The Confession


“Honey, I have a confession to make.”I looked into Mat’s eyes as he made this statement, and I could see he was quite serious. Needless to say, I was curious and quite intrigued. I looked back at him, my eyes indicating he should continue.”We both know that I’m not able to meet your needs sexually,” Mat began. “I wish I was more well-endowed, and I know you need more than I have to offer.”I covered my mouth with my hand so that he wouldn’t see me smiling. His four-inch cock has always been a source of frustration for Mat, and a source of amusement for my girlfriends when we would discuss our sex lives with each other. The truth is, I didn’t mind his lack of size at the beginning of our marriage. We were both virgins when we married, and quite young, and I had nothing to compare him to. I had always heard other women talk about size with their lovers, but for me, I was more attached to the passion and the love I felt and received from Mat as we made love. Escort bodrum He focused entirely on my needs. He was wonderful at foreplay, and loved to suck on my breasts and lick my pussy. And I loved the attention.However, as we got older, and as I became more and more aware of what I was likely missing thanks to conversations with my girlfriends, Mat became more self-conscious. Our love-making became less and less frequent. I’m sure his finding my 9-inch dildo didn’t help matters in that regard. I tried to tell him that the dildo was not meant to replace him in any way, but that there were physical needs that I had to have fulfilled. I tried to convince him that my using the dildo was my way of remaining faithful to him while I satisfied those needs. Looking back on it, I think we both knew that I was, in essence, telling Mat that he could no longer meet my needs, but I did sincerely love him and never truly wanted Escort Kuşadası to hurt him.Mat began to speak again, bringing me back to the moment.”Ally, I accidentally found your folder on the computer.”The smile left my face, and I felt the color drain. I knew exactly what folder he was referring to. It was a folder filled with pictures and links and stories of men, particularly husbands, in chastity belts and being cuckolded. I had been using these images and stories when I masturbated with the dildo for several years. I had always feared Mat would find it some day, and that I would have to explain myself. In my mind, it was like cheating on him, and I had vowed to remain faithful to him.”Oh Mat, I’m so sorry. I never wanted…” I said softly before he placed his finger against my lips, gently cutting me off.Mat leaned in close to me, taking my hands in his, looking directly into my eyes. I did not see anger bodrum escort or disappointment in his eyes. In fact, I was surprised that I saw relief in his eyes. He squeezed my hands as he softly said “You have nothing to apologize for, my love. I only wish you had told me sooner.”Mat chuckled as he continued, “Had I known what you were thinking, we might have realized how similar our thought patterns have been lately.” He lowered his eyes.”This is my confession. I should have expressed to you sooner that I, too, have been fantasizing about chastity and cuckolding. I know I will never be able to satisfy your sexual needs, and you deserve to have your every need satisfied. And as I have come to this realization, I have also discovered within myself a desire to be controlled by you, to be used by you to satisfy whatever emotional need you may have, as well as striving to satisfy some of your sexual needs.”By this time, we were both starting to cry, a renewed sense of love and desire emerging within both of us. Mat let go of my hands and stepped back from me. Without saying a word, he pulled his t-shirt over his head. Then he loosened his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, lowered his zipper and let his jeans fall to his ankles, kicking them off.

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