It’s 4pm Friday and I’m skipping out on work, again. I’m with the same group from work, again. We’re all well on our way to being drunk, again. What the fuck, I know we’ll have a good time, again.

I work for a lighting company. We consult with, and sell lighting to the construction industry. It’s not a bad job. Sometimes the hours are shitty and no one really makes enough, but I do like the people I work with. Not my bosses, especially, but there is a group of us that like to drink and hang out, and though we don’t always intend to, pretty much every Friday, one of our group is whining to leave the office by 3:30 to go and drink away the previous week.

There are 4 of us guys that are usually up for it and 2 or 3 girls as well. We all like to drink. They’re a pretty good crowd. Sarah, Jen and Trish are the girls. Sarah is a smoking hottie that giggles a lot and is engaged. Jen is cute in a slightly forgettable girl-next –door way, and she’s a lesbian. Trish is an okay looker with a dirty Brit loudmouth that makes her seem more like one of the guys. Steve and Ben and Jeff are the guys in the group and they’re all pretty good guys, fairly easy-going and fun to hang with. I’m sort of the oldest of the group at 37. Jeff is a year younger than me, but he acts a lot older sometimes. He has that whole wife and kids thing going. Steve and Ben are both younger — still kids in their mid-twenties.

“Brent! Brent!” Trish is yelling at me, as usual. I don’t know if that woman has a volume control.

“Brent, bugger! It’s your turn to get a round.” Wow, we threw that last round back pretty fast. I hadn’t realized.

I motion to the waitress for another round for everyone and I sit back to enjoy the usual bullshitting. Good-natured insults and half-hearted flirting continue to bounce back and forth. It’s a good way to end the week.

A few hours later, I’m watching as Sarah totters off, slightly drunkenly, in her high heels. Everyone is starting to head out – to start their weekend away from work. As usual, the girls drop out first. As I watch Sarah, I’m thinking that it’ll be a good night to go home, smoke a joint and maybe throw Sarah into the spank-bank rotation.

Steve and Jeff head out. They live in the burbs and still need to drive home tonight. Ben lives out in the sticks as well, but as he and I are usually the last men standing he often leaves his car at work or at my place if he’s been drinking.

I’m thinking happily of my short walk to my downtown condo, while I order another beer for Ben and me. For a kid, Ben can drink. He’s a pale blonde. He’s cute in a lanky way, or so the girls tell me. They’ve rated all us guys on our looks and have no problems telling us exactly what they think to our faces, especially Trish. She really doesn’t pull her punches. I’ve been told that my dark hair with just a hint of gray is pretty sexy and that my body is pretty good, “for a guy my age”. Fucking Trish. She’s not that much younger than me

Ben and I throw back a few more beers and work on getting friendly with our waitress. One good thing about having women with you is they usually start chatting up the waitresses first, which lays a nice groundwork for when they’re gone. Our waitress is Trina, and she seems to follow the rules for waitresses in this place — blonde, with a tan and a hot body. The way these girls dress, it’s just fun to look at them, but why not see if you can make some time? She’s Escort Çankaya got a short tight black dress on that is showing off her surgically enhanced boobs. Ben and I know that we’ll both try for her until we get slapped down or she shows a clear preference. We both like long, blonde hair. No hard feelings either way.

I’m thinking Trina is just flirting for tips at this point, and I could smoke weed and jack off in the comfort of my own house, where beer doesn’t cost $7. I do like watching her walk around in those sexy black high heels, though. But just when I’m getting ready to settle the bill, Ben is getting a major energy rush. He says Trina has a bunch of friends coming to meet her here and she is going to bring them over to sit at our table with us. They may all go out to a bar or a party when Trina gets off-shift. At the prospect of practically being served a platter of hot chicks, I settle back for another beer.

Ben and I are having a great time and are getting pleasantly drunk. Trina is as good as her word and brings her 4 friends over to our table when they arrive. As usual there’s a mix. There’s usually the quiet one with a boyfriend or a husband, the less pretty one, and a party girl. None of these girls is as hot as Trish, but none are unattractive.

I’m feeling pretty good now. I’m drunk and I’m thinking that there’s a good chance I’m going to hook up tonight. The girls are also getting buzzed and a couple of them are definitely party girls. Their flirting is getting more and more obvious and the conversation is getting a little dirty now. Trina has loosened up a little now that her friends are here, but I still can’t tell if she’s interested in me or Ben. I am getting semi-hard from the liquor, the conversation and all the cleavage on display.

It gets to be the end of the night. Everyone is pretty drunk. Trina has gotten off-shift. Her friends are talking about going to a house party. I mention heading over to my place to smoke a joint. Trina seems torn. Ben and I are looking at each other, trying to see what’s going on in the other’s head. He’s a really good guy, and the best part is that we’ve partied together so much over the last 3 years that we’ve figured out a good way to deal with most situations. Ben says he’s up for a little weed. I cock my eyebrow at Trina, and say “I’ve got enough to go around…” With a glance at her friends, Trina makes her decision.

“Can we take a cab? These shoes are killing my feet.”?”

“Sure. It’ll be a short trip.”

We’re settling the bill and Ben and Trina are trying to convince the other girls to come over and have a mini-party at my place. I’m looking at her tight, high ass and I’m thinking that I don’t really care if they come or not. Eventually just Ben, Trina and I grab a cab and head to my place. Trina may not know how the night is going to go yet, but Ben and I have run this play before, and I’m pretty sure everyone will be happy with where this goes.

When we get in, I grab beers for everyone and open the patio door. I love my place. It’s got a small balcony with a great view, and although it’s not professionally decorated, I take advice from women I know and it doesn’t look like a college kid’s bachelor pad either. It’s never hurt me to bring women here. I let Ben and Trina have a friendly argument over the music selection, while I pull out my weed. Then we move outside to smoke on the balcony.

The Ankara Escort night noises wash over us. I have left the light off, and there is only the light from the street and the businesses below us. Ben won the skirmish and we are listening to classic rock — Pink Floyd. It always goes well with pot.

After a minute, Ben puts the play in motion. He inhales and leans over to Trina and slowly puts his mouth against hers. She gets the idea and opens her mouth to take in the smoke he exhales. He smiles at her and says “I hate being wasteful.” She laughs and exhales. Then she sort of leans against Ben a little. He strokes her arm while she puffs on the joint. You can see she has made her decision by pretty much going with the flow. When it comes to me, I do the same thing as Ben and slowly bring my face close to hers. She seems a little shocked at first, but when Ben keeps stroking her arm she smiles, and leans into me. Our lips meet and part and I exhale into her mouth..

We’re all standing really close now and Ben and I are sharing our smoke with Trina back and forth. I start playing with her long blonde hair, and I can smell the fruity smell of her shampoo, even over the pot. Then she moves her lips to mine to share with me, and I feel her tongue flick mine. I deepen the kiss, holding her head, and tangling my fingers in her hair. Ben still has his hands loosely around her waist, with her back to him. When we come up for air, I am staring to get seriously turned on. I want to get my hands on her body. I want her hands on me.

When she turns to kiss Ben over her shoulder, I put my hands on her ribcage and start brushing the underside of her tits with my thumbs. She’s wearing a little black dress that shows off every line of her body. I’m picturing the underwear she has on underneath it. After a minute she turns back to me and we start kissing again. My hands are more aggressive on her than they were before. I just want to squeeze her tits so hard. My dick is so begging for her, and I start rubbing it up and down on her. In the meantime Ben has pushed her skirt up and is squeezing her ass cheeks. Trina peels her mouth from mine and moans breathlessly.

It’s definitely time to take this party inside. I turn and head into the house. Ben is kissing Trina and moving her inside as well. They end up on my oversized leather couch, and I am getting seriously hot, watching them, with her skirt pushed up around her waist. She’s wearing a hot pink thong and Ben’s hand is all over it. I love that she still has her black high heels on.

I pull my shirt over my head and sit down on the couch on the other side of Trina. Leaning into her neck, I lick and kiss her behind her ear and down onto her collar bone. Her nipples are hard and clearly pointing through her dress. I can’t wait anymore and scoop one breast out of the clinging top of her dress. The pinkish nipple is small but swollen. Trina starts whimpering as I roll her round breast around in my hand. I love watching my slightly hairy hands on her. I squeeze and knead rhythmically, and my cock is pulsing to the same rhythm. Trina starts rubbing my hard dick through my jeans with her hands and now I’m moaning. That’s when I notice Ben is standing to remove his shirt. I push Trina down flat onto the couch and pull the top of her dress down so her tits are completely bare. As soon as I see them, I move my mouth to her nipples and start sucking in a hard Sincan Escort greedy way. My tongue is flicking over her nipples, and I just can’t suck hard enough. If I’m not careful, I’m gong to leave a hickey on her nipple.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ben’s pants drop and I know we’re at the 10 yard line. Trina is fumbling for my cock and I help her open my belt and jeans. Then her hand is pulling my hard dick out of my shorts. She’s squeezing my shaft every time I suck hard on her nipple, and I know I better slow down. I know what I really want and I start licking and biting my way down her body, peeling her dress down as I go. Finally my face is right in front of her hot pussy and I can smell her through her wet panties. I push them aside and push my finger into her hot slit. She’s dripping wet. When her hips start pushing her pussy at my face I look up and see Ben, naked, bent over her, kissing and fondling her tits. I can see his tongue flicking over one hard nipple while his hand his lightly pinches the other. When he starts fisting himself, so do I. With my other hand, I move the crotch of her panties aside and flick my tongue over her clit. She tastes so good. I get serious about eating her out, licking up her juices and stabbing my tongue deep into her hole.

Trina’s moaning and whimpering is getting louder and more desperate every second. Her sounds are making me want to explode. But I know I don’t want to make myself come. I stand up and pull my pants off.

“Oh, don’t stop! I’m so close” Trina yells.

“Don’t worry babe.”

I grab a condom from my wallet and walk back to the couch. Ben has seen what I was up to and has also stood up. Time to run it in for the touchdown. He’s helping her up onto her knees.

“Trina, I’m so hard. I really want you to suck my cock. Suck it until I come.”

Trina slowly licks the length of his rod from base to tip and he throws his head back groaning. As she wraps her mouth around his shaft and swallows most of his dick, I can’t keep my eyes off her sweet ass, thrust into the air. I come up behind her and pull her thong down to her knees. Reaching around I slide my finger over her rock-hard clit, and line up my throbbing cock with her hot pussy. I slide in slow and deep, and it feels so good. She’s so hot and wet and I feel like I can’t get deep enough. Ben and I settle into the same pace, thrusting into her mouth and cunt at the same time. As I start thrusting into her harder and faster, I can feel my orgasm building.

“Ben, get her nipples. Oh fuck, I’m going to come soon.”

I have one hand on her hip, holding her so I can pound hard and deep, while my other hand is on her clit, so that when I thrust her forward, I push her slippery folds along my finger. Ben has his hands on both her breasts, so he can tweak her nipples every time he pushes his swollen rod down her throat. We’re really going now and all you can hear is the music and the wet sounds of our skin slapping against each other.

“Oohhhh!” A scream escapes Trina, just as I feel her muscles clench into a hot fist around my dick. When Ben sees her open wet mouth he strokes himself hard and fast so that he shoots into her open mouth and on her parted lips. She is still yelling as the waves of her orgasm are washing over her. Feeling her hot body clutch me and watching Ben come all over her sets off my own orgasm and I pull her onto my shaft as I come inside her. My face twists into a grimace as I keep coming and coming. I feel like I’ll never stop. Gradually though, my muscles relax and I sit back on the couch, panting.

Ben is sitting on the arm of the couch he was braced against, and all I hear is, “Touchdown.”

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