The Girl Next Door

Female Ejaculation

Living in the country has both its pros and cons fresh air, green grass and the great outdoors. But what it’s mostly lacking is beautiful women. So a few years ago, I would see this sexy young lady walking home from school. Never bothered her because I figured she was jailbait at the time. A little chubby, but definitely had a good build.

She definitely seemed a little too young for me. Considering I was in my late 20s, not to mention being a fat guy with a goatee was more than likely not her type.

So a few years go by and I started talking to a young lady on a dating site. Who claims to live in the same area as me. We exchanged a series of messages turns out. She only lived a few houses away from me.

I knew right then, that a girl I had only dreamed about possibly fucking was now talking to me. It was a little after midnight and we just begin our conversation. The realization that she lived so close. Made me realize that it was matter of days, If not hours before I could fuck her.

She told me she had only ever been with one man and was in a relationship. Her and her boyfriend had been having some problems. She told me the sex was good with him. But he was not all that big, just around average.

I asked her how old was her boyfriend and she told me he was around 20 and she was 19. This told me everything I needed to know and that was she was sleeping with a boy, not a man.

It was nearly 6 AM and we were still talking and I was exhausted, horny and load. She made the decision she was ready to come over and meet me. We both fell asleep before the actual meeting only to exchange messages again a few hours later around 9 AM.

It had been less than 12 hours since we started talking and she arrived at my house nearly 10 AM. She was definitely nervous, but so good-looking and made the decision to leave. We talked for several minutes on the front porch. As I was trying to make her feel comfortable and salvage the fuck.

I convinced her to come back inside where we talked for a short while. I wanted to show her some sex positions, Alanya Escort escort that she could try with her boyfriend. We both had our clothes on and I asked her to lay back on the bed.

I position myself between her legs and started teaching her the basics. She was wearing leggings so I was able to dry hump against her pussy. Afterwords I returned to being between her legs in a sitting position. I took my thumb and shoved it right on her crotch and started rubbing against her clit.

She asked me what I was doing and I told her rubbing your pussy. She let out a moan and I asked to pull down her pants, so I could rub it. She allowed me to grab her pants and I tried yanking them all the way down. But she managed to grab a hold. Now I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers for real.

She was slowly breaking down her grip was loosening on her pants. I told her let me take them off so I can eat your pussy. She allowed me to fully remove them. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and began eating her pussy.

Her pussy tasted so good it didn’t have a nasty flavor or anything. It was actually sweet and smelt amazing. Just working my tongue and eating her was a real pleasure. She was also slightly sticky as if she was nearing ovulation. I slowly begin removing my pants.

Getting my cock ready. I took two fingers slowly pushed them in her pussy as I continued to eat it. She let out a huge moan as she was incredibly tight. I knew right then that this was going to be a struggle. As her boyfriend was much smaller than me. I knew her tightness was going to probably wear me down.

I asked her if she wanted to take off her clothes and position herself in the middle of my bed. She began removing everything and made herself comfortable. As I begin stroking my thick dick.

Finally it was the moment of truth. A fantasy about to be fulfilled, I was going to fuck the girl next door. I position myself between her legs and began pushing my dick against her opening. It was a real struggle as we were both nervous.

When I finally Alanya Escort bayan started penetrating her she told me that it hurt. I could feel her opening squeezing so tight around my head, as she was stretched to capacity. I pulled back out and pushed in, it was an amazing feeling and slightly painful for her.

It was now time for her to experience a real man and not a boy. I threw her legs onto my shoulders and ask her to give me her arms. I pulled her towards me as I begin pushing my dick deep inside.

Less than halfway in her pussy she became incredibly tight, virgin tight. I force myself in her all the way balls deep and pulled her as close to me as possible. She cried out in pleasure.

As I filled her pussy too capacity. I was nearly twice her boyfriends size and she had never felt anything like it. It was official, she was officially cheating on her boyfriend. I began thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy going balls deep with every thrust.

But I knew I couldn’t last long. It had been days since I had sexual release and several weeks since I had sex. After only a few minutes thrusting in her hard and deep I had officially broken in her pussy. Something her boyfriend failed to accomplish.

She was moaning and crying out in pleasure. I threw her legs over my shoulder and lifted myself off of the bed and began holding her down. She told me not to cum in her pussy. I told her I want you to feel it.

I begin fucking her harder and faster, My body covered in sweat as I pounded her pussy. Fucking her in a way she had never been fucked. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to cum inside her pussy.

With a final thrust I let out moan and drove myself balls deep cuming inside of her. I laid down next to her and ask if she had cumed. She told me No, As she was trying to process the fact. She had just cheated on her boyfriend and let another man cum inside her.

I will admit this was definitely considered a quickie, but her tightness just wore me out. I reached for my purple dildo and told her Escort alanya I’m going to make you cum. My Dick was nearly 7in long and 5.5in thick, So definitely above average. My purple dildo was 8.5in long and 5in thick.

I took the dildo and applied some lubricant to get it wet and slowly started pushing it inside of her. Surprisingly my cum was not leaking out of her pussy. Her tightness was holding it deep inside of her.

I pushed the dildo all the way in and she felt discomfort in her stomach. I had officially hit her cervix. I pulled back slowly and pushed back in till she felt pain. There was about 1.5in of dildo in my hand. That means the tip of my dick was pressed against her cervix when I orgasm.

My sperm had not leaked out because I injected it straight into her cervix. My sperm was making their way to her egg. She was on birth control, but I knew it was about to be tested. In a way she didn’t realize.

I begin working the dildo in and out of her pussy. Laying next to her and rubbing her clit. I worked it in and out In big long strokes. Going faster and faster getting her every bit closer to an orgasm.

Her orgasm is about to take my sperm straight to her egg. She got closer and closer, and begin giving me direction on exactly where to rub. My hands were exhausted, my arms sore.

She was about to cum, and did she ever cum. She lost control and had probably one of the hardest orgasms of her life. When I removed the dildo it was completely white covered in cum. I had brought her to a thick white creamy orgasm.

Shortly afterwards we got dressed and I took her back home. She was upset with me that I had cumed in her pussy. But she had told me it was okay. She was worried that I might get her pregnant because of my recent pregnancies.

I told her not to worry about it because I masturbated the day before to put her mind at ease. But in reality I was nearly 4 days absent and actively taking a fertility supplement. I gave her a breeding load.

Several days go by and I talked to her again. She went on a date with her boyfriend the same day we had sex. Not telling him, that she had cheated on him. She also told me she had masturbated nearly 4 times in a row the following day. The thought of my cum inside of her was an incredible turn on, she told me.

But in reality I think she was ovulating.

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