday.”

I laughed.

Valonda had been my wife’s assistant for the last six of these launches. She knew who was on and off the boat but enjoyed watching as much as I did.

“That will be you at the next launch,” I said with a smile as we watched my beloved shark head to the next table with a bottle of champagne.

“I’m not sure I’ll be as cutthroat but I’m excited for the opportunity,” she said as we watched my wife sit next to a pensive programmer in need of a drink. A keeper.

“After the first bloodbath I’m sure you’ll be fine,” I replied as we identified the next table for consumption from the bar.

“I have another offer,” Valonda blurted out with all of the courage her empty shot glass could spare. “Less money, but I’d get stay in the Bay and not share leadership responsibilities.”

I took a slow drink to let her words hang in the air a little. “Sounds like you’re not sure,” I offered with another shot.

The music got louder as my wife continued to work her current table. She must have gotten mixed signals from someone. I knew the feeling.

“For two years I’ve dreamed of having everything that came with that job,” she began as she leaned Kadıköy Escort in to counter the louder music.

My wife discovered Valonda at one of these parties and recognized that she was more than a keeper. At 6 feet in heels, her Dominican personality was a shock to most people who couldn’t look beyond the surface. Underneath, she was far from a shark, but she was usually smarter than everyone in the room.

“And now?” I questioned with wild curiosity. Groomed under one of the savviest women of color in tech, she was faced with her first real decision. My wife owed much of her success of late to Valonda’s dedication and tenacity. “Have you told her?”

As the conversation got tougher it felt like the music was getting louder. So Valonda got closer. “We are in negotiations,” Valonda replied.

I furrowed my eyebrow because my wife was not a negotiator. We both knew that. Again, I left her declaration untouched long enough to keep the tension. “Terms?” I asked.

With my wife 100 feet away Valonda’s hand caressed my thigh. “I’ll show you in the suite.” With that, she grabbed a bottle of champagne and headed toward the elevators. The complimentary suite given to the firm for renting the entire restaurant was on the top floor. My wife and I had finished our evenings there on plenty of occasions. We knew every crevice inside and out.

Without a second thought I followed her as I watched my wife order another round for a table in the corner that was having too much fun.

As the elevator doors closed in front of us we watched the numbers increase in silence.

For two years I never once noticed Valonda sexually. She was one of my wife’s employees. Nothing more. The dozens of employees that flirted with me over the years were simply planning their early dismissal. But even then, they were always just employees. I knew nothing about them aside from them wanting to get closer to my wife. Valonda might have been an amazing woman, but to me she was just an employee.

Until the door key clicked and she entered the dark suite. Instinctively I reached to turn the lights on, but before I could hit the switch Valonda was pulling me by the belt toward the bedroom.

“I really don’t want to leave the firm but I have been fantasizing about you since that first party two years ago,” Valonda said as she handled me like that first present on Christmas morning. “I knew that she knew because she sees everything. So when this job offer came up I told her what I wanted.”

What she wanted was now in her hands and rock hard as she dropped her dress from her shoulders.

“I kept hoping you’d be an asshole so I could stop thinking about you but you were always so nice,” Valonda continued as she climbed onto the bed and faced me. With my balls in her freshly manicured hands she moved her hips from side to side like a dancer. “Then after our Friday manicure I found an envelope on my desk with the suite key and a note that said I could have you.”

Before I could offer a word on the discussion her tongue was traveling from my neck to my nipples to my bellybutton to the base of my dick. Her nails began caressing my thighs as she lifted up to put half of my dick in her mouth. What she lacked in Kadıköy Escort Bayan experience she more than made up for in enthusiasm. Sloppy doesn’t begin to describe her technique.

Though I was in a state of euphoria my ears clearly heard the lock on the suite door click once again. But I stood there while she kept sucking my dick like it was both her first and last.

Like a thousand time before, I felt the warm breath on my naked shoulder blades that I always felt when I was cooking breakfast. Some mornings the warm air would be accompanied by one of my cotton t-shirts and other days the air would be accompanied by warm nipples. Tonight, there were no t-shirts in the suite.

As I attempted to process what was happening, Valonda spun around and sat up on her knees and placed my dick between her ass cheeks. That’s when I felt her pussy dripping down my thigh while two hands wrapped around me from behind. My wife was putting a condom on me.

Once the condom was on me, the manicured hands gently pushed Valonda forward so her pussy and ass were square in front of me.

Soon I could feel the dress that had been working the restaurant fall off completely behind me while four manicured hands gently placed my dick inside Valonda’s pussy. Taking their lead, I started out very slow. Her pussy was soaking wet, but also pretty tight. Though I wasn’t moving much, she was groaning like a porn star. Either this was all bottled up tension or she was new to this or both.

And then in the dimly lit room I watched my naked wife walk to the side of the bed as she stared into my eyes. She took Valonda’s hands into hers and got on her knees to face Valonda. “I warned you that you would need to warm up to a real dick,” my wife coached. “Now turn over.”

Whimpering but still slowly bucking, Valonda wrapped her legs around me until she was on her back. I was still standing at the edge of bed, but I could feel her pussy relax more. So I began to thrust a little harder. As she matched my speed her moaning increased. As the slap of our thighs increased Valonda shouted, “Fuck me!”

And that’s when my wife sat her now wet pussy onto Valonda’s face. The devilish smile she gave me almost made me come then and there. Then I noticed she was holding her phone.

As Valonda began to come I sped up our hips. My wife started taking pictures. The flash was intense in that dark room. I just kept fucking until Valonda shuddered and shook.

But no matter how hard she came, she kept fucking me. Only now, she was silent. Hips at full force; her mouth occupied by my wife’s clit.

And then I heard the phone ringing.

“Mr. Sutton,” my wife said as I continued to fuck Valonda quietly. “Ms. Santiago has been more than an ideal employee and partner in our work here.”

Valonda fucked me harder as my wife spoke.

“While I must say that I’m extremely disappointed in her decision to join your firm, I’m proud of her for taking a big step and demanding what she wants,” said my wife as Valonda’s hips slowed in confusion as she attempted to process the discussion muffled by my wife’s thighs. I slowed as well, but I didn’t stop. We could hear Mr. Sutton’s enthusiasm about the news though we couldn’t decipher Escort Kadıköy the words.

“As I see it,” my wife continued, “Valonda will be more of a friend and equal to me as she leaves our offices. We are looking forward to spending more time with her on nonbusiness occasions.” With that Mr. Sutton attempted to continue the conversation, but my wife hung up the phone.

Valonda, recovering from orgasms and an unexpected job change had no more buck left in her. I pulled back as her pussy gasped.

“You are no longer my employee, Valonda,” my wife explained. “I can no longer hold my authority above you.” Ironic, considering my wife’s ‘authority’ was directly above Valonda.

For a moment we stayed motionless as Valonda decided her next move. Now, she was allowing the words to hover in the air.

And we let her.

Slowly, Valonda pulled her self from beneath my wife. She looked a mess and beautiful at the same time. She sat up on her knees and faced my wife while I got another look at her amazing ass. With her long curly hair blocking my view, I couldn’t make out what was being communicated by their eyes.

But soon I felt those manicured fingers on my dick. Valonda never faced me while she slowly rolled the condom off of my still hard dick.

Then Valonda tossed the condom to the floor and grabbed my wife by the hands. Slowly they began rotating on the bed until my wife’s ass was pressed against my dick. That’s when Valonda stretched my wife forward until her pussy was even with my dick. As I reached to touch her I realized how very wet she was.

As I pushed my dick into my favorite pussy in the world, my wife simply said, “My turn.” And so I pushed into her. Slowly.

I expected Valonda to simply watch. But she decided that she was there to help. Valonda slowly slid her head under my wife until she could lick my wife’s nipples.

“Fuck,” my wife exclaimed. As I began to fuck her harder and faster I could see two right hands working Valonda’s clit. The movements were synced and I could feel all of us about to explode.

First came Valonda, considering she hadn’t settled from our earlier activity.

Next came my wife as the sensation overwhelmed her. She loved getting fucked from behind. She loved having her breast devoured. Enjoying both at the same time was something she’d joked “couldn’t possibly be as good as it sounds.” Her orgasm told a different story. She bucked me like she wanted to break my dick off as she clinched the bedding as though she was holding on for dear life. Like a thousand times before, her final tremor was the beginning of the end for me.

Only there would be a twist this time.

Just as I felt the urge the come, Valonda slid further under my wife and pulled my dick from her satisfied pussy. As that first squirt jettisoned from my dick onto Valonda’s face, I knew that she was aiming for a specific target.

The real load of cum never felt the room’s tension as it exited my dick into Valonda’s mouth. As my wife was exhausted and spread eagle on top of her former employee, I pulled back to watch Valonda swallow my cum with a smile.

As usual, I wondered how much of this my wife planned on her own. I wondered how much of this they planned together. I wondered how much of this was my idea and how much of this was my wife’s idea. Only she would know. I would, as usual, never ask.

Then I headed to the shower and found that I wouldn’t be alone.

That’s when I realized that this wasn’t going to be the last time we would be visiting this suite to celebrate.

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