Under New Management Ch. 02


Bret awoke with a nagging feeling of someone watching. He didn’t quite know where he got it from, but when he opened his eyes he saw a pair of big, blue eyes staring at him from the hallway. Big blue eyes, in a small, round face, belonging to a cute little girl. When their eyes met, she flashed him a huge grin — where the two upper incisors were missing — and hurried off, out of his sight.

“What…?” Bret wondered, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. This wasn’t his bed, this wasn’t his bedroom. Did he really go home with Lia the stripper last night…?

“Yes,” he whispered to himself as more and more of last night came back to him. Kissing her, licking her… and the sex! Wow! He’d actually had sex with a woman! And a gorgeous one at that!

Smiling to himself he was about to get up — when he realised he was buck-naked. He looked around and found his discarded clothes (first and foremost his boxers) and slipped them on. Boxers and pants first and then the shirt.

“Hey,” Lia came in, just as he was buttoning it and greeted him with her bright smile, “you’re awake!”

“Yeah…” he said, feeling a little confused. Happy to see her though, but still confused.

“Who… Was there a little girl in here?” he asked, briefly wondering if she’d been a dream.

“Yeah, Michelle,” she answered with a little, proud smile, “she my youngest daughter — and very curious!”

Bret nodded with a little smile. An awkward silence arose in the room as neither of them knew how to proceed.

Should I kiss him? Lia wondered, do I want to kiss him? Does he want me to? She didn’t know, she didn’t know what kind of relationship they had — if they even had one! Was she just a one-night stand? Oh God, what had she done? She’d seduced and fucked her boss!

Oh God, what will Michelle and Julia think? she thought, why the hell did I bring him back here!?

“Ehm…” she said, trying to pull herself together, “would you… would you like some breakfast? I’m making pancakes…”

“Oh! Oh, yes. Yes, please,” Bret said, happy to get past the awkwardness and realising that he was actually quite hungry.

She led him into the kitchen where her two, blonde daughters were already sitting at the table.

“This is Mr. Jensen,” Lia introduced him; “he slept here last night and wants to eat breakfast with us.”

Soon Bret found himself sitting at the head of the table while two young girls — and one older, very attractive one, though she pretended not to — kept watching his every move. The pancakes were good though!

“Are you and mommy friends?” the older daughter, Julia, asked suddenly, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Ehh…” Bret tried to answer, suddenly remembering Lia screaming in orgasm last night as she rode him.

“Mr. Jensen is mommy’s boss. I work for him,” Lia explained, feeling a little nervous and rather ashamed. Except for Monique, she’d never before brought anyone from her work home to the girls. She wanted them to grow up without knowing how their mother earned her money.

“Well, eh…” Bret said when the silence once again grew in the little kitchen, “I… I should probably head home. Need to get a cab to get my car at the clu- at work,” he said, too late realising that Julia and Michelle probably didn’t know their mother worked at a club.

“Oh. Yeah,” Lia said, confused, relieved and disappointed at the same time. She actually wanted him to stay — if for no other reason, then the more time he spent with her wonderful daughters, the harder it’d hopefully be for him to fire her. But she also did like him and liked to have him around, for some reason. At the other hand, it’d probably be better for him to go. It had to feel quite strange for the girls that an unknown man ate breakfast with them in their kitchen at a random Tuesday morning.

“No, stay!” Michelle declared. With lightning-speed she jumped down from her chair and crawled up on his lap, trapping him.

“Michelle!” Lia scolded her, but Bret didn’t stand a chance against the charm of the six-year old. Who could resist that, anyway? With an awkward smile he looked down at the little girl, “why don’t you want me to go?”

“Mommy wants you to stay!” she stated and looked across the table at her mother, the professional stripper who now blushed scarlet and looked down, not having any idea what she was going to do or say.

“Michelle…” she muttered but gave up. Instead, she went up and got some more juice from the fridge, buying herself some time. Not that it mattered.

Michelle won. Bret stayed until it was time for school, eating with a little blonde girl on his lap, while her sister watched, torn between anger and jealousy. And their mother too, of course, who couldn’t sort out her own feelings either. Hope, fear and confusion all battled within her without any clear victor.

When it was time to go, Bret gracefully paid for the cabs to take Lia and the girls to school and him to his day-time job.

“Hey, Mr. Jensen,” Kartal Escort Hugh greeted their new boss as he entered the club. He nodded at the impressively muscled bouncer and continued into the club, heading for the office.

“That him?” he heard a feminine voice from behind and when he turned around, a tall blonde woman came walking towards him. Her outfit, no, her entire being seemed to scream ‘look at me!’… which wasn’t easy to accomplish, considering she was in a strip-club where most of the girls wore outfits that showed off their bodies in the most arousing ways.

She wore a bright, white t-shirt with the words ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ written across the far too-tight chest in girly pink. The t-shirt only reached her navel, leaving the rest of her stomach bare, showing off her light-tanned skin.

Her mini-shorts were bright pink, with small, dark red hearts strewn across the fabric, showing her well-shaped thighs and long, sexy legs. The white, knee-high socks led the thoughts to a little girl, but the tall, pink stripper-heels contradicted that illusion. Secretly, she’d have preferred ballerina-shoes but… well, the heels just made her ass look good!

Her make-up followed the theme: Pink, glittery eye-shadow, glitters spread across the cheeks and a pink lip-stick. Her long blonde hair hung down in large corkscrew-curls, underlining her childlike appearance.

Bret stopped dead in his track as this image of corrupt innocence and sexy beauty came closer and closer, and the smell of sweet perfume reached him.

“Hey Bossman!” the sweet teen greeted him with a happy smile when she reached him.

“Eh… hey,” he said, fighting to keep his eyes on hers. But there was just so much else of her to look at!

“I’m Bubbles,” she continued in the same joyful tone, “sorry I missed you yesterday, but I don’t work Mondays, see?”

“Ehm, sure,” Bret said and stole a quick look at her very massive bust — shit, what size were those tits? D’s? They looked enormous on her slim frame!

She noticed, of course, and smile widely at him, happy to be admired. This top was certainly working!

“Your name is Bubbles?” he asked when his eyes once again returned to hers.

“Yeah. Bubbles, see?” she asked as she crossed her arms just below her bubbling boobs and pressed them together and upwards, almost like she were offering them to him.

“Oh…” understanding dawning on Bret, understanding and intense arousal! “well, I thought it might have something to do with your… well, spirit… mood…”

Bubbles shrugged, “well, maybe that too,” she giggled.

“It’s a… ahh… nice name,” he said, once again eyeing her breasts, figuring that she wouldn’t mind too much. In some respects, it certainly was easier to work in the insurance-business. It was a lot easier to keep oneself from staring at properly-covered secretaries and co-workers than strippers who were more than eager to put themselves on display!

On the other hand, the strippers didn’t seem to mind…

“Thanks!” Bubbles smiled, “but anyway, I just wanted to say hey, and that I hope you’ll enjoy my show. I’m on at seven… and a quarter past nine. And then again at midnight…”

“I’ll… I’ll be sure to have a look,” he said, wanting to make this spectacular girl happy.

“Yay!” she exclaimed excitedly and gave him a quick, hard kiss on the cheek, ensuring she left behind a pink lip-stick mouth, before she gave him a last smile and went back to… whatever she’d been doing before Bret arrived. He stood for a moment, admiring her butt as it walked away. Huh… another reason why they call her Bubbles… he thought, before forcing himself back from the lusty thoughts of what he’d like to do to her.

Thinking of Lia, and what they’d done the night before helped. His mouth split in a proud grin as he recalled her crying out in pleasure as she rode him. Yup, that image certainly banished any thoughts of the bubbling stripper — though it did nothing for the hard-on that had grown in his pants.

He shook his head and went to see how Tina was fairing with the profit-predictions he’d made last night.

“Oh! Oh yeees!” he heard Tina moan, so loudly it easily went through the closed door.

What the hell is going on in there? he wondered, somewhat redundant. It was fairly obvious what was going on after all.

Well, curiosity might have killed the cat, but life would be so boring without it! As silently as possible, he turned the door-knob, trying his best to avoid the telling ‘click!’ and pushed it open. Inside, he saw his redheaded manager sitting topless behind her desk, her hands mauling her big tits — and with a head full of black hair covering her privates! Looking closer, he thought he recognised her as the black stripper he’d seen the first night he was at the club, though he could only see her hair and part of her turned-away face.

“Mhm… yes! Don’t stop! Lick me, you black slut!” she commanded Kartal Escort Bayan in a hard voice. A little racist, perhaps, but somehow also extremely hot for the young owner who just couldn’t look away.

“Mhm, yeah… I love your hot little tongue! Yes, right there, that’s a good slut, lick me! Harder! Harder, damnit!” Tina exclaimed, obviously in the throes of passion. She put a hand down on her partner’s head and pushed it harder against her cunt, while she sighed deeply.

“Yes! Like that, you little cunt! Yes! Yes! YES!” she gasped as she apparently finally got what she wanted from the black stripper. Soon she was thrashing around in her chair, gasping and crying out in pleasure, quite clearly getting closer and closer to the big O.

Shit, this is hot! Bret thought. Like most men he’d never seen lesbians outside of porns — and like most men he’d always had fantasies about it!

“Ooooh! Fuck, yes! Oh! OH! Oh, fuck! Yes, my clit, lick my clit! Mhm, show me why I should keep you here! Earn your pay! Earn it! Fuck! FUUUCK!” Tina cried and her entire body seemed to tighten up as she came loudly!

The black stripper kept licking for a little while before looking up at the manager.

“Did I do good, Miss Black?” she asked in a needy little voice, and Tina patted her condescendingly on her head.

“Yes, you did fine, Trish. Just fine…” she sighed contently.

“Then maybe we could…?” she asked, hinting at something Bret didn’t know what was — but he had a million guesses, one hotter than the next!

“You want it that badly?” Tina smiled down at her lover, who nodded eagerly.

“Then ask me!” the controlling redhead demanded.

“Please, Miss Black, will you fuck me? Fuck me with your big, white dick? I need it so badly!” the kneeling stripper begged, making Bret’s cock jerk in his pants. He flashed-back to Monique’s pleading eyes, just before she’d sucked him off the night before.

Like Bret, Tina couldn’t resist, so she nodded and opened one of the drawers of the desk, finding a large, flesh-coloured dildo on some sort of harness. Together, the two women got it strapped on to Tina, so she now sported a very impressive cock. Still kneeling, Trish gave it a couple of sloppy licks before she took it into her mouth, sucking it off the best she knew.

“Enough of that!” Tina commanded before the blowjob even got started, and the stripper obediently pulled her head off it again, looking up at her domineering lover.

“You know what to do, slut!” she ordered, and again Trish obeyed without hesitating, standing up and draping herself across the table, her ass towards Tina and her upper body resting on her elbows. Bret was amazed that neither of them noticed him, standing right outside the open door as he was, but they were both too caught up in their needs. Then again, Bret wasn’t sure he would have noticed if an elephant had come crashing into the room last night when Lia was riding him…

Now that she wasn’t hidden by the table anymore, Bret couldn’t help but notice she was completely naked. Her huge, black boobs forced his eyes on them, so big and tempting.

“You want it? You want my big cock?” Tina asked, and Trish nodded feverishly.

“Yes, please fuck me, Miss Black! Oh, please fuck me… I LOVE your beautiful, white cock!”

Granting her her wish, Tina found Trish’s entrance and slowly fed her big dick to it.

“Ooooh… sooo biiig..:” the black stripper gasped, obviously enjoying it. Her entire body radiated sexual heat — and Bret wasn’t sure he’d been able to go slow like Tina did. He’d most likely just hammered into her, too eager to feel her soft cunt around his dick to wait for anything.

Of course, Tina couldn’t feel the soft cunt, since she didn’t have a dick, but had to use a plastic or rubber copy. But still…!

When the cock had disappeared completely into the sexy, black stripper, she started moving in and out. Slowly at first she gradually built a good rhythm that soon had Trish whining in pleasure.

“Aii! Aii!” she cried, “oh, harder, Miss Black, please fuck me harder!”

“You want to get fucked like the cheap little slut you are?” Tina demanded and Trish nodded desperately. Tina reached forward, grabbed a hold of her long, black hair and gave it a hard pull, while she hammered her fake dick into her submissive lover. Her big, somewhat saggy tits shook everytime she forced her white dildo into the black woman, and she was quickly working up a good sweat, making her skin shine in the pale light from the lamps.

“Ahhh!” Trish cried, whether in pain or enjoyment, Bret wasn’t sure… and maybe Trish wasn’t either. Her face looked completely screwed up, like in pain, but she kept fucking back, meeting every one of Tina’s hard thrusts.

God! Bret thought when he noticed something around Trish’s neck that he hadn’t seen earlier, she’s wearing some kind of collar! Shit, is she some kind of slave?! he wondered. Like any normal guy Escort Kartal with access to porn, he’d heard about master/slave relationships, and this submissive woman wearing a collar certainly seemed to point in that direction! But she also seemed to like it…

“Oh God yes! YES! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me with your powerful, white dick! Take my black pussy, it’s yours!” the stripper (slave?) cried, affirming whether she liked it or not, “I’m gonna… Yes, please, Miss Black… Ahh! YES! YES!”

Her body shook in clear pleasure as her lover (Mistress?) kept fucking her.

“Ah! Ahh! AHHH!” Trish cried and fell down on the table, unable to keep herself supported any longer. Her big tits got mashed down onto the hard, wooden surface, giving Bret a view he couldn’t help but love.

“Oh God…” Trish gasped after a few minutes, gradually gaining her bearings, “that… was… wonderful!” She slowly stood up from the table and turned around to face her white lover and boss.

“I know!” Tina sighed, “you were great!” Much to Bret shock, she hugged her naked, black lover and gave her a long, loving kiss.

“You too, Tina. God, I love licking your pussy…” she smiled and they kissed again.

“Not as much as you like getting fucked, eh?” Tina grinned and gave her long, white dildo a pat.

“Haha! Maybe you’re right! But then again, who wouldn’t love getting a good, hard fucking from you?”

More intimate kissing while Bret watched with huge, uncomprehending eyes. Just a second ago, Trish was a worthless black slut, and Tina was ‘Miss Black’… and now they were kissing like the most loving couple?!

“What the…?” he said, a little too loud. The kissing women — no longer under the control of their sexual passions turned around, caught red-handed.

“Mr. Jensen!” Tina gasped, and covered her boobs and crotch with her arms and hands, while she tried to find a way to explain. She was a smart woman, capable of thinking fast… but there are just some situations one can’t talk oneself out of.

“Eh… it’s not what it looks like,” she attempted nevertheless, but stopped, considering it was exactly what it looked like.

“Trish, is it?” he asked the black stripper, and she nodded, eyes downcast. This didn’t look good!

“Get your clothes and get out of here,” Bret instructed, falling into the role of their boss with relative ease. At least he knew what to do in that role — and it made it a lot easier to focus and ignore such things as naked breasts!

Trish’s clothes were strewn across the floor, and she quickly got them all gathered, and, with a last, lingering glance at Tina, the sexy, black girl went past Bret and out the door.

“So, Tina,” he said and shut the door behind them, “what the hell is going on?”

“Eh.. well, Trish and I…” she began, mumbling.

“… Were basically fucking each other, yes?” he finished the sentence for her. She could hardly deny it, so she nodded and looked down. She was still naked but at this point it didn’t really seem to matter.

“So, she earns her right to work in my club by sleeping with you?” he wondered, remembering what she’d say in her passion.

“No!” she looked up, “no, not at all! She’s a great dancer, we’re just…”

“But you said so. When she licked you. You said it loud and clear…” Bret interrupted her, looking at her with a neutral expression.

“You heard that? You were… you were spying on us?” she looked at him in wonder, and now he had to look away, a bit ashamed.

“Well, alright, I’ll give you that one,” he admitted, “and I’ll apologise for that. But answer my question.”

“No! She really is a good dancer! The crowd loves her,” Tina said, looking him straight in the eyes as she fought for her lover’s –and quite possibly her own — job, “they like a little diversity. They’d get tired of hot, white blondes all the time, so we have her and Monique and Rana and Ling-Ling to… spice up the show.”

“Okay… so why did you say it?” he wondered. He had to admire the redhead’s cool, though, as she stood there, calm and collected, arguing for her job without a shred of clothes on. Realising, he’d already seen all she had to show, she’d even given up trying to cover herself.

“It’s… well, okay, it’s a game we play. Or perhaps not a game, but… well, when it comes to sex, she likes to be humiliated, and I like doing that to her. Not that it’s any of your business!”

“Yeah, I think I saw a bit of that,” he said with a smile, and she blushed again.

“But I love her. If you want to fire anyone, it should be me. She wouldn’t have done it here if I hadn’t convinced her it was safe.”

Bret thought for a moment. No harm was really done — and it had been awesome to look at! Besides, work here would get impossibly difficult without Tina, so…

“I’m not gonna fire anyone. This industry is a lot different than what I come from, so I guess I’ll have to adjust a little. But just so we’re clear: I pay you rather well. I expect you to work for that money. Deal?” he said and offered her his hand.

She nodded solemnly and shook his hand.

“Good. Now, get dressed and go tell Trish that neither of you are fired but your trysts will have to be on your breaks only!” he smiled and she couldn’t keep a relieved laughter back.

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