The Lindy Series Ep. 04: Lindy’s Wet Evening


*READER ADVISORY* – This story contains copious amounts of pee fetish content as well as many references to large clitorises, hermaphroditism, and large penises. Stop reading here if this does not appeal to you.


Episode 4 – Lindy’s Wet Evening

Chapter 1: Clara Prepares For Dinner

Evening had descended upon the quiet cul-de-sac in which Helen’s and Clara’s homes were nestled. Both homes sat next to each other at the very top of the circle, behind which a sharp hill rose. The setting sun bathed the entire group of homes in a warm, orange glow which Clara gazed upon as she readied herself to dine with Helen and Lindy next door.

Early that morning, Lindy decided to shed a few recent secrets she’d been harboring from Helen. She hated keeping secrets from her Mom and she had several that had been weighing on her mind since Clara moved in next door.

Most of these secrets were regarding Clara and everything that led up to their wet encounter the previous weekend while Helen was away on a business trip. The first was the revelation about Clara’s extraordinary penis. The second was about Lindy’s newfound fetish for hermaphrodites, which was intimately related to the aforementioned secrets.

The results of that conversation between Lindy and Helen led to Lindy showing Helen some futanari videos, which led to a mutual masturbation session that Clara happened to witness. The end result was a voyeuristic climax in which Clara threw discretion to the wind and lewdly peed and came all over Helen’s back door and step. When Helen came out to address her, Clara got something she didn’t expect; an invitation to dinner that evening.

Clara was mulling over the possible conversations as she pulled on her black, evening dress and slid up her silky microfiber panties. Clara wanted to put her best foot forward…now that she’d done just about everything else. She giggled as she tucked her 8″ flaccid member away and pulled on her thin, smoky black nylon stockings which were elegant, yet conservative.

Clara looked herself over in the mirror. Her raven locks were arranged in a high pony tail, and her deep brick red eye shadow complimented the bright blue of her eyes. Her lips were painted with a simple gloss which made her full lips sparkle in the evening light. Her dress was not flashy, but it did reveal her ample 36DD cleavage which, while not being narcissistic, always drew her attention. Realizing there was nothing left to do and there was still time before she had to leave, Clara decided she’d best pee before heading out.

In the bathroom, Clara slid the mid-thigh skirt up to her waist, and peeled down her stockings and panties. Although she didn’t have to sit down to pee as most women did, she had been brought up in a traditional household and doing this just became part of her routine. As her penis dangled down between her legs, she relaxed her bladder muscles and sighed joyfully, feeling the warm urine race through her shaft and out into the water below.

That very sensation is what eventually led Clara to explore her own sexuality in her youth. She realized early, that her female parts were sensitive, but the best sensations came from her penis. Having an erection felt good and touching it sent waves of pleasure through her whole body. It wasn’t until she had to pee while she was masturbating that she discovered a unique condition and her watersports fetish.

It was on a warm summer evening, when Clara was in her early twenties. Clara was reading a particularly racy romance novel and began to feel the sensual swelling of her extraordinary feminine phallus. She was reclining on the couch in her apartment enjoying the story, and slowly unzipped her jeans to relieve the tightness being caused by her expanding womanhood. Her 10″ semi rigid member easily slid out from her open zipper and Clara relished the feeling of it rapidly growing longer and longer in her light grasp. It wasn’t long before Clara was gently stroking the 15″ shaft of her fully erect member while engrossed in a highly erotic section of the story.

Clara felt the urge to pee, but she assumed that, like most men, it would not be an issue since she was erect and couldn’t get a stream going if she wanted to. As she continued to revel in the erotic sensations, she felt something different at the base of the skyward erection she was keeping stimulated.

In a sudden panic, Clara gasped and held her shaft as she felt something give way. Her knees snapped shut as an uncontrollable current of pee made its way up the length of her hardness and gently bubbled out from the tip. The sensation was electric as the warm urine and the gentle pressure of the flow in her erection created a feeling unlike anything she’d ever known before.

Previously, masturbation for Clara proceeded much as any man’s would. But now, Clara had a small river of pee running through her urethra, and it was wetting her hands as it flowed down her shaft and pooled in her lap before making a gaziantep escort waterfall onto the floor.

Clara was both stunned and consumed with lust. She dropped the book, and reclined further into the couch, aiming the still gushing penis that rose up from her unzipped jeans away from the couch. Clara knew she had a very large bladder, so when she felt the need to pee, she knew there was a good deal of urine being held captive. Recovering from the initial shock, Clara was fixated on flow, knowing it wasn’t going to be stopping anytime soon. Slowly, Clara resumed stroking the enormous shaft which was now being continually lubricated by the steady flow of urine.

As her lust grew, so did the volume of the fountain. Within moments, the involuntary release was arcing several inches into the air, and pattering down onto the carpet at her feet. Clara was moaning, now awash in wanton arousal and was feeling the telltale tension that preceded a powerful ejaculation. Her pants and the floor were soaked and Clara didn’t care. She was about to cum and had no idea what she would see.

As her orgasm began, the gently flowing fountain of pee quickly shut down and the massive erection began pulsing hard in her hand. Clara looked on in pure bliss as the swollen glans atop her shaft released eight long strands of what Clara called her “girly cum”. Each strand of the slick, translucent ejaculate flew high into the air and landed with a light splat, coating her face, shirt, pants, couch and floor. Clara was cumming for nearly 10 seconds before her flexing penis relaxed and everything stopped.

Clara sat there for long moments taking in what had just happened. She still had the urge to pee, but now had full control of her bladder again. Regardless, the feeling was too intense, and she released the flow once more. The post orgasmic fountain that raced through her still erect member was both erotic and soothing. The arc of nearly clear urine only leapt about an inch up and out, pattering on the already soaked material of her pants and soaking her shirt as well. It was then and there Clara realized she was highly aroused by peeing and had discovered her passion for watersports.

As the years went by, Clara found peeing in naughty places, especially in places where she could possibly be seen, turned her on far more than any romance novel. Research into her dirty desire gave her fetish a name, and a tremendous library of pee porn. Hours of watersports videos led Clara to only masturbate when she needed to pee, to assure her erotic fountain would never be less than spectacular.

Chapter 2: Clara Arrives For Dinner

The time had come, and Clara arrived next door, at the home of Lindy and Helen. Clara knocked and was soon greeted by Helen who showed her to the living room. Lindy was there, her red hair held back with a beautiful iridescent hair clip, setting crystal goblets of wine on the coffee table. Clara greeted Lindy with a gentle embrace and was sitting down as Helen entered the room.

“It’s lovely to have you here Clara, we’ve been looking forward to this all day, “Helen said with a smile that brightened the whole room.

“You have no idea how happy I am to have things out in the open and still be welcome here.” Clara replied thankfully.

The three ladies sat and sipped their wine as the meal finished cooking. A while later, they jointly loaded the table with the tasty feast Helen had prepared, and sat down to dinner.

While dining, each woman shared humorous stories about their lives and they all laughed until their sides hurt. Almost two hours later, the meal came to a close, the table was cleared, and Helen brewed a fresh pot of coffee. The women returned to the table with a hot cup of lightly mint flavored coffee and a generous slab of angel food cake topped with strawberries and thick whipped cream.

By this point, two bottles of wine had been consumed between the three of them and the conversation had already turned to less general topics. Lindy was now openly talking about when she started surfing for porn and discovering her fetishes. Helen had graphically described her first wet masturbation session in her youth and some of the mutual sessions she’d had with Lindy. Clara was riveted by the stories of the other two women and just silently took in the mental images while feeling her temperature rise.

All three women were now very comfortable talking to each other about all things sexual, and had become rather turned on from the wine and the stimulating dialog. Eventually, the conversation turned to the undeniably lusty events that had transpired earlier that day.

“So Clara, “Helen began, looking into her coffee cup and smiling, “tell me about this afternoon.”

Clara grinned and knew Helen was not asking for a recap of the events, but rather about Clara’s wet masturbatory self-expression. Lindy giggled at the question and was looking forward to hearing the answers.

Clara konya escort enthusiastically relayed her history of sexual exploration in her youth, and her later discoveries with regards to watersports. Helen tried to appear calm, but was already heavily aroused by Clara’s tales. Lindy had a grin plastered on her face and was squeezing her thighs together as she rested her head in her hands while listening to Clara.

“So you see, “Clara finished, “it just became part of how I enjoy sex. This isn’t to say that I can’t enjoy sex any other way, I’ve just lived alone all my life and never met anyone like you and Lindy who accept me for who, and what, I am.”

Helen straightened in her chair, “So you mean you’ve never…had any kind of intercourse?”

A grin played on Clara lips, “With another person, no, but I have a man’s sex toy so I know generally how it feels. Because of my fetish, I sometimes forget that if I completely empty my bladder before getting aroused, I can um…make things less wet!”

“So do you enjoy peeing for the sake of peeing?” Lindy spoke up with genuine curiosity.

“Oh yes!” Clara replied, “There are times that I feel the need to pee and am just too lazy to get up. Having a stone floor and a leather couch, it’s easy to just say ‘screw it’, whip it out, and let go all over the floor.”

The mental image of Clara lounging in her living room and nonchalantly peeing on the floor gave both Helen and Lindy a jolt that landed directly in their now mostly full bladders.

“Lindy and I have never done that before; we typically only get things wet when we cum. We both can limit that by emptying out before cumming, but we don’t often think about that when we get aroused. Once I get horny, I don’t care and Lindy can get horny just by needing to pee, so she holds it on purpose!”

“Do you find the act of peeing arousing?” Clara said with enthusiasm.

Helen mused, “You know, I’m not sure. It’s only ever felt really great while I’m cumming, but now that I think about it, peeing in naughty places could be very horny…” Helen mused, covertly bunching the hem of her knee length skirt up to her waist and slipping a hand down to touch her increasingly warm pussy.

Lindy had worn a silk blouse and mini skirt to dinner, so while Helen was busy lifting her skirt, Lindy was slowly spreading her legs beneath the table, bunching up the tiny skirt and revealing the black satin panties she’d put on for the evening. The gusset of which was already bulging, indicating Lindy’s state of arousal and fascination for the conversation.

Lindy sheepishly looked up at Clara, “It’s kinda the same for me, but like Mom said, holding it gets me really horny sometimes, so I’ve never tried anything else.”

Clara’s aching member was already semi hard in her panties and she desperately wanted to set it free. Embolden by the wine and the full bladder she was sporting, Clara passed the point of no return.

“Well, I think you two should find out.” Clara said grinning from ear to ear.

Helen and Lindy first looked at each other, then back at Clara. Helen had a stone floor in the kitchen where the table resided and it was a standard four legged, circular table. Helen rationalized that it would be easy to clean.

“Ok, “Helen started, “how does this work?”

Urgently wanting to free her growing erection and share her lusty love for peeing, Clara sunk down in her chair so her butt was on the edge. She reached below the table, lifted the short hem of her dress, reached into her nylons, and pushed her penis out of the right leg hole of her panties. She then positioned the shaft along her right thigh under the pantyhose where it was easily now 12″ long and still growing.

Clara’s eyelids slightly closed as she relaxed in the chair and spoke, “Focus on how horny your pussy feels and how puffy it is. Relax your muscles and let only the pressure of your bladder start the flow. Feel the warmth as the pee fills your urethra and flows out. Feel the pressure of the stream build and listen to the sound of the pee as comes out and hits the floor.”

Helen, who wasn’t wearing pantyhose, slid down in her chair while listening to Clara. She pulled her deep purple silk panties to one side, exposing her stiff clitoris and puffy lips. The tip of her clit had escaped the clitoral hood and was throbbing as Helen touched herself.

“Do you rub anything while peeing?” Helen asked breathing heavily.

“Sometimes, “Clara said panting, “I run my fingertips over the head, across the pee slit, and down the shaft. But when I’m this horny, I just…”

Clara paused as she felt her flow start and luxuriated in the warmth as it travelled down the length of her almost fully erect shaft.

“…let go.” Clara exhaled as a thick stream of pale urine leapt from the tip of her semi-hard organ, spraying through her nylons, soaking her leg, and sprinkling the floor.

Lindy heard Clara’s pee kayseri escort make a light hissing sound as it sprayed out of the nylons and wet the floor. Lindy’s clit was already fully erect and throbbing by this point and she didn’t want to miss anything by getting lost too soon in her impending sexual trance. Pulling her gusset to one side, Lindy’s mighty clit reared out and she relaxed her bladder, setting the contents free and allowing the flow to escape past her already parted pussy lips.

Lindy’s stream was thin, but strong. It shot straight out from her pussy and flew beneath the table to land some six feet away with a light splashing sound. Lindy’s head had fallen forward as she focused on the sexy thrill of peeing in such a naughty place while she listened to Clara pee under the table next to her.

Helen saw Lindy’s stream shoot from under the table and was feeling the sprinkle of Clara’s stream on her feet as it covered most of the floor beneath the table. By that point, Helen was horny and committed. Wicked lust filled her senses as she pulled her pussy lips wide apart with her first and third fingers, and relaxed. The flow from Helen’s bladder was slow at first, causing her pee to bubble gently from her urethra, down her pussy lips, and onto the floor below.

Clara’s legs were spread beneath the table, and Helen’s rapidly increasing stream trailed outward from her darkened lips to eventually land on Clara’s left calf, soaking the nylons there and filling Clara’s shoe.

Clara’s breathing was labored as her stream continued, but she was still capable of speaking, “Oh fuck, this is heavenly.”

“God yes,” Helen moaned, closing her eyes and losing herself in the erotic sensations, “this could make me cum.”

Lindy, who had not entered her usual sexual trance, was letting her fingers play in her pee stream and rubbing the wetness on her clit which was threatening to cum.

For nearly a minute, the three women continued to pee beneath the table. Clara’s stream was starting to wane and she began to slowly rub the full length of her erection through her nylons, also feeling the powerful urge to cum. Helen’s stream was also slowing as she used her second finger to stroke just below her engorged clitoral hard-on. Lindy had stopped playing in her pee stream and was now steadily stroking her massive lady boner.

“I wanna cum,” Lindy whispered, her head still down, as she continued to stroke the full length of her 2″ erection.

“Me too,” was all Helen could get out as her stream ended and she began actively massaging her throbbing clit.

Upon hearing Lindy’s desire to cum, Clara quickly removed her gently dribbling erection from her nylons and pointed the throbbing member horizontally under the table. There, she began stroking just a small section of the shaft in hopes to hold off her own rapidly approaching orgasm. However, the tension that signaled her release was too strong and Clara started to cum.

“Oh god, I can’t stop it…I’m gonna cum!” Clara moaned as a pleading expression fell upon her face.

Helen’s eyes popped open and she spread her legs as wide as she could, and stroking her clit with determination.

“Need to…see you…cum,” Helen groaned urgently to Clara.

With that, Clara brought her massive erection up to rest against the edge of the table just as the last dribbles of pee leapt from her orgasmic member. Clara urgently stroked the lower half of the massive rod, feeling the girl cum start to rise.

Lindy was no longer peeing, but was quickly stroking her own erection. Hearing Clara say she was going to cum, she raised her head and was able to witness Clara lift her erection and set it against the table. To Lindy’s amazement, Clara’s member was towering about 7″ above the surface of the table.

Helen and Lindy were in complete rapture as they both knew they’d cum soon. Clara could feel the penetrating gaze of Lindy and Helen as they approached their own orgasms, which hastened the rush of girl cum up through Clara’s flexing shaft.

“I’m cumming!” Clara squeaked as her eyes squeezed shut.

Seconds later, jet after jet of girl cum leapt vigorously from the tip of Clara’s skyward member. Each jet arced high into the air and landed with a light splat on the table before her. Lindy saw the first jet, and immediately started to orgasm; her clit beating wildly beneath her fingertips. Only minor drips of pee escaped from her pussy as the dam had already run dry.

Helen was the last to cum, having witnessed the fully decadent sight that was Clara’s spectacular ejaculation. Toward the end of Clara’s orgasmic display, Helen closed her eyes and came hard. As with Lindy, there was no mid orgasmic stream from Helen’s pussy, only a few minor drips.

All three women laid their heads back and lost themselves in the blissful afterglow of the powerfully erotic experience for several long minutes. After which, Clara lifted her head and spoke.

“I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed this so much. Thank you for sharing this with me; it means more than you know.”

Helen and Lindy weakly lifted their heads to smile at Clara.

“I never expected to like this so much.” Helen said softly, rising to straighten her clothes.

Lindy, who’d been silent to this point, blurted out, “I’m still here!”

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