Vegas Getaway


I hadn’t been on vacation in three years. Work had kept me very busy during that time but the workload slowed down this June and I decided to take my girlfriend on a short Vegas trip to relax for a bit.

Stephanie is a beautiful woman that I am lucky to have. At 24, she’s in her prime and in fantastic shape. We both love to work out together and have put a lot of effort into looking and feeling our best. Steph is 5’8″ and about 115 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. We’ve been together for two years and her body still drives me crazy. Her natural breasts look like they were sculpted by an artist and they go well with her small waist and tight, round ass. For me to say that she was excited about our getaway would be an understatement. The days leading up to it seemed to drag on at a painfully slow pace, but eventually we were packing our car and on the road. It would be a six-hour drive with some very boring and repetitive scenery. And with the CD player in my car not working, the lack of decent radio stations on the road made for a more boring drive than I could have imagined.

As I mentioned before, it was June, and the road to Vegas in June means very warm weather, so we both dressed casually for the drive, Steph wearing a tank top style t-shirt with no bra and elastic-band shorts, and I just wore a regular t-shirt and a pair of Dockers shorts.

After 4 hours on the road, my fatigue must have shown because Steph noticed.

“You don’t have to do all the driving you know. Why don’t you pull over and let me drive the rest of the way?” she offered.

“Thanks, but I’ll be fine. You just relax and we’ll be there in no time,” I replied.

She suddenly got a sly look in her eyes and said, “Maybe I’ll just have to think of something to wake you up a bit then.”

“Don’t get any funny ideas,” I replied. “We don’t need any accidents before we really start our vacation.”

“What’s the matter? Can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?” she asked, still with a naughty look in her eyes.

She was still looking at me as she slid her right hand up her belly and across to her left breast. She slowly rubbed it over her shirt with that sexy grin on her face.

“Is it hot in here or is it just me?” she teased.

The air-conditioning had been blowing full force, actually making for a very cool ride, and it definitely showed on Steph. Her nipples were obviously very erect as they poked through her thin t-shirt. As she rubbed her breast, her fingers glided over her nipple and she squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger. She pinched it a bit, forcing it fully erect before she slid her hand over to her right breast and started playing with her other nipple. Her plan was working perfectly; I was definitely wide awake and starting to get excited. As her right hand slid back down her belly to her shorts, she slid her left hand up under her tank top and continued playing with her right nipple. Her right hand was now rubbing her pussy over the fabric as she let out a soft, sexy moan.

“Mmmmmm, this feels so good Robert, and I know how much you love watching me play with myself. Is that cock getting hard yet?” she asked.

She kept rubbing her pussy and letting out soft moans. She then switched hands on her pussy and brought her right hand back up again to her left breast, but this time she pulled the tank top across her breast exposing it. She continued to rub the soft skin around her erect nipple as she massaged her pussy.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Fuck, my pussy is throbbing Robert, it must be real wet by now!”

She then slid her left hand down under her elastic waistband and started rubbing her pussy directly. She closed her eyes for the first time as the teasing ended and the focus on pleasure began. She tilted her head back and continued to moan quietly as she rubbed her shaven mound. Her other hand was squeezing her left nipple with more force now as she increased the pace of her masturbation.

“Oh God my pussy is so wet. It’s begging for your hard cock, honey. I wish I could sit on that hard dick right now and feel you deep inside me. mmmmmmmm.”

She lifted her hips in the air, pinning her shoulders into the neck rest of the seat. Her left hand was now at a furious pace, rubbing up and down under her shorts. I could tell from her body language she was about to cum all over her hand. Her hips started bucking as much as she had room for them to.

“Fuck, Robbie, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna make myself cum on your seat! Oh God, I’m cumming Robert! Ohhh Fuuuck! I’m cumming all over my fingers!” she screamed as the waves of orgasm overwhelmed her. The pleasure jolted through her like charges of electricity.

The intense pleasure gradually faded as her ass gently came to rest back in her seat. Now she really was hot, and lightly sweated from her tiring workout. She pulled her shirt back over her breast and her hand out of her waistband. It was glistening with cum as the smell of her sex canlı bahis perfumed my car. She raised her hand to my mouth and slid her moist fingers inside. I always loved the way she tasted, and this time was no different. I sucked her fingers until the sweet taste of her pussy was gone.

“Well? Is that big cock of yours ready?” she asked.

“Ready for what? I’m lucky I could drive straight through all of that!” I said laughing.

“I got to cum, its only fair that you do to, right?” she asked with her seductive smile returning once again.

She reached over and rubbed my crotch. My cock was uncomfortably hard as she slid her fingers up and down my shaft over my shorts. She released my seatbelt to gain full access and started to unbutton my shorts. She unzipped my shorts and pushed them down far enough to pull my fully erect penis out, relieving the pressure I felt. She held my cock with her right hand and rubbed her thumb over the head. Squeezing softly, she coaxed some precum out and rubbed it with her thumb, spreading it over the top. As I was trying harder to focus on the road, she leaned over again and spoke softly in my ear.

“I just love the feeling of your hard cock, sliding my hand up and down your shaft as the precum oozes on to my fingers. You like having your stiff cock massaged, don’t you Robbie? You like it when I stroke that big hard cock. Damn, I must’ve gotten you really worked up. Look how much precum is leaking out! I’ll just have to lick all that off for you. You want me to lick and suck that throbbing dick of yours? Ooohh, let me wrap my lips around your stiff cock and suck that off for you.”

With that, she leaned her head down and started licking the tip of my penis very gently. She puckered up her lips and gently kissed my swollen head, still squeezing my cock from the base on up to milk out more precum. Her hand slid down and cupped my balls as her lips parted enough for her mouth to slowly slide down my whole length. She slid back up just as slowly, repeating the movement several more times before straightening up in her seat. My cock was nicely coated in her saliva as her hand returned to my dick which was throbbing from the oral teasing it received. Her hand glided up and down my cock as she leaned over and started kissing my neck. She traced her tongue up to my ear and started her seductive whispering yet again.

“I just love sucking that handsome cock of yours. You like feeling my warm, wet mouth wrapped around your hard dick?” she asked as her hand continued to slowly masturbate me. “I want to suck it til you shoot your load into my hungry mouth. If I promise to swallow every drop will you fuck my mouth, baby?”

Steph knows that the naughty talk whispered in my ear gets me very worked up. All I could do is lift my hand up behind her head and guide her down. The time for teasing was over as far as I was concerned!

I pushed her mouth down my shaft as she picked up right where she left off. I grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her pace. Her head bobbed up and down somewhat slowly at first, but picked up some speed as she went along. Every minute or so she would lift her mouth off slightly and stroke my cock with her hand several quick times before resuming her blowjob. My uncontrollable moans gave me away and she knew I was getting closer to cumming. Her pace quickened even more and she moaned softly with each movement. She knew her soft moans would drive me even crazier, and they did. My cock felt like a loaded cannon ready to explode as I grabbed her hair again and forced her rhythm. I quickly reached the point of no return as I shot stream after hot stream of cum into her waiting mouth. She tried to trap as much as she could in her mouth but there was just too much. The tight seal her mouth formed around my cock failed and small amounts of cum began to stream back down my penis and over my balls. My cock continued to convulse in her mouth though as I drained my entire load. After coaxing the last drops out, she carefully pulled her mouth off my cock keeping her mouth shut. She sat up straight and smiled at me as more cum leaked out of her smile and down her chin. She opened her mouth for me to see the present I gave her. Her tongue was white with cum and a couple strings were connecting her upper and lower teeth. After a couple seconds, she closed her mouth instantly reforming the devilish grin on her face as she swallowed her prize.

“That was delicious, Rob” she purred.

I reached up and scooped the remains off her chin with my finger. Sliding it in her mouth, she sucked it dry, enjoying every last bit of it. She looked down at my still-hard cock and licked her lips.

“Looks like I missed some. Don’t want any of it to go to waste now do I?” she seductively asked.

My penis and balls were glistening with a mixture of cum and saliva. She lowered her head back down and started licking up the leftovers. Her tongue lapped at every little trace of cum she could find kaçak iddaa until I was completely clean. She raised her head and licked her lips. I could still see some white in her saliva when she leaned in to give me a wet kiss. Our tongues twirled around each other and I could faintly taste my salty sperm on her tongue.

Well, her master plan worked and not only was I wide-awake, but time had just flown by. After a gas stop and a relatively short drive, we were pulling into Las Vegas. We spent the rest of the evening winding down in our hotel, losing a bit of cash on the slots and calling it a night.

We spent the next day seeing the sights on the strip and gambling a little bit here and there. We had a nice dinner in our hotel and after letting the food settle, we decided to use the hotel’s gym. It’s always fun going to a gym with Steph. She likes to wear skimpy clothing when she works out for flexibility and comfort, but she also loves the attention she gets too. She was wearing some short and tight shorts with a sports bra so I knew she’d be getting plenty of stares. I just wore some loose gym shorts and a t-shirt; there is no sense in competing with her for attention, she wins that one every time.

We walked down to the gym which was off in a corner of the hotel out of the way of all the other attractions. We entered at 8:50 PM to find a sparsely populated workout area. We were greeted by the only employee working in the gym.

“Hi, how are you tonight?” she asked us.

“Doing well and enjoying our time off,” I responded.

“Unfortunately, we close at 9. Not much business in here by then so the owners want to save on payroll I guess,” she informed us.

“Are there any places close by we could get a workout in?” Steph asked.

As Steph spoke up, I could see this girl glance down at Steph a bit. She had a great looking body herself so I figured she was probably sizing her up for comparison’s sake. A slight smile came to the girl’s face as she began to speak again.

“You know what? I usually workout after closing when I can have the whole place to myself. You two could join me if you wanted. I just put up the closed sign and lock the door so I get total privacy.”

That’s when I noticed the room didn’t even have windows, they just relied on the air conditioning system to cool off anyone working out. We definitely didn’t want to go searching for another gym at 9 p.m. so we accepted her offer.

“Sure, we’d love to join you. Thanks for the offer,” I said shaking her hand and introducing Stephanie and I.

“Oh, don’t mention it. My name’s Jennifer and if you got any questions or anything, just give me a holler,” she said as she went back to work.

Steph and I went ahead and started our stretching exercises. Within a few minutes, the room was completely cleared out as Jennifer started straightening up the room a bit. Steph and I started using various dumbbells, doing curls and other strength-building exercises. After Jennifer finished tidying up she walked over to us.

“Well, I’m gonna go change into my workout clothes so I’ll be back in a minute.”

With that, Jennifer disappeared into the women’s locker room. Steph and I started doing some squats when Jennifer returned and I almost dropped the weight bar. Her body rivaled Steph’s in every way and she instantly got our undivided attention. Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders and I realized she was also wearing a sports bra similar to Steph’s. But instead of shorts she had bikini bottoms on, and they fit her damn well. She strutted out with a towel over her shoulder and caught us both staring.

“Sorry, but working out alone I usually don’t worry too much about my attire” she explained.

Steph spoke up first, “Oh don’t mention it, I just didn’t think you were in that kind of shape.”

“Well, I’ve worked here for a couple of years. Part of the benefits package I guess” she said as she started her stretching routine.

As soon as she turned her back to us, Steph immediately started whispering, “You can lift your jaw off the floor and close your mouth again.”

“Oh please,” I responded, “You were practically drooling so you can’t blame me for getting a good look. Notice the tattoo above her ass?”

Steph nodded and whispered some more, “Looks like a small rose. Think it would rub off if I licked it long enough?”

“Alright, that’s enough,” I said. “These shorts of mine aren’t gonna conceal anything if I get excited so lets get back to working out.

Jennifer started jogging on a treadmill as we continued our workout. I was starting to get a bit warm so I decided to take my shirt off. I caught Jennifer peeking a couple of times, I just couldn’t tell which one of us she was peeking at. Steph and I started doing some bench presses directly across from and facing Jennifer. As Steph lay down to go first, I spotted for her even though she wasn’t starting out with much weight. As I stood kaçak bahis above her, she started silently mouthing some words too me as if I was a lip reader. I leaned down to hear what she had to whisper.

“I think we have Jennifer’s attention, and I think I want to take her bra off and suck on her nipples. Then I want to lick that pussy of hers while you watch. Think I can get her to cum in my mouth?” Steph asked.

I knew Stephanie was talking naughty to tease me and get me worked up so I decided to play along with her.

“You would hog her without sharing, wouldn’t you? Well, I think I want to fuck her while you sit on this weight bench fingering yourself again.”

We must have been pretty obvious because she was looking at us as if knowing that we were talking about her. I switched positions with Steph but a naughty thought came to mind. I wasn’t wearing any underwear so when I laid down, I positioned myself in a way that the right leg of my shorts flared open a bit to reveal myself to Jennifer. I didn’t take a look though until I was done with my set. As the weight bar came to rest on the arms of the bench I leaned my head up to find Jennifer staring right at my crotch with a wicked smile on her face. Steph and I traded places again. As Steph sat on the bench, Jennifer shut down the treadmill and started to speak.

“Hey Stephanie, could I ask you a favor? I seem to have a knot in my leg and it’s not loosening up. Could you help me stretch it out a bit?”

Steph didn’t need to be asked twice, she jumped at the opportunity. Jennifer layed on the floor and lifted her right leg in the air. Steph got on her knees and put Jennifer’s leg on her shoulder. She pushed forward until Jennifer’s knee almost touched her boob. Steph then started to rub her leg while she was stretching it. Jennifer let out a soft moan, obviously enjoying the stretch. After a few more seconds, Steph eased back lowering Jennifer’s leg back down.

“Does that feel better?” Steph asked.

“A little bit but it’s still feeling tight” Jennifer answered.

“Well let’s just see if I can’t get that knot out for you then, ok?” she asked.

Steph started slowly but firmly rubbing Jennifer’s leg. Jennifer laid her head back and closed her eyes, definitely enjoying the rub down.

“That feels good, I haven’t had a massage in a year” Jennifer said, almost moaning the words.

“I can tell, your muscles feel tight. You have to get a good rub down from time to time, especially if you’ve been under much stress. I’ve had a bit of practice at massages, I could give you the full treatment if you like” Steph offered.

“You wouldn’t mind? That sounds great to me if you really want to do it” she said with a glowing smile on her face.

“The pleasure would be all mine. Just roll over onto your belly and we’ll get started” she said while rubbing her hands together to warm them up.

As Jennifer rolled over, I couldn’t help but notice the perfect skin on her back. I couldn’t see a blemish anywhere. Jennifer put her head down, but before Steph started she touched the tattoo above Jennifer’s ass.

“That’s such a cute tattoo” Steph said while looking at me with that ‘I’m gonna score’ look on her face.

“Oh thanks. I got it a couple of years ago. The boys seem to like it a lot. They usually call it ‘the target’ if you know what I mean” she explained in almost a shy voice.

“Of course I know what you mean, after a guy fucks your pretty little body he needs a place to shoot his load, and that target is as good as any I suppose. I personally like to swallow Rob’s cum but I also like it when he cumms on my tits. I’ll massage it all over myself before licking my fingers clean. I think he enjoys watching it as much as I enjoy playing with it.”

Jennifer had a surprised look on her face, not expecting such a blunt response. Steph straddled Jennifer and began rubbing her neck and shoulders.

“Yep, I can feel the tension in your shoulders,” Steph said. “Try to relax and let me do all the work.”

“Not a problem, that feels too good Stephanie,” she answered as she closed her eyes and let her body go completely limp.

Steph’s hands rubbed down from Jennifer’s shoulders over her bra. She slid her fingers underneath the fabric and started guiding the bra up and over Jennifer’s head. Steph received no resistance at all as she slid the bra completely off and tossed it aside on the floor. Steph’s hands glided effortlessly across Jennifer’s light brown skin. Her hands slid down to the small of her back then up her sides, almost touching her breasts, and then back down the middle of her back again. She followed this route a few times before she scooted farther down Jennifer’s body. Steph’s hands slid down to Jennifer’s ass. Steph rubbed her ass over the bikini several times before grabbing the bikini and pulling it up her ass turning it into a thong. With both cheeks exposed, Steph rubbed down both at the same time. Jennifer’s eyes were still closed and she had a look of total bliss on her face.

I was starting to get worked up a bit so I moved in front of Jennifer and sat down on another weight bench. I sat back in a relaxed position, again allowing my shorts to flare open a bit.

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