TeacherP (The Job)

Anastasia Knight

YJ stories

Author Warning.

1.This is a work of fiction…so any names and places used in the story has no real relation or what so ever.

2.This is a work of sexual elements and mostly fantasies..so safe sex is advisable.

3.This is a work for adults and people who cared and interested in subject matter of younger man relationship with older women…therefore if anyone felt violated please do not go any further. Underage is advisable not to continue if do anything happened is not a responsible

or causalities of the story and the author.

(Please refer at your legal states rules)



It was a hot evening.

The sound of old ceiling fan rotating was irritating. Occasionally, someone walked passing the outside corridor. Through the old windows, there were birds flying and chirping around the large trees next to the building.

I was left alone in the room for a long time.

The moment Jakim managed to barge into Cikgu Aida’s unit, I was being detained. Although we were clothed at that time, yet a few male officers and a female officer grabbed Cikgu Aida and hand cuffed her. They already knew that Cikgu Aida was providing sexual service to me during our tuition session. Then, we were sent to a government building and I was put into this room till now.

My body was still in shocked and trembling.

How am I going to explain this to my parents and my friends will laugh at me or will I going to be arrested and who is going to rescue me. Thousand of questions kept playing in my minds.

Soon, I could hear foot steps coming from the corridor.

There were noises outside and I presumed there more than one person. I could hear those were ladies voices and they seemed to be discussing something. The foot steps stopped and standing at the door were two ladies dressed in executive black suits.


I was shocked.


There were two lady officers walked into the room.

One of them was my mother and the other was a Malay lady in her forties wearing black hijab. My mother just kept quiet and sat next to her colleague in front of me.

The lady spoke up first.

“You are Amy’s son right?”

I just nodded and afraid of mom will scold me. Mom put down the documents on the table.

“You know who we are right?” she asked again.

I shook my head “Mom didn’t tell me about her work.”

My mom nodded and spoke “We are senior police inspectors for the intelligent department.”

I just kept quiet.

“Yes, we have been working on teachers doing illegal activities for students. When your mom noticed the teacher you mentioned, we took initiative to follow you. As soon as we got the location of Cikgu Aida and Jakim took action.”

I was confused and trying to digest everything the lady said.

“But mom, you didn’t go work with uniform.”

“Yes YJ because we are always in disguise. Anyway, I apologized to you first for not telling you about the operation but you did well.”

I was relieved to hear that.

“So am I arrested?” I asked.

The Malay officer smiled and replied “No but I already asked your mom permission for you to help us.”


“The police force is hiring you to be an undercover student to provide information and lead us to the syndicate of teachers conducting illegal activities. I had agreed since you will be paid and the force will award you with recommendation letters once the mission is completed,” mom explained.

“Yes, I will write to the Commissioner to provide you a full scholarship and a position in the force when you graduate but provided our mission is successful.”

I looked at mom.

“But I don’t know how to be an undercover…”

“Your mom will help you and you are already a student so not much to pretend needed.”

I nodded.

“That settled then, we will open a file for you…” mom added.

“Here are our mission details, we called it Teachers Pet. Please take time to study them…” her colleague passed me a folder.

“Ok, wait for me at the car park outside. We will go home together,” mom ordered.

I just nodded.


The car reached the main road and traffic was heavy.

Both of us have been keeping quiet since we left the building. I looked at mom and realized she was attractive woman. She will be fifty years old in six months time. She has removed her black blazer and leaving her pink satin top and her black tight mini skirt. I could see her lacey bra outlined her top. She must have at least C Cup breasts.

Suddenly, it has effect on me.

I tried to turn away but occasionally I stared at her top again.

“YJ are you alright?” she suddenly asked.

“Well considering what had happened, I still a little shocked and confused. But I am still in one piece.”

“No… I am not asking that. I meant did the teacher hurt you or something? I heard both of you were in clothes when Jakim barged in so I am glad nothing happened to you. Still a virgin huh…”

I was totally surprised by her comments.

“Hehehe…” Sarıyer escort that all I could react.

“Well, since you will be helping us… there will be more sexual scenes you need to get familiar with. Do you watch porn…?”

“Mom… I am seventeen and a male. Of course I have, do we need to discuss this…?”

“Yes… I need teach you so you won’t be taken advantage of.”

I just nodded.

“We will begin tonight when your father asleep.”


“No but young man, make sure you wait for me tonight.”

“Ok…” I sighted.


It was 11pm in the night.

I almost lost track of the time since I was concentrating to finish my homework. It was completed and the house was quiet during this time of the night.

I took a rest in my room while waiting for mom.

Then I opened up the folder that her colleague had passed me. I sat on the chair at the study table next to my super single bed. My first task was to join the tuition center nearby my school. There were three teachers that suspected to be in the syndicate. Two Chinese teachers and one Indian teacher were among the suspects. My task was to engage with the special service.

Then there was a knock on my room door.

“Come in…” I replied.

She walked in and quietly closed the door.

Mom’s long curly hair was untied and as usual she was in her satin grey long sleeve and short pajamas set. I could see her lacey bra outlined the pajamas like usual.

“Good… you are reading the file.”

“Just trying to identify those teachers before attending the tuition center…” I replied.

“You will attend all three of their class. I will enroll for you tomorrow.”

I nodded.

“Okay… here are some dvds of porn, we will watch together. There are all teacher student genre…”

“You want me to watch porn with you?” I asked.

She didn’t reply me but instead she loaded a dvd into my computer. Then the movie started to play on my computer monitor. It was a Japanese production.

Mom took another chair and sat next to me.

“I wanted to see how well you can stand stimulation… so no hanky panky.”

I just kept quiet and concentrated on the screen. Soon the sex scene began as the movie played into 15 minutes. I lowered the volume of the movie since it started moaning loud. My cock slowly has effect from the movie and I started to feel uneasy. My boxer slowly tented up and I could see mom occasionally peeped at it. Why did she want to peep at my boxer?

I felt embarrassed.

My cock was hard as steel and I couldn’t touch it like what I usually did while watching porn. I was twitching my legs on the chair.

Mom just smiled and again stared at my boxer.

Then she returned her concentration at the screen. By the second sex scene, the actions and moaning became much more intense. I couldn’t hold myself and came in my boxer.

“Hmmmmmm…” I moaned softly as I closed my mouth with my hands.

Mom was a little shock but she stared at me the entirely time. I could see she was anxious instead of angry at me.

By the time my orgasm ended, I softly voiced out “I am sorry..”

She stopped the movie before she commented “Okay… we will practice more soon.”

She kissed my cheek and left me alone.


Afternoon tuition class was always slow and sleepy.

The class room air conditioner was operating at full capacity. Students were busy taking notes in the math class. I kept out perform the rest of the class to get attention from the teacher.

Mrs. Narda was slightly fair skin compare to the usual Indian Malaysia. Her features indicated that her origin was from North India; fair brown skin, deep dark eye curve and her long straight hair. She don’t wear sari but instead in her white blouse and brown slack with high heels. Many of the male students were attracted to her outlook specially the huge black bra under her white blouse that can be seen.

She kept smiling at me as I kept answering most of her questions.

In fact, the rest of the class also noticed me. Mom told me to play the role of weak student so the teacher might provide help but instead I did the opposite. I believed that my way might be the fastest way to get near them.

Once the class was over, I still stayed behind.

“YJ right?” Mrs. Narda asked.

“Yes… ma’am…” I replied.

“You are good, why still having tuition?” she asked.

“Teacher, do you want an honest answer or just an excuse?”

She smiled “Very direct… tell me.”

“I heard many male students came here because of the pretty teachers,” I answered.

She nodded as she struggled to carry her stuff. I walked towards her and offered my help.


“No problem, since I got nothing to do afterward.”

“Why?” she turned off the lights of the room.

“My parents always worked late and no one is at home,” I replied.

She smiled “Come… help me with those.”

She handed me one of her bag as well. I followed her to the teacher’s room. Escort Silivri Along the corridor, she bumped into the center owner’s wife, Mrs. Tang. There were two other younger teachers behind of her; I presumed they were in their early 20’s. One of the lady teachers caught my attention, she was very pretty. Big round eyes, pinkish lips and her bob cut hair matched her slim figure. I could not take my eyes of her. She just smiled at me as I shyly smiled back.

“So late?” Mrs. Tang asked.

“Yes… just finished…” Mrs. Narda replied.

The lady with her black glasses looked at me. She was in her late fifties wearing a black suit and mini skirt.

“New target? Don’t play so late…” Mrs. Tang whispered.

“Sssshhh… Good night.”

Mrs. Narda just walked away and I followed her from behind. I turned to look at the young teachers but they were walking out of the center.

Soon, I was in the teacher room putting Mrs. Narda stuff on her desk. She was arranging her stuff and documents before she packed her bags.

“Ma’am… do you need help to your car?” I asked.

By the time she turned herself facing me, I noticed her blouse top button was unbuttoned. The black lacey bra top was clearly seemed from my angle. Immediately, I got a hard-on.

“Thanks… just give me a moment.”

She turned back to pack her stuff and occasionally she looked at my pant.

“You know… I seemed to have effect on you…”

I became embarrassed and began to mumble something out. My face was blushing as well. She still continued to pack her stuff.

“Okay… done. Let’s go…” she turned herself again to face me.

I was totally out of control as my left hand move up and placed it on her breast. I was nervous and my hand was definitely shaking. Time seemed to slow down at that moment. Then, a pair of hands put on top of my hand and slowly took it off.

“Naughty…” she said.

“I am sorry… I didn’t feel breasts before and they are so beautiful…” I honestly commented.

Mrs. Narda smiled “Call me Rashmi…”

I just nodded and took her bags from her. She turned off the lights and closed the room. We walked out of the center as she closed all the main entrance. The tuition center was a double storey shop lot.

I looked at my watch, it was 6pm.

I walked Mrs. Narda to her car and placed her bags into her X70 car booth.

“Do you want me to send you home…?” she asked.

“No need, my mom will pick me here when she is on her way from work. Thanks Rashmi.”

She smiled before she added “Well… tell her not to pick you up the next session, you will be helping me late… izzit okay?”

I smiled and nodded.


Saturday night was particularly quiet.

I was resting on my bed after finishing my undercover report. I was instructed to wait for mom again tonight. Then my mind slowly drifted to think about the pretty young teacher from the center and hoping that I could bump into her again.

Soon my room door was knocked.

“Come in…”

Mom walked into the room wearing black laced white satin camisole set pajamas. I was immediately speechless looking at her.

“Wow… mom why you dressed like this…?”

“Why not… I want to stimulate you so you can stand the seduction. Since your father has his golfing session tomorrow morning and slept already, we have plenty of time.”

“Mom… I still feel not comfortable… I think this is wrong.”

“Why not, we are not biological related so to speak. Your birth mom died while delivering you,” she answered.

“Yes but you are my only mom… I didn’t know my birth mom at all.”

“So… I love you so much and please do as I said…”

I passed her my log report.

But she put it aside and loaded the dvd into my computer.

“Again…?” I asked.

She kept quiet and watched with me. All the stimulations, my cock just spring into a hard rod poking up my boxer. Mom was staring at my boxer with her eyes wide open.

“Mom… I cannot stand…” I said.

“Think about others thing in your mind…” she said.

I ignored her advice as I pulled my cock out from my boxer. My hands began to stroke my hard cock up and down.

“Aaaa… mmmm…” I was moaning.

Mom just stared at my action. The room was filled with the moaning of mine and the sound of the love making scene from my computer. My hands have increased my speed as my mind drifted to my mom sexy outfit.

She was twitching her legs as I stared at her satin short.

“Moooommmmmm…” I moaned as my semen spurted into the air.

Wave after wave of semen landed on the table and the floor. My hands continued to stroke and milk every drop of cum out of my cock.

“Aaaaahhhhhh….” I released a long moan indicating I had done my orgasm. I sat there panting as I caught her satin short has a wet patch on the middle of it. I quickly stood up and grabbed some tissues.

“I told you…” I said.

“Okay…okay…. we will continue next time…” she rushed out of my room.


The class Topkapı escort bayan was almost over.

I looked at the time, it was 5.45pm. Some of my classmate already packing they stuff. Some were discussing where to handout later. I was still day dreaming about finding the pretty teacher and she was no where found. Just as I about to divert my focus back to Mrs. Narda’s teaching, my angel walked into our class.

The shy pretty young teacher passed something to Mrs. Narda. It was then I knew her name is Evon and a trainee teacher. I heard Mrs. Narda gave her some advices before she left.

Then my focus returned back to the black and white midi sleeveless working dress Mrs. Narda was wearing today. It showed her curvy figure especially her breasts. The dress also showed her little tummy which was why she usually wears two pieces clothing.

I smiled at her and she noticed it.

Then she walked around the classroom while she kept explaining the solution. She passed my place and accidentally brushed her hip against my hand. Again, she circled back and did the same on my other hand.

I was blushing and my heart was beating fast. I couldn’t wait the class to be over. Before she could finished her class some of the students already stood up and left the class.

As usual, I waited for Mrs. Narda.

One by one… my classmates left the center. I could hear teachers were leaving the center as well. Mrs. Narda continued to mark the papers on her desk. I looked at her as she replied “I will be done soon.”

“Oh…” I answered.

Then I noticed that under the open desk, Mrs. Narda already spreading her legs. Although it was dark under the desk but I could see her red panty between her legs.

“So you just enrolled with Ms Leong’s class this afternoon…?” she asked.

Ms. Leong was in the suspect list. I was instructed by mom to attend her class. She is unmarried and oldest among the suspects. I noticed her once around the center. She was around late fifties, Chinese and very slim. She wore traditional Chinese cheongsam (feminine body hugging dress).

“Yes… my history subject was very poor… hope I can get some tips.”

“Mmm.. Hmmm better be careful with her. She can be a little annoying.”


“Old maiden like her, sometimes she took much of student’s time…” she added.

“Why… you jealous izzit?” I asked.

She put her documents down and stood up. Then slowly she walked toward the classroom door and looked around the corridor. The center was quiet which presumed everyone has left. Mrs. Narda then closed the door and locked it.

I could felt my legs weaken when she did that.

She walked towards me as her black high heels making the sound of clik clak on the floor.

“You seemed to be very naughty…” she said as stopped in front of me.

I shook my head.

Mrs. Narda stared at my bulge under my pant.

“But your pant show otherwise… show me… my ex husband also don’t have such big cock.”

I just did as she told and pulled my pant and boxer down. I was naked from bottom while sitting back on my chair.

“Wow… so biggg…” she commented while she took a photo of me.

“Ma’am… why are you taking photos…?” I asked.

“Sssshhh…” she squatted down and her mouth dive straight to my cock.

“Aaaaahhh…” I moaned.

Mrs. Narda already started sucking my hard steel cock with one of her hand stroking it and another taking selfie with the phone. I was in heaven and totally forgot about my job. My hips were wiggling to match her sucking rhythm.

She was using her tongue to circle my cock head inside her mouth.

Slurp… slurp… slurp.

“Arrrgggghhh… ma’am… I want to…” I was growling.

Mrs. Narda stopped and looked at me with a smile. She stood up and pulled her dress bottom hem up till her red satin panty displayed to me.

“You want this…?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Tell me… what exactly do you want…?” she said.

“I want to fuck you… ma’am…”

“Rashmi…” she kissed me as she lowered herself to me. She pulled her panty aside exposing her bare pussy and lowered it to my cock. She had her panty on with her exposed dark grey pussy touching my cock head.

“Oh godddd…” she moaned.

My cock was penetrating her wet hole. Inch by inch, her pussy swallowed my hard cock. I let out a growl when I was fully in her.

“Oh… Rashmi… so niceee…” I commented.

“Good… for you first time…?” she asked.

“I am in heaven….”

She giggled and started grinding her thighs to mine. I could felt her smooth satin panty gliding on my skin. We began to hump each other as my cock slide in and out of her pussy. It was warm in her.

“Rashmi… I want to suck you…”

“Oh… oh… unzipped my dress… it is at the back…” she was panting as she rode my cock.

My hands reached to back of her dress zip and slowly pulled it down till it stopped. Her dress slide down to expose her satin red bra to me. Her pussy was still milking my cock and moaning while my hands unhooked her bra.

“Rashmi… you look so nice…”

Her D Cup smooth breasts were swaying up and down freely once her bra dropped on the floor. I started playing and squeezing those large grey areolas breasts. They were slightly sagging but still firm to hold. I lowered myself and sucked her dark nipples.

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