Being Loved

It was just a small ad in the local paper. At first I thought nothing of it but later went back and read it again. I have no special training and I was never a nurse but I could do what they want. I am a mother and I have cleaned my baby and I saw little difference in that and what the ad was asking for.

My husband died and my son was off overseas in the Army. It really was getting very lonely here in this big old house. I know I am never going to have another man in my life so I may as well get used to the idea of being alone. But that is no reason I should not enjoy the company of others during the day.

I don’t elude myself into thinking of things I know will never happen. I am not a pretty woman I am short and have been called dumpy. My hips are wider than my shoulders and my breasts are big around and they hang down like to great bags of flower. I do have a nice smile and I try to be friendly with everyone I meet. So maybe this little job would give me a reason get up every morning.

It took two week for the hospital to call me. In this day and age every one has to be checked out thoroughly before being hired even for minor jobs. This was a private hospital on the edge of town. Valley Town is not a large metropolis but we do have everything one would want. This private hospital was built a few years ago and from what I read it has all the modern and up to date equipment to take care of the wealthy guests.

I was shown where to change into hospital garb and where to report. On the fourth floor in the far back of the hospital there was a wing that had nothing but those people both men and women that were in comas and totally unaware of there surroundings.

Mrs. Betty Green was a local lady I had seen many times. I had never spoken to her before however. I was to call her just Betty not nurse Green. She said back here we are a little less formal than out in the main hospital. She was stationed at a central part of the wing and every patient was on some kind of monitoring device. So all she did was listen, and she was doing some kind of paper work that kept her busy during the eight hours of her shift. There were sixteen patients here and I was to have contact with eight of them. I was to bath, change the sheets and rub baby oil on parts of their bodies along with that I was to move their legs and arms for a few minutes also. It was pretty well set down as to how long it would take with each patient and what I was to do. I had five women and three men to take care of.

Twice I came in during the day and watched the routine being done by one of the day ladies. Then I was turned loose to be on my own from eleven at night to seven in the morning.

Betty welcomed me and walked me through each room telling me about each patient. Three of the ladies were young patients and they all were in drug comas. Two were older and were in a coma due to accidents where they were hit on the head. None had any special needs. Of the three men two were older and one was a handsome young man. He had been in a motorcycle accident and had been here for six months.

I noticed that when Betty spoke of him her voice got softer and warmed. She said he had been a raising young star in the movie industry. Also there was a chance he may recover some day. I thought it strange when Betty took me by the arm and as we stood close to the bed she said “Fay there is one thing about Mr. Gilyard you should know. He has a full erection and it never goes down. So don’t be embarrassed as he does not know any thing we do or say. With this she pulled back the sheet and sure enough he was naked under the sheet and his penis was fully extended. I did not gasp but I did suck in my breath. It, the penis that is was very large much larger and longer than my husband’s had been.

I started with my first round and made it to Mr. Gilyard’s room at three am. I took my thirty minute and sat at the nurses stations with Mrs. Green. She said she had something she wanted to do and asked me to listen for any alarms and she would be right back. She gave me a buzzer to push in case any thing did happen but she said it never did.

Nothing ever changed back here she said as she moved off down gorukle escort the hall. I drank my coffee and ate a cinnamon roll. I had baked four and even brought one for Betty but she left in such a hurry I did not have time to give it to her. Betty returned in twenty minutes and joined me for a cup of coffee. I gave her the cinnamon bun. I could see we were going to be friends. She was such a nice lady.

I did my chores with Mr. Gilyard just like the others however it did make me feel funny holding his erect penis. It really was quit hard and the head was a deep purple. As I took it in my hand I did look around but there was no one there. Everything was done all I had to do was to pull up the sheet and leave. But I stopped the sheet at his waist and looked at his penis. It was so lovely for an instant I almost wanted to bend down a kiss it. I blushed at my own thoughts and instead I patted it one last time and pulled up the sheet.

I was in bed at home by nine AM. But my sleep was troubled with dreams of things I had never done in my life. I was having sexy dreams and my life had never been sexy or exciting.

My husband only made love to me once a month after our son was born. Then he only jumped on and off as soon as he did his thing. I never reached a climax but that was OK with me I never wanted sex any way.

Over the years I had read books and even seen some pictures my son had once. He was in high school and as most young boys do they learn about sex anyway they can. I found some books and a video once under his bed. I looked at all the sexy pictures and wondered if that was the way sex should be. I later played the video and watched in total amazement as two young people did everything any one could do to another. It made me feel strange and when the girls sucked his penis and he climaxed in her mouth I really got a strange feeling that I would like that. Some months later I suggested it to my husband and he only said people don’t do that and that I should not watch dirty TV shows like the soaps. But I never forgot that.

Every night it was the same at Three AM I would watch the monitors and drink my coffee while Betty would run off for twenty minutes. I did find out she also had a son and a male friend. I knew him her boyfriend that is he owns the hardware store down town. I thought she was a lucky lady to have a male friend. But it was easy to see why; Betty is a lovely well built lady. Envy is not part of my nature but I did wish I could enjoy sex with some one again. Betty never talked about sex but I could tell from her smile and the twinkle in her eyes that she was a well satisfied lady.

There is a store room right next to the Nurse station and just beyond that the hall turns back to the right. At the end of that hall is a lounge waiting room. There is a phone in there and a drink machine. That is where I thought Betty went ever night to call her lover Bill. Bill Norris is a tall handsome man with a daughter about the same age as Betty’s son. I wondered if the boy and girl felt the same way about each other as their parents did one another.

One night I forgot my coffee cup but I remembered there were paper cups in the store room. It is not my nature to spy on others as I am not a nosey person. But as there was a window in the store room that looked out over the parking lot. I just happened to look out and saw Betty walk up to a car. The man that got out was not Bill Norris her friend but a younger slimmer man. They embraced and I was sure he was feeling her breasts before they climbed into the car and out of my sight. Oh my; what did I see that I should not have? This little job was already in a month showing me a side of the sexual world I had never dreams I would see in real life. That night as Betty came back to join me for her cup of coffee I noticed her lips were red and puffy. I wondered if they were that way from kissing.

At three thirty I hurried off to Room 21 and Mr. Gilyard. I had been having sexy dreams of Mr. Gilyard every day since I took this job. I was also slightly excited at what I was thinking Betty and her lover may have done in the car. I had also gone to the book store and bought altıparmak eskort bayan a book. It was one of those love story books and it was very graphic about the love senses.

So it was no wonder I took my time about washing Mr. Erection. His penis was warm and the pointed head was smooth and soft. I stroked it and cradled his testacies as I worked a soapy hand up and down he wonderful cock. Oh my; did I say ‘Cock?” Hee, hee, hee, I laughed at my self. Reading those books was having an effect on me and the words were starting to be my words. I was visualizing part of a story where the girl gave the man a hand job as they called it. I was doing the same thing to Mr. Erection and before I knew what I was doing he shot off and a large spurt of sperm flew up into the air and fell on his thigh. I was shocked as I had never seen such a thing in all my life. I jerked it again and again a spurt flew out the pointed end of his penis. Then a third and a fourth shot out before it started too dwindled to a single drop.

When I left that room everything was as clean as a whistle. I was in shock at what I had done and I was so afraid I would be found out. But I made it to the end of my shift and home before I started to laugh out load and I yelled sexy words I was so excited and then I cried.

A few days later Betty did not run off for her twenty minutes of privacy as she normally did. But instead she stayed and talked with me as we had coffee together. I did not want to be nosy but I did ask her if she were going to make a phone call. She looked at me funny for a second and said “no not tonight.” As we talked I told her she was a lucky lady to have a friend like Mr. Norris. She said I should find some one to share my life with. I told her I was not pretty like her and living alone was not so bad. She was kind and told me there is always a mate just waiting to be found all you have to do is look.

My thirty minutes were up so off to room 21 and Mr. Erection. I clean him all up and changed his bed. I was about to leave when I thought of how wonderful it was to have held his erection in my hand. I checked the hall and all was still as a tomb. So I took hold of his erection. It was so warm and hard. It really was a thing of beauty. I wish my husband had one like this but his was small and I never got to touch it or play with it. I was like a child with a new toy as I jerked it up and down. I felt it quiver and the purple head seem to swell up. I knew it was about to spurt sperm out again. I did not want to get the sheets all wet and I did not want to stop either.

Without thinking I lowered my mouth over the end of his penis and caught the first spurt in my mouth. It was very warm, a little salty and very creamy. The second spurt was still as much as the first my mouth was filling up so I swallowed what I had in my mouth. I kept jerking his penis till it stopped spurting. I had swallowed it all and I was feeling so excited my own panties felt wet between my legs. My nipples hurt and my stomach was tight. I found I was holding my muscles as if I were trying to hold back from urinating. I was very shook up and strangely excited. Quickly I cleaned him up and left the room.

At home I showered and as I did I let the warm stream of water hit my stomach just above me vagina. I closed my eyes and rubbed my clitoris. It felt so good and I was seeing his wonderful erection spurting out the sperm. I could see it and I could still taste it. Then I remembered a line from one of the book I had read. “Now my Dear you are a cocksucker.”

Oh my here I am a widow and over forty years old and I just became a “Cocksucker.” I Fay Emerson had become a “Cocksucker.” I liked that I rubbed my clitoris harder and I felt the pain start up inside me some where my legs gave out so I had to sit in the stream of water as I climaxed for the first time in my life.

In the back of one of the sexy book there was a phone number to order special books that the book store would not sell over the counter. I called it and ordered three books. One was a “How to book.” It was all about sex and things people can do for one another. I could hardly wait till nilüfer eskort bayan these books came in a plan brown wrapper.

I had two days off and I felt lonely as I missed my Mr. Erection. I guess he was my Mr. Erection after all I was the one that bathed him and made him comfortable. But I needed to check on him even though it was not my shift.

I entered thorough the door at the end of the hall by the lounge. It was four AM and all was still on the ward. I did see the lady that works on my days off go into a room down the hall. She had already been in Mr. Erection room so I went in closed the door. In the dark I pulled back his sheet and started to suck on his cock. I took it deep in my mouth and worked my wet mouth up and down on his hard cock. I was feeling so excited I reached up under my dress and rubbed my clitoris as I had in the shower. I sucked on the head as I jerked his cock. I felt it swell up and the head got bigger as I sucked the first spurt of sweet cream from his loving cock. I jerked it, sucked it and licked all his warm sperm and thought “He loves me I know he does.” I was becoming a slave to sucking his cock and I loved every minute of it.

I pulled the sheet back up over him and was about to slip out when I heard the door latch click. I was struck dumb for a half a second but I moved like lightening and got into the closet as a shadow moved in the room. I held the closet door ajar so the latch would not make a noise.

There was just enough light coming in from the window to see it was a woman. She did not turn on the light. She pulled back his sheet covering and took his cock in her hand. It was some kind of ritual she was performing she rubbed it between her hands and made it flop back and forth hitting his belly with it. Then she spread his legs and seemed to be fingering his bottom. Then she got up on the bed, lifted her short skirt and squatted down over his erection. I watched it disappear up into her. She sat up straight and moved back in forth making his erection wobble in side her. She was fucking him and moans gave away the pleasure she was getting from it. She tried to hold back any sounds from her mouth but I could hear she was having a climax as she arched her back and smacked down on his legs with her bottom. She fell forward and collapsed on him. She recovered quickly and climbed off the bed. She bent over him and sucked his cock clean of any juices his or hers that reminded. She pulled up the sheet and carefully opened the door. I almost yelled out as the hall light shone on her face. It was Betty Green. I waited in total panic. I waited for another fifteen minutes before I made my way out and down to the parking lot.

Two days later I watched Betty welcome me back to work. She had a lover why did she need my Mr. Erection? I was going to talk to her at break time. I wanted to see if I could fine out why she wanted to screw my Mr. Erection when she had a lover.

We talked casually and I found out Mr. Norris was out of town and had been for a week. I asked Betty if she missed him. She said more than she had ever thought she would. Then almost as an after thought she said “We have such great sex I really miss that too.” She looked at me and asked “Don’t you miss sex?” I was taken back by her blunt question. Without thinking I said “No I never had a good sex life and I have missed out on so much I am finding out just now.”

I knew I made a mistake when my mouth opened but it was too late to retract my words. Betty smiled as she was now going to learn some gossip. I lowered my head and smiled to myself. Betty teased me a little and asked how I was learning things now. I had to say something so I told her I had been reading books on sex. I admitted I had learned a lot and I knew now I had missed out on so much. But again I told her I would never find anyone to be with so I may as well forget reading anymore books. What good is knowing something if you never get to use that which you know. Betty smiled and said “Well you never know what may turn up.”

Betty came to me a few days later and asked if I would like to join her and her family for a little get together on our next days off. I accepted and looked forward to meeting her son, boy friend and his daughter.

I paid to have my hair done, picked out my best dress which also made me look a little slimmer than some others. I had never used much make up but I did add some to my eyes and of course lip gloss. Ready or not here I go.

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