Shweta , Susmita’s Naughty Night-out


Hello, my name is Shweta Singh. I am 19 years old. After submitting my first story I received many emails from my readers encouraging me to continue writing. This story is also true like the first one. Hope you will enjoy it. I apologize for my bad English skills.


“You really did it?” Susmita said while laughing.

Susmita is my classmate as well as my best-friend. She, too, is 19 years old. We know each other from college. We share every single detail with each other. She lives approximately 20 kilometres away from our college. Today she burst into laughter when I told her about the incident that happened last week (read my first story to know what happened).

“Did you do it ever again?” she asked again.

“Nope.” I replied.

“What if anybody caught you? Lol.”

She laughed again.

“Don’t know yaar! You know when I reached home; my heart was beating quite fast.”

“But you know what Shweta, you did an impossible thing. Hahaha…”

I smiled.

“You liked it?”

She nodded.

“Then I think you should do it too, Hun!” I said while pressing her right thigh.

She didn’t respond, but I could see the glimpse of naughtiness in her eyes. We had to stop talking because our chemistry teacher entered our class. After classes were over, we bid each other good bye and went to our own individual house.

After finishing my dinner, I went to my room and called Susmita on her cell phone. She immediately answered my ring.

“Was the phone in your hand?” I asked surprisingly.

“Why are you asking so?” she questioned without answering me.

“You picked up the phone promptly!”

“Hehehe… yea, I was surfing on the internet.” She replied.

“Uhhuh… what are you searching for Susmita?”

“Ummm… about public nudity!” she said and started laughing.

“I think it’s amazing. I have got some ideas how to do it safely.” She added.

“So… are you going to do it or not?” I asked.

I really wanted to know her answer.

“Ummm… I am thinking I will.” She said and laughed again.


“But?” I asked.

“You know this place is crowded. I am scared. What if anybody catches me? I think it’s quite impossible. But I really want to try it!”

I could feel her doubt. Suddenly I had an idea.

“Don’t worry! I have a plan. But first of all I have to be sure that you really want to do it.” I said.

“Yea, of course. I want gorukle escort bayan to do it. Tell me what you have in mind.” She said with excitement.

“Can you come to my house for a sleepover? I’ll manage my parents.” I continued.

“Will it be ok? Are you sure that you don’t have any problem?”

“No problem. You talk to your parents about it.”

“That’s not an issue. My parents never deny me anything.”

“Cool! Then come tomorrow.”

“Ok done”

I cut the call, locked my bedroom door and took my clothes off. Then I jumped into bed to sleep, though quite excited about my plans with Susmita. The next day I talked to my parents about my friend sleeping over. They didn’t object, so I called Susmita again. She told that her parents had agreed too. Our mothers talked, with mine telling hers that she would have lunch with us. Her mother agreed. Susmita said she would reach Dumdum station at about 09:30am. I went to the railway station to receive her. After some minutes her train arrived. She came with a man in his mid 50’s. She introduced me to her father.

Her dad said, “Shweta beti, please take care of her.”

I nodded and said, “Uncle, don’t you worry. She is like my sister. She will be absolutely fine here.”

Then Susmita and I went to my car.

“Wow! You know how to drive!” she said with amusement.

“Yup.” I smiled.

After reaching home, I introduced her to my family members. All seemed happy to meet her. We had lunch together. Then we started watching T.V. At about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I turned off the T.V. and told her to come with me. In my room I showed her some saved pages about how to go out naked at night. She went through those pages with attentively. I also searched to get some more information about this stuff. Thus we spent our day.

After we finished our dinner, we returned my room, intending to share my bed. Honestly, I was not sharing anything tonight because we were not going to sleep, lol. I turned the lights off and turned on the night-lamp, waiting till my family fell asleep.

We waited… and waited… and waited. I looked at my cell-phone. It was 12:30am.

“It’s time to go. Are you ready?” I said looking at Susmita.

She nodded. I went to my bedroom door and slowly opened it. It was pin drop silent around there. I closed the door and returned to Susmita.

“Everybody is sleeping. Are you ready now?”

She nodded again.

“Ok, nilüfer escort bayan now we have to get naked. Take your clothes off, Susmita.” I instructed her.

I saw that she was hesitating. It was her first time and we never saw each other without clothing. Someone had to start, so I took my clothes off and got completely naked in front of her. She looked at my naked body and smiled.

“Don’t worry Susmita. We both are girls and we both have same things lol.” I said while laughing quietly.

She slowly removed her clothes. I could see her firm, white 34B boobs. Her pussy was not cleanly shaved, but it was trimmed. Overall she was looking hot and sexy in her birthday suit.

“Mmm… trimmed pussy, Hun!” I pinched her.

She didn’t reply. I could see her blushing in the dim light.

Then she said, “You never said that you shaved your pussy, lol!”

I turned red. We both laughed quietly. After opening my bedroom door, we went towards the main house door. I took the keys from the shelf and undid the lock. After stepping outside, I locked it again. Now both of us were standing outside butt naked. The street lights were on; power-cut did not occur today.

“We should not go outdoors naked! The lights are on! I can’t go and you should not go either. It’s dangerous!” Susmita said with a scary voice.

“I have an idea. Come with me.” I said and took her left hand in my right.

We went to the backyard of my house. The street was quite dark there. There were two or three street lights on the street. I jumped over the wall and told her to do same. She did.

“This street is not crowded. Don’t worry, let’s go.” I said.

We started to walk. My pussy was soaking wet. It was dripping my juices. I could feel the stickiness between my legs. My nipples were fucking hard. I felt something trickling down the inside of my thighs.

“What about Susmita? Is she wet and horny too?” I wondered.

“Susmita?” I whispered.

“Yea?” she replied.

“Ummm… are you wet?”

“She didn’t say anything, so I repeated my question and she answered affirmatively.

“You want to do something naughty?” I asked.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Ummm… like lesbians do!”

“Lesbians? But I am not a lesbian. Are you?”

“No… stupid!! I am not lesbian too. But we both are wet and horny. Let’s do something naughty. Don’t worry it will be a secret.”

“I’d bursa otele gelen escort bayan never want to do that! But if you are saying so, then it must be ok.”

I was glad when she agreed. We came to a tea stall. It was closed. I told her to sit on the bench outside of the stall. As she did, I instructed her to spread her legs.

“Why?” she asked.

“Don’t you worry, it’s fine. Do it!”

She did. I knelt down in front of her and licked her trimmed wet pussy with my tongue. Mmmmmm… the juices were so tasty! I ran my tongue into her pussy.

“Aaahhh… aaaahhh…mmmm…!” she moaned.

I stood up and pressed her boobs with my two hands and took them into my mouth. I sucked her hard nipples and the dark areolas. She was moaning wantingly.

“Shweta, finger me…mmmmm…!” she begged.

I put my two fingers into her slit and started finger her fast to faster and faster to fastest.

“Aaahhhh…aaahhh… mmmm… hhhh…!” she continued moaning.

Suddenly she shot a load on my hand and my stomach. I never expected she would squirt. Her legs were shaking.

“Susmita it’s your turn now.” I said.

I sat on the bench and told her to kneel down. She did so and started sucking my horny, wet pussy. She was not so good but I was enjoying it. I so wanted to have an orgasm that I was unable to control myself.

“Susmita fuck me with your finger! I want to cum fast!”

She nodded and started fingering me. She was good in fingering. She must do that to herself when she is alone in her house. Suddenly my legs started to shake. I felt something coming outside from inside of my pussy… and I burst! My juices burst out of my pussy like a water gun. I never felt this before. I never squirted like this. We kissed each other on lips—just a friendly kiss. We then ran towards my home. We jumped the wall again and opened the main door. Slowly closing and locking it, I put the keys on the shelf. We were planning to go to my room suddenly I heard something in the kitchen. I was scared. Needless to say Susmita was also concerned.

“What if anybody already woke up?” I thought.

I peeped through the kitchen door. It was Sunny, my younger brother (he is 18 years old). He was drinking water. Susmita and I waited behind the door silently. He drank a glass of water and put the glass on the kitchen shelf. Then he went back to his room. Both of us rushed to my room and closed the door. We were frightened, yet relieved. At least I was happy for her. She had done what she wanted to do.

“Thank you Shweta! You are such a sweet best-friend!” Susmita said while taking my hands in hers.

We both were tired from our adventure, thus we slept in my bed completely nude. Next day she bid us farewell and left for home.

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