Lessons of Love


Dear readers. Let me share with you my story. This is a true story. To maintain privacy I changed the names. This happened in Pune. At that time I was 26. I had already passed out from my degree college. I am 5’8″ tall, had fair looks and single.


While I was in college we had a very attractive female teacher. She was extremely beautiful. Her complexion was fair and she had a curvy body. She had large buttocks. Her saree used to fit nicely over her entire body, especially buttocks. She looked sexy. For the pleasure of viewing this beautiful teacher we boys never missed her class. I was in her good books and she recognized me as one of the good students. Her name was Anju.

As she was my teacher and in no way connected to me except being a teacher, there was no chance of getting intimate with her, let alone having sexual intercourse with her. So I did not pay much attention to this possibility. After I passed out from college, I lost contact with her, and got engrossed in my work. But I was in touch with other teachers of my college.

After about 4-5 years, one day, my another male teacher contacted me. He was participating in a TV show on a subject as an interviewer. He was in need of two experts on the panel and wanted to interview them on the TV show. Being in his good books too he thought of my name and asked me whether I would participate in the show.

Seeing a good opportunity to shine I was more than happy to consent. I casually asked him who was the other expert on the show apart from me. He disclosed the name of Anju teacher. I had no reason to object and agreed to participate.

Then, for preparation of question and answers of the interview in the TV show, the three of us met few times. We used to meet at different places like my male teacher’s place or sometimes in a restaurant, with the frequency of twice a week. That is how the preparation for the TV show was going on.

The date for recording of the TV show was fast approaching. So one day my male teacher said that it was high time that we finally get prepared with our scripts, and therefore it was necessary to hold a meeting of the three of us together for some long time.

After little deliberation, Anju teacher offered that this time we hold a meeting at her place on Friday evening. As her husband would be out of station and there would be no one to disturb us in our discussions, there was no question of anybody from her family getting disturbed as her son was also out in another town for studies.

She eventually invited both of us (me and my male teacher) for dinner on Friday evening and it was decided that we would have dinner at her place after finishing with our practice. So we decided to meet at her place at 7 PM in the evening on coming Friday.

As already decided, I reached Anju teacher’s place on Friday evening. My another teacher was yet to arrive. Anju teacher welcomed me and we both sat in her drawing room. Next day was holiday. So I was a in relaxed bursa otele gelen eskort mood. Her bungalow was very posh, and had all the signs of richness.

Anju teacher was in a saree. She was looking as gorgeous as in college days. I admired her beauty in my mind. She was about 35 at that time. She had maintained her shape perfectly well.

All things in her bungalow were tastefully decorated. The ambience was very good. While we were still expecting another teacher ,we both started our preparations. I pulled out my papers and she held her papers in her hand and we both were practicing our scripts/questions answers.

We were sitting across each other on a sofa, and intermittently we used to look at each other while referring to our notes. This went on for another 10 minutes. Our another teacher had not yet arrived, so we went on practicing with our own scripts expecting another teacher to come.

At that point of time, while loudly reading my notes, I casually looked at Anju teacher, I was stunned to see what I saw. Seated at her place Anju teacher was leaning forward a little and had dropped her palloo revealing her sexy cleavages. Her two big, round boobs with deep valley in between were clearly visible, though not completely naked.

For a second I thought that she was probably unawares that her palloo was dropped and she was engrossed in reading her script. But I was under a misconception. Anju looked at me and still did not set her palloo right. She was fully aware that her cleavages were revealing and she made no effort to cover them while looking at me.

Such behavior was unexpected of a gentlewoman. Clearly she was trying to seduce me. This was for the first time in my life I was seeing a woman trying to seduce me. My heart pounded fast but I composed myself, and continued discussion with her pretending as if I did not notice her. This was a clear indication from Anju of her readiness.

After sometime the phone in her bungalow rang. It was my another male teacher’s phone call expressing his inability to come to meeting due to some unavoidable elevanth hour task. He requested Anju for excusing him and asked both of us to continue with preparations that evening.

That left only the two of us, myself and Anju teacher in the entire bungalow. I tried to excuse myself for home, but she insisted me to take dinner as already decided. She had prepared dinner for us and it would have gone wasted if I did not dine. Moreover it was bad manners to refuse to dine. So I agreed to dine with her. We dined together.

She made some inquiry about me, my work and we talked for some time. Then she asked me whether I was married, to which I replied in the negative. Thus the topic of our conversation went to marriage. By now I was at ease.

After dinner, we continued to talk about beauty of her bungalow. She started showing me her bungalow by taking me to each room. Then she took me to first bursa eve gelen escort bayan floor, and started showing rooms there. Her bedroom was upstairs. She took me inside the bedroom. It was very beautifully decorated bedroom.

When I was standing in front of a beautiful painting in her bedroom appreciating the painting, suddenly Anju teacher held me from behind.

She whispered in my ears “Now! Do I need to say anything more.”

Her offer was clear. My heart started pounding very fast. I did not know how to respond. What to say. I was in two minds. I had never experienced sex in my life, and an opportunity was staring at my face. Issues of morality immorality started dancing in my mind. My blood started flowing through my veins with never before speed and I started experiencing heat all over my body.

I could only say, “Mam! I don’t know what to say. I have never done this.”

She seemed to understand.

She said, “I am your teacher.”

There was an assurance in this. I turned and held her tightly. I kissed her cheeks and lips, and she received my kisses with closed eyes. I had full erection, and I embraced her tightly and kissed her face and lips heavily.

This continued for about a minute. Friends! It was a very exhilarating feeling. The anticipation of enjoying sex with her was very exciting. This was the moment a young man dies for in his life. In my life the moment had come.

I bolted her bedroom door from inside, and came near her. Although I did not have any experience of sexual intercourse, yet I had read some good books on sex and knew that one has to first arouse the woman with foreplay.

I removed her saree, and now she was in her blouse and petticoat. I kissed her cleavages and valley. The natural scent of her cleavages maddened me. For the first time I kissed breasts of a woman. I gave her a tight hug and then I removed her blouse. She was on bra, pure white bra holding her boobs.

I removed my clothes except my briefs which protruded because of erect and throbbing penis inside. I removed her petticoat and now she was in her panties and bra. Oh! How beautiful she looked. Her soft white skin glowed. I went mad but decided to go slow.

I caressed all over her body and continued to lightly press her boobs and caressed her thighs and planted kisses all over her body. She seemed to like it and was getting aroused.

I laid her on bed and I leaned over her. Held her in my arms and continued kissing her cheeks and lips. Slowly she started moaning. I planted kisses all over her body. Her face, neck, valley between her breasts, naval, thighs, legs.

My own erection was very hard now. I was showing great control, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to reveal her breasts.

I removed her bra and oh my god! I saw two big round fair soft beautiful breasts with erect nipples just for me. It was such a nice view my friends.

Then I bayan eskort bursa could not stop myself. Just took each breast in my mouth and started sucking heavily.

“Slow!” she exclaimed.

I slowed down and lovingly and gently kissed both the nipples alternately. She seemed to approve this. I went down her breasts over her soft stomach. It was so lovely. But then she pulled my mouth over her breasts only. And started pulling my head in the direction of her breasts. She wanted me to continue to suck her breasts.

Waves after waves of pleasure ran inside our bodies. While kissing her breasts I started caressing her vagina from over her panty with my hands. She moaned with pleasure, and started parting and closing her legs as if trying to clutch my hand in between her two legs.

Her hands reached in between my legs and she held my manhood from over my panty. Ohhhhh! What a pleasure it was. Her palm reached inside my brief and she held my penis.

The joy is just inexplicable friends. Her warm hand holding my hot rod. Aah! It seemed as if I would ejaculate there only. To avoid it I just took her hand away.

She asked, “Why!”.

I said, “Wait.”

I allowed my excitement to subside and again allowed her hand inside my brief. She played with my toy.

Now it was uncontrollable for me. I thought I would ejaculate any time. So I removed her panty and also my brief and now we both were naked. My rod was throbbing. I just wanted to enter. She was ready.

I came in between her parted legs and placed the tip of my rod on the mouth of her vagina. And lo! Friends I just could not control myself and I ejaculated at that point only. Without full penetration. I felt great pleasure spraying fountain of my semen inside her vagina. I was finished.

This was my first experience. I was disappointed over this poor performance of mine. But she was not. She seemed to understand and said it was all right. She had become very aroused and was still unsatisfied. I cleaned my organ and just lay beside her holding her.

After five minutes she again started fondling my organ. I again had full erection. After all I was a young man. I had lot of energy. And again I was ready. I again reached my organ to her vagina. This time it was easy to control. And it went inside her so smoothly as a snake entering his hole. And I could remain inside her with full control. What a pleasure friends!

Being inside a woman without ejaculation is a great joy in the world. You are in heaven. So this time I enjoyed very much. No thrusts initially. It was she who was thrusting me from below and I allowed her to do that.

We held each other tightly. For a long time we enjoyed each other in this position. I then could not control thrusting myself. I thrusted and thrusted and thrusted in out in out in out and what a geat pleasure it was.

I sensed that she also reached her climax, as she held me very very tightly at a moment. I came. And she also came.

Afterwards our TV programme was broadcast, and we celebrated our joy together again by having a sex. Then whenever she was all alone we had sex on some occasions. This continued for about two years. And then she and her family moved to Mumbai. But I still relish my sexual encounters with her, which I will share in my other stories. Hope you enjoyed this story.

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