Birthday Celebration


It was the morning of my eighteenth birthday. I was laying in bed being lazy, only half-listening to the movement downstairs. My folks were busy decorating the house for the big party later that night. I turned over, hoping to fall back sleep.

I started thinking about my best friend, Joe. I’ve known him for 12 years, but he moved to Arizona four years ago. He was seven months older than me, and had promised that he’d come home for my big bash. But things happened, and he couldn’t make it. I was bummed, but decided not to let it get to me.

My Mom came upstairs and told me that she and my step-dad needed to run to the store, so I should sleep and they’d get me up when they returned. Who was I to argue with that? So I dozed back off. I heard them when they pulled into the driveway, but didn’t pay much attention. Footsteps came up the stairs, but no one came in my room. I felt someone staring at me, so I sleepily turned over. I immediately woke up when I saw Joe standing in my doorway!

“Oh my God!”, I screamed as I jumped out of the bed and ran over to him. Joe is 6’2, a muscular 170 lbs, bright blue eyes and reddish-blond hair that went very well with his desert tan. He grabbed me in a fierce hug that I was only too happy to return.

We chatted the afternoon away and soon it was time to party. We danced, laughed, and the alcohol flowed freely. The party soon dispersed, and Joe carried me up to my room. He gently laid me on my bed and kissed me on the forehead. “Happy Birthday, Kel.”, he whispered, and turned to leave the room.

“Wait!”, I called to his retreating form. “Stay with me for a little while.”

He said nothing, just crossed the floor almost silently and sat on the bed next to me. I maneuvered my body to make room for him to stretch out beside me. My body language made it clear that I wanted him to hold me, to which he quickly obliged. His large frame engulfed my smaller body; he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and I molded myself to him. He rested his chin on top of my head.

“This feels good.”, I whispered. He just tightened his grasp, pulling me closer if that was possible. My ass was nestled against his cock, and I could feel his growing excitement. We had never even talked about being interested in each other that way…but there was no denying the want and desire that was there. I moved gently against him, and he drew in a sharp breath. “This feels really good.”, I said even softer, ataköy escort and with a slightly mischievous smile. I turned my head slightly so that I could look up at him. His eyes met mine, and if there had been any doubt in either of our minds, it was gone in that instant. He cupped my chin in his hands and kissed me lightly at first, then harder and with more passion. His tongue played against my lips, teasing me until he finally thrust it into my mouth. Our tongues dueled and danced, his tracing my teeth lightly, tickling; mine tracing his lips. He broke the kiss, and I had a sinking feeling that he had changed his mind. I was happy to see that I was wrong.

He stood up long enough to remove his shirt, exposing his bronze, rippled chest. I took that moment to fully appreciate the man he had become. I wanted him more than anything. My body ached for him. He quickly laid back down, this time on top of me, his hands on either side of my face. I wrapped my arms around his neck and our legs intertwined as we rolled around on the bed. He kissed me again and again, nibbled my lips, then moved to my ears and down my neck. I played with his hair lightly as he moved from my neck to my still covered breasts. I was breathing heavily, my chest heaving , making my 40D tits look even more inviting. He pulled my shirt up, exposing my melons to his appreciative gaze. His hands went wild on my bare flesh, kneading, pinching, twisting the nipples until they became hard. I moaned with pleasure; no one had ever made me feel this good before. He lowered his head and began to suck my right breast as his hand played with my left. I was so incredibly hot…I felt like I was going to explode. He changed sides, teasing and sucking my left tit until it too was covered in his saliva. He looked up at me and grinned before tracing a wet trail down my flat stomach to the waistband of my pants. His large hands unbuttoned them, but he let his teeth do the rest. He knew I was turned on, but he didn’t realize how much so until he removed my jeans and saw the large wet spot on my silky panties.

“Jesus!”, he muttered. He hooked his thumbs underneath the flimsy material and slid them down my legs. He just stared at my smooth pussy as if he were admiring a piece of treasured artwork. I spread my legs farther, and that was the only cue he needed. He quickly dived into my snatch like a dog on a hot summer day. He licked my outer lips, teasing my clit by lightly blowing escort bayan istanbul on it until I squirmed. He stuck the tip of his tongue into my hot hole making me beg for more.

“Please!”, I whispered. My whole body burst into flame as he buried his face between my legs. He thrust his tongue in and out of me, then replaced it with one, then two, then three fingers as he sucked my clit. My hips raised to meet his pounding fingers as he moved them in and out with rising fervor until my whole body began to shake. I screamed with pleasure as the first orgasm wracked my body. He kept his fingers buried inside of me as my pussy walls clamped down hard. When I finally came down, he gently licked up my juices. I grabbed his head and pulled him back to me, kissing him roughly, tasting my juices on his lips and tongue. The fun was just beginning.

I laid him flat on his back and worked my way down his chiseled body until I reached his waist. His cock was bulging. I undid his pants and he lifted his hips off the bed. I pulled them down and he kicked them off, sending them flying across the room. My eyes widened at the sight of his enormous dick. He was huge! At least ten inches long and three inches wide. I wasn’t sure if I could take him, but I was damn sure gonna try!

I bent down and kissed the large purple head, teasing him. His body tensed as I ran my long fingernails gently up and down his thick shaft. I wrapped my lips around it and bobbed my head up and down. He let out a loud, deep moan as I worked more and more of his prick into my mouth. I relaxed my jaws and with one final thrust, it was all in. I slowly slid my mouth up and down, and we soon had a rhythm going. He slowly rocked his hips in time with my movements. My hands fondled his balls and I could taste the precum as it slowly drizzled out of his cock. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth though. My pussy was aching and I could feel my juices running down my leg. I wanted this gorgeous piece of meat inside of me. I gave his dick one last lick before removing my mouth completely. He seemed ready to protest until I lifted myself up and guided my hot pussy onto his rod.

I had never had anything so big, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. He placed his hands on my hips, and I grabbed his wrists so that I could lift myself up and down his thick pole. “God, you are fuckin’ tight!” he said against gritted teeth as he rammed up into me. He still beylikdüzü escort wasn’t completely in, so in one quick movement we rolled over. He spread my legs wide, lifting my knees to my chest, opening my cunt as wide as he could. He guided his monster into my gaping whole, gently at first, then with one hard thrust, all ten inches were stuffed inside of me. I screamed…it hurt so bad but felt so good. He stayed still long enough for my pussy to adjust to his size, then he pulled almost all the way out before ramming me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist and began to match his thrusts. The slapping of his balls against my ass were the only sounds filling the room aside from our moaning. His pace quickened and I knew he was about to cum. He roughly grabbed my tits and yanked on my nipples, but the pain only made my pussy burn that much more. I felt his body tense and with one final slam he sent us both over the edge. Our bodies shook with the intensity of our mutual orgasms as he emptied his hot, thick cum into my stretched box. Much to my surprise and delight, he was still hard. He pulled out just long enough to roll me over, then he reentered me from behind. I pushed my body hard against his, and his hands reached underneath and played with my swinging tits. I buried my face in my pillows as he rammed into me again and again. I was loving every minute of it.

“Harder! Oh God yes, fuck me. Mmmmmmmmmmm…………” I had never experienced pleasure on that level. He leaned back, pulling me onto him so that we were in a sitting position, his cock never leaving my pussy. He licked at my neck and moved his hands down to my aching clit. I continued to move up and down on his shaft as his fingers rubbed vigorously on my clit, bringing me closer and closer to my third orgasm. “I’m gonna cum! Oh Jesus Joe!”, I cried out as his skilled fingers and luscious cock worked their magic. I impaled myself once more and felt wave after wave of delight pass through my body like a bolt of lightning.

He moved his hands up to my lips and I sucked his fingers greedily. He laid me back down, pulling his still-hard cock out of my sore cunt and bringing it to my lips. I took him in my mouth hungrily and watched his face as his body tensed. He fucked my face hard and fast, his cock sliding down my throat with ease. I grabbed his balls and kneaded them, willing his sperm to fill my mouth. I didn’t have to wait long; with a low, guttural cry, his cock spurted out stream after stream of hot, sweet jizz into my awaiting mouth. I swallowed every last drop and licked him clean. He laid next to me, snuggling close, lazily tracing circles around my nipples. I sighed with content; this had been a birthday I would never forget.

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