Vacation Massage Hijinks


What Happens at the Gulf, Stays at the Gulf

Mark and Catherine relaxed on chaise lounges by the huge pool of a resort on the Gulf Coast. It was their first vacation of the year and after dealing with the winter doldrums and their hectic work schedules, they needed an escape from reality. Mark had his headphones on, listening to music streaming from his phone while Catherine simply soaked up the Spring sunshine. Marks typical board shorts were offset by Catherine’s not quite conservative but definitely not risque, light red bikini.

While the pool wasn’t crowed, they did enjoy watching people as they passed by, their eyes shielded by their sunglasses. To some, a holding hands wasn’t unusual, but for Mark and Catherine, holding hands also allowed them to play a game of theirs, “Would You?” The rules were simple, if either squeezed the others hand, the other had to reply if the person passing by was “doable”. One tap of a finger was yes, two taps, no. The game had, in the past, led to some astounding adventures for them.

Playing the game had also revealed that Catherine was quite interested in women of all shapes, sizes, colors. Her interests were almost as varied as Marks. Catherine however, had never had an opportunity to explore her interests for one reason or another.

Mark picked up the resort brochure, idly looking at the services offered and looking for things to do that afternoon. Mark saw that couples massages were available and thought it would a wonderful opportunity to simply relax and have someone help take the tensions away.

As he divided his attention between the brochure and people watching, Catherine squeezed his hand. Seeing immediately who caught her attention, Mark watched as a young brunette with a shapely figure walk by. She seemed a bit shorter than Catherine’s 5′ 9″ height, her figure wasn’t hidden by the resort uniform she was wearing. In fact, her light blue blouse amply highlighted her endowment. Mark not only tapped Catherine’s hand in response to her squeeze, he rubbed her finger as well, a simple question from him to her, would she do as well? Catherine quickly responded with one tap. Mark grinned and rubbed his fingers on Catherine’s palm.

Mark leaned over to Catherine and said, “Let’s get a massage this afternoon. We could both use one.” He held the brochure pointing out the service and the times.

Catherine gave him a sly smile and said in a purring voice, “Um, I do think that would loosen up a few muscles that were tightened up this morning.”

“I’ll get us a reservation.” Mark said and dialed the number on the brochure for the massage service.

After a short discussion, Mark hung up the phone and said to Catherine, “We’re booked for 2 o’clock.”

With that, Mark squeezed Catherine’s hand as a middle age couple walked by.

Catherine and Mark entered the resort massage spa, a small bungalow a short distance from the main resort area and not too far from the beach. They stood at the unattended reception counter as the sounds of soft pop music played. A few moments later, both Mark and Catherine were surprised when the brunette they had seen earlier at the pool entered the lobby from the rear of the bungalow.

“Hello, I’m Stevie. Do you have an appointment?” she asked. Her brunette hair was drawn up into a bun and she was wearing a pale yellow lab coat that buttoned up the front with the top button left undone reveling a generous amount of cleavage. The coat came down just a few inches below the bottom of her cheeks. Her legs bare, she wore simple sandals. Mark could tell that she had nothing on, at least up top because her nipples were beginning to show through the thin material of the coat.

Catherine spoke up first with a seductive smile and a soft purring voice that Mark always called her “bedroom voice”, “Yes, we’re here for a 2 o’clock appointment.”

Stevie smiled shyly and asked hesitantly “Catherine and Mark?” Catherine nodded. Stevie said “We’re a bit short staffed today, in fact, you’re the last appointments for the day.” Haltingly, she said, “If you’ll follow me, I’ll get you off…um, sorry, get you started”. With that, ateşli gaziantep escort Catherine laughed seductively and touched Stevie’s shoulder, “No problem on either count love.”

The followed Stevie through the doorway leading to the rear of the bungalow and down a short hallway to another room. Inside the tastefully decorated room was a massage table, a comfortable looking chaise lounge and a stand that held oil warming in a large bowl.

Stevie looked at the couple and said, “Who would like to go first?”

Mark replied that he would. Stevie handed Mark a towel and said she would step out and that he could disrobe completely or leave something on. When he was ready, to just lay down on the table. Mark grinned at her as she stepped out and closed the door.

“What are you thinking?” Mark asked Catherine as he took his shirt off and laid it on a table.

Catherine toyed with her hair and looked at Mark, she hesitated for a moment and said, “What if?”

“What if what?” Mark asked, looking at her as he dropped his board shorts to the floor, his cock hard and already dripping. Catherine looked at him and dropped to her knees, “We can’t have you all over Stevie’s table now can we.” She took his cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. Licking and sucking him clean. She stood up and hungrily kissed him, her tongue searching for his. Mark pulled his head back and whispered, “You keep that up and Stevie won’t have anything to do.”

“Unless” Catherine said, “She want’s to join in?”

“You sure?” Mark asked, he could see the fire in Catherine’s eyes. Mark licked her lips and said huskily, “Let’s see if you can seduce her dear.”

As Mark lay down on the massage bed on his stomach, Catherine shed her shirt, shorts and her bikini, she laid them on the table next to Mark’s clothes. Catherine wrapped herself in a towel that did little to cover her body and sat on the chaise lounge. Mark called out to Stevie that they were ready.

Stevie re-entered the room and was a bit surprised to see Catherine somewhat wrapped in a towel on the lounge. Mark was on his stomach, his head resting on his hands. She was certain that there was nothing under that towel and she could feel the butterflies in her stomach.

She walked over to the table, dipped her hands in the warm oil and said “We’ll start with your shoulders and work down. If you’re uncomfortable at any time, just say something.”

Mark said, “Just work your magic Stevie, it’s been a long winter and we are here to relax and enjoy ourselves.”

As Stevie began oiling and rubbing Marks shoulders, she glanced shyly at Catherine and said “I saw you two earlier today at the pool. I must say that I liked the color or suit. I think it goes well with your eyes.”

“Why thank you love” replied Catherine. “We noticed you too.”

“You did?” Stevie said in surprise.

“Of course. We couldn’t ignore you as you walked by.” Catherine said with a sly grin.

“I wouldn’t have thought I’d make an impression.” Stevie responded as she worked her hands lower on Marks back. She could feel the muscles tense and relax as she applied and released pressure with her hands.

“Someone as beautiful as you walking by? There’s no way you’d escape our attention.” Catherine purred.

Stevie worked her hands into the small of Marks back, trying to think of something to say without it coming out dumb.

In a halting voice and trying to avoid Catherine’s obviously hungry stare , Stevie asked, “What, what did you notice?”

Mark answered first, “Your eyes, they are a very pretty blue color. That and your poise. You seemed really confident of yourself.”

Stevie blushed and smiled, working her hands just under the towel draped across Marks hips.

She paused and asked Mark, “Do you want me to fold the towel back?”

Mark said, “Absolutely.” Stevie folded the towel back exposing most of Marks ass. She dipped her hands back in the oil and resumed kneading Marks ass which elicited a soft moan from him. She blushed and glanced at Catherine who was ateşli gaziantep escort bayan twirling her hair.

“Mark is an eye man, it’s usually the first thing he notices. I saw your very attractive figure. You have very nice hips.” Catherine said. “Very…grab able” she chuckled. Stevie blushed more as she glanced at Catherine who just happened to lick her lips slowly while watching her reaction.

Mark, enjoying Stevie’s touch, smiled at Catherine.

As Stevie was about to fold the towel up so she could work on Marks thighs, he said, “If it’s easier for you, you can just take the towel off. I’m not shy”, he said with a chuckle. Stevie giggled and said, “Not a problem.” She removed the towel and set it aside as she dipped her hands in oil again and began at Marks feet and working up. From her position at the end of the bed, she could look directly up between his legs, his balls clearly visible to her. She drew a breath and tried to control her breathing.

Stevie could feel the dampness growing in between her legs and the butterflies in her stomach flying around. She seriously wondered if the couple was trying to seduce her? She did think they were attractive and she was becoming quite horny.

Catherine got up off the lounge, the towel tucked in under her arm left a large gap on her side. Part of her left breast was exposed as well as a great deal of her hip. The towel stopped just a few inches below her vulva.

In the few steps it took Catherine to move from the lounge to in front of Mark, Stevie swore she saw moisture on her thigh. She watched as Catherine kneeled down in front of Mark and say something in his ear.

Stevie watched as she stood up, her towel flashing more breast and thigh as she moved around to the side of the table, smiled at Stevie, dipped her fingers in the oil and began to slowly work her hands on Marks back. “It was getting boring sitting there, I thought I’d have a bit of fun as well.” she said with a grin.

Stevie smiled at Catherine sheepishly and lowering her eyes, said in a breathy voice, “The more hands the better.”

Catherine said in a husky voice, “More hands is always better, more places can be reached at the same time.?

Stevie drizzled some oil on Marks thighs and licked her lips as she watched as several drops land on his exposed balls. She took a deeper breath which changed as she watched as Catherine’s hands came closer and closer to her own.

When their hands met over Marks ass, the touch was electric. Catherine’s fingers grazed lightly over Stevie’s.

Stevie looked in Catherine’s eyes and could not mistake the desire fired deep in them. As their hands continued to move across Marks ass, Catherine leaned farther over, her arms extended, the towel wrapped around her dropped off.

“Oops” Catherine purred but she made no move to cover back up. Her heavy breasts jiggled and swayed as she moved her hands on Mark. Stevie barley moved her hands as she stared at Catherine’s hard nipples and her gaze dropped down to her smooth mound. Her breath caught as Catherine ran her fingers lightly over Stevie’s hands and up her forearms.

“This is a lot of fun” Catherine said, “I always get so hot running my hands over Mark. How do you get through your day doing this? I’m sure I’d be dripping worse than I am now if I did this every day.”

Stevie replied with a grin, “Who says I’m not sopping wet right now? Its the reason I don’t wear anything under…this..smock.”

Their hands continuing to touch, Catherine said with a mocking grin, “I don’t believe you.”

Taking the implicit dare, Stevie straightened up and popped each button slowly, licking her lips and staring straight into Catherine’s eyes. She shrugged the smock off, her pert breasts and hardened nipples sticking out. Catherine licked her lips as she gazed down at the narrow strip of well manicured fur Stevie wore. “Very nice” Catherine said. Stevie smiled and replied, “You too.”

Catherine said, “Should we turn him over?”

Stevie smiled and Catherine said to Mark, “Turn over babe.”

Mark ateşli escort gaziantep rolled onto his back, his cock rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. “Humm” Catherine said, “You’re a bit messy dear. Let’s get you cleaned up a bit.” She leaned down and took his shaft into her mouth and Stevie moved next to her. She let her hand roam Catherine’s back and began to plant small kisses on her shoulder. Stevie let her hair down from the bun and shook it free and let her hands roam over Catherine as she continued to suck Marks cock.

As Stevie’s hands found Catherine’s nipples, she tweaked them, bringing a moan from deep within her. As Catherine worked Marks sensitive head, Stevie began to lick and suck his shaft. One hand played with Catherine’s breasts and the other fondled Marks balls.

Stevie and Catherine’s lips met as they worked on Marks shaft. For a moment, Marks moans were shut out of their minds as their tongues intertwined, searching for each other. It was the first time Catherine had kissed another woman, but not the first time for Stevie. Catherine gripped Marks shaft and slowly stroked it as she put a hand behind Stevie’s head, bringing her closer, their lips locked in a fervent embrace. Catherine ran her free hand over Stevie’s nipples, stroking the hard nubs and pulling gently.

They broke their oral embrace and Stevie took Mark in her mouth, her tongue lashing the sensitive head and creating a strong suction. Catherine stood behind Stevie and kissed down her back, one hand kneading her breasts, the other running over her ass, moving lower with deliberate speed.

As Stevie sucked his cock, Mark knew he would not last long. He gripped Stevie’s head and groaned loudly, “I’m going to cum.”

Catherine moved back to Mark and put her lips on his shaft. She looked in Stevie’s eyes as she sucked harder. With a roar, Mark came shooting jet after jet of cum into Stevie’s mouth. She sucked hard, pulling every drop out. As the tension left his body, he raised his head to a slurping sound. His eyes were greeted with the sight of Catherine and Stevie locked in a passionate kiss, cum dribbling from the corners of their mouths.

As Mark panted for breath and rolled off the massage table, Catherine and Stevie locked in a passionate embrace, their breasts hard against each other, their pelvises grinding as their hands roamed. Their tongues lashing, sucking each others lips. Catherine lapped up Marks cum that had leaked from Stevie’s mouth.

Stevie helped Catherine onto the massage table and lay down between her thighs. They resumed kissing passionately as Mark sat on the chaise lounge, wiping sweat from his forehead. He watched as Stevie broke their kiss and sucked on Catherine’s hard nipples, pulling a moan from deep within her. Catherine had her arms on Stevie’s back and her hands running through her hair.

Stevie moved down Catherine’s body, kissing and licking her abdomen. Her left hand massaged Catherine’s breast and she felt her tense up and moan as her right fingers found her dripping slit. She pushed one finger into her and quickly slid a second in. She began to thrust them into Catherine as her tongue made contact with Catherine’s clit.

Catherine ground her hips against Stevie’s oral assault and her thrusting fingers. She knew she wasn’t far from exploding in orgasm.

Stevie sensed that Catherine was close to cumming. She pulled her fingers out and sat up, straddling Catherine’s overheated pussy with her own. Catherine, confused for a moment, looked at Stevie as she straddled her and saw the crazed, lustful look in her eyes. Both were panting heavily with desire as Stevie began to grind her clit against Catherine, something Catherine had never experienced before.

Catherine panted and grabbed onto Stevie’s hips, holding her tight against her and matched Stevie’s movements with her own. As the sensations overwhelmed her, a massive orgasm approaching, Catherine shouted out, “Oh God, I’m Cumming!”. Her body tensed, her pussy squirted juices all over Stevie’s thigh. Her legs twitched as her orgasm washed through her.

Stevie was only moments behind. She clung to Catherine’s leg as she let loose a moan and ground her clit against Catherine. She slumped, pleasantly exhausted. She turned and smiled at Catherine and said, “I’ve been off for the last thirty minutes, do you want to play some more?”

Catherine grinned and looked over at Mark as he stroked his fully erect cock and he said with a smile, “Lets go back to our room, I’ll order room service for three?”

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