The Jock and the Virgin


I’m walking. My girlfriend just dropped me and I’m walking and thinking. I’ve always been active. I can’t go sit and brood. I’d really rather be playing handball or tennis of something.

I dated Kelly for about six months. She’s nice looking with a fabulous body. Sex was wild, passionate and frequent. It started on the second date. She told me that it should have started on the first but I was too cautious or timid. On the second she unzipped my fly and grabbed my cock and we went on from there.

I don’t remember the exact words she used but roughly it was, “Dave, the sex is great. But I don’t want to spend my life with you. You have a college degree and are hardly working. You’re too cautious. I need someone that’s going to succeed and make it big time. I’ve thought about doing this often but then I got caught up in the terrific sex and didn’t do it. So I’ve got to do it now, while I can think.”

We had gone to dinner at Spaghetti Eddies. I know, it’s not expensive or classy but the food’s good and it’s fairly cheap. Then we went back to her place. She sucked me off, I did her, working on her tits and then eating her to orgasm. Then we fucked. And fucked. She had three orgasms while I built up to one more. I had my finger inside her, feeling for her G-spot, getting ready for more, when she told me we were done. I got dressed and left.

It’s probably for the better as I think about it. We had nothing but sex. I had been concerned for some time that I needed a real girl friend, someone that I truly liked, rather than just using her as a sex object. And one that saw me as more than a sex object. I’m sure that sooner or later I would drop her if she didn’t drop me. It was never going to be long term. Although the sex was really good. So maybe it’s all for the better. But it’s a surprise, unexpected, hard to get used to.

I heard a voice calling. “Hey!” “Hey, c’mere!” I looked around. It’s dark. I’m walking through a mall. A strip mall. A dozen or so stores lined up next to a parking lot, stretched along a main street. There’s a Subway. A sandwich shop. I’ve eaten there. The door was ajar and a girl was waving at me. I stop, look around. All the shops are closed, there are maybe two cars in the lot. I walk over toward her.

“Can you hang around here for a couple minutes while I lock up?” she says. She’s a cute girl. I’ve seen her before, working here. “There was a weird looking guy hanging out here a minute ago that sort of scared me. Can you stay here for a minute and make sure he doesn’t come and do anything to me?”

“Sure,” I said. But I thought a moment. “How do you know I’m not some weird guy that might do something to you?”

“I know you,” she says as she turns and locks the door. “I mean, I don’t really know you but I’ve seen you a bunch and know who you are. You’ve been here with friends.”

I guess I’m easy to remember. I’m six feet four and weigh about 240 pounds. I played offensive tackle for the college across the street two years ago. Big and wide. But I’ve changed my diet and keep using the school gym facilities. So I’m slimmer than I was as a player. I take a course a semester even though I graduated so I can keep working out here.

She’s done and turns to me and we start walking. “Thanks,” she says.

“I didn’t see anyone,” I told her.

“Well, he was just out here, looking in. He was weird and it scared me.”

“Afraid he was going to rob you?”

“Yeah, or worse.”

“Oh,” I said, realizing that I hadn’t even thought of that. Rape or perhaps just rage and an attack of some sort. You read about a girl getting killed every couple months. “Maybe you should call the cops.”

“What are they going to do? He hasn’t done anything yet. Maybe I’m all wrong even but he sure looked goofy to me.”

“Well, maybe you should get your manager to not have you lock up all alone late like this.”

“Yeah, then not have a job. I’m working my way through school. It’s going to take six years or so but I’ll make it. Then I can worry about finding a good job with some benefits.”

I know what she’s talking about. Kelly dumped me because she figured I was a loser. I started advising some friends on the team about investments a couple years ago. They worked out well. Two of them have gone pro and are having me handle their money for them. And I’ve invested some of my family’s money and some of our family friends. I think I’m going to work my way into a really good future but right now I’m not really making a lot and have no benefits at all. I’m self employed. Sort of a poor financial adviser. But I know I’m as good at investments as the biggest and best financial companies. A computer gives me the same access to information as bigger firms. And I have to keep perfect records, by law. So I’m going to just keep after this. I can do it. I even think I’m about to start with a couple more pro athletes. If it all works out, the sky’s the limit.

“Where are we going?” she asks.

“What? No where,” I answer. “I’m just walking next to you.”

“Well, we’re headed away from where I live.”

I stop. “Well, then, let’s head the right way. Alanya Escort escort I thought I was following you.”

I end up walking her to the doors of an apartment building a couple blocks away. She’s very friendly in addition to being cute.

She looks up at me, she may be as much as a foot shorter. “I said I knew you but in fact I don’t know your name.”

I grin at her. “Dave,” I say.

“I’m Sarah. And thank you very much, Dave.” She stretches up and gives me a kiss on the lips. Not a huge kiss but not just a quick little one either. Then she turns and goes into the building. I smile at the irony of losing my girl and getting a kiss from a new one all in about an hour . And while this Sarah is actually very cute, I have no reason to think the kiss was anything more than a thank you. Besides, she’s tiny. I can’t believe she could ever have a romantic interest in someone as big as me. I mean, I might just not even fit in anyone that small.

Two days later I have lunch at the Subway where she works and when I go through the line I get a big smile and a “Hi, Dave” and I say “Hi, Sarah” and my friends look at me and make some inane comments about her being Kelly’s replacement. In fact, I already have a replacement for Kelly. One of her ‘friends’ that apparently had heard a lot from Kelly about everything we did with one another had called me pretty much offering herself as a replacement. Moira was at least as pretty as Kelly with an equally fantastic body and, as I learned almost immediately, a sexual hunger that needed satisfying. Except my friends didn’t know because I never discussed any girl I dated with them. And to some extent, I’m not dating Moira, just having sex with her. So far we’ve never gone anywhere but to bed.

I swim in the college pool regularly. Good for the long muscles, different than weight lifting. I want to stay in good shape, keep a healthy body. If nothing else, it helps make sex better. This is Thursday, a different day for me, open swimming time. I do a bunch of laps and stop for a moment and see a terrific female body climbing out of the pool. Really fit, strong looking legs and ass, really noticeable breasts. She stands on the side of the pool and takes off her bathing cap and I realize it’s Sarah. I swim over quickly and look up. “Hi, Sarah, I didn’t know you swam here.”

She looks down at me and grins. “Oh, hi Dave. Yeah. I think it’s important to stay fit. I pretty much just work, go to classes and study. I don’t have much spare time so I try to do things that are healthy. How about you, do you go to school here?”

I’ve climbed out. “Yeah. I’ve actually graduated. But I keep taking a class a semester so that I can keep using the gym and pool. I like to keep fit, too. What are you taking, what’s your major?”

“Education. I plan on teaching.”

“Do you have a few minutes?” I ask her, ” We could get a coffee or something at the Union.”

“Well, I don’t have much time but sure, I’ll meet you outside the locker room in a few minutes if that’s o.k.”

I agree and hurry in to change. Looking at her in a skimpy bathing suit gave me about half a hard on. She’s really built as well as being cute. And then I’m sort of ashamed of myself for thinking that way about her. I wait just a minute or so and she comes out. She’s really attractive. I’m sort of surprised I never realized how good she looks before. I mean I knew she was cute but she’s also sexy. We went to the Union and ended up both of us having some fruit juice. As we talked, I asked her if our being together would bother her boy friend.

“Oh, I don’t have a boy friend. I don’t have time for that. I work full time, take a full load of classes and my intellect is such that I have to spend a lot of time studying and doing the work that’s required.”

“But you’re beautiful,” I tell her, “You’ve had to have had boy friends. Some sort of sex life.”

She actually blushes. “No sex life, that’s for sure. And there won’t be unless I meet the right guy some day. Yeah, I dated a little in high school but I really don’t have time now, I have to concentrate on getting an education. Which reminds me, I have a class shortly, so it’s been great to see you Dave and thanks for the juice but I have to go.”

And that was that. I sat there and thought about her a little. I’m getting all the sex I can handle so I don’t know why I have any interest in her. It surprises me a little to have any interest in a girl that I’m not fucking. I mean, I’ve always had girls almost lined up, mine for the taking.

Over the next couple weeks I see her at Subway and on campus several times and we always say Hi and even talk a little. As we near the end of the Fall semester, posters for a campus dance start popping up everywhere. There was even one in the Subway. I ‘m having lunch there and Sarah is behind the counter and as she makes my sandwich I ask if she’s going to the dance.

“No, I don’t really have time. Some of my friends are going and want me to come too but you need a date and a nice dress and that’s just not me.”

“I’ll take you,” I said without even thinking.

She Alanya Escort bayan looks up at me, through the glass that’s between us. “What?” she asks.

“I’m asking you to go with me to the dance. You don’t need any fancy dress, you’re attractive in anything.”

“I thought you had a girl,” she says.

“Well, I’ve had girl friends but nothing serious. Do you want to go?”

She keeps moving to her left as she puts my sandwich together and on the other side of the divider I move with her. She looks at me again. “O.k.” she says, “why not.”

I grin and say, “Terrific!” She hands the sandwich to the cashier and moves back down to wait on the next person but she looks back at me with sort of a questioning look as if she’s having second thoughts. I move down and stand behind the guy who just gave her his order. “When do you get off?” I ask.

“I lock up tonight,” she says.

“I’ll be here.” The guy turns and looks at me a moment, he’s a lot shorter than me, and I move away and get my iced tea and find a place to sit and eat my sandwich. Incidentally, I got those two additional pro athletes. That means over 3 million more dollars that I’m responsible for. And if they end up happy, I can probably get some more. Makes me wonder, who’s handling the college’s money, if any. I need to talk with one of my old professors. I’m actually earning a fairly normal income now.

I go to Moira’s as prearranged and let her know I have to leave a little early. We get naked and do all we can sexually with each other, oral, vaginal in several positions. I really bang into her hard to make sure she’s satisfied and worn out so that I can get away when I need to. I then go by my place and take a shower. For some reason I want to be clean when I see Sarah. I even wonder why I feel a little guilty about fucking another girl before seeing her.

I get to Subway about five minutes before it closes and sit and wait while she closes up. We then walk together to her apartment building. “I’m surprised you’re asking me to a dance,” she says.

“Well, I would like to go to the dance and I need a girl to go with me and I know you and you’re absolutely gorgeous so I’d like it to be you.”

“But I’ve talked to people around here. You’re somebody. I mean sort of a big shot, an ex-jock with some fame. And you’re twice as big as me, maybe even more. And I’m sort of nobody. I’ve got two years left to get a degree. I’m not well known.”

“Ah but you’re not a nobody to me. You’re a beautiful girl. A really nice girl. I like you.”

“I probably shouldn’t say this but since I’ve thought it, I might as well. You’re known for pretty girl friends. You’ve run through a bunch. I’m not like that. You aren’t going to have sex with me. I’m not sure that I absolutely need to wait until I’m married to have sex but I sure need to be sure about a guy.”

I crouch down. Not kneeling but way down so I can look her in the face. “I asked you to a dance, not to have sex. Yes, I have had sex with girls. And I don’t think it’s possible to have sex without some feelings. But I’ve never loved any of them and I don’t think any have loved me. It was pretty much just sex. You don’t ever have to have sex with me. I’m certainly never going to force you. I don’t know where this is going to go but it’s possible that you’ll end up being sure of me some time. But I’d want to be sure of you by then, too. And maybe it’ll never happen. Let’s just take it a day at a time.”

I kiss her. She kisses back. It’s the absolutely best kiss of my life. As we’re kissing, I stand, my arms around her. I still have to bend down to keep my lips to hers. Her arms are around me. We just keep kissing. When we finally break she just looks at me. “Whew,” she says. “That was very good wasn’t it?”

“Oh, the best,”I tell her. We kiss again and it may be even better than the first time.

Again she just looks at me for awhile. “I better go in,” she finally says. “It’s late.” She turns away and then looks back. “I close again tomorrow.” she says just before she goes through the door.

The next night I’m at the Subway again as she locks up and we start walking toward her apartment building. Part way, as we walk by a bench at a bus stop, I stop and pull her to me and kiss her. She puts her arms around me and we kiss and kiss. I actually lift her off her feet and turn and sit on the bench, still kissing her. She puts a knee on either side of me and sits in my lap as we continue kissing. We stop and I kiss around her face and she kisses around mine and then we get our lips together again. She moves her bottom a little so I know she can feel my erection. If we were naked she could just sit on me and take it up into her in this position. But we’re dressed.

She looks at me and grins, “I guess you like this,” she says, rubbing her bottom against my hard cock.

“I definitely do,” I tell her.

“I do, too,” she says, “but you probably can’t tell as easy as I can tell about you. I better get in, though. There’s no use teasing each other. “So we walk on to her apartment house and kiss a couple more times before Escort alanya she goes in.

We go to the dance. It’s not formal but we’re both dressed nice. She has on a strapless dress with bare shoulders and a fair amount of cleavage, I have on a suit and tie. We do dance. And it takes a little getting used to each other. She’s five foot four inches as I learned and I’m six foot four. I weigh 240 pounds although I’m not fat at all. She weighs just a little over a hundred and ten. I suggest that I just lift her and hold her but she thinks we had better figure out how we do this now, so we dance with all feet on the floor.

We talk about a lot of things. She even asks, “Are you sure you want to date me? I mean the difference in our sizes creates some problems. And your size may create even bigger problems if we go on with this.”

“Well, I’m happy to know you’ve thought about sex. I’m no expert but from what I’ve read, size is a surmountable problem. If the time comes, you can deliver a baby and even a small baby is bigger than I am. So it might take some cooperation on both parts but I’m sure it can happen.”

She sort of giggles, leaning her head down into her clenched hand. “I didn’t really mean that,” she says, “but I’m sure you’re right.” Then she stretches her neck to look up at me and we kiss.

The dance is at the college. She lives close and so do I but I drive my five year old Honda Civic so we can go some place after the dance. We go to a little Italian restaurant and have some dessert and we talk a lot. When I drive her back to her apartment I realize what I have before that the console between the front seats does not contribute to good making out. I do the best I can, leaning her way so we can kiss and hold on to one another. The kisses are as good as before. In between, I kiss down onto her bare shoulders. After a lot of kissing, I get bold enough to kiss down onto the tops of her breasts that show above the dress. That seems to excite both of us and the kisses become a little wetter, our tongues battling each other.

I really don’t want to do wrong with her but my experience with women has involved sex pretty quick. So I do something. While we’re kissing, I unzip the back of her dress and then as I kiss down onto her breasts I push the dress top down. She doesn’t have on a bra. Apparently, the dress has built in support. So her beautiful, full breasts are out and I’m licking a nipple and playing with the other one. She’s making sort of heavy breathing noises and little moans and her h ands are mussing up my hair. But she isn’t stopping me. After a short while she sort of pulls on my hair and I get my face back up so we can kiss some more while I keep my hands busy on her breasts.

She lets me go on for a few minutes, then says, “I think we’ve gone further than I expected.” She pulls back some and pulls up her dress and reaches behind her to pull the zipper up. It’s not fully up, more of her breasts show than before, but the nipples are covered. “I never felt like that before. Maybe I’m going to have to start thinking about what problems your size might bring after all. But I think I better go in now.”

I walk her to the door again and we kiss some more, standing up, and she goes in.

I see her the next day in the college Union and we have fruit juice. She tells me, “You scare me some. I had my life planned. Work, classes, study. No boy friend. Get a degree, get a job. No sex involved. But last night, I loved what you did. I should have stopped you but I loved it. It gave me a feeling through my whole body that I’ve never had before. I need to either stop seeing you or accept that sex is going to become part of my life. That scares me a little. It’s different than I planned. But the way I felt last night, if we were someplace where we could, I probably would have let you go on until I lost my virginity. And I’ve never let someone at my body like that before. It’s scary.”

“I loved it, too. If you loved it, maybe you shouldn’t fight it.”

“But can I handle becoming one more notch on your bedpost, one more girl you’ve conquered. I don’t think I can. I think it would shake me horribly. But I can’t believe you’re ready to make any sort of serious commitment and I don’t know if I am either. You don’t know me that well and I don’t know you that well.”

“This can mean a change in my life, too,” I tell her. “I’ve had girls, very pretty girls, make themselves available to me from high school on. I took what was available and I enjoyed it a lot. A few of them indicated they might like something more but most had the same attitude, I did. Just enjoy it, make no commitments. None lasted all that long and there was always another after me immediately. I’ve never been with a girl, a nice girl is the description I guess, that sees sex as something more than fun, sort of a sport. But somewhere, sometime, I would hope to be married and have children and have the marriage last until I’m an old man. Sort of do what my parents did. Or still do, I guess since they’re still here. I never really thought about it a lot before. Maybe you’re that nice girl. I don’t know. Maybe I’m that nice guy for you. I don’t want to scare you but I do like you and would like to see more of you. And yes, I’d love to have a sexual relationship with you. And if it did work out, some day I would be willing to make a serious commitment. But I can’t guarantee it right now.”

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