Tristie Ch. 01


It’s 1:45am, and my alarm just went off. I still feel the effect of the half bottle of whiskey I drank before going to bed a few hours ago, and it takes a couple of minutes before the world stops spinning and I’m able to get up. The girls should be here soon, they usually arrive around 2am, after their work is over for the night. During the week-end, they work non-stop from Friday 9pm to Monday morning 1:30am, but this is a week day, so they will be coming. I go down to the kitchen, start a fire in the fireplace and start re-heating the food they have prepared earlier, so everything will be nice and warm for when they come in.

At 2:05am, the minivan drops them in front of the house, and they rush in. It’s very cold outside, a freezing January night, and there is a lot of wind, so it must feel like it is -15 degrees. They are dressed for their jobs, miniskirts, high heels, tank tops, and despite wearing stockings they are all very cold, so they welcome the heat in the house. They hug me and kiss me on the cheeks and each one grabs a cup of hot tea as they gather around the fireplace. There are 5 of them, one more than usual, so I ask who the new one is. The girls tell me she’s Tristie, and she doesn’t have a place to stay for the night because her roommate has taken their room with two clients for the whole night, so they brought her along. They ask if I mind, they say that she’s aware of how our little arrangement goes, so I’m ok with it.

I sit with them while the first one goes to the shower. They talk a bit in Romanian and German between themselves, and I catch a few sentences here. They might be prostitutes, but once work ends, they’re just your typical girls. They tell me about their night, how many clients they had and all that. They ask if I am going to leave the blinking light cords they have installed everywhere throughout the house, and I tell them that I will. A few days ago, I told them that I was going to have to move because the owner wanted to move back in the house. So they installed all those lights that I had bought for previous Christmases, to “make the house look pretty so it won’t be sad” that I leave.

We start eating and one by one they take their showers, so that by the end of the meal, everyone’s feeling warm and clean, they’re all wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts, and pink, fluffy slippers. During the meal, we’ve drunk a whole bottle of Vodka, and everyone is feeling good.

We move up the first floor where the bedrooms are and they accompany me into mine. It’s already been more than two weeks, so by now the four usual girls know the routine pretty well; they know what I like and how I like it. At first Tristie is only watching from the side to see how things are going, but then she gets the rhythm and joins the party.

Flower enters the room first and she grabs the box of matches from the TV stand next to the door and starts lighting the candles. There are about twenty of them spread around the room, which provide a warmth that we will all welcome once we’re naked. But we aren’t there yet. These girls are amazing. They have spent the night fucking clients in their cars, in alleys on the frozen ground or in their rooms at the salon, and now they have to go at it once more with me, and yet they take the time to seduce me. Krissie walks on the bed and starts dancing while we all watch her. She knows there are no drapes on the windows and anyone could see the shadows from the street. I have no neighbors on the other side of the street, as it’s only my garden there, but I’m pretty sure the old widowed guy higher up on the streets has a direct view to my bedroom and is probably enjoying the show as well. Good for him.

Up on the bed, the show is getting more intense. Krissie has such a perfect body, and she knows it, and more importantly, she knows how to use it. Her feet remain firmly in place while she starts rolling her hips to the velvety music that Camelia has put on the stereo. Her movements are barely noticeable at first, but they keep getting wider and wider, now it’s not just the hips that are swaying but her whole upper body is following, her legs turning with them, her knees being and straightening to the rhythm. She puts her hands on her knees and with each sway takes them higher, climbing along her thighs, following the curves of her body, she reaches her shirt and starts lifting it slowly, oh so agonizingly slowly, because she knows how crazy her tits will make me. And just when these beauties are about to be revealed, she lets the shirt drop back in place, grabs her own boobs and presses them together through the fabric. She turns around and I can see the perfectness of her ass being shaken at me. Her hands have reached her hair, where she unties them and lets her jungle of long black hair tumble down to her shoulders. She’s just incredible. Even the other girls are looking at her, mesmerized. It’s not the first time I see it, hell, I’ve been seeing that show five night a week for the previous two weeks, but I never get tired of it. Knowing what’s about to canlı bahis follow, my cock is rising at half-mast. But Maria keeps a vigilante hand on it, and gives me a hard squeeze so that it goes down again, making sure that I will not get prematurely excited, and that I’ll be around and aroused until they’ve all had their chance to show me their talent.

Krissie turns again and smiles as she sees Maria’s hand perform its duty. Still dancing with herself, she manages to remove her slippers and gently throws them my way. I know all her clothes are going to follow and I will soon be basking in the presence of that body again. The second song comes on and the rhythm changes. Sade’s Smooth operator in our ears, we watch as she puts her thumbs inside her pants and starts lowering them. Centimeter by centimeter, her flesh is revealed. Tonight again, she is not wearing panties, and as the pants go down, there is no trace of hair anywhere. It takes the whole song for her to completely remove them, and the ambiance in our crowd is getting electric. Flower kisses me with her full mouth and tongue and I can feel her breasts pressed against me arm. Tristie also moves closer and gets behind me, her hands on my waist.

As the third song start, a new, more energetic rhythm is infused into the dance. Def Leppard’s Pour some sugar on me, my favorite stripping song, gets Krissie jumping up and down, a hand between her legs – I can see at least one finger moving – while the other is twisting a nipple under her shirt. Her hips still swaying, she brings the first hand to her mouth and sucks on a finger while looking me straight in the eyes. She then lets it join the other hand under the shirt and grab the other nipple. As the song is almost finished, she manages to remove the shirt in one swift move. I never understood how she could do that exactly, but the effect is always amazing. She now stands completely exposed on my bed, hands on her breasts, cupping them just the way I want to hold them. Behind me I feel Triste’s breast against my back as her hands both move down to grab my dick. Krissie gets off the bed and comes at me for a kiss.

As our lips touch, I grab her ass in my hands and pull her tight against me, and this squeezes Trisite’s hands on my cock even more, so she gets a stronger hold on it. I let go of Krissie’s lips and start kissing her cheek, moving towards her ear. I nibble on it a little and then move down her neck to her shoulder.

Maria and Camelia have taken their tops off and they are now standing on the bed, mimicking Krissie and I. They know that a women with pants on and her breasts exposed is one of the most erotic views for me. My mouth reaches Krissie’s breasts and as I take the nipple between my lips and press them together I feel her react and her light moan is echoed by Maria’s on the bed. She caresses Camelia’s head as she is taking care of her tits, and Krissie does that same to me. The warmth of the boobs and their firmness are having their effect on my cock once more, but Tristie’s grip is strong enough that I can’t grow. The feeling of the blood being trapped and the muscles trying to get erected is delightfully painful, and quite a novel sensation in our game. It seems that this night will be different, and the anticipation is killing me. Concentrating on the present again, I move from one magnificent tit to the other, always keeping contact through either lips or tongue. I know she likes it when I kiss her under-boobs and this time again, when I move a hand between her legs, I can feel her wetness. She also knows what’s coming next and is enjoying it in advance.

Still paralleling us, Camelia knees down in front of Maria, who has removed her pants. Tristie is now kneeling behind me, I can still feel the pressure of her breasts pressed against my back. My hands on Krissie’s ass-cheeks, I pull her towards me, and I can hear two new moans as both Camelia and I dart our tongues out to get a taste of the pussies now in front of us. I feel Tristie’s hands moving, she releases my dick for a few seconds, just enough time for her to move her hands into my pants and grab it again. But those seconds were enough for all the blood to flow into it, the sweet release of finally having an erection taking me over as my lips catch Krissie’s clitoris tightly and pull softly on it. I spread her cheeks and my thumbs find their way inside of her while I take as much of her as I can in my mouth, my tongue playing on her soft skin, circling around her button. She’s extremely wet, and she knows I love to drink her love juice as much as she likes receiving mine on her lower back.

Tristie is still holding my shaft, with both hands end-to-end and she starts moving them in opposite directions, and at the same time changing the tightness of her grip. I feel like I’ve never felt before, it’s like my dick has been inserted between the gears of a machine, one that would rub my knob with its thumb… My god this girl knows how to handle a dick. She knows exactly when to release the pressure, when kaçak iddaa to reapply, what to touch and how to touch it, what to press and what to rub. The movement of her hands starts to become harsher, and one hand is slapping my balls hard with each downward pull on the skin. How can she know how much I like that? Or maybe all guys do like it… Unexpectedly, a real total surprise even to me, I come in my pants for the first time of the night. The shock pushes me deeper against Krissie and now my tongue is in with my thumbs. I let out a muffled cry when Triste keeps rubbing my cock, because she knows how it hurts when she touches the knob, and I can see that she gets pleasure from the subtle pain she’s inflicting me.

The girls clap as the first of the five orgasms they owe me for the night has been reached.

Still holding my penis in her hands, Tristie leads me to the ground where I lay down and the other girls stand around me. Raising one hand to her mouth, she sucks her own finger, covered with my cum, and says “Hmmm, I love your taste. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Here, have some.” And she proceeds to kiss me upside down, forcing some of my own juice into my mouth with her tongue, on which I suck greedily. She then makes a sign with her head to the others and they all come at me, removing my clothes and holding me down on the carpet. Maria sits on my right hand, and even though I can barely move my arm, I can still let my fingers play in her cunt. Flower goes to sit on the other hand and gets the same treatment. Camelia and Krissie each sit on one of my legs, and I’m pinned, unable to move, unwilling to move, by these four beautiful girls, all of them completely nude by now. The smell of sex is starting to mix with the candles’ sweet perfumes as the room is getting warmer. I can feel Camelia’s wetness dripping around my leg, where she’s sitting. Both my hands are also in marvelously wet places. As I look up, I see Tristie still kneeling close to my head, and she has taken off her sweat shirt. Her tits are huge and look a bit fake, but I can’t stop staring. She slowly presses them against my face, burying me in them. I can barely breathe but the feeling is wonderful and I really wouldn’t mind dying like that. She gets up and moves to my right, kneels again and take my sperm-glazed dick in her mouth, proceeding to suck it clean and licking the whole length of it. Once she’s done, she takes one of my balls in her mouth, and bites gently into it, just enough to make me scream, and quickly wraps it with her lips and pulls it away from me. She’s a master torturer, and as she looks me in the eyes, she lets it go and tells me, “the girls have told me how much you like to be dominated and how much it excites you when you’re inflicted a little pain. You’re going to love this.” She reaches for the sleeping mask on the night stand next to us and places it over my eyes. I am now blindfolded, naked, pinned to the four by four nude beauties, at the mercy of a girl I’ve never met before who’s apparently bent on making me feel things I’ve never felt before. The simple realization gets my cock back to full attention. Trisite notices and comments on it pleasantly, before gently slapping it a couple of times. I’m in paradise, half-way through pleasure and pain.

I hear her walk away, and after she tells something in Romanian, the four other girls take turn from their position rubbing their tits on me while coming towards my face to kiss me and then going back, the legs not moving and still keeping me in place. I feel hands on my cock, and boobs all over my body, lips forcing themselves onto mine, mouth-raped by these angels in disguise.

From the sound I can tell that Trisite has taken her pants off and is probably now as naked as we all are. I also hear the girls laughing and wonder what’s going to happen next. They keep me like this for what seems like an eternity but must not have been more than 2 minutes.

I then feel a foot coming in contact with my balls. Wringling toes are playing with my ball sack and then a whole foot is pressing my dick against my body. As I still feel the other girls on my members, I can only assumes that it is Trisite playing with my foot fetish. She digs her heel between my balls and I cry out from the surprise. She then instructs the girls to give little slaps to my dick and they do. It’s an amazing feeling, not knowing where the next hit will come from, or how strong or gentle it will be. If I could get my hand on it, I would probably make myself come in less than a second. And it feels like it has never been this hard.

Just by my ear, I suddenly hear Tristie’s voice. “Here’s something you will definitely enjoy.” And at the same time, an icy sensation materializes itself around my nipples. She’s rubbing ice cubes on them. My body tries to move away, independent of my control, but I am held firmly in place. The girls are still playfully slapping my cock and my balls, and the mix of sensations is agonizing.

“You look a bit cold, let’s see kaçak bahis if we can give you a bit of heat.” I feel what’s left of the ice cubes being dropped in my navel, where they melt away, the icy water remaining prisoner and all of a sudden a burst of heat erupts on my chest. That she-devil is pouring wax from the candles on the places she has iced before. The effect is diabolical, as the iced regions have become desensitized (but are quickly coming back online) and when the wax rolls down and reaches fully sensitive places it burns as if I was pierced, a white flash of pain quickly replaced by a general sensation of well-being as I feel the wax drooling on my body. The two girls on my arms are also pouring on my chest and navel, while the two on my legs quickly grab my dick and balls with their mouths. Tristie is alternating ice and wax on my nipples. There are no words that can truly describe what I’m feeling right now.

But the most immediate effect is that I erupt in another ejaculation just as a mouth engulfs the purple, aching, extended head of my cock, and I’m jerking around as if I was convulsing from a seizure. Unbelievably, I become even harder as whoever it is keeps sucking on my cock, their tongue circling the highly sensitive slit. All five girls get up, but they keep pinning me to the floor with their feet.

“You’ve received pleasure twice already, boy, now it’s your turn to give.” Still blindfolded, lying on the carpet, with four girls each having a foot on one of my limbs, I don’t know what to expect. The girls know I like to lick them and suck on them but with this new one in charge, things are bound to be different. And indeed they are. I feel something warm on my lips, trying to enter my mouth. “Show me how good you can suck on this,” she says, as she forces her big toe in me, to my extreme delight. As I start sucking it in and letting my tongue play around it, I feel her shudder. “Oh yes, you know what you are doing, you little devil”. And as I keep working on it, she forces all five of her toes in my mouth, extending my lips to their maximum. I then feel cold liquid enter and have to swallow it to not choke. She’s pouring a thin stream of vodka on her leg and letting it drip all the way to the end of her foot. The freezing booze still manages to burn my throat as it goes down. After she stops, she jiggles her foot around, making my head move from side to side. She then takes it out and gives me the other foot to suck on, which I wholeheartedly start doing. She then trades places with another girl, and one by one, the all place their toes in my mouth and I suck on all of them. “That was a nice start, little boy. Let’s see what else you can do.” As she says so, I feel once again a foot pressing on my cock, which is still rock hard from all the exciting action that’s been going on.

It doesn’t take long for my face to be covered by the warmth of one of the girls, squatting over me and lowering herself until her blood-engorged lips against brush mine. I tentatively let my tongue slip out and start licking, my nose filled by the wonderful smell of the girl above. “Come on, you can do better than that,” Tristie tells me, and she kicks me lightly in the ball. The unexpected kick makes me jump, and my face buries itself in the heavenly place hovering above it. The girl now presses my head back to the floor and sits on me, my nose engulfed in her pussy, smothering me with her womanhood. I hear a sound from the bed and can only guess that Tristie has now sat down on it, as I can feel both of her feet on the sides on my cock, rubbing it lightly, each foot moving in the opposite direction of the other. Now and then she will kick the shaft or my balls, or press more or less strongly, always keeping me guessing what the next contact will be, rubbing, kicking, massaging, heel-digging. The girl sitting on my face now has both her hands on my chest, using them to hold me down and to maintain herself while she grinds herself on me, as I am trying to nibble at her lips and entering her with my tongue. After a few minutes, I can feel her come and collapse on me. She gets up and kisses me, and from the “thank you” she utters, I can tell it was Flower. She was always quick to come whenever I would take care of her.

Another kick in my balls, a bit harder this time. I suppress a yelp of pain as Tristie tells me, “You don’t need to be thanked. You need to be thankful we let you pleasure us, boy.” Before I can say anything, I feel a new girl taking position above my face, and I dive into her as the only thing I like more than going on a woman is a woman forcing herself on my face. A second pair of feet joins Tristie’s playing with my dick, probably Flower’s. With four feet now alternatively kicking and rubbing me, it doesn’t take too long for me to come again, at about that same time as the second girl floods my face with her juices. My balls are kicked again, and Tristie says “Well, well, well, the girls were right, you really like to eat pussy. And you don’t seem half bad at it, either. But no one told you that you could come again. And especially not on our feet… Look at this mess. Someone’s gonna have to clean that up.” As she says so, she shoves her foot into my mouth again and I can taste my sperm on it. “Lick it clean, boy. It’s all yours, after all.”

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