The Gift


I met him online, on a writing app. We both loved to write about naughty things, got to talking, and never stopped. That was six months ago and here we were, about to meet for the first time in person.I was sitting in my car, checking my make up for the fourteenth time. I was so nervous, fidgeting in my seat. That wasn’t the only reason I was fidgeting. I had on a new pair of panties. These were special panties, he mailed to me for this very night. He told me I had to wear them, that I would like them. They were cute, but they were just panties. But I would do anything for that man. I was wet just thinking about him seeing me in them later.I glanced at the clock and then the restaurant doors. I guess it was time to go in. I sighed, grabbed my purse and got out of my haven. I could do this. It was just him. I knew him. I walked to the door, head Porno 64

high, determined.I stepped in and looked around for a second, scanning the tables for his dark head.I felt my face flushing when I didn’t see him right away. But then, there he was. At a table in the corner, he raised an arm in greeting, his smile tender and warm. I smiled and waved while making my way toward him.I ran my hands down my dress, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles before I made it to him. He stood and we locked eyes, him reaching for my hands. We stood there a moment, just taking each other in before we hugged, lingering a little too long in the embrace.“You look beautiful, bunny,” he told me, as he held my chair for me.“You too,” I told him and laughed.“Why thank you. I did put extra effort in tonight,” he laughed too, adjusting his Konulu Porno tie as he sat down across from me.There was a silence between us but it was comfortable, us just looking at each other.“Are you wearing my present, by chance?”he asked me after a few moments, his smile still on his face. I blushed and adjusted my skirt.“Yes, they’re lovely,” I said, sipping my wine.“Good girl,” he reached into his pocket and took out a small device. He lifted it up to show me then pressed one of the buttons.I jumped in my seat with a squeak, feeling a vibration in my panties that wasn’t there before. I looked at him, my mouth open in astonishment.“These… you… You planned this,” I sputtered.“Of course I did. You didn’t think I’d forget that talk we had? We both wanted to try it, so why not now., with each other,” he grinned Porno İndir and reached for my hand on the table, putting it in his.“I know you like it. I know it’s making you wet already. Just sit there and be a good girl, and I’ll reward you later,” he said softly, his voice an octave lower than when he started.I got the goosebumps at his words. He was right. He knew me so well.The waitress came to take our drink orders, all the while my panties were vibrating, it was soft and steady, but it was making my pussy ache in a delicious way. He kept a smile on his face the whole time, eyeing my flushed cheeks affectionately.“Let us enjoy this night and make it one to remember,” he took the remote, and the next thing I knew my pussy was attacked with an intense vibration, pulsing on and off. I gasped and grabbed the table, shooting my eyes to him.“Imagine it was me, licking you, tasting you. I bet you’re so sweet-tasting, bunny. Does it feel good?” he purred, leaning towards me over the table. He pressed another button and I moaned before I could help myself. Glancing around, I fidgeted in my chair, cheeks flaming.

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