Samantha Ch. 01


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Note to readers:

Whew, this one took forever to finish. Well dear readers, I hope you enjoy the hard work. I actually had this finished a few weeks ago, but haven’t had internet to be able to post it… ^///^

The inspiration for Samantha is a hentai/manga that I am a fan of, the only thing is that it was one off and I was very disappointed because I felt there was materiel there to continue. So, I decided to do my own version and continue it on. Consider this first part a fan fiction and update. I changed the characters, the story a bit, extended parts and plan on building it. It also so happens that Samantha will be a part of the Miranda series as well. Anyways, I delayed you long enough… onto the story! ;-3


Karen ran through the streets trying to get to the tunnel as quick as possible and get out of the damp cold spring rain. Finally she made it, and took the escalator down to the platforms below. She started ringing out her dark raven hair as she descended. She took a quick glance back to the top as she got off at the bottom. She smiled, happy to have an excuse to leave that boring party.

Karen, who was in her late twenties, never liked her husband’s parties and events. They were dull, with rich pompous assholes walking around talking about how much money they had and how much they spent. Always dangling on their arm was some dressed up bimbo arm candy, some usually had a different one each time while others sometimes had two.

It was the same with her husband too, who was thirty years her senior. Their meeting had been like many other girls who were in her position. Rich guy, meets not rich pretty girl. Guy shows her money, gets her to like him and viola. But after five years, the money doesn’t hide the fact that you’re a pompous asshole anymore. Within the past few years their life had become repetitive and their sex life had become non-existent.

It wasn’t like Karen wasn’t pretty, she was in fact gorgeous. She was a curvaceous woman, natural thirty-six double-d chest. Only slightly thick, narrow waist, curvy hips and a nice round ass. Her skin slightly tanned, but no too much, wanting to keep cream colored look. He treated her to clothes and jewelry that matched her looks, and complimented everything. It just wasn’t enough, and wanted more than just to be given material things and discarded. She wanted him to be with her.

Karen had tried everything to entice her husband. Sexy lingerie, kinky games even offering to share other girls with him, which was something she suspected that he was doing anyways. She pressed him to see what she could do, stating that she wanted a child. He had told her that he had one lazy son already and didn’t need anymore. It was about week later she had her first affair, never feeling guilty about it and loving every second of it. Every time after it she confirmed that she didn’t care and that she was justified.

Tonight had been the final straw for her though. They had planned a getaway months in advance. But a few days ago, he cancelled it in option of attending this party. She tried to make due, wearing a strapless black dress, which was the perfect blend of sexy, classy and slutty but he barely noticed it. If that hadn’t been enough, he had pretty much spent the night talking, flirting and dancing with his secretary. She had gotten a call from the housekeeper who had agreed to stay later due to her son in law, who had just turned twenty-one, had developed a bad case of the flu, throwing up for the past few days. The lady had needed to head home to deal with her own family, so Karen had told her husband that she would go and take care of him while he attended to his business.

Karen noticed a glint of happiness that she was leaving which angered her even more. He barely offered a ‘good bye’ as she walked off. When she got out front of the building their driver was there, inquiring where her husband was. She informed him that she would be leaving early, and to stay and wait for him. She could have caught a cab, but she figured that it would be best for her to just take the bus home.

Karen sighed, as she walked through the lobby of bus tunnel. It was two floors, the top one for price info and vending machines for snacks, and more escalators that went to the bottom area where the platforms for the busses were at. She looked to her right and saw that there were some vending machines in a far corner and suddenly got in the mood for a snack. She made her way over, while digging through her purse for cash, but lifted her head just short of them as she suddenly as she heard something.

Karen listened to the sounds, coming from the area of the vending machines and realized quickly that it was moaning. She slowly approached, the thought of catching someone masturbating or having sex, shocked and excited her. Sure enough, on the far side of the vending machine, she came across two women. There was a small space between the Kurtköy Fetiş Escort vending machines and the corner, and the two were embraced together, kissing passionately.

The first was a short hair blond, who dressed in a bright tank top and frilly knee high skirt and blue wedges. She was pinned against the wall by a gorgeous looking light skinned mocha woman, with red hair braided and flowing down to her back. She wore, from what Karen could see, a leather jacket, blue jeans and some black six inch heels. The blond had her leg wrapped around the redhead’s thigh, panties dangling off her foot while her lover pressed tight against her, jeans pulled down over the curve of her ass, which a pair of panties framed, and grinding her hips against the blonds.

“Fuck you’re so wet baby,” the redhead said after she broke the kiss.

“God it feels so good,” the blond moaned. “You’re going to make me cum again.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” the redhead moaned before suddenly pressing her lips against her lover’s lips once more tightening her grip on the girl’s ass.

Karen moved quickly as the redhead started to turn them around and pressed the blond against the vending machine. She moved to the other side of the two machines, listening as the breathing deepened and their voices became a little more urgent. She moved so that she could watch as the redhead had buried her face in the blonde’s shoulders as they both continued to hump each other.

Karen watched as the redhead suddenly thrust quickly a few more times before both girls suddenly went ridged. A second later they both started to shake moan loudly as their orgasms overtook them. Karen stood transfixed as the redhead lifted her face, eyes closed, and blushed seeing how gorgeous she looked. She could already feel her juices dripping down her thighs, but a fresh gush joined them, especially when the woman open her eyes, revealing a pair of emerald green gems.

At that moment Karen suddenly realized the redhead was seeing her, a look a shock on her face as well as a slight blush. Karen’s face returned the blush as she realized she had been caught then stared in shock as the redhead began to grin at her. They both stared at each other for a few more seconds before Karen grabbed her sense, turned and walked briskly to the stairs that led down to the bus platform.

Karen breathed as she waited for the bus, not believing what had just happened. The woman had smiled at her, apparently enjoying the fact that she had been watching. But that was the point of public sex anyways, the risk of getting caught. Maybe she had been hoping to get caught. She was really more shocked with herself, just staring at the couple as they enjoyed their intimate moment. She had never done so, but it had made her cunt wet.

Something drew Karen’s attention to the stairs and she looked in shock as she could see that the redhead was coming down to the platform. She started to panic for a second before she realized that her bus was pulling up right as the woman had reached the bottom of the stairs. She quickly ducked inside once the doors opened and paid the fare, accepting a transfer and quickly moving to one of the back seats. She started to ease back into the seat.

Karen saw the driver was waiting for something, and let out a frustrated sigh. Her mind started to wander back to the scene she had just witnessed. Her pussy dampening so much as she replayed it, that she couldn’t help but let her hand pull up her skirt exposing her pantiles pussy and starting to finger it. She stifled her moans, trying not to draw attention to herself, but also closed her eyes, not paying attention and noticing that the redhead was boarding.


“Hey George, thanks for waiting,” the redhead smiled at the driver as she fished her bus card out of her hand bag and swiped it on the reader.

“No problem Sam,” the driver smiled with a wink. “I recognized the sound of your boots as you tried to run.”

“Mmhmm, price I pay to look this good,” Sam said back before turning and suddenly stopping recognizing the woman at the back.

“You know her?” George asked seeing her stop.

“Not yet,” Sam said fishing a twenty out of her pocket book and sliding it to him. “Do me a favor, make sure the lights are off once we’re on the freeway, and don’t go much faster than the speed limit.”

“Always happy to oblige a pretty lady,” George said before tucking the bill away and giving her a wink. “I’ll see if I can get away with driving a little under it…”

The redhead nodded and started walking to the back, licking her lips as she did. She could only see the face of the woman who had been watching her, but by looks of it, she knew exactly what the woman was doing. She walked as slowly and quietly as she could glancing over the chair and confirming that the woman’s skirt was pulled up and her fingers were exploring between her legs. She stayed there for a second, enjoying the view as the woman had done before clearing her throat.

“Can Kurtköy Gecelik Escort I sit here?” Sam asked as the woman jumped and rushed to cover herself before locking eyes with the redhead.

“Oh… I umm… sure I guess,” Karen stammered, locking onto the familiar mocha face and emerald eyes of the redhead.

“Great, thank you,” Sam said sitting down next to her. “I hate having to sit by myself on these long bus rides.”

“Y… you’re welcome,” Karen blushed realizing that she had been caught.

“I’m Samantha,” the redhead said extending her hand. “People call me Sam for short.”

“Karen,” Karen responded taking the woman’s hand and noting how soft it was, but also noting a hint a strength.

“I see you enjoyed the show from earlier,” Sam giggled when Karen’s face turned bright red and started to apologize. “Don’t bother sweetie. It was hot, knowing that you had been watching. And I guess we’re even since I got to watch you play with yourself for a bit.”

“Y… yeah I guess,” Karen said suddenly feeling more at ease. “It was just so hot, and I’ve never seen someone have sex in public like that, let alone two girls. Do you two do it often?”

“Have sex, yes,” Sam giggled. “In public, not so much. We had some time to kill and we were both horny so we decided on a quickie before the bus came. Took a little too long though, I almost missed the bus and missed meeting you.”

“I’m glad you caught the bus as well,” Karen said making them both blush. “So is that girl your girlfriend?”

“She’s one of them,” Sam said with a smile when she saw Karen’s face. “Girl please. I am too much woman for any one person to handle. I’m polyamorous. I have multiple partners. What about you? That’s a very nice wedding ring on your finger.”

“Yea,” Karen frowned looking at it. “The asshole that gave it to me is probably balls deep in his secretary right now though.”

“What you’re kidding me,” Sam said with a gasp. “With a cute little thing waiting for him at home?”

“I just think I don’t excite him anymore,” Karen said with a shrug. “It’s ok. Don’t think for a second that I don’t have my own fun.”

“About that,” Sam said with a smile at the same time the bus pulled onto the freeway and the light went out. “If you want to finish what you were doing, I’d love to watch you cum.”

“Umm… here?” Karen said looking around and noticing that they were two of a total of five people on the bus, the rest seated up in the front, barely visible through dark cabin. “I guess so. I am still really horny… might as well rub out a quickie.”

Samantha giggled at the throwback and bit her lip as she watched Karen start pulling the skirt of her dress up and over her ass. She watched as the raven hair woman spread her legs, revealing a bare pussy, which glinted with each passing lamp on the roads outside. She started rubbing her clit in circles pausing every now and again to dip her fingers into her honey box. She watch as Sam’s eyes were glued to her cunny, the redhead biting her lip in hunger. It was at that moment Karen made up her mind.

“Would you like to help me?” Karen asked with a smile.

Samantha didn’t waste a moment and was immediately on the woman, their lips coming together in a fiery passionate kiss. They moaned into each other’s mouths as Sam’s hand gripped Karen’s right breast, and began massaging it. Karen in return lightly bit down on the woman’s milk chocolate bottom lip for before releasing it and resuming their kiss. She then gasped as the redhead pinched her nipple, give it a little tweak before sliding her hand down to take over at Karen’s cunt.

“Naughty girl I don’t feel any panties,” Sam whispered into Karen’s ear as her fingers dug into her cunt and her thumb started stroking her clit. “Mmm, so fucking wet too. You liked watching me and my friend fuck huh? Now I want to watch you. Cum for me Karen…”

“Oh god… yes… fuck…,” Karen gasped before burying her face into Sam’s neck to stifle her squeal as she came, her pussy pulsing around Sam’s fingers.

“That’s it… good girl,” Sam said giving the woman’s cunny a few more rubs before pulling her fingers out and bringing them to her mouth. “Mmm… that tastes so good baby.”

Samantha took her fingers from her mouth and fed them to Karen who sucked on them hungrily. After that Sam pulled her fingers away and kissed her new lover, both of them moaning into each other’s mouths. Karen’s hands found their way to Sam’s breasts squeezing them, extracting a moan from her new lover before starting to slide the hand down. As her hand slid between the other woman’s, the intention to rub Sam’s cunny, she realized that she felt a lump there… no it wasn’t a lump… it was a long shaft.

Karen pulled away from Sam with a gasp, making sure that what she was feeling was correct, but there was no mistaking it. Samantha had a cock, and Karen could tell it was real. She looked at her new lover who only smiled back at her and winking before Kurtköy Genç Escort reaching down, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling down her zipper. After guiding Karen’s hand inside the jeans to grip the shaft of her indeed real dick, the mocha skinned woman lifted her ass from the seat and pushed her jeans down over her ass while her lover pulled her member free.

Samantha smiled and waited patiently, preferring to let her lovers decide whether they wanted to proceed or not. Karen sat there for a moment giving the woman’s hard, almost eight inch, cock a few strokes before making her decision, lowering her mouth and taking the head between her lips. Sam sighed and let out a soft moan as the woman first sucked the head before expertly sliding half of the shaft inside and starting to bob on it. She sucked her lover’s dick for a few moments before pulling off it.

“Holy shit… you’ve got a cock…,” Karen said as if weren’t stating the obvious. “And it’s gorgeous… so much bigger then my husband…”

“So I take it you don’t mind that I’m a transgendered woman?” Sam asked with a grin.

“Mmm, I think I’ll get over it,” Karen said with a soft giggle before taking the cock back in her mouth, bobbing on it a few more time before pulling off. “Fuck I can taste your lover’s pussy… and remints of your cum. You came inside her… fuck that’s so hot.”

Karen moaned as she took Samantha’s cock back into her mouth, redoubling her efforts and letting the head expertly starting pushing down hir throat. This made Sam have to bite back a moan, her right hand coming to rest on her lover’s head while the other one slid over to Karen’s skirt, lifting and pulling it out of the way so she could caress the woman’s soft ass. She resisted the urge to give it a spank, mindful of the other passengers still unaware of their play, and let her fingers slide between the cheeks and that’s when she felt something herself.

“Ohh, what’s this?” Samantha said looking over before smiling as her fingers caressed the princess plug in Karen’s ass. “An anal toy, lodged between these cheeks?”

Karen gasped as Sam began to play with the toy, twisting and moving it around her asshole. She had completely forgotten about her princess plug that she had inside her. She had been trying something kinky, to help her keep her mind off the boring party and maybe spark some interest from her husband. She had placed the princess plug in her ass which she had to keep adjusting. It had kept her horny all night, and she had been taking pictures of it to show her husband. She had offered him anal before, and he had enjoyed it a little, though it mostly hurt her. This time she researched and prepped hoping that they could do it again and she would enjoy too… and she’s sure she would have. She’d been enjoying it with her other lovers.

Fingers patting the little toy, brought Karen’s mind back to the task at hand, redoubling her efforts to get the woman off. She felt Sam thrusting up into her mouth, the cock starting to swell. She knew her lover was about to cum and pulled out all of the stops. She brought her lips to the head of her dick, sucking on it while pumping the shaft up and down. This was all it took to send Samantha over the edge.

“Oh god… Karen, don’t stop,” Sam said with a muffled gasp before she threw her head back, biting her bottom lip so she wouldn’t cry out as her cock exploded in the other woman’s mouth.

Karen let out the softest squeal as the first jet of cum hit the back of her throat. The cock pulsed over and over, sending the woman’s hot thick cream into her mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could, letting a bit escape and trickle from the corner of her mouth. I took a moment for her lover to empty her balls, at which point she lifted her head. Sam, when seeing the trial of cum down Karen’s cheek, scooped the last little bit from the side of the woman’s cheek and slipped it into her mouth.

“Mmm, I taste good don’t I?” Samantha said after pulling her finger from her mouth. “I hope you saved more.”

Sam pulled Karen back into another embrace indeed finding more of her seed as her tongue pushed into the woman’s mouth. Soon the broke away, Karen’s head coming to rest in the crook between Sam’s arm and breast. The sat there, enjoying the after effects of their loving, Samantha not even bothering to tuck her cock away.

“Damn that was fun,” Karen said with a smile. “Please tell me you have nothing else to do tonight…”

“As long as you promise that you’ll take me home tonight so we can continue this,” Samantha said with a sigh, enjoying having her cock in the open.

“I’d like to see you stop me from dragging you home,” Karan said sliding down to take the head of Sam’s cock back into her mouth… but in the instant the driver announced the next destination. “Shit! That’s our stop…”

They both quickly got themselves situated just before the bus pulled into the city station. They gathered their purses and coats before heading out in the station. The walked through the town, Sam commenting on how they well off area where there were only high priced condos and apartments, usually crammed in with tall office skyscrapers. They walked through the mostly dead street, holding hands and occasionally stopping to make out for a moment before continuing on.

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