The Seduction of Keith




OK, so this is something I’ve never done before… writing from a man’s perspective. So does that make this a fantasy or a diary entry? My thoughts are that since it is based on real events that it belongs in my diary. Sure I’ve had to make up pretty much everything that Keith is thinking and feeling but for the most part his actions, at least those involving me directly, are accurate. In the end isn’t that what matters the most anyways?

Chapter 1 – LBK (Life Before Kelly)


How did this happen? I’ve always been pretty much an ordinary guy, not some pervert or cheater. Pillar of the community and all that crap. Who would ever think someone like me could get caught up in something like this? Now my marriage, my wife, maybe even my job are in jeopardy and for what purpose? I want to blame her but to be honest, she only took advantage of my weaknesses.

Who is “she”? None other than Kelly, a married woman, mother of two, devoted daughter and dedicated volunteer at our church. Before our lives crossed my life was so much simpler.

Born 36 years ago as the oldest son of my conservative mid-west farming parents, I pretty much grew up in your basic “Mayberry” town where everybody knew everybody, Republican politics ruled, and 90% of our WASP neighbors attended one of the local protestant churches. I met my wife Megan in church youth group, finally getting the nerve to ask her out my junior year of high school. We were each other’s “first” and so far as I know, “only” although I have no reason to believe Megan was ever with another guy.

I had my life planned… high school graduation, engineering college, then on to a comfortable middle class life in the suburbs with my wife, three kids and our dog living happily ever after.

Well, that never happened as wouldn’t you know it, Megan got pregnant the summer after we graduated so there went my college plans. What can I say? We were both stupid and didn’t use birth control so sooner or later it was bound to happen but at that age we thought we were invincible and somehow it could never happen to us. After all, we were the “nice” kids and Megan wasn’t one of the school sluts although THEY never seemed to get pregnant!

What choice did I have? We got married less than a month after Megan found out and then wouldn’t you know it but she lost the baby! Maybe I should have tried to annul the marriage as after all, I never even formally asked her to marry me, we just did what had to be done. In my family thought that sort of thing just wasn’t done so we stuck it out.

Ryan was our first born followed by Molly after which I said enough was enough and got my tubes cut. Two kids was plenty when you struggle from paycheck to paycheck. Working for the local construction company paid OK – when there was work but not as much as I’d dreamed of making before I was forced to marry Megan. OK, so maybe nobody literally put a gun to my head but I could never have shown my face in town again if I hadn’t so isn’t that the same thing?

When the construction firm went belly up I was forced to look for another job. The economy in our part of the state was going to hell so we ended up moving to where the work was, in this case Pittsburgh, PA. It was new for us all and we did our best to fit in. We moved into the city of Mt. Lebanon on the south side, known for its outstanding school district and equally outstanding school taxes. Still, the kids were unhappy enough as it was having to leave their high school friends behind but at least they were just getting started and not having to deal yet with missed proms and graduations.

We immediately joined a local Presbyterian church which was maybe five times bigger than our church back home. While Megan was concerned about being lost in the crowd, we were both excited about the youth programs as well as the various opportunities for small groups and other social activities that would hopefully help us fit into our new home. Little did I know just what I’d be “fitting” into before all was said and done.

Chapter 2 – Innocent Church Girl or Slut?


With Ryan being a sophomore and Molly a freshman, they both joined the high school youth group. It met on Wednesday evenings which just happened to be at the same time as Megan’s women’s bible study. I think the two groups deliberately overlapped to allow for the moms to bring the kids and then not have to leave and drive back later to pick them up which is exactly what worked out for Megan and the kids.

One night Molly wasn’t up to par so she asked me to take the kids. It was about a 20-30 minute drive so I figured it just made sense to hang around rather than drive through the crowded streets of the Pittsburgh south side. Turns out I wasn’t the only dad finding a seat in the meeting area outside the gym where the kids met. Several guys I’d met casually during services and such Manavgat escort were also doing penance, most of them engrossed in their cell phones.

At one point the kids all poured out to head to the parking lot for some game they were going to play. It was a herd of buffalo passing though! The leaders tried to maintain some semblance of decorum while they were still in the building with little to show for their attempts. I was about to go back to my e-mails when I looked up and drew in a breath. Whoa! Who was THAT? Most of the leaders were parents so about my age or even older as well as a couple of college kids attending local universities but one girl stood out. At first I thought she was one of the students being about the same height and weight as most of the high school girls. She was even dressed pretty much the same in short shorts, a tight-fitting cami and sneakers with no socks. If anything though, her shorts were even tighter and skimpier than the others and that cami looked at least one f not two sizes too small the way it hugged her breasts. She was either not wearing a bra or it was the thinnest I’d ever seen as there were no lines and her nipples were just visibly outlined. It was then I saw how she was trying to corral the kids that I realized she wasn’t one of the students but rather one of the leaders. Wow, they allowed leaders to dress like THAT? I was starting to like this church even better!


I wasn’t sure who said that but I instinctively averted my eyes from her ass and looked back down at my phone, trying to appear as if I hadn’t noticed anything.

“Her name is Kelly is you wanted to know.”

I looked at the guy closest to me who was grinning as he nodded towards the most perfect ass I’d ever seen leaving the building.

“Not sure what you mean,” I lied defensively.

The guy laughed and smiled at me. “Don’t worry, every guy gets that look on his face the first time.”

“First time?”

He reached out with an outstretched hand. “The name’s Roger. Welcome to Wednesday night with Kelly.”

I shook his hand and introduced myself. “Sorry, what do you mean?”

“I’ve been attending this church since forever and I still can never get enough of that sweet piece of ass,” Roger sighed glancing toward the door which was now closed. “Why else do you think most of us hang around here every week?”

He looked around and the others were listening and nodding their heads.

“Biggest cock teaser in the church,” one of them muttered.

“Biggest SLUT you mean,” another countered.

“Hey,” Roger cut in, waving his hand, “All rumors, nothing but rumors.”

“Not from what my son tells me,” one of the older ones argued, “He claims she was the biggest slut in her class back in high school. Fucked half the class from what he heard? and not just the boys.”

“Naw, I heard her cousin had THAT honor,” another guy who’d been silent until now added.

I was flabbergasted that these guys could all be saying such things openly in the middle of a church about anyone, let alone one of the leaders of our kids’ youth group.

“So what’s the story then?” I asked no one in particular.

“Ok… she’s maybe 30 or 31, married to the luckiest prick in the world, two kids – can you believe it?” Roger ticked off on his fingers, “Teaches at the middle school.”

“Thirties?” I asked rhetorically. No way, she didn’t hardly old enough to drink legally!

“Yeah, it should be illegal to have a wife like that,” Roger chuckled. Then he wagged his finger, “Just don’t let your wife catch you eyeing her sweet ass again. From what I’ve heard she’s just a major tease but good luck convincing your wife of that.”

“I don’t know about that,” someone responded, “From what I heard she was the reason for Bill’s nasty divorce a few years ago.”

Roger shook his head. “I don’t buy it. Who would approach her? Her husband may have his own wandering eyes but her dad watches over her like a hawk.”

That sounded a little odd which must have been signaled by my expression so Roger explained.

“What I meant was that she and her dad always attend church together. Apparently hubby isn’t a big church fan, chases a few skirts supposedly himself. Just saying if anyone tried to make a move on her that her father would probably cut his balls off!”

At that point the discussion digressed into a comparison of notes regarding Kelly’s various outfits and which ones showed off the most of her assets. By the time the kids came back in I found myself eagerly waiting to get a better look at this woman of whom the entire conversation had dwelled for the past half hour.

I almost missed her as she was mixed in the middle of the boys. Damn, I couldn’t believe anyone would dare to wear shorts so tight and cut so high to a church youth group meeting. Any higher and her butt would be spilling out! This time her nipples were definitely more defined, poking through the thin cami that Manavgat escort bayan wasn’t hiding anything. I could just imagine if Megan was here now, she would have had a fit that our daughter’s leader was setting such an example. Megan would have Molly dressed in a heavy sweatshirt in the middle of summer if she could get away with it and shorts had to be at least mid-thigh to get her approval.

To my embarrassment Kelly glanced my way, catching me red-handed staring at her. She just smiled at me, flipping her hair back over her shoulder in almost a suggestive manner although that was most likely a product of my over-worked imagination. A few seconds later and she was out of sight.

No doubt about it, I was in love! Or maybe better said, I was in lust! I’d never cheated on Megan and honestly had never even seriously considered it but I’d have to say at that moment my resolve may have weakened given the opportunity. That night after everyone had gone to bed, rather than checking out some porn on my computer to masturbate with instead I closed my eyes and tried to imagine those tight white shorts slowly dropping. Did she shave or trim? Was she even wearing anything underneath? My dick erupted as I came imagining fucking her, the thin camisole pulled up exposing those perfect breasts with her nipples hardened as I drilled her deep, releasing myself deep within her. Slipping into bed next to Megan I felt a little guilty yet at the same time I just couldn’t get that cute sexy smile out of my head.

The next day at dinner I asked the kids how they liked the Wednesday night program. As usual, I got a couple of shoulder shrugs and “It’s OK,” which from those two could have meant anything from incredibly boring to the most monumental adventure ever. Teenagers! I tried getting a better response by asking how they liked the leaders, hoping maybe for more information about Kelly but this time all I got were eyes rolling like, “Dad, why are you even bothering to ask?”

Trying a different tact, I asked Megan about her women’s bible study – more specifically who was leading it.

“It’s pretty good, we share a lot – Christian version of gossip, right?” she laughed. Then she added, “Kelly and Lyndsey are taking turns leading it this year. You probably saw Kelly helping out with the kids as it was Lyndsey’s turn this week. Why do you ask?”

“I know why,” my smart-mouthed son snickered.

Megan looked at me and then at our son and frowned. “I was trying to be civil,” she said with ice in her tone, “I guess some women can’t grow out of their high school years.”

I looked down at my plate, trying not to say or do anything that might betray my thoughts at the time but it didn’t help as once Megan got on a rant there was no stopping her.

“Personally I think it’s outrageous the elders don’t say something to her. I mean the way she flaunts herself in those outfits and flirts with the men – married ones at that. It’s a disgrace that she’s allowed to mentor young girls.”

The table was silent for a while and then we moved on to another topic but the message came across loud and clear – Megan didn’t like Kelly and we’d all better stay clear of her if we knew what was good for us.

So THAT was a topic I’d never bring up again! Little did Megan realize was that her outburst just made me all the more curious. Guess I’d better keep a closer eye on this Kelly from now on. Oh yeah, twist me arm just a little more… OK, I’ll do it!

Chapter 3 – Old Enough to Know Better


Over the course of the next few weeks and months “watching Kelly” sort of became a hobby of mine. Albeit the only hobby where you go home afterward and jerk off but it was rewarding in its own way to say the least. I had to be careful whenever Megan was around as she would watch me like a hawk when Kelly was anywhere in sight. We never discussed Kelly again but the huffs and eye-rolling told me plenty when Kelly would come to church in a short sundress that was almost transparent in the right light. Then there was the youth swimming party where she showed up in a bikini blatantly flaunting the un-written rule against “revealing” attire. Not that any of the male chaperones were about to say anything and the women just huddled and whispered snarky comments.

Over time I tried to get a little closer to her without being overly flirtatious, just saying hello and thanking her for her work with the youth, that sort of thing. Always innocent. Kelly always rewarded me with a sensuous smile and a twinkle in her eye that I hoped meant she was pleased… pleased enough to suck my dick in private later, at least she was when I would masturbate thinking about our encounter later.

Using my kids as camouflage I sneaked a few photos of Kelly now and then under the guise of capturing Ryan and Molly at play or with their friends. Somehow the camera would sometimes miss a shot and instead focus on an incredible Escort manavgat ass or deep cleavage. Funny how it always seemed that Kelly was just in the wrong spot at that moment to get in the photo instead of the kids. Those nights I’d make sure the photos were off my phone and stored on my secret thumb drive that I kept hidden in my work bench. After a few months I had quite the collection for use when I’d fantasize about being with Kelly as I jerked off. One of my favorite “go-to” jerk-off fantasies was Kelly leaning over to show something to Molly. In my perverted mind Kelly would be wearing a loose top that already hung open to show most of her boobs. Somehow I would capture the perfect moment when it dropped and be rewarded with almost an unobstructed view of her boobs all the way down her top! Just another half inch and I’d have had those nipples that always seems to be popping through on their own.

One thing I noticed was that I rarely saw Kelly’s husband. In fact I don’t think I ever saw him in a Sunday service and it was only a few times when he’d pick her up on Wednesday nights that I even got a glimpse of the mystery man. On the other hand, come Sunday mornings she was practically inseparable from her father, sticking to his side like glue. It was the subject of much discussion how they always seemed to arrive a few minutes late to service. Usually their arrival came during the opening hymn as if they wanted to be sure everyone there saw them as they took their seats. From the remarks I’d gleaned from some of the old- timers it wasn’t anything new as apparently she’d be a “daddy’s girl” back as far as anyone could remember. My wife’s comment about women who can’t grow up came to mind. What can I say? Heck, if MY daughter looked and dressed like Kelly when she was in her 30’s I’d escort her alone to church in a heartbeat! Her mother was never with them though, something about a divorce from what I’d overheard Megan saying one time. Wow, talk about your male fantasy machine at work… divorced father, hot daughter… the things that come to mind (and dick) are simply too crazy to be true but what if they were? Oh well, it made for a few good masturbation sessions.

As my “hobby” continued, I’d watch the other husbands at church and take solace in their unfulfilled fantasies of Kelly. At least I want the only one dreaming about the unreachable star. Even so, I just hoped I wasn’t as obvious and looked so pitiful as some of these guys who couldn’t help but turn their heads and stare as the best ass in church made its way past them.

At time I would fantasize I was Kelly’s father. I’d see Kelly arrive to church, five minutes late as usual, holding hands with her dad as they found a pew. My dick throbbed as I took in the shape of her bare legs – no need to wear hose when your legs were as tanned and smooth as hers. Did she have any tan lines? Was she wearing panties under that short pleated skirt? Was her pussy dripping with her father’s cum after having just fucked him in the parking lot which is why they were late? Oh yeah, I had quite the fertile imagination when it came to Kelly, most likely a product of too many nicest porn sites!

It was like I was some high school boy in heat to lust for a girl in this way – more like a woman in Kelly’s case. For crying out loud I was in my thirties now, old enough to know better. Girls like Kelly never fall for guys like me. Oh sure they tease and flirt but you can see it in their smiles that they’re enjoying the reactions more than any sense of actual desire – on their part at least. Old to know better but still young enough to not care, that was my motto.

The nights when Kelly would lead the women’s study sucked, putting it bluntly. You could almost feel the disappointment in the air when my group of guys would learn that she wouldn’t be putting on a show for us, at least not until everyone was heading home when we might get a brief glimpse. Plus then I had to worry about being caught by Megan. She wasn’t a dumb blonde by any means and I already heard enough griping about how Kelly was dressed that night or what she would wear to church. It may have been my imagination but sometimes I would get the idea she wasn’t griping so much about Kelly as watching to see my reaction to her running commentary. It was like walking a tightrope as she would’ve been even more suspicious if I tried acting as if I never noticed anything. Still, I couldn’t agree TOO much or then she was question why I’d been looking enough to be able to make such an evaluation.

Chapter 4 – Kelly Weaves Her Web


OK, it was just my imagination working in overdrive, my dick taking control, a classic “Dear Penthouse” moment or whatever. No way had Kelly actually flirted with me. Or had she?

I was watching the girls playing basketball in the gym one Wednesday night. Molly wasn’t exactly WNBA material to be sure but I tried to cheer her on and encourage her. Kelly was acting as one of the coaches who also served as referees, sort of a conflict of interest but it wasn’t like they were even keeping score. What happened next was totally my fault and totally embarrassing. But no court in the world would convict me – so long as my wife wasn’t the jury foreman.

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