Alana’s First Time Cuckolding Me


This story contains cheating and cuckold situations, if you don’t like these subjects, then don’t continue reading. I want to thank Kenji Sato for al his help in editing my stories. I really do appreciate him and his editing.

If you haven’t read any of my stories about my wife, Alana’s, adventures, here is a little background! Alana is five-foot-eight-inches tall, she is a very classy, beautiful woman, she is thin, has thirty-six-inch C-cup tits, topped with nipples that look like little red raspberries, a nice firm ass, and very long shapely legs.

When we first met, Alana was a virgin, she gave me her virginity; she was so sexy, and she was always so horny, I wouldn’t last very long, I would always cum after just a few minutes of fucking, We married young, less than a year later, my wife had an affair with a player, John, and we separated. It was so humiliating, because in my mind, all my friends and family knew she had found a man, who was bigger and better at satisfying her. Alana learned to deepthroat a cock when she was with John, as he was her first experience with a big cock. Now she likes to show off her talent to other men. My cock has never experienced my wife’s throat, because even when Alana would take her lips all the way to my pubis, my dick wouldn’t reach her throat. I am barely-five-inches long on my best day.

I think only men who have small dicks, can understand the feelings of inadequacy and humiliation we have. My size became a deep-rooted part of my sexual make-up, while going through puberty. When I first fucked Alana, and learned mine was the first-and-only cock she had ever known–I was so happy she hadn’t had another to compare me to.Then she cheated on me and had her affair, which, I believe, she cheated because her hormones were instinctively driving her to fuck other men. After John had tricked her into noticing how big his cock was, she became obsessed with it–she just couldn’t resist his cock.

During the time that John was fucking her, with his big cock and incredible stamina, he was able to give her such amazing orgasms, which I never could give her from fucking. After about five weeks of fucking John, Alana wanted to get back together with me. I never could figure out why she wanted to get back together with me. It took a long time before I told Alana, but after we got back together, I felt so inadequate. I got so turned on whenever I thought about her being with sexually-superior men. I believe the humiliation of her needing men who were bigger and had more stamina to satisfy her, is why I wanted her to cuckold me, so I could feel that humiliation over and over.

While we were separated, she also fucked another guy, a neighbor in her building. She called it her mercy-fuck, and said he was really small, and she held up and wiggled her index finger. That made me cringe inside, and I wondered if the girl I dated while we were separated described me in that same way. She had seemed so disappointed when she discovered my dick.

A couple of years after we got back together, I şişli escort had developed a powerful need and desire to be cuckolded. Alana seemed concerned about fucking another man but I finally convinced my wife to at least suck another man’s cock, so I could watch her.

She was twenty-one at that time, I had her dress in a short, pleated skirt to show off her long sexy legs. We got a room at a high-end hotel, we entered the lounge separately, it didn’t take long for a handsome, twenty- something guy to sit down beside her and buy her a drink A little while later, I watched as they were slow-dancing.

Thirty minutes later, they were dancing again; this time their bodies were tightly together and moving intimately against each other. I was hard as a rock, watching my wife being seduced. Later as they were dancing again, I could see Alana whispering in his ear. He lifted his head and looked right at me, and smiled; then they walked back to their seats. She picked up her purse, and they walked over to me, where she introduced us. He had an arrogant smirk on his face, as I shook hands with Paul.

I didn’t like this guy; especially, when in the elevator, he started rubbing Alana’s ass, and nuzzling the back of her neck, making Alana giggle. I was jealous, watching him touch my wife. He was smooth, when we got in the room, they started kissing. I had never seen my wife kiss another man. I was so jealous, and so hard, I thought my dick might split open.

I could tell Alana was getting turned on by how passionately she was kissing him. I could see their mouths moving as their tongues explored. She unbuttoned his shirt, and pulled it off; then Paul unbuttoned her blouse, and unhooked her bra. Alana pulled her body away from him, and dropped her arms, letting her blouse and bra slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. It was incredible seeing Paul staring at my wife’s pert tits, my pelvis made an involuntary thrust–I was fucking excited!! I sat down on the desk chair, and watched.

Alana pulled the sheets back, and pushed him to sit down on the bed. He began kissing and sucking on those beautiful raspberry nipples, making my wife moan and sigh. Paul reached for the zipper on her skirt, and she stopped him. We had agreed on no penetration, I laughed to myself, I didn’t know why she thought a little, short skirt was going to stop anything. I wasn’t sure if I could handle watching my wife being fucked. Alana did not want to hurt me. His mouth was going wild on her titties, as his hands rubbed up and down her thighs. Then like magic, her panties slid down her legs.

Paul stood up, gently pushed Alana down on the bed, and told her to scoot up on the sheets. Kneeling on the floor, he moved between her legs, Alana lifted her ass as he pushed her skirt up to her waist. She spread her legs wide, putting her ankles on his shoulders, completely exposing her cute little bald slit to this stranger.

I remember thinking how beautiful her body was. Alana moaned as he started licking her inner thighs; he moved his taksim escort tongue closer to her soaking snatch, her moans got louder, she lifted her ass off of the bed, and arched her back, pushing her mound towards his mouth. I heard my wife cry out, “Please!!!”

Her new lover made one long lick, from taint to clit, and Alana cried out, “oooh fuuuck.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pushed my slacks and underwear to my ankles, and slowly stroked my throbbing dick. Paul moved his arms under her thighs and ass, his hands reaching up to her tits, and took each of her nipples between his thumb and fingers, pinching and pulling on them. He licked, nibbled, and sucked on her labia and clit; then he would plunge his tongue into her vagina iliciting a cry from her each time he did.

He was very good at eating pussy, and in just a few minutes, Alana screamed out in climax, ” Oooo my gaaawd!!,”

I grunted quietly, as I was cumming with her, ejaculating my cum onto my legs, my balls, and my fist which was still around my shrinking dick, I let go and cum then dribbled down my dick, and puddled on my balls–I sat there covered in my cum, with my pants around my ankles, looking the cuckold.

Paul gently licked Alana, as she came down from her orgasm. In a few minutes, he stood up, and walked around the bed. He looked at my limp, little dick, my pants around my ankles, with my cum dripping off of me. I could tell, the arrogant bastard almost laughed, but instead, just had a big smirk on his face.

He stood by the bed and Alana moved to sitting on the edge. She unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, which then fell to the floor. She stuck her fingers in the waistband of his boxer briefs, and pulling his shorts out over his very erect cock, and lowered them down his legs. He had what appeared to be a very nice cock, pink, about-seven- inches long and quite girthy. My wife wasted no time, as she gripped the base of his cock with one hand, stuck out her tongue and licked his pre-cum off his slit. Then with a throaty “Mmmm, nice cock,” she took most of his cock deep in her warm mouth. He looked over at my once-again-erect dick, and smirked again.

Alana pulled her mouth off his wet cock, and had him lie down on the bed. She got on her hands and knees, turned her legs towards his head, and again took his cock into her mouth, while putting her ass in the air, where he could easily reach her pussy with his hand. When Paul stuck his finger in her dripping hole, she moaned, and then again when his second finger entered her. When his third finger was added, Alana pushed her hips back against his hand, pulling her mouth off his cock, a strand of his pre-cum and her saliva stretching between her lips and his cock. That thread of arousal jiggled when she cried out.”Oooh, fuuck baby,” before excitedly going back to sucking Paul’s cock.

Alana had always liked to suck my cock, but I was learning she loved to suck any cock, and was really good at it. She loves beşiktaş escort to show off her talents, and her ability to take a cock down her throat, she told me she learned to deepthroat, when she was with her big-dicked lover John. It didn’t take long before Paul’s hips were thrusting his cock into her mouth–he was face-fucking my wife. Paul raised his head, ” Fuck baby, you’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever had.”

Alana could feel Paul’s body stiffen and his cock expand in her mouth, which made her suck even more excitedly. Paul thrust his hips up hard, lifting his ass of of the bed, and his body tensed in that position, as he loudly grunted five or six times, ejaculating his cum into my wife’s eager mouth. The expression on Paul’s tightly clenched face was something to see. Alana has told me she loves to watch a man’s face when he cums. I could see a small stream of cum dribble out of the corner of Alana’s mouth, as she swallowed the rest of his load.

After his climax, Paul’s body collapsed back onto the bed. Alana gently licked the cum still leaking from his very sensitive cock, until Paul begged her to stop. Alana turned her body around and they lay beside each other, gently kissing.

I kicked my pants and shorts off and headed for the shower, I took a long shower, replaying in my mind every detail of what I had just witnessed. I didn’t even wrap a towel around me when I went back to the bedroom. I went to the edge of the bed, looked at Paul and told him, it was his turn, he looked at my dick, laughed and said, “I’ve already had my turn.” Then he got out of bed and headed for the shower. Alana and I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for Paul.

When Paul came out, he got dressed, we stood up, when he came over to stand in front of us. He told Alana he really enjoyed the time he had spent with her, but really wished they could have fucked, that they both would enjoy it if they got together in the future. Then they kissed, he was hugging her with one arm while fondling one of her tits with his other hand. He then turned to me, we shook hands, and he thanked me for sharing my wife, he handed me his card, took a quick look at my limp dick, smirked, and said, “Call me the next time your wife needs some cock.” Then he turned and walked out the door.

Alana and I climbed into bed, even though she really wanted to take a shower, but I wouldn’t let her–the smell of another man on her was incredibly arousing. We kissed each other softly, and then deeper, I could taste him, as we moved our tongues around in each other’s mouth. Alana asked me how I felt, I told her I had felt every emotion possible–jealouvsy, angst, excitement, but mostly lust and love for her.

It was so exciting to see another man giving her pleasure, and then when she screamed and her body was shaking in climax, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I had cum with her. The only thing that could have made It better, was that I wished they would have fucked.

I asked her how she felt. She said, Paul was a great lover, but she didn’t like how he treated me. When she was sucking his cock, she was so turned on, her pussy was so hungry for his cock, she wanted to climb on him and fuck him so much. We talked a lot more and told each other next time there would be no limits, no boundaries.

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