Truth and Dare Ch. 02


The night of fun continued. As you remember from part 1, my girlfriend Brea made me a dare to get an old friend over for a suck off. Brea is 27 and me I’m 40. We have been together for about a year now after a long marriage to my first wife. I had some fmf threesome’s with my ex-wife and her girlfriend Ema, who in my opinion gives the best blow jobs imaginable. During a night of fun and a few drinks Brea dared me to get Ema over, so with her partner Steve she agreed and to add to the fun Ema dared Brea to get another couple there. In comes Brooke and Bill. So the party continues.

Brea was blindfolded and didn’t know who was there. I was kneeling on the bed dining on her luscious cunt lips. She was so wet from all the excitement of the night and her juices ran down my face and chin. Her nipples were standing upright and my squeezing them made her even hornier. She loves some rough attention on her breasts and especially her sensitive nipples. Many times all I had to do was get her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and squeeze and pull her and she starts getting wet and hot between her legs. I had her clit between my teeth working my tongue in circles and figure 8’s “Oohhhh that feels so good, keep that up and I’m going to come again.”

This only drove me to even more determination for her to be the centre of our attentions and her to receive and feel pleasures she had never felt before. Brooke, who had been swallowing my cock, her tongue working it’s way down my shaft and wrapping itself around my balls. All her attention was building me to yet another orgasm for the night when all of a sudden I was ripped off the bed by Steve and Bill.

“What are you doing, who is there with you? What’s happening?” Brea gasped

“Fuck, you two you could have waited till I had blown down Brookes fucking throat.” I bellowed

But they were not interested in my objections. They flung me into a chair next to the bed and tied my arms and legs so I couldn’t move. “Fuck off, fuck!” I protested, but to no avail. Brea was about to say something when Brooke bit down on her clit and ran her tongue over it. “Arrrghhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhh, FUCK that feels good!”

What ever Brooke was doing obviously was having the right affect on Brea as she arched her back and thrust her cunt into Brookes face “ OOhhhhh fucking lick it whoever you are but don’t you fucking stop aaaarrrggghhhh that is so fucking good.” She exclaimed.

Brooke took this obvious sign of approval and continued working her talented tongue over Brea’s engorged clit. Being careful just to use the tip as she would know who it was if she felt her tongue stud.

“Mmmmmm fuck why haven’t we tried this before hon, this is so intense, illegal bahis fuck I love it, ohhh my god!”

With that Brea was thrown into another orgasm which must have been so intense. She bucked up and arched her back crying out so loud that they would have heard her in the next suburb. Looking over at Brookes arse made me even harder and wanting to break my restraints and fuck the arse off her. But the other boys had other things in mind. They both moved onto the bed at Brea’s head and offered her their cocks.

Being unable to even loosen myself from my chair I decided better to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Brea took the two cocks in her mouth one at a time, loving them with her talented tongue and lips. She was definitely in fuck heaven. She slowly lifted her head and took Bill’s smaller but by no way small cock into her waiting mouth. He slowly and methodically started fucking her mouth with long slow strokes. Every time he pulled out I could see the glistening of her saliva mixed with his pre-cum. She then moved her attentions to Steve’s bigger and fatter cock. Struggling to get his head into her mouth she decided to lick it like an ice cream cone.

“Oh fuck that feels so good, Maca you sure have a talented mouth here!” Steve said smiling at me in my defenseless position.

He then turned his attention back to Brea and her talented mouth, Steve was building his pace as his rock solid member was parting her lips and forcing its way into her hot mouth. Bill had straddled her and pushing her tits together and started fucking them. The 3 were lost in their own world. But the sight was something to behold. My love of my life tied to the bed with one cock sliding in and out of her mouth, another enjoying her bountiful tit’s while sliding his cock between them, the sexy Brooke between her legs lapping at her juicy cunt and driving Brea into a new place of pleasure she had never experienced before, but was definitely enjoying it now.

Emma decided she didn’t want to be left out any longer and came and sat on my aching cock.

“I can’t have you left all here alone unattended, now can I?” As she slowly lowered her wet cunt onto my shaft, slowly just easing the head into her opening.

“Mmmmm just take it easy, enjoy the show as I fuck you nice and slow.” said Emma in a sultry tone that just exuded lust.

I could feel the heat from her inner chamber as her lips parted over my pulsing head, her juices flowing freely and dripping down to my balls and arse.

“Fuck I didn’t think your hot mouth had any competition, but now feeling how tight your cunt is mmmmmmm, fuck me nice and slow Em, ooohhh!” I sighed as her cunt enveloped casino siteleri more of my aching member.

She reached around and untied my restraints, so I could play with her lusty body more. My hands went straight to her nipples which loved the added attention. The rest of her body seemed to respond to it too, her pace quickened her breath heavier and deeper. All this seemed to increase the mood in the room. Bill had moved from between Brea’s heaving breasts and was sliding his cock into her sopping cunt; Brooke was assisting Brea and her attention on Steve’s massive tool. Everyone was in their own world of pure lust.

Emma was now in full speed ahead mode and was fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

“Ohhh Maca fuck this soooo good, I haven’t felt like this before, watching the show in front of us and your cock in my cunt mmmmmmmm fuck I’m coming I’M COMINGGGGGGGGGGG!”

Her body was a mass of vibrating muscles her body was completely shacking at the force of her orgasm, as I took over and kept slamming my cock into her gripping cunt. Her muscles milking me for everything I had. I was harder than I can ever remember as Emma came down from her high and slowly slid off my cock onto the floor. Her chest heaving, her sweaty body glistening in the light. Cum oozing out of her cunt. She was fucked and truly looked like it. I was proud of myself and my ability to remain hard after such a good fucking.

Still hard and wanting more I focused my attention on the lovely Brooke. Moving onto the bed with the fucking foursome, I bent and started tonguing the tight pink arse of Brooke. This started a chain reaction. Brooke started kissing Brea so much passion, Bill started slamming harder into Brea’s wet cunt, and Steve moved under Brea and started the same treatment on her arse as I was on Brookes. The girls were as out of control as us men.

“Ohhhh Steve that feels soo good, but I don’t think I can take you in my arse, swap with Bill and both fuck me now!!” She bellowed “I need some cock now, FUCK ME!”

Brea always likes to be arse fucked, and dreamt of two cocks at once. Now she was about to experience it with two fine and hard specimens, along with all the other new experiences the night has held and till holds for her. I was wondering how the events of the night would change our relationship. A thought that went out of my mind at the sight of the sexual happenings around me.

Steve and Bill swapped, Steve stretching Brea to accommodate his massive member. Slowly sliding it past her juicy red and puffy cunt lips. Bill with his cock wet with her juices slid straight into Brea’s arse without any effort. Slowly starting to find their rhythm they poker siteleri began to give Brea the fucking of her life.

Meanwhile I had bent Brook over and slid my own cock into her tight arse. In this position Brea had easy access to suck on her clit and lick at her wet cunt.

“MMMMMM fuck meeeeeeeee, two great cocks, and ssslurrrppppppp, oh this is so intense.” Brea mumbled and yelled in between tasting her first female.

I was building to an orgasm of atomic proportions. Slamming into Brooke like a man possessed. My balls slamming against her as I increased the power of each thrust. I could feel Brea’s tongue as she feasted on Brooke. Which added to the feeling of pure animal lust. My balls tightened and I could feel my orgasm building to the point of no return.

“Fuck I’m going to fill your arse, aaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh, fuck meeeeeeeee!” I yelled as I couldn’t hold on any further. Filling Brookes arse with my hot cum.

Brooke responded pushing back to meet my every thrust. Brea’s tongue on her clit brought on Brookes pending orgasm and covered Brea’s face with her juices. Lapping at her cunt like she had been doing it for years. Loving the new experiences her eyes wide open with excitement and raw sex appeal.

Bill and Steve were both about to come as Brea exploded into her orgasm and her dirty mouth took over “ Fuck me, don’t stop you week fuckers fuck me harder, go on FUCK MEEEEEEEEE, drive your cocks into me NOWWWWWWWWW!”

Steve and Bill just couldn’t hold on any longer as they both filled her hot holes. This had the affect on Brea, who was now in a constant orgasm. Her body covered in sweat, goose bumps and bodies. Bucking and arching to feel every inch of the 2 cocks pounding into her.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, fuck me, give it to me, GIVE IT TO ME!” Brea demanded as the 2 men continued as best they could.

Bill slipped out of her arse as his cum oozed out all over his groin, Steve was still trying to keep up with Brea, but his softening cock slid out as well. Cum pouring out of her two holes she slowly came back to earth. The sight before me was unbelievable. Emma was crashed out on the floor, my lovely Brea lying on top of Bill covered in sweat, cum and red marks all over her pawed breasts and arse cheeks. Brooke with cum streaming out her rear hole, Steve with his head on Brea’s tummy trying to engulf as much air as he could to survive.

The whole night, was a night none of us would forget.

I lent over and passionately kissed the lady who made all this possible with a simple dare. A dare no one could say no too then, and probably has started a whole new relationship for the 6 of us. All went silent as we all drifted off to sleep, entangled arms legs and bodies.

All I could think of was how my fantasy of group sex has been fulfilled better than I could have ever imagined. Brea and I continued our pursuit of sexual games and added partners. All of this in stories to cum, oh I mean come.

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